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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • In the beginning of the movie (40 years from the present), the poacher that was hunting down Celebi had a Scyther. Guess what Dark Celebi's monster looks like?
  • Related to the above, Scyther wasn't random. Neither was Houndoom. Both their dual types are at the very least resistant to Celebi's attacks, and both are strong against Celebi's own dual types. The same holds for Marauder's Scizor, Sneasel, and Tyranitar.
  • While traveling with Ash and co., the viewers see that Sammy has a passion for keeping track of all the different Pokémon he encounters in his sketchbook, and once they realize that Sammy is Prof. Oak, it finally makes sense where the idea for the invention of the Pokédex came from.
    Fridge Logic 
  • If the Masked Marauder's Pokemon become evil, why do they continue to faithfully follow his orders? Wouldn't evil Pokemon be constantly rebelling?
    • It's possible that his dark Pokeballs also force the Pokemon into being subservient to him—which actually makes him sound more monstrous if you think about it...
    • The Dark Balls do what Cipher does to Shadow Pokémon — turn them into mindless machines of battle.
    Fridge Horror 
  • One of Marauder's Pokémon is a Tyranitar. Multiple 'dex entries describe it as insolent and combative, almost to the point of being Always Chaotic Evil as a species; when we first see this one, however, it's cowering in fear. What the hell happened to it?