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Characters / Yume 100 Main Story Part Two

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This page lists the characters introduced in Main Story Part 2 of 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams.

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Mysterious Men Manipulating Yumekui

    In General 
  • Under Construction

    Spoiler Character/Fllayg 

Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa
Country: Trugville (?)
Age: 27
Attribute: Gentle/Sexy
Fllayg behaves like a gentleman and has a kind demeanour, but his words are laced with sarcasm. He is interested in cultures and foods different from those of his own country. In Chapter 5 of Main Story Part 2 it is revealed that he is in fact the eldest 'brother' of the men controlling the newest wave of Yumekui plaguing the dream world.
  • The Mole
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: Fllayg has a gentle voice. This ends up quite dissonant with his actions when he reveals himself to be a villain during Chapter 5 of Part 2.


Voiced by: Atsushi Abe
Origin: Trugville


Voiced by: Hiroaki Miura

Origin: Trugville

  • Catchphrase Insult: Likes to call people 'rats', usually with an adjective along with it. Calls Avi the 'red rat' and the Heroine and her crew 'foul rats'.
  • Under Construction


Voiced by: Takuma Nagatsuka
Origin: Trugville


Voiced by: Kōhei Amasaki

Origin: Trugville
  • Under Construction


Voiced by: Shun Horie

Origin: Trugville
  • Under Construction

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