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Tear Jerker / Pokémon Ranger

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Shadows of Almia
  • During your 1 Day Internship, you have to capture a Pokemon in the beach. Afterwards, the Pokemon keeps following you until you have to release it by the school bridge and until you graduate, it keeps waiting for you. Thankfully it later becomes your Partner but still.
  • The Graduation.
    • Keith mentioning that he’s stationed in Fiore and you won’t see each other for a while.
    • A student saying she won’t forget Ms April.
    • Rythimi being stationed in Fiore.
    • A boy being too attached to the School Styler.
    • One Girl in Mr Kincaid’s class saying she was happy when you talked to her even though you’re both in different classes.
    • It’s the one day of the school year that Janice hates and even the School Bidoof are sad.
  • Game Overs. Not only does your Partner seemingly abandon you with the same "released friend Pokémon" animation, making you question how much they really cared about you; but when your Styler energy reaches zero, the music immediately stops and the Styler explodes while the player is on their knees clearly depressed. And no matter what text speed you turned on in the options menu, the game slowly states that your Styler broke.
    • It’s even more depressing when you know in the first game, the player character just blankly stares at the screen.
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    • You get to see this happen to another Ranger in Shadows of Almia; your Chief, Barlow. When this happens, he also crumples to his knees and laments that he's useless now that his Styler is busted. You actually see the smoke from the busted Styler, so if this happened to you before then you know immediately what happened before he opens his mouth. And this happens against the Disc-One Final Boss; no wonder he feels so hopeless after that failure.
  • One of the quests involves a woman’s Chingling losing its voice after not seeing another Chingling for a while.
    • What makes it worse is that there is only one other Chingling in Almia.
  • Dolce Island being blown up at the climax of Guardian Signs. Your partner Pichu, who used to call that island home alongside its friends, lets out a long terrified cry that likely translates to a Big "NO!" when this happens. Not helped by the fact that the game gives you a couple seconds for the Fridge Horror to kick in before showing that everyone made it out alive thanks to Booker's boats.
    • A post-game quest involves a Togekiss flying around the spot where Dolice Island used to be. At first, everyone assumes it doesn't understand that the island is gone. Turns out it does and it was looking for its old friends. At least there's a heartwarming ending where Ukelele Pichu rounds up the old inhabitants to show Togekiss that everyone's OK.