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Marta Sáinz is a Spanish voice actress. An usual member of distributor company Arait Multimedia, she is one of the most veteran female dubbers in the Spanish anime scene, having a career which actually predates the company's works in anime (roughly 1996) and recalls the hottest Japanese series to reach the public television back in The '90s. Her debut was for TV channel Telecinco, although she had her breakout role when Arait brought the famous Slayers (retitled Reena y Gaudi), with her starring as the titular Reena (Lina).


Although the Lina kind of characters turned into her specialty, becoming very adept in playing outgoing, energetic girls, Sáinz's recognizable yet deceitfully versatile voice has allowed her to play an ample pattern of personalities, including boys and even antagonists, and frequently in the same show (as it's joked, and not without some basis, that the entire cast of Slayers was dubbed by four people). Interestingly, Marta might be the Arait VA with the highest count of protagonists voiced, starting with Hiromi Oka and following with Lina Inverse, Usagi Tsukino, Lum and many others.

Along with her work in animated series, Sáinz has also a hefty dubbing historial in TV series and live action, and she sometimes dubs Naomi Watts, who is otherwise frequently voiced by Alba Sola or Nuria Mediavilla.


She has a very... artsy YouTube channel.

Notable roles by Marta Sainz:


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Live-Action Films

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Tropes that apply to Marta Sáinz:

  • Crossdressing Voices: Very sporadically, but she has done it. The best known example is Davis from Digimon 02.
  • The Danza: Probably intentional. The protagonist of Aim for the Ace, Hiromi Oka, was renamed Marta Nolan in Spain.
  • Star-Making Role: Lina Inverse in Slayers.
  • Talking to Himself: The Slayers dubbing was done with a ridiculously little voice cast, so Marta played not only Lina, but also Sylphiel and many other characters, and they somehow made it work.
  • Otaku: Marta worked for TV channel Cuatro voicing the reporter Masako in the well remembered block Cuatrosfera Otaku. The girl in question was a Japanese reporter who routinely got in weird situations during her exposition of the otaku culture. This plays twice, as Masako was played by idol singer Yoshimi Kanai, who is famous for being part of a Meido themed band.
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible: As mentioned above she has a featured channel in YouTube with various... er... performances like this.

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