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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • Kodai is called the man who can see into the future. Look closely at his suit. On the front, it has a design of two arrows pointing in opposite directions — representing the past and future.
  • This movie is the first to feature Pokémon from Generation V, the "Black/White" generation. Who are its stars? A black-furred hero and a white-clothed villain.

    Fridge Logic 
  • If Kodai's recapture of the Ripple of Time is Zoroark's illusion, why then, does he feel the effects of integrating with it?
    • It's actually in line with everything else in the movie, everyone seems to actually be able to feel the effects of Zoroark's illusions, even Zorua is able to do this when he imitates Tangrowth to fight back. So not really a problem there.
  • Why make a new counterpart for Ethan? They look exactly the same, and both never meet Lyra. It could be possible though, that they simply changed Kenta's name to "Hibiki".
    • They probably forgot about that special. There's a nine-year time gap between The Legend of Thunder (2001) and Zoroark: Master of Illusions (2010).
  • When the team got locked into a cage, they weren't relieved of their Poké Balls. Why didn't Dawn bust them out with Mamoswine, given that it's half-Ground and wouldn't be affected by the electricity?
    • Except they were surrounded by Goon and his Pokémon and there's a button on the cage to activate a levitating energy field that evidently really hurts. That and it seems the electricity is of a much higher power than what Pokémon have. So it's likely Mamoswine would've been seriously hurt doing so. To show this Kodai uses his claw thing to electrocute and mortally wounded Zoroark and kills her. Yeah, it's a constant stream there, but that shows how high voltage he uses.
    • Plus there's the little problem that Mamoswine is big. The cage wasn't that much bigger.
  • Ash and Pikachu have apparently completely forgotten that they have already seen Celebi and Suicune in the fourth movie, Pokémon4Ever. The events of that movie are never mentioned throughout the entire movie.
    • Ash regularly doesn't bring up previous encounters with other Pokémon he's already meet, Legendary or otherwise, and Pikachu doesn't tend to react with recognition either. At this point, it's business as usual.
    • Actually, Ash asking Karl about Celebi's statue makes it clear that he is already familiar enough with the species to recognise it on sight. Him not bringing up the events of the fourth movie is simply a case of it not really being important in his eyes.

    Fridge Horror 
  • Kodai said that "no one would ever know what he did there that day" to Ash. At first, he seems just like a smug victorious villain... then you remember he's a homicidal monster that will not hesitate to kill someone. Yeah, that's right, Kodai, with a smile on his face, said he was going to kill The Hero, who's a kid. As if Kodai wasn't evil enough!
  • This line in the English dub, which reveals that Zorua knows he is about to die and has completely given up fighting Kodai:
    "I guess there's no more time left for me."
  • Kodai's Pokémon are insanely loyal to him. Doesn't seem that bad until you realize what the guy is. Given his murderous nature, it's very possible that they follow him because they're terrified of him!
    • It was stated by Team Rocket's Pokémon waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the Island of the Giant Pokémon episode in early season 1 that there are no evil Pokémon, just trainers that use them for evil. Meowth seems to be the only exception to the rule, and his backstory has him trying to imitate humans to impress a girl, so it's fairly logical that his "evil" actions come from imitating humans and being True Companions with Jessie and James.
    • The whole "there are no bad Pokémon" thing is more a parallel to how trainers raise their Pokémon like they were their children, and they learn morals from them. Oak has stated outright that they pick up personality from the people they spend time around (notice how Hot-Blooded all of Ash's Pokémon are, with the possible exception of Humble Hero Kingler who spent more time with Oak himself?) Presumably, Kodai's Pokémon have been with him long enough that they adopted their trainer's personality, developing sociopathic traits along the way. And presuming they've been with him for over twenty years, that's enough time for morals to be buried or completely killed off.
  • At one point, Kodai claims that because he can see the future, he'll eliminate all obstacles in his path. Now, considering what kind of person he is, that seems a LOT more frightening.
  • The finale has plenty of Nightmare Fuel on its own, but think about it. Zorua is a baby who'll have to live the rest of his life with memories of being tortured to near death and then watching his mother being electrocuted and dying right in front of him. And he is already a Woobie without the Fridge Horror.
  • Kodai gives Zoroark a Disney Death at the finale, while that is Nightmare Fuel on its on, it gets worse when you realize he was aiming at Zorua. Zorua might not have survived as well as his "Meema"...