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Fridge pages are Spoilers Off by default, so all entries have been folderized as a security measure. Proceed with caution. You Have Been Warned!

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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • Your partner Eevee can learn a grand total of eight amazing moves, all of which have 90 base power and guaranteed secondary effects. However, the types of these moves are far from random; they're based on Eevee's eight Eeveelutions.
  • Even though Sabrina's team are the same levels as Koga's, the requirement is being at least level 45. Besides railroading you to Fuchsia City if you cleared out Silph Co. first, Sabrina's Alakazam is still every bit the Fragile Speedster it was twenty years ago, and the game may have wanted to make sure one of your team members could take one of its Psychic attacks if you didn't have a Dark or Steel type.
  • In a bit of retroactive world building, we get an explanation for why the first generation-based Pokémon games are the only ones where there is not expected to be a standing champion to fight, namely that it was simply not done before this. Instead anyone who beat the Elite Four was simply called a champion, and that was it. It's only at this point in the Pokémon timeline that it's decided by the powers that be that there should be a specific champion for challengers to face after facing the Elite Four.
  • Early in the anime, Meowth mentions that Ash's Pikachu is more powerful than other Pikachu. Turns out that this holds true here as well, as your partner Pikachu has a Base Stat Total that's 110 points higher than is normal for its species. This is especially true for the Attack and Special Attack stats (each 25 points higher than normal), and it was Pikachu's high offensive power that got Team Rocket so obsessed with Ash and Pikachu in the first place.
  • The Chansey Master Trainer is found in the Pokémon Center in Fuchsia City. Master Trainers are typically found in areas where the Pokemon they train can be found. But since Chansey appear, rarely, in a lot of places, this one is found in the town where Chansey used to be (back when there was a Safari Zone), in the building where there is still one.
  • YouTube videos have well-documented what happens when you modify the game to be allowed to evolve your partner. None of the evolutions (be they Raichu or an Eeveelution) have a cry, when others of their species still have their cries. Your partner told you over and over that it didn't want to evolve, and not only did you not listen, you broke the game to defy their wishes. Why bother talking to someone when you know they don't care what you have to say?

    Fridge Horrors 
  • A subtle one doubling as a Mythology Gag, but Melmetal's Pokédex entry mentions it having been dormant until recently for the past 3000 years. Anybody who has played Pokémon X and Y might already be able to think about the horrifying implications of this...
  • At the Cinnabar Gym, Gym Leader Blaine will comment on how the city's volcano "seems unusually active today". Considering what is shown to have happened by the time the Johto games roll around, it's safe to say the town won't be around for much longer.