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  • Sarah Blake. Seven years after her one appearance, she's still a Fan Preferred Pairing for Sam (when not pairing him up with other males, at least). Her popularity is probably the reason she got brought back for another episode in Season 8, though she's now dead at Crowley's hands, so...
  • Bobby. Even the actor expected him to have a small role, but he was deeply integrated into the show after his original appearance, becoming the third lead behind the boys. When he finally departed for good, you cannot help but feel that the writers have done everything with the character that was needed, and are satisfied with the conclusion to his story despite it being a Tear Jerker. Very few characters anywhere got as much of a privilege as him.
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  • The fanbase unanimously embraced Ellen; at one point, it was actually more common to pair her up with Dean (or Sam) than with Dean's intended Love Interest, Ellen's daughter Jo. To a lesser extent, there's Ellen's fellow moms Jody Mills and Linda Tran.
  • Gordon Walker.
  • Agent Henriksen. Television Without Pity bestowed upon him the nickname "Agent Scooter Javert Badassitude", and it actually suits him.
  • Despite only showing up for four episodes as Lilith's lackey Alastair is shown to be very well received as a villain with his popularity rivaling that of even the Big Bads of this show. It helps that within these episodes he's lives up to his name as Hell's Grand Torturer kicking the asses of every one he crosses paths to with no effort while being an absolute Sadist about it making each episode as terrifying as possible.
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  • Gabriel has both a large number of fans (he even has his own Big Bang on Livejournal) and a lot of people who want to see him again even after he was Killed Off for Real by his brother. Their wishes were granted in Season 13.
  • Crowley manages to be hilarious, classy, and simply magnificent. He's also played by Mark Sheppard.
  • Death. His Big Entrance set to "O Death" by Jen Titus started it. Part of his badass credentials is that he's one of the very few supernatural entities that Dean actually respects. Dean being the guy that verbally abused an entire room full of gods multiple times as a way to offer his help, while unarmed and with no exit route. Death's on a completely different level from anything the boys have faced. He could solve just about any problem they had, it's just that he doesn't care any more than a biologist would care about the emotional state of a mold sample he's studying.
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  • Fans reaction to Abaddon since her promotion to part of the Big-Bad Ensemble of season nine has been quite positive.
  • Benny the badass Friendly Neighborhood Vampire from Purgatory, who teams up with Dean and calls him "brother". Being one of the show's latest woobies only sealed the deal.
  • Heaven's most adorable angel AKA Samandriel has the quite the devote fanbase as well. His death only increased it.
  • Linda Tran has quite a large fanbase, who are clamoring for her off-screen death in Season 8 to be revealed to be fake. Their voices have been heard!
  • Balthazar, full stop. Despite only appearing in six episodes in Season 6, he has plenty of fans and is the thing that they probably like the most about Season 6. He's notable for sending the Winchesters into the Real Life parallel universe in "The French Mistake", unsinking the Titanic because he hated the movie, and for helping the Winchesters in the climax of Season 6. He is also notable for being one of the angels who fully embraces free will (although to questionable extents) and having many hilarious moments, not unlike the aforementioned Gabriel.
    Balthazar: (about why he unsunk the Titanic) "Because that godawful Céline Dion song made me want to smite myself!"
  • Zachariah is probably the best example of a Love to Hate villain seen on the show; a snarky and petty scumbag through and through, but will usually be found near the top of a list ranking all of the villains on the show because he's so damn effective. Fans were notably excited upon learning that he'll be back in some form for the three-hundredth episode, "Lebanon", in Season 14.
    Zachariah: "The last person in the history of creation you want as your enemy is me. And I'll tell you why. Lucifer may be strong, but I'm...petty."

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