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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why are Pokémon Gyms attached to large stadiums? Because it enables Gym battles to use Dynamax Pokémon.
    • On that note, because of the nature of the current Nintendo hardware line, Sword and Shield are technically the first mainline Pokemon games on a home console, and it features 3D battles with animation. Appropriate that it so prominently features Stadiums.
  • Beyond any plot reasons for showing off Leon more than previous champions (as this entry was made months before release), there is another reason to have Leon shown off more: Pokemon league battles are a major spectator sport and thus the Champion would get a lot more attention than in other regions where the leagues are less openly viewed. Leon is a bigger celebrity in Galar as a champion, more comparative to Diantha's celebrity as an actress and not as a champion.
  • Farfetch'd drops the Normal/Flying typing and becomes pure Fighting when it becomes Sirfetch'd, which has many people wondering why it isn't Fighting/Flying, and some thinking it looks like it could be Fighting/Grass or Grass/Flying. Its wings are simply too busy holding its precious leek sword note  and leaf shield to let go to be able to fly, and it's not part Grass because said sword and shield are external accessories from its environment; it doesn't have any innate association with plants.
    • Sirfetch'd is also about eight times heavier than Farfetch'd and heavier than most adult humans despite no change in size. It's more than half the weight of Yveltal despite being a tenth of its size. In short, flight for Sirfetch'd would be difficult if not impossible (ignoring Gameplay and Story Segregation, of course) since it doesn't have the wingspan to lift its body off the ground.
      • Furthermore, its weight may actually be from its equipment due to the sheer size of its sword making it more resemble a jouster, which, for those who may not know, need a horse to carry it across at enough speed for jousting events. So it losing the Flying type and becoming pure Fighting-type may stem from the fact that its equipment is just far too heavy for it to achieve the necessary flight while not letting go of its prized sword.
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  • The genderless Polteageist have no need for biological reproductive systems, since they multiply by infesting used teacups.
  • Many commented that the 24-hour live stream of Glimwood Tangle is fairly boring, with only brief snippets of Pokémon activity. This is exactly what real-life wildlife streams are like, even in the most active areas like eagle nests. Game Freak is hardly inaccurate here, even if many would have wished they had been so.
  • Ponyta becoming a more traditional unicorn makes sense when you remember the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland, which Galar is partly inspired by.
    • Said unicorn is a Psychic-type, not the Fairy-type that was expected, because unicorns in lore (and in ability for said Galarian Ponyta) are known for healing poisons. Fairy-type Pokémon are vulnerable to poisons and thus cannot so easily cure it.
  • Gigantamax Pikachu's rounder design and longer tail bring to mind its very early designs. Bonus points in that you receive it from Let's Go Pikachu!, which is a "remake" of Pokemon Yellow.


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