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This page lists the princes under the 'Gentle' attribute in 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams.

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    In General 
Many of the older princes tend to fall into this group. Some may have already seen much of the world and seek more to become a stable partner to the princess. Quite a few of them believe strongly in virtue and value, though some may hold a jaded view of life, at times bordering on fatalism or just status quo.


Voiced by: Yuki Ono
Country: Country of Star - Galassia
Age: 20
A wise and brave prince of Eastern Galassia. He holds the welfare of his people as of the utmost importance. Altair can control his eagle by whistling. He is concerned about - and will spend most of his time discussing - Vega, his counterpart in Western Galassia.
  • Stellar Name: Named after Altair, the brightest star in the Aquila (meaning 'eagle') constellation. It is also part of the Summer Triangle with Vega and Deneb.


Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda
Country: Country of Judgement - Arbitro
Age: 29
Camilo's role in the Country of Judgement is to manage and escort defendants set to go on trial. He takes his job very seriously and is a specialist in archery. Honest and pure, he finds it very difficult to talk to women.
  • Cannot Talk to Women: Is this when the Heroine first meets him. He gets much better around her after that.
  • Converse with the Unconscious: In his Falling Tears version. Mostly agonising about what it would be like if their relationship was frowned upon and they couldn't meet each other openly. The split in the awakening routes depends on whether he ignores the fact that he is on official business (so no hanky-panky) and kisses her or he is able to hold himself back.
  • Cute Little Fangs: A subtler variation of this. His canines aren't always depicted but when they are, they look more prominent than in other princes.
  • Possession Presumes Guilt: As someone working in law enforcement, Camilo sometimes sparks the ire of those who know the people he arrested. In his vanilla version, he gets arrested and imprisoned under suspicion of possessing illegal drugs after someone out to get him bumped into him and planted those drugs on him.
  • Flight of Romance: In his Falling Tears sun awakening. Camilo scoops the Heroine up in his arms to see the sunset.
  • Team Mom: Camilo is like this for the angels (namely, Micaela, Lecien and Adiel) and takes cares of them a lot. He even cleans up Micaela's room, because goodness knows, Micaela isn't going to do it himself.


Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda
Guide version - Moon awakening
Country: Country of Crown Craftsmen - Corona
Age: 30
An elusive but well-mannered prince, Carlyle is a prodigy in crown craftsmanship whose works are highly valuable. The royal family of Corona have historically made the crowns for the royal family of the Dream Kingdom, Traumere, for generations, and Carlyle is the most recent craftsman to hold this honour. He wants to have more freedom to create his own designs.


Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Original version - Moon awakening
Country: Country of Marvel - Wondermare
Age: 23
The role of Chrono's family is to protect the time in Wondermare. His clock has the ability to cycle through time. While he works hard at his job, he finds it quite difficult. Chrono is the grandson of the original white rabbit who met Alice when she fell into Wondermare.


Voiced by: Kenta Ookuma
Country: Country of Passion - Randalcia
Age: 27
Cohen is a passionate prince who constantly chases after women and is aggressive in his seduction attempts. When seducing women, he cares for them and treats them like a princess. It is a widely held belief in his country that it is impossible for men and women to merely be friends.


Voiced by: Shunsuke Kawabe
Dakimakura version - Moon awakening
Country: Country of Marvel - Wondermare
Age: ???
From the Sleep Valley where the sleeping dormice live, Dormouse always wants to be asleep.


Voiced by: Kouji Takahashi
Bridal version - Unawakened
Country: Country of Voice - Vox
Age: 18
Flu is the second prince of the Country of Voice. Quiet and timid, he finds it difficult to raise his voice above a whisper. He is always overshadowed by his cheerful older brother, Stimma, and his boisterous younger brother, Rufen. Behind his soft-spoken exterior, he has surprising inner strength.


Voiced by: Go Inoue
Moonlit Night version - Sun awakening
Country: Country of Literature - Shinonome
Age: 27
A renowned short novelist, Fujime is well-regarded as a romance author. He is very creative, and often draws inspiration from the love stories of others. However, he has little personal experience of romance. While he appears gentle, he can be stubborn.

  • Anguished Declaration of Love: In the moon awakening of his original version's story. Part of the angst stems from the fact that Fujime begins to feel unwilling to write a romance novel based onto their fake relationship, wanting to keep those precious moments private, yet he has to otherwise there's no point for the fake marriage to continue.
  • Foreshadowing: Literally. At beginning of the story while waiting for Fujime to appear at an awards ceremony, the Heroine mentions that the one of his romance novels was called 'Love Beneath the Tree Shade'. Guess where he was when the Heroine went outside to try and find him? Under the shade of a tree.
  • Innocent Cohabitation: Goes through all the motions of a typical marriage, including Fujime buying a house for him and the Heroine to stay in while the fake marriage is going on. Even asks the person selling the house to help fill up the house with whatever essential household items needed.
  • Romantic Fake–Real Turn: Fujime asks for the Heroine's help to behave like his wife for a time, in order to help him gather information for his newest romance novel. Naturally, the situation escalates rapidly into a true romance.
  • Writer's Block: Is so distressed about his writer's block he roleplays a pseudo marriage with the Heroine to get a looker into what married life would be like.


Voiced by: Satoshi Hino
Riding Hood version - Unawakened
Country: Country of Moonlight - Clairboor
Age: 26
Gary has a kind demeanour, but hides his fiery emotions beneath his gentle image. He is on a journey to undo the curse that makes him act like a violent beast at night. He is highly dextrous with his hands and is a master of the crossbow. Girbert is his beloved younger half-brother.
  • King Incognito: Considering he is hiding out in the woods and that everyone in the country believes his brother Girbert is him, Gary hides his royal identity. It's only much later that this fact gets revealed to the Heroine.
  • Modest Royalty: Justified, as he is on the run and fancy clothes will only get in the way of his fighting.
  • Real Men Cook: Always used to cook for his brother, Girbert.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: When Gary goes into a rampage, his violet eyes turn red.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Due to his curse, Gary can go into a uncontrollable frenzy of rage, exhibiting heightened strength.


Voiced by: Yuuma Uchida
Country: Country of Movie - Romandia
Age: 18
Popular as a mainstream romance movie actor, Gerald is a friendly prince who wants to expand his repertoire outside the romance genre. However, he is facing issues with typecasting. He is known as 'Gerry' by his friends.
  • I Have Sisters: Gerald cites his sisters' influence to why he treats women so well.
  • In-Series Nickname: His nickname 'Gerry'. He is also known as 'The White Rose' due to his proper looks and modest, upright character.
  • So Beautiful It's a Curse: In a very specific way related to his career. When Gerald pressed Will to allow him to act in Will's next horror movie, Will summarily rejects Gerald, telling him he was "too handsome".


Voiced by: Yuichiro Umehara
Country: Country of Calendar - Kuyou
Age: 25
Hinoto is from the family of the Ram. He is a specialist in Taiko drumming, and has a calculating personality. Though he is curt and criticising with men, he has another face for women.
  • Animal Eyes: Probably because he's from the Ram family, Hinoto also has rectangular pupils like a goat. Though this is very subtle.
  • A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Definitely plays up his innocuousness and harmlessness when around the Heroine, though to anyone else it would be obvious his veneer of tameness is hiding something more amorous and audacious...
  • Eastern Zodiac: As one of the Kuyou princes, Hinoto is based on one of the animals from the eastern zodiac - the Ram.


Voiced by: Junta Terashima
Wedding version - Sun awakening
Country: Country of Sinner - Votalia
Age: 23
Prison warden for prisoners who have committed the crime of 'Anger'. While he tries to keep himself calm, he will fly into a violent rage once angered three times. When he gets angry, though, he maintains his polite tone.
  • Animal Motifs: Wolf. Ira, like the rest of the Votalia, has an associated emblem. His has a super-stylised wolf.
  • Berserk Button: Somehow, one way or another, Las is very good at pushing any and all of Ira's buttons until he almost clears his 3-strike rule within one conversation with Las.


Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai
School version - Unawakened
Country: Country of Sorcery - Soltiana
Age: 18
Iria is the elder of the two princes of Soltiana, the other being Miya. He is soft-spoken but capable, and can handle the expectations placed on him as the heir to the throne. He is aware of his responsibilities and does his best to respond to the public affairs of his country.
  • Dismissing a Compliment: How he typically responds.
  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf: He's unable to even sing a lullaby in tune; his singing and the rhythm are out of sync.
  • Humble Hero: Always dismisses compliments about his skill and aptitude, saying it's too much or stumbling over thanking them. He also gets easily embarrassed by it.
  • Luminescent Blush: Iria blushes very easily, from talking too much to compliments to the Heroine brushing something off of him.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Downplayed. Iria had been sickly since young, so he hadn't had much opportunity to go out. On an outing with the Heroine in the surrounding city, he's shown to be unfamiliar with the layout of the city, didn't know any interesting places to show her and had never eaten food standing up before.
  • Sickly Child Grew Up Strong: As a child, he was always weak, so he stayed in and just read books. Now, he plays such an important role to the country that it has been described as if 'the light of the entire country' had been put out when he wasn't there.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: Studies a lot of magic theory and other academic subjects.


Voiced by: Masaru Mukugehara
Hospitality version - Moon awakening
Country: Country of Clergyman - Norpli
Age: 39
While Jay has a kind and gentle personality, he is not particularly open to others. Long ago he was bitten by a vampire - his boarding school friend Alfred's father - and as a result is a half-vampire who cannot go out into the sun. The people of his country are cold to him, and his family doesn't really acknowledge him. He needs Martin as a mediator between him and Alfred, as they both still feel uncomfortable about Jay's attack. He enjoys painting and art, but his style is rather abstract.

  • Deadpan Snarker: One of the manga chapters suggests both he and Alfred have tones of this, as they both mockingly echo Martin's genuinely Affectionate Nickname for Rica ('Rica-chan'), much to Rica's embarrassment.
  • Dhampyr: Though not a traditional dhampyr in that neither of his parents were vampires (his friend, Alfred, is this kind of dhampyr), he describes himself as such in his vanilla story. He is a half-vampire as he was given treatment before the transformation could fully occur, resulting in him being unable to go outside in the sunlight, having red eyes and fangs, and having an affinity for bats, but not requiring blood to survive.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire: Jay has never tasted human blood as a vampire, and though he occasionally flashes those fangs for dramatic effect in his event stories, he has no urge to attack anyone.
  • I Hate You, Vampire Dad: There is clearly long-lasting trauma from his attack by Alfred's father, and the rift between Alfred and Jay has taken a long time to even begin to heal.
  • Religious Vampire: As a prince of the Country of Clergyman, there are specific duties that Jay has been trained to do, and being a creature of the night won't stop him. He was the priest at Alfred's wedding, so it may be concluded that he is an ordained minister. Additionally, his event outfits often feature cross patterns and religious accoutrements.
  • Romantic Vampire Boy: But of course.
  • Terrible Artist: The Heroine finds it difficult to make a positive comment on Jay's art, which he finds incredibly amusing.


Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya
Oni version - Moon awakening
Country: Country of Great Fox Spirit - Iroga
Age: 2000
The older brother of Saiga, Koga holds the power of the temple to bring rain. He is over 2000 years old, but still has youthful looks. He is sensitive about his appearance and gets angry when people call him cute. Saiga enjoys teasing him.


Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura
Sakura version - Sun awakening
Country: Country of Light - Amatsu
Age: 22
Kotohogi is the kind and wise heir to the throne of Amatsu. Though he works hard as a prince, he feels a great emptiness inside. He maintains a small garden. He is the light counterpart to Shigure, prince of the Country of Darkness.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: Due to the conflict between his and Shigure’s kingdom, Kotohogi’s father, the king, has the Heroine knocked out and held against her will. Angry, Kotohogi forces the guards to release her and delivers a rebuke to his father for involving her in a conflict that should be handled between the respective kingdom’s rulers.
  • Empty Shell: Downplayed. In his original story, Kotohogi describes himself as ‘hollow’ and ‘his father’s puppet’ with no desires and no preferences, as those are superseded by his father’s. Without opinion of his own, he follows his father’s plan to try and pull the Heroine over to their side of a conflict. He manages to break out of this as he starts caring more and more for the Heroine. He is no longer an empty shell in later stories.


Voiced by: Yuuki Tai
Original version - Sun awakening
Country: Country of Ice Treats - Amarena
Age: 34
His dignity and splendour has earned him great trust from his subjects. Lateria has ice powers which allow him to maintain the ice crystals which keep his country of Amarena afloat and in one piece. He has an older sister who he replaced as heir to the throne at the time of his birth due to primogeniture, and a nephew from her. He is not at his best in the morning as he has low blood pressure.
  • An Ice Person: Lateria has ice powers and these powers run in the family. His sister has ice powers too.
  • Covered in Kisses: In a reversal of the classic trope, it is Lateria who leaves lipstick marks all over the Heroine after the lipstick he gifts her transfers onto his own lips during kissing.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Becomes irrationally jealous of his nephew when the Heroine worries after his wellbeing. This is immediately after his nephew threatened the Heroine with a knife to the throat. He apologises after the Heroine explains she was worried about the nephew on account of the heartache it could cause Lateria, but he continues to be plagued with jealousy for the rest of his story.
  • Heir Club for Men: The throne can only be inherited by a male. This is the main cause behind the conflict between Lateria and his sister.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: The Heroine is constantly mentioning how achingly beautiful Lateria is, and how shiny his hair looks.
  • Not a Morning Person: His low blood pressure makes it difficult for him to get up in the morning.
  • Rapunzel Hair: In its curly state, his hair is still long enough to hit his butt. One can only imagine how low it would reach should he straighten it.


Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara
Sparkling Night version - Moon awakening
Country: Country of Brandy - Van Brulee
Age: 40
A gentlemanly prince with an adult air. He is good at sports - especially darts - and is very competitive. Best friends with Alfred and Jay, he is often used as an intermediary between them but wishes they would speak to each other normally. He was raised with Colorer, Rica, and Creto, and views (and teases) them as his little brothers. He enjoys helping out at his friend's bar.

  • Above the Influence: In his 'Marine' moon route, the Heroine gets drunk but still tries to get it on with him. He entertains her for a moment, but then firmly declines as both of them had drunk too much to knowingly consent. He tries to do this again in his 'Sparkling Night' sun route, attempting to divert the Heroine and avoid having to 'fess up about his insecurities.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Though he sometimes calls Rica 'Rica-chan' to wind him up, he equally seems to use it as a symbol of his genuine affection.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Grew up with the princes of the chocolate countries (Colorer, Rica, and Creto) and is still very close to them. He is the only person who calls Rica 'Rica-chan', much to Rica's chagrin, but the two are very close and love each other dearly. Creto thinks he's cool. There is a drama cd available where Creto drags both Rica and Martin to make chocolates together with him.
  • But Liquor Is Quicker: It appears as though this is going to happen in his 'Marine' moon route, but is firmly subverted and he reveals he was making a point about the Heroine being completely out of her depth.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: Played for laughs in Chapter 3 of Main Story Part 2, in a bonus story where Martin laments missing the chocolate making contest that made up the drama of the chapter, and not being there to support Creto.
  • Insecure Love Interest: The story of his 'Sparkling Night' event version revolves around him being hit with insecurity over his and the Heroine's relationship and subsequently being unable to act like his usual cheerful self.
  • It Is Pronounced "Tro-PAY": His name may look like the English name 'Martin', but the kana given (マルタン) demonstrates that his name actually uses the French pronunciation and is said 'Martan'.
  • Ladykiller in Love: His vanilla sun secret story has him meet another woman on the street and realise his thoughts are now entirely focused on the Heroine instead. As this part of his life occurs entirely before all of his stories the 'ladykiller' part of his personality is out of focus, and instead his stories centre around his anxiety about more complex emotions.
  • Smells Sexy: The Heroine really likes his cologne.
  • Spiders Are Scary: Well. Bugs with lots of legs, which probably includes spiders too. His (apparently very nice) cologne doubles as insect repellent.
  • The Team Normal: He's been best friends with two half-vampires for a very long time, one of which has pointy ears and the other of which is completely nocturnal. His pseudo-brothers might also have chocolate magic.


Voiced by: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Original version - Sun awakening
Country: Country of Aspiration - Circo
Age: 25
Eldest prince of Circo. He is the star and coordinator of the trapeze and acrobatics show in his younger brother Nero's circus. He believes that death is a reward for people because have tried their best throughout their lives. Morta has somewhat of a split personality, with both a clever and agreeable face, and a cruel and ruthless face. He cares greatly for all his brothers, and tries to prevent Drole from acting on his masochism by wrapping up his scissors with ribbon. Morta makes all the circus costumes for his brothers. All four siblings were helped by Prince Crown when the majority of adults in Circo were killed during experimentation with bioweapons.


Voiced by: Natsuki Hanae
Seasons version - Unawakened
Country: Country of Four Seasons - Hourai
Age: 23
Oka is an elegant and refined prince, and his ephemeral behaviour is said to call into mind the image of falling cherry blossom petals. He has a weak constitution as a result of a chronic disease.
  • Cherry Blossom Girl: A male equivalent. Not only does his name mean cherry blossom, his outfits heavily incorporate cherry blossoms and is often feature pink in some way. Out of all the Seasons princes, Oka is the one associated with spring.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Sometimes, the story make it a point to mention that Oka is so beautiful that he could almost be mistaken for a woman, much to his chagrin.
  • Seasonal Motif: Spring.
  • Team Mom: Is like this to the other Hourai princes. Oka is gentle and caring, but also keeps them in line. The other Hourai princes typically defer to Oka, especially when Oka gets mad.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: A male equivalent. His mannerisms are described as polite, gentle, elegant and refined. Oka ia also described as demure and weak, especially in the context of his ill body. However, he has a strong fortitude and has no issue with being assertive with the Heroine or when the other Hourai princes seem to be getting out of hand.


Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi
Easter version - Unawakened
Country: Country of Rainbow - Oz
Age: 35
A prince who has brought great technological advancements to his country of Oz. Though many of his subjects seem to be under the impression that Oswald is a powerful wizard, he is actually just a gifted technician. He enjoys winding his fellow princes of Oz up.


Voiced by: Kosuke Toriumi
Ship version - Unawakened
Country: Country of Calm Evening - Revelta
Age: 20
Raven's smile holds deep sadness, as he is caught up in mourning for his deceased fiancee, Ophelia. He focuses a lot of care upon his 5-year old brother, Claudius.


Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Country: Country of Etiquette - Pluter
Age: 25
Rege is well-mannered and gentle, and is able to judge people without letting his personal feelings cloud his mind. He has impeccable manners, but he is concerned by his relationship with his younger brother.
  • Dissension Remorse: In the sun awakening of his original version, Rege and his brother gets into a fight where Rege gets his lights punched out. Rege blames himself for getting hit while his brother is in his own room, also feeling regret. This is where the Heroine steps in, leading them to talk it out.
  • I Kiss Your Hand: As befits his gentlemanly character, Rege is in the habit of kissing the Heroine's hand.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: In the moon awakening of his original version, Rege thinks that his brother is acting out because he wasn't properly 'educated'. If it's like that, he will properly 'educate' note  the Heroine to listen to him when he asks her to stay put by his side. This unusual behaviour is a culmination of believing he is hated by his brother for so long, finally embittering Rege enough to snap.
  • Prince Charming: Rege ticks a lot of boxes for this, including his royal lineage, his perfect behaviour, impeccable manners and gentle smile. He also has good etiquette and excellent horsemanship.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Is involved in the management of his country. This is one point of contention between him and his brother; Rege has been to more cabinet meetings and is more experienced than his brother in this aspect.
  • Sibling Rivalry: A one-sided sibling rivalry. Due to always being compared to Rege since childhood, his brother has always been jealous of him. On the other hand, Rege tries desperately to fix the rift between them. Later stories have them reconciled and working together to slowly rebuild trust between them.
  • Smells Sexy: The Heroine has mentioned on more than one account how Rege smells; at one point, describing it as 'sunshine and green grass'.
  • Somebody Doesn't Love Raymond: Justified as the person is his own brother. So while Rege is liked by everyone else, Rege feels distressed because he doesn't understand the reason behind his brother's cold behaviour despite all his attempts at reaching out to him.


Voiced by: Toru Okawa
Country: Country of Great Fox Spirit - Irogu
Age: 1000
Holding a mysterious aura of bewitching beauty due to his advanced age, Saiga has the power to command the rain. He lives in places protected by red shinto gate boundaries. He enjoys teasing his older brother Koga.


Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano
Wedding version - Moon awakening
Country: Sky Country - Ange
Age: 25
Sefir's priorities centre on the prosperity of his country, and he has been aware of his duties from a very young age. Though he works harder than anyone to keep his heart pure, he has a forceful and lusty side. When he was little he used to be friends with Dion, prince of Ivia.


Voiced by: Koutarou Nishiyama
Sentai version - Sun awakening
Country: Country of Spirit - Secundati
Age: 29
A gentle and calm prince from the water family of the Spirit country, Shao is very popular with the children of his city. He has a playful side, and can control water.


Voiced by: Toshiki Masuda
After Story version - Unawakened
Country: Country of Jewel - Methystia
Age: 26
Sieg is a prince with a gentle demeanour, who speaks formally to everyone, no matter their age. He values chivalry highly, and though he is a prince he longs for someone he can swear his loyalty to, and be their knight for the rest of his life.


Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki
Country: Country of Movie - Kenal
Age: 30
Tell has a serious personality. He is a renowned film director who can shoot any genre apart from horror, and is especially famed for his documentaries. He is teased by his younger brother, Will, because he's no good at horror.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: A film director, his work has received accolades and awards.
  • Trophy Room: Tell keeps his many awards for his films in his room.
  • Workaholic: Has a habit of working until the wee hours of night, resulting in oversleeping because he didn't have enough sleep the night before. Can't sit still before his mind starts thinking about what little things he can do for work. He feels relaxed when he's working and doesn't know how to take a rest.


Voiced by: Masakazu Nishida
Dakimakura version - Moon awakening
Country: Country of Rainbow - Oz
Age: 20
Toto is always on the search for someone to become his owner. If he’s a good boy, he wants his owner to praise him. If he’s not a good boy, he wants to be scolded a lot. He’d rather be scolded. His body can't really handle chocolate.


Voiced by: Masahiro Yamanaka
Detective version - Moon awakening
Country: Country of Jewel - Toriarl
Age: 31
With a gentle and calm personality, Totori is the perfect prince to escort any woman. Despite this, his father the king despairs because he shows no interest in falling in love. He has two sisters, Citri and Litri.
  • Confirmed Bachelor: The Uninterested In Love Bachelor; he's not interested in having a romantic relationship in general. Of course, this may change with the Heroine around.
  • Family Man
  • Parental Marriage Veto: Inverted. As soon as the King sees Totori escorting the Heroine around, he jumps to pushing her as a bride and has no issue with setting up a betrothal ceremony for them as soon as the relationship is confirmed. Justified as Totori is expected to sire an heir to the throne.


Voiced by: Kōichi Yamadera
Country: Country of Sound - Ribitt
Age: 27
Vicky takes things at his own pace. He is always accompanied by Kerota, from the Frog Kingdom. They are cursed so that they cannot be separated from each other.
  • Chained Heat: The two of them have to work together to find a solution to their problem. However, both of them have quite contrasting personalities which leads to personal differences. Vicky is quite laid-back while Kerota is high-strung and hotheaded.
  • Curse: If they go apart from each other at a certain distance, a force will throw one of them back to the other. Kerota's mother was the one that cast the curse onto them; she actually tried to break the curse afterwards but she failed.
  • Curse Escape Clause: They have to listen to a melody of incomparable happiness.
  • Funny Animal: Kerota
  • Interspecies Friendship
  • Quest: Vicky and Kerota are on a journey together, travelling around to find a solution and undo the curse.
  • Snarky Nonhuman Sidekick: Kerota. Is usually seen bossing Vicky around and calling him an idiot.


Voiced by: Noriaki Sugiyama
Original version - Moon awakening
Country: Country of Archive - Lecord
Age: 19
Volker's job is to manage the magical record of the world. Though he is severe and strict at his work, he is friendly and gentle outside his job. He doesn't talk to people much, but he loves his pet Ruby, a white male rabbit despite the feminine name.


Voiced by: Daisuke Motohashi
Country: Country of Time - Riement
Age: 31
Disillusioned by the corrupt monarchy led by his father and brothers, Zwei stays away from noble society and spends his time teaching children in the city. As such, he has a prejudice against the upper class. He loves mathematics and learning.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: What Zwei believes all aristocrats are. He even shuns the Heroine for a while after finding out she was the Princess of Traumere, only becoming friendlier after realising she was not like other members of nobility that he'd encountered before.
  • White Sheep: Is estranged from his family. Though he was once someone that wished for his country to become stronger and more successful, fulfilling all that was expected from him as a prince, he quickly became disillusioned after seeing his father, the King, only care about accumulating wealth and power for the royal family and nobility and his brothers enter into disputes for their own self-serving interests and profit.
  • Numerical Theme Naming: Like the other Time princes, Zwei is named after a number. Zwei means two in German.

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