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Fanfic / Kira Is Justice

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"I use it... because... I think it is my duty."
Justin (to Landras, explaining his reason of using the Death Note)

Kira Is Justice is a Death Note Fan Fiction that is a Continuation of the series by Chihuahua0, a fellow Troper.

If you hadn't read or watched Death Note yet, there are Spoilers below.

Kira Is Justice is set four years later, after support of Kira seemed to fade away. A bored Shinigami named Landras receives a spare Death Note from Ryuk, and drops it down at a bored high school student in Chicago named Justin. After killing someone and getting over it, Justin becomes the New Kira. This attracts the attention of Near, who had become the New L. However, a mysterous person called O is trying to capture Kira too, and also is attempting to expose Near. A Creepy Child named Fiona, who works with O, sends sixteen SIS agents to Chicago to try to find Kira. Meanwhile, there is David, who is Justin's uncle, and Sol, who is Justin's cousin...


Now has a character sheet.

Here is the disussion page for it.

Kira Is Justice provides examples of:

Fiona: Hello Troper... Come closer...