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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • Why does the Player Character talk when he/she is acting? Because they don't talk anywhere else due to the fact the makers wanted you to imagine their personalities, and in Pokéstar Studios they talk because they're acting.
  • Why the mixed Pokédex? After you beat the Elite Four in Pokémon Black and White, you gain the ability to catch Pokémon from the other regions of previous generations. Since these games take place two years after Black and White, it makes sense that you would still have access to them.
    • Several of the older Pokémon already confirmed to be present in Black 2/White 2 — such as Eevee, Beldum, and Riolu — were previously only obtainable as gift Pokémon or in the Safari Zone and not available in the wild. Riolu could be found in Challenger's Cave and Metang at Giant Chasm in the original BW. Eevee is found at a location that was not accessible in the first game. Perhaps they are actually native to Unova and imported to other regions?
    • Alternatively, it might just be more likely that they were more suited to Unova's environment and so were able to thrive once they were introduced to the region.
    • Also, in the previous game, a Trainer mentions that they are looking for Pokémon that escaped the PokéTransfer Lab. This must mean that the Pokémon escaped, fled throughout the region, and bred. In other words, invasive species are taking over Unova. One example: the Com Mon from Kanto, Rattata, isn't in the first routes of the game, but in the sewers.
  • During the journey, the main character is confronted by the trio of the legendary Knights (Terrakion, Virizion, Cobalion). It is only when, before the final confrontation with Team Plasma, Colress tells him that Terrakion "is looking for a worthy Trainer" that it all makes sense: just like they put an end to a war between Pokémon and humans in the legends, they sensed the calamities that Team Plasma's exploiting of Pokémon would have brought and actively sought a Trainer to lead them against the new enemy. The fact that they're all Fighting type, while two of the types most used by Team Plasma are Dark and Ice, makes them even better for the task.
  • Bianca's slight redesign includes glasses. This seems like a somewhat inexplicable addition until you take into account how klutzy she is in the first games — she's nearsighted!
  • Why is there no Elite Four tournament at the PWT? Because the Gym Leaders and Champions left their home regions to participate in the tournament and someone has to look after the regions in the event of a disaster.
    • It also makes sense considering the events of the previous game where the Elite Four are tasked with guarding the league until Alder finally returns. Presumably this is a standard duty of the Elite Four.
  • What is Giovanni, a known criminal, doing in the PWT? Despite being head of a regional crime syndicate, all of his provable offences were local to Johto and Kanto, so Unovan cops have no grounds for arrest and the Internal Police have no jurisdiction on him. He's in Unova to avoid prison, and (ab)using his status as Gym Leader to participate in the PWT to maintain his visa indefinitely.
  • Lance has been infamously known for his three Dragonite in previous games. Then why he uses only one at the PWT? Simple. You can't use two of the same Pokémon in that tournament.
  • A slight bit, in the animated video. Bianca shows the protagonist and rival the three Poké Balls that contain the starters. It may just be because it was in the middle, but the camera focuses on the middle Poké Ball, and zooms out to see that the protagonist had his eye on it. Two scenes later, he is revealed to have an Emboar, meaning he chose Tepig, which was in the middle ball in the game version of this scene.
  • The battle with your rival at the PWT might seem to be a classic example of The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard. He uses a Lv.25 Servine with Leaf Blade. Even Snivy can't learn it earlier than at Lv. 28, and said Snivy wasn't capable of using it earlier, so it couldn't have been passed through breeding. The Servine and other Pokémon at his time suddenly gained levels. 33 for starter, 31 for Tranquill and Simisear. Notice how all his Pokémon were at Lv.25. All three of them... Their actual levels weren't that. They were reduced, like in Battle Subway. It makes sense that it knew Leaf Blade – it was actually at the right level!
  • Could also count as Fridge Horror, but Ghetsis's Hydreigon knows the move Frustration, in these games. Frustration is a move that grows stronger depending on how much your Pokémon dislikes you. Considering who Ghetsis is, it's probably on Hydreigon for a good reason, and probably at max power, as well.
    • A little disturbing and ambiguously Fridge Horror as well — what would it take to make something as unabashedly violent and evil as Hydreigon hateful enough to use Frustration? Possibly a stealth reconstruction of the idea that Pokémon are mostly good-natured — even Hydreigon has standards.
    • That same Hydreigon carries a Life Orb, which means that in addition to the above, it's injuring itself every single time it attacks.
  • Right before the credits start, Iris leads the player out of the Hall of Fame and Champion's room, to the massive staircase. There, the Elite Four members are waiting, and the player walks down the steps and turns to them. Afterward, the player walks forward a bit, and Iris follows. Then, Iris and the Elite Four form the V shape, with Iris at the bottom and two Elite Four members at her sides while the player runs off, and the credits begin. While possibly unintentional, it's brilliant because V could be for Victory (as in, you were just victorious over the Elite Four and the Champion, and Victini is also represented by V and Victory). And of course, this game takes place during Generation V.
  • It would make sense for the Original Dragon's stat total/power to rival that of Arceus. The game mythos in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Platinum only ever confirms that Arceus created the Sinnoh region. The mythos surrounding the Original Dragon says that it did help to establish Unova's civilization. Both of them created regions of their own, making them equals in power.
  • The Shadow Triad all have Pawniard (that evolve into Bisharp) because the three of them are Ghetsis' pawns/chess pieces.
  • Of all the returning Gym Leaders, only Elesa got significantly different sprites, and a radical overhaul of her whole appearance at that. Why only her? Well, her day job is a supermodel. She wouldn't be caught dead wearing two-year-old fashion.
    • Not to mention she's also the only one who changed her hair color. It's quite possible that she dyes her hair often to go with whatever she's wearing for particular fashion shows.
  • Why is Pikachu still not in the Unova Dex despite being the anime mascot as Ash's signature Pokémon? All to be consistent with the anime, where it was already stated that Pikachu is a rare Pokémon not found in the Unova region!
  • Why is Cheren a Normal-type Gym Leader? He's gone back to basics!
  • What's with Sabrina's cameo? Well, look at her design over time. She took a major leap from being semi-formal to quite casual. Think about her for a second. She's intimidating with her strong Psychic Powers, red eyes, and general demeanor. Despite this she's just as good and nice as any of the other Gym Leaders. Sabrina knew she scared people, didn't like this, and decided to change herself. She decided to do a movie to help show she's not as creepy as she seems. She should have chosen her role better, though.
  • When you fight the Shadow Triad guy first time, his payout is 180 per level. Next time, his payout is 100 per level, even though the other two you fight in the same place have payout 180 per level. Considering that in Icirrus City, payouts of all three are 180 per level, this can make sense. Why he gives temporarily lower payout? Because he lost to you previously, so he couldn't give as much next time (because players could get from that point to that point in one day, while Icirrus City fights are once per season, so that's much more time).
  • Colress, the new character who replaces N's role in Team Plasma. His only interest is bringing out the potential of Pokémon, and he believes this is done by having Pokémon work with trainers. He doesn't care about the world going on around him at all. And whereas N had to be convinced that he might be wrong, Colress was always looking for a better answer. In other words, he's the exact opposite to N.
    • Colress = Colorless. Fits with the black/white theme.
  • When you fight Rood in Driftveil City, his second Pokémon is Swoobat. Woobat evolves into Swoobat through happiness, hinting that Rood has learned to be on good terms with the Pokémon he brings out in battle.
    • This could even be extended to his other Pokémon: Herdier, the Loyal Dog Pokémon.
  • Golurk is now found at the new Victory Road. In the first game, N got the dragon and fought the Elite Four near Victory Road. Maybe, just maybe, they decided to set up shop over there just in case this sorta thing happened again.
    • Also, what's underneath Victory Road now? N's castle. While N is good now, of course, visiting his castle is how you end up getting Reshiram/Zekrom. If Golurk was really made to stop the dragons, perhaps they're capable of telling that the area has an indirect connection to them.
    • A minor case, but Golurk does have a type advantage over both of the dragons: its Ground typing is strong against both Fire (Reshiram) and Electric (Zekrom).
  • Why is Burgh's sprite now wrapped up in this cocoon-shawl-type thing? And why does Elesa have this giant puffy yellow coat on over her outfit? And Roxie wears this heavy sweater — it's almost like Unova's gotten inexplicably colder outsi... oooooh.
    • Possible extra Fridge Brilliance on Burgh: when Cheren gives you the Surf HM, he mentions that some places have been experiencing very low temperatures lately. One of the places he specifically says is Castelia City... No wonder Burgh wears that shawl now.
  • People wonder why Koga, Fuchsia City Gym Leader from Generation I and its remakes, is not in the PWT. It's because he's not a Gym Leader anymore, he's Elite Four, and the game takes place after Pokémon Gold and Silver, where he was succeeded by his daughter Janine as gym leader!
  • There's a bit of irony in Ghetsis' plan to take over Unova. He's trying to fuse Kyurem with one of the other dragons to make it a more whole/complete being while Ghetsis himself is becoming more incomplete as a person due to his Villainous Breakdown from the previous game resulting in a loss of many of his Magnificent Bastard traits and his Sanity Slippage during this one.
  • This might fall into Fridge Heartwarming, but going off the below Fridge Horror about Ghetsis's Hydreigon, Iris in Challenge Mode has the exact same Hydreigon Ghetsis used in the original games. It's possible she captured it before the events of B2W2 and has been raising it herself. Due to Iris being a Nice Girl, she is able to keep care of a Pokemon that was abused (It's implied it bit Ghetsis' arm) and treat it properly, which gets even better when you consider that Hydreigon are some of the most Ax-Crazy Pokemon outside of Yveltal, Mewtwo, Necrozma and Gyarados.
  • Despite his knowledge of Pokémon, Ghetsis doesn't think of, say, catching Kyurem in a Pokéball to ensure loyalty. While this may just be seeing them as tools, it's also a carry-over from Cyrus' plans from the previous gen: he knows that Pokéballs are power limiters, which would get in the way of using Kyurem for mass terrorism. Could also be considered Fridge Horror for obvious reasons.
  • Pokéstar Studios is mentioned under Fake Difficulty and That One Sidequest as being a Luck-Based Mission and sometimes needing several tries to get it right. This was likely intentional; after all, when has a movie ever been made in one take?
  • In his Pokemon World Tournament match, Alder has four Pokémon to represent each of the Elite Four that he formerly led, using a Chandelure (Shauntal), Krookodile (Grimsley), Reuniclus (Caitlin), and Conkeldurr (Marshal). He keeps his Conkeldurr during his Floccessy Town match, given that it represents Marshal, his pupil.
  • It seems weird encountering Zinzolin in Undella Town post-game until you realize that Zinzolin explicitly states his hatred of being cold numerous times. Undella Town is based upon a summer resort. Given that Zinzolin nearly froze to death inside the Cold Storage in the prequels, and that the new Team Plasma's plans revolved around freezing Unova over, it is quite likely that he went to Undella to get away from the cold weather.
  • There are unused quotes in the game suggesting that the protagonists of the previous games would appear as PWT contestants; they have lines such as "Words are the source of all misunderstanding! Everything can be understood through Pokémon battles! Let's go!" Considering that they had spent an entire game as a Heroic Mime, it makes sense that they would prefer to express themselves through battling instead of talking.
    • N also says similar things in this game about how Pokémon battles are catalysts, showing how the previous protagonist's philosophies changed his outlook.
  • Colress is first introduced to the player after fighting the two Team Plasma grunts in the sewers. He's shown emerging from the Relic Passage, where two Scientist trainers just so happen to be as well, likely doing research. He was in the area probably doing research in the area as well, while also keeping an eye on the grunts that he commands.
  • It might be hard to notice, but Kyurem has no pupils in its normal form, while it does gain them when fused with either Reshiram or Zekrom. The phrase "Eyes are the mirror of the soul" might come to mind. Then you realize that means Kyurem is a literal empty vessel with no soul whatsoever whose only role is to be 'filled'.
    • Coupled with Fridge Horror as well. You may be reminded that there was a legend about Kyurem eating humans and Pokémon alike. Then you're probably wondering... What if it was trying to fill the emptiness it felt?
      • It's also implied that if Kyurem was eating people and Pokémon, it isn't doing it anymore. Kyurem may be effectively a zombie, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's unintelligent. Maybe it stopped eating people and Pokémon because it realized that that wasn't doing it any good, and it specifically needed Reshiram and Zekrom to be complete.
  • Veteran Shaun is fought in Wellspring Cave, and mentions that his Pokémon were born and raised on the exact same day. He's not too far from the Daycare, so it's likely he was breeding them all, as any good trainer would.

    Fridge Horror 
  • Ghetsis was willing to freeze you solid (in what would probably just kill you), forcing you to watch his ascent. If that's what he had planned for you, one can only imagine what he might've wanted to do to Hilda/Hilbert.
  • Possibly; in the promotional video, assuming that what was shown were actual places in the game, the frozen part of Unova was seen intact, no buildings were torn apart or anything, just frozen over. Who is to say that there weren't any people in those buildings?
    • It seems to happen in the game as well, as Opelucid City becomes frozen over, and the player does chase after the Shadow Triad like in the promotional video. In this case, there were plenty of innocent people who may have been frozen to death.
    • In the post-game, Opelucid City defrosts, and everyone is revealed to be perfectly fine. That doesn't make it too much better, though, since they were still trapped inside their homes for at least a short time.
  • It is pointed out in the Fridge page for the original Pokémon Black and White that in those games, Absol can be found around the Giant Chasm, as if it's warning the protagonist to Kyurem's presence. In these games, Absol is implied to have a wider range due to its addition to the Unova Pokédex... and Kyurem is the mascot of both games, in which parts of Unova were frozen over. Looks like Absol felt it had work to do in other parts of Unova — and of course it gets ignored and often scapegoated.
  • Considering how powerful two of the Tao Trio fused together are (base stat total of 700, behind only Arceus), one wonders how powerful the original dragon was that the three originated from.
    • The Tao Trio seem to have a "20-point increment" thing going on in regards to their BSTs, like this: Normal Kyurem (660 BST), Reshiram/Zekrom (680 BST), Black/White Kyurem (700 BST), Original Dragon (720 BST). So following this model, the Original Dragon would seem to be on par with Arceus, as many others have predicted.
    • This also makes sense, since with ORAS the megas/primals of Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza and Mewtwo are stronger as well, and it seems more like they're in their actual/finished (for Mewtwo) form rather than mega evolved, meaning that the only Pokémon stronger than the region-creating ones are the Embodiment of Sea, Land, Sky and (while maybe a bit of a stretch) Human Intellect. Kinda of terrifying to imagine that Humanity created a being stronger than a god...
    • On this note, maybe it's a good thing that Hilda/Hilbert never shows up in the game (or at least during the scenes involving Kyurem). Imagine what would happen if Kyurem absorbed both N's and Hilda/Hilbert's dragons... Even if Kyurem is just doing it to be "complete" again and isn't actually going to do anything evil, it would still make for a really tough fight. Also, try not to think too much about what could happen if Ghetsis ever got his hands on the original dragon...
  • "From "G" and "Cis" (C♯), the pitches of the timpanis used in his battle theme. The combination of "G" and "Cis" is a tritone, previously referred to as Diabolus in Musica (The Devil in the Music) in the 18th century. Could also be romanized as Goetis, derived from Goetia, Greek for "sorcery"." - This is what Ghetsis's page on Bulbapedia says.
  • The new Gyms are still perilous.
    • Skyla's new Gym. A minor case, but one would imagine all of the concussions anyone would receive after being in that gym, being blown straight into the wall, and in the protagonist's case, straight through the gym, smashing two boxes, and out the doors. Worse is, the boxes respawn after reentering. You could keep going up to Skyla and exiting the gym, smashing through those boxes over and over. Oh, and next time you visit Skyla's gym, look whats underneath the grating you're standing on.
    • Drayden's new Gym. Are the trainers just not afraid of heights? Hell, Drayden himself is at the top of that dragon, although he's pretty badass, so one would imagine that he'd be okay.
    • Burgh's new Gym. The cocoon constructions that the player travels through are remarkably thin. What would happen if someone got stuck? Also, the Gym is just one giant hazard for any claustrophobic challengers who go there.
  • While Ghetsis' right arm has also been obscured by his cloak, N's crowning sequence showed he still had one. Come 2 years later, and we see that not only does he use his cane for support as well as controlling Kyurem, but his Hydreigon knows a full-power Frustration. Does this mean that Ghetsis has become so abusive and evil that his Hydreigon crippled him? If so, what dark power did Ghetsis have to survive the assault, and what's stopping Hydreigon from escaping and going on a rampage now that his master is completely insane?
    • Even worse if you check out the cane that is implanted into the ground after defeating and breaking him. It will say it might have been used to control Kyurem, but what is the possibility that it wasn't just Kyurem Ghetsis was using his cane to control?
    • Oh, and Hydreigon's got a Life Orb now. Ghetsis is forcing his signature Pokémon to make its attacks even stronger by siphoning off its life force. No wonder Hydreigon has a full-power Frustration!
    • Also, even in nature, Hydreigon are Ax-Crazy enough to attack anything that moves. What would a Hydreigon filled with hatred from its abusive owner be capable of?
    • Here's something obvious that people probably haven't thought of. What if Frustration wasn't powered by hatred... but by fear?
  • In Celestial Tower, there's a School Kid with a Litwick. After you beat her, she says she's feeling all tired after a loss. Then, if you go to the Pokémon Center afterwards, she'll be there. Talk to her, and she'll say that she was feeling a little burnt out, but she feels better now, and that she can do anything if she has her Litwick with her, or something along those lines. Now read Litwick's Pokédex entry.
    • Made even worse it is her Litwick especially. Even if you own it, the thing still will drain your life energy. It's possible that Litwick's soul draining ability is involuntary, so for all we know, the poor thing wants to stop feeding on her, but can't.
    • Even worse is that the text box where she says she's feeling a little burnt out is automatically brought up after the battle. Most trainers don't do this, so the game made it a point to bring it up.
  • While the rockslide destroying Route 10 is tragic, how many of the wild Pokémon residing there died?
    • The Chasm is worse; after the frigate leaves, the trees looked knocked down rather than squashed like you would think from the frigate coming down... does this mean Team Plasma bombed the forest just to make a place for them to land?
  • One of the Ferris Wheel's dates, December, mentions she is constantly on the run from some secret group and cannot seem to stay in one place for very long. She also seems to allude a few details on that they are rather aggressive, want her due to knowing something, and is even afraid of showing her face outside a window. That sounds like Nightmare Fuel and Paranoia Fuel on its own, but then she implies there is a lot more going on. Now think of how worse it will be when Winter ends and she stops showing up. And even if she lives, it still leaves some dark implications behind there are evil syndicates operating in Unova under our noses.
  • So N was found alone in a forest. While this may seem Nightmare Retardant, there's still the Fridge Horror of why his parents aren't raising him or simply took him to an orphanage:
  • During the post-game, the Shadow Triad talk about how Ghetsis "can't do anything anymore.", and they won't forgive you because of this. It certainly does sound a bit like a roundabout way of saying that he's dead, and that they blame you for his death.

    Fridge Logic 
  • When you make a lot of movies in Pokéstar Studios, you'll eventually get an elderly woman as a fan. Every time you make a good film, she'll tell you that, "Your last film made me laugh so much, my dentures fell out of my mouth!", even when the movie you just made wasn't a comedy. Is she going senile?