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  • In the second game, you capture the guy who accidentally set fire to the forest, and he refuses to cooperate or give his name. Since you need to call him by something, he's nicknamed "Ollie". By the end of the game, he's on your side, thinking about becoming a Ranger, and marries Elaine. He still goes by Ollie. So... the Rangers are amazing guessers? His parents didn't name him? If someone speaks his real name, he loses his magical abilities?
    • Maybe the girl who "named" him Ollie knew him already and was embarassed?
    • Could have become a nickname.
    • "Ollie" simply became his nickname. The last quest is assigned by Ollie's mother, who refers to him as "my son, who you know as Ollie," or something along those lines.
  • How did a Pichu learn to play the ukulele? (Look up the third game in the series)
    • How... didn't it?
    • He didn't, it makes a "twang" sound whenever Pichu sends a light electrical charge through it
  • Has anyone other than me noticed how different-styled some of the sprites are? Even within the same evolutionary family; take a look at Makuhita's sprite compared to Hariyama's. I just want to know why it seems like they used several different art styles for the Pokemon.
    • Well, there are a lot of sprites, perhaps the style difference comes from different people doing the sprites?
  • When the third game's Deoxys mission says it's multiplayer-only, does that mean I'll actually need a friend with the game, or can computer-controlled players suffice?
    • The latter.
  • It bugs me that the Societea in the third game are treated better than Mr. Kincaid was in the second. I personally don't find him much worse than they are. Is it because those in Oblivia are more forgiving than those in Almia? I officially like Ben more than Sven now. Ben would've said "Kincaid, you were a great teacher and are very gifted, why are you using your talents for evil!?"
    • Don't forget, though, that most of the Societea have their dayjobs not as a coverup, but because they're only Affably Evil. Dr. Edward really was a caring doctor, and had gotten his job long before starting the whole Pinchers thing. Likewise, Hocus puts on magic shows because he does enjoy making people smile with his talents, and I'm sure Arley and Kasa have their own redeeming qualities as well. Meanwhile, Kincaid became a teacher only to recruit young students to his cause, and manipulated those who trusted him, like Isaac. Not to mention he has no respect whatsoever for those who assist him. The Societea are close friends, as Edward's shock at Purple Eyes' actions indicate. As much as I like Kincaid, he's much nastier as a person.
    • What you said makes sense. It was mostly Alternate Character Interpretation that made me think that. But I still think Ben would be upset over great talent being used for evil, regardless if it came from someone evil or Affably Evil. But what do you think of the Societea destroying Dolce Island (but I like the Societea, too?)
      • Hmm... the thing is that the Societea at least show some of their humanity, such as Hocus mentioning that Ben/Summer's statement hits home a little hard for him. They were also genuinely likeable when not in Take-Over-The-World Mode, and not all of that could have been a masquerade. A lot of the hatred for Edward was probably temporarily erased when the real monster of the series tries to off him. Kincaid really never shows any remorse or has any Pet the Dog moments, and he wasn't exactly an agreeable person even before the big reveal (And he probably isn't even talented, anyway, considering Ponte gave up while in his class). Also, when you say Ben, I take it you mean Ben as the partner character, not the playable character, right?
    • Yes, when I say Ben, I mean the partner character. Everything said by you makes sense. I just noticed it was only Alternate Character Interpretation that made me bring that up.
  • It bugs me that, in the first game, Billy says, "Feel my anger, and let its rhythm of rage pound the ground!" ...Isn't that CLYDE'S lyric? Was it a mess-up in translation?
    • ...What bugs me even more is that Clyde did not unleash the power of RAGE on him. Maybe it's just because he's lazy. I don't know.
      • Clyde being lazy makes sense, considering his Signature Mon is a Slaking.
  • From the second game, why is Team Dim Sun so incompetent? Why did they have to use Gigaremo machines that can be destroyed by abilities when they also had indestructible ones around (the black ones seen in Altru Tower)?
    • Giving them the benefit of the doubt, maybe the black ones are even heavier and more expensive and difficult to produce, making them relatively impractical(or at least, more impractical than Gigaremos already were). Or maybe they didn't figure out how to make them indestructible until much later.
    • Rule of Funny?
  • How exactly is Team Dim Sun supposed to use a Wailord as a cargo ship? Gut it and use its innards as a storage device?
  • Porygon-Z can be found in the past in the third game. Porygon-Z!
  • Mewtwo is in an ancient temple. Probably placed there by Edward, but that brings up the question of how he set up that machine in such a short time...