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  • Brook trying to pursue Team Dim Sun's boat:
    Brook: Super Brook Jump! (Jumps into the water)
    Luana: ... He jumped in with his sandals clenched between his teeth...
    • Brook also has another one, when he tries to save Isaac's sister from a circle of hypnotized Pokemon by Super Brook Jumping into the circle, getting himself stuck as well.
  • The fact that Kincaid owns a book called "How to Prevent Running in the Hallways".
    • The game also implies that he wrote that book.
  • "Hatagnits".
    • Also in that journal, Hasting signs off at one point as "Hatsting". When Erma pointed this out, he joked about it being her boyfriend.
  • In the same game, we also have part of the downloadable Darkrai mission. Two Dim Sun goons set up a trap that causes you to become locked in a room, with seemingly no way out. After you escape with Darkrai's help, you can go back to outside the room to see an optional scene. The two grunts have started to notice the lack of noise coming from the room. They unlock the door and step in to investigate, and the door closes behind them and locks.
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  • The epic, difficult, late-game battle against a single Bidoof, which requires an amazing one loop to be captured and can deal out almost 0 damage when it attacks, which it does with a frequency of about ten or so seconds! Best boss ever!
  • "Hey, look! A flying pizza!"
    • "Really?! Does it have onions?"
  • A little before the Feraligatr battle:
    Blue Eyes: So, in other words you've been a doormat for the Rangers, and you fled here, right?
    Female Pincher: W-we weren't running as much as rushing here to report to you...
    Male Pincher: Yeah, um, exactly! That's exactly what it was. There's no way we would do anything silly like run away.
    The player and partner rush in
    Partner: Wasn't what you just said, "So we have to use our final tactic! Which is... RUN!" Am I wrong?
    Female Pincher: Th-that's not it! You heard me wrong. I didn't say run, I said, ummm... Ron! That's what I said!
    Male Pincher: That's right, Leader! The truth is, my name's Ron! Sometimes people call me Ronny... or at other times, well, Ronaldo. Ummm, and... I'm... I'm so sorry!
    The Pinchers run off in shame
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  • Okay, ex-bad guy out!
  • Nick in Guardian Signs. His pessimistic daydreams are so over-the-top they're funny.
  • The original name for the Capture Styler was "The Capture Loopy-Looper".
  • Murph's attempt at opening a locked door, Barlow style.
  • The Z.Z. Sisters in a nutshell:
    Member 1: *starts a sentence then stalls*
    Member 2: Spit it out already! *some weird abbreviation of what Member 1 was trying to say*
    Member 3: Stop abbreviating so much! *finishes for both of them*
  • The first two questions your friend asks you in the Sky Temple seem normal enough, then...
    Is Murph slim and handsome? Answer: No
  • In the third game, twice, the Voice Nav. says "(...) is a major warranty violation!" Take into account the inevitable Lampshading ("Warranty? You're not a household appliance!") and implied Instant A.I.: Just Add Water! and it isn't hard to imagine the Voice Nav. sounding frightened as it says this.
  • Following the above We Need a Distraction, chasing after the Pinchers gives us this scene when we catch up to them resting:
    Rand: What's the matter? Are you feeling all right?
    Pincher: Well, actually, there were these terrible people, and we barely escaped unharmed.
    Rand: That must have been really terrible. What were they like?
    Pincher: One was a muscular, older Ranger. The other one was a fairly young Ranger.
    Ukulele Pichu: Pichu?
    Pincher: Yeah, yeah. That's right, they had a Pichu with them too....!
    The Pinchers finally turn around and see that they had been talking to the very people they were running from
    Other Pincher: I-it's you! Oh, real funny!
    • Similarly, right before you rescue the Staraptor, you see a Pincher talking to himself while locking the cage in the warehouse. Rand comments that "saying things out loud while you do them is a good way to work". The Pincher agrees, then turns around and panics upon seeing that he was talking to a ranger.
  • Murph's attempt at introducing himself to Edward:
  • The Pinchers at the peak of Faldera Volcano deserve mention, if only for sounding like Ask-a-Ninjas.
    Pincher: Hello, we'll be your guides.
    Pincher: Welcome to our official tour of a world of pain!
    (a pair of Scyther dive-bomb Summer and Ben)
  • One optional request gives us this gem after you return a "report" to an archeologist:
    Archeologist: It's really a report! A report about my secret love!
  • Burkhart generates these. The very first time you meet him, he's seen entering a building with electricity jumping all over his body from a mishap at the Wireless Tower, and he jokes about it and offers to recharge your Styler with his electricity. Made funnier by the Styler's Voice Nav warning against it, and then even funnier in that you can take Burkhart up on his offer and it works.
    • Later on, several Pinchers escape him by shouting that there's a flying pizza behind him. He not only falls for it, but wonders out loud if it has onions.
    • Also worth noting that he interrogated those Pinchers using his electricity.
  • When the entire party is counting on the Voice Nav still having the coordinates of the Rainbow Dais saved, Murph begins cheering it on and encouraging it as it mechanically attempts to retrieve damaged data. After it succeeds, and everyone is too happy to hear what else it's saying, Murph is the only one who hears the Voice Nav say "...And thank you, Murph". The whole idea of the Voice Nav possibly being sapient is joked and toyed with throughout the whole game, though that particular example is probably the most blatant... and most humorous.
  • In the second game, Barlow doing a Target Clear. Without using Pokémon.
    • In the third game, Murph trying to imitate him - and failing spectacularly.
  • From the second game, the entire Wailord mini section. It starts with you being sent to the desert on a mission. Halfway through, your boat stops when water shoots from under it. You go under water, and Team Dim-Sun are capturing a Wailord. You determine it's a mission and save the Wailord. It turns out that Team Dim-Sun want it to replace the Oil Rig you destroyed in an earlier mission. After you free the Wailord, they run back to their boss with a Wailmer, which they claim is a new "Wailord Mini". He sees right through it.
    • Even better, the "Wailord Mini" was given to another group to be given to the boss, and they fell for it.
    Kincaid: The only thing "mini" here is your brain!
    • After defeating Kincaid again, he attempts to escape via his own personal sub. The Wailord then decides to get its revenge.
  • In Almia Castle, Grunts and Admins sending out 8 Seedot. Also doubles as the first Dim Sun group capture since Cargo Ship that's not irritiating to capture (since they're quite easy to capture and deal low damage when compared to previous ones).
    • Also 8 Slakoth in Oil Field Hideout. While Seedot probably took 3-4 loops, by the time you get to this battle, you're likely to get Slakoth in one loop - this is preceded by them trying to apologize to you. After that, they brute-force you out of the room. Later, you also encounter Grunts with the "Pokémon Ranger Vs. Dim Sun" movie thing...
  • From the first game, Tiffany's lament after you defeat her a second time:
    Tiffany: I'm doomed to be just a cute, refreshing, stylish, beautiful, smart, rich, exquisite, stylish, and boring woman.
    • Lunick or Solana will then point out that she said "stylish" twice.
  • If you keep getting caught while trying to get onto the cargo ship, the Dim Sun Admin seems to be on the verge of a mental breakdown, and attempts to bribe you with gum.
  • During the final boss fight of the first Ranger game Plusle and Minun climb on Gordor's pipe organ and destroy it with their electricity. What makes it funny is that this is animated as them just jumping up and down on it, on top of the silly piano tune that plays as they're doing so.
  • In the second game's ice area, there's a point in the story when you come across a couple of Dim Sun grunts looking for a Gigaremo machine they just know they left somewhere around there. If you go back and check on the researchers, they are warming themselves around a portable heater that someone had just left in the snow... which has strange power settings like block and dig and rampage.
    • Later, a man in Haruba village mistakes a Gigaremo for an expresso machine...despite his son telling him that the "coffee" it make tastes like oil.
  • Murph's song that he sings to you once you've finished his ranger contest post-story in Shadows of Alima. Your player character clearly hates the song, and stops Murph before he's finished the first verse. And then it's revealed that the song apparently has 102 verses.
  • After beating the main story of Shadows the PC's mother receives a "Quest Coupon" redeemable for one favor from any ranger. So what's the favor she asks from you? "Read me the recipe on the fridge." Not only is the fridge literally five feet away from where she's standing, but the recipe is also comically simple to remember ("Chop vegetables up and then boil them in water."). After doing it, you get a call from Prof. Hastings, telling you that it counts as a quest clear and you get your upgrade. Crosses into Heartwarming when your mother explains that she did that because she figured you deserved an easy quest.
  • A meta one: Team Dim Sun's name is bound to give anyone familiar with dim sum a few chuckles.
    • This even gets a lampshade at the tail-end of one of the side quests.
    Old Man: I'm not much a fan of Dim Sun, but you're just a lonely man who could go for some dim sum!

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