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  • In Guardian Signs, there's a Stable Time Loop. Ben/Summer goes back in time and inspires Ravio to become the hero of Oblivia. Ben/Summer is then inspired by Ravio to become the next hero of Oblivia. But why did Celebi take Ben/Summer back? Considering Celebi's nature, could it be to preserve the time loop?
  • So, I was playing Shadows of Almia the other day, and I noticed TWO interesting bits of Foreshadowing: first, the swirl in Kincaid's hair; it doesn't have significance other than being silly earlier on, but after The is Team Dim Sun's logo. Kincaid is The Dragon to Dim Sun. Another interesting piece is the dark sunglasses Kincaid gains in his Dim Sun outfit. They're identical to Blake Hall's sunglasses, and HE is the Big Bad of this game! (Though arguably, Kincaid is a far worse human being. And basically the predecessor to Purple Eyes, no less.)
  • These are the only Pokemon games where you do actually catch Pokémon that are technically owned by other people. Every other part of the franchise stops you from doing that.
    • Except for Shadow Pokémon in the Coliseum duology.

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