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Characters from the Robopon series.

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    Main Characters 


The hero of both main Robopon games, a young kid who inherits the Robopon Dispatching Company from his grandfather. He sets out to be the very best Robopon trainer on Porombo Island and Majiko, and ends up saving the world from evil.

  • Antiquated Linguistics: Cody has a bit of this in the first game.
    Cody: Should I put an end to Bisco's goon's treachery?
  • Bag of Spilling: In 2, Cody leaves Porombo Island for the tournament without carrying any of his Robopon (Bisco hastily shoving him aboard didn't help), and is shipwrecked in Majiko's Baba Village before he can turn back for them.
  • Heroic Mime: Averted; he does talk, just not very often.
  • Kid Hero: Cody appears to be around 10 years old.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: This is encouraged. Going into others' houses and taking their things is a law of Porombo Island called "What's Mine is Yours."
  • Parental Abandonment: Cody's father leaves for a business trip at the start of the first game and is never seen again. Cody's mom takes the world's longest shopping trip and only appears once at the very start and once in the ending. Neither parent appears in the sequel due to the fact that Cody goes to another country altogether.


Cody's maybe-girlfriend and the daughter of local scientist Dr. Disc.


The biggest bully in Cody's school and an all-around jerk. In the first game, he's the Legend7.

  • Absurdly Powerful Student Council: While Bisco is a bully, he and his gang hold sway over Libra School's teachers and principal.
  • Bag of Spilling: Invoked. Bisco realizes Cody had forgotten his team in his eagerness to get to Majiko and hastily forces Cody on-board the ferry at the beginning of the second game, boasting about how he had a new "Fool-Proof Technique" that will enable him to surpass Cody the next time they meet.
  • The Bully: Lisa describes him as such, and she's on the mark.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Bisco introduces himself by calling Cody's Robopon junk and his grandpa senile.
  • Jerkass: He insults Cody and his family personally, calls his Robopon junk, threatens to beat him up, and beats you to the Legend7 title. In the second game, he shoves Cody onboard SubRio before he can retrieve his Robopon, makes fun of him for it, and starts a years-long feud between two kingdoms. That last act doesn't go unpunished.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: While he was a Jerkass to begin with, he goes to near-villainy levels in the second game when he causes a feud between two Kings shows no remorse in doing so, only caring about how famous he'll be once he takes the title from one of them.
  • The Unfought: He's hauled off to prison before you can have a grudge match in 2.

Dr. Disc

Lisa's father and a somewhat eccentric scientist. In Robopon 1, he is the Legend3. In Robopon 2, he has a much larger role in the plot and assists you throughout the story.

  • Face–Heel Turn: After being outed as the Legend3, he goes power-mad, kidnaps his own daughter, and threatens to destroy Cody's company. He calms down once he's defeated.

Prince Tail

The ruler of Porombo Island. Tail is an expert Robopon battler. With Princess Darcy by his side, he helps defend the island from evil.

  • Broken Pedestal: Tail's father had a shady past with Dr. Zero, and won the Legend1 title by nearly killing the doctor after Zero defeated him. Tail has a Heroic BSoD when Zero tells him the truth.
  • Demoted to Extra: In 2 he only shows up at the very beginning of the game.
  • Despair Event Horizon: After Dr. Zero reveals Tail's father was a fraud and robs him of his title and sister.

Dr. Zero

A mysterious figure from the past, Dr. Zero is a mad scientist bent on conquering the world.

  • Big Bad: For the first game, and most of the second.
  • Bad Boss: Puts a killswitch in his enforcers that explodes them if they fail.
  • Contemplate Our Navels: Zero does this in the second game after you beat him, listing off every positive virtue in the book as he wonders how Cody was able to defeat him.
  • Cyborg: After nearly dying, he repaired his body with cybernetics, giving him a robotic arm and feet at the very least.
  • Golden Snitch: His Legend0 ranking in the second game, which, in his words, "transcends all ranking systems."
  • Motive Decay: In the first game, Dr. Zero wants revenge on Prince Tail and the royal family. In the second, he just wants to kill Cody, though it may be justified since he got to carry out his revenge in the first game.
  • Overlord Jr.: Revealed to be this late in the second game.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: His hair covers his right eye.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: His one visible eye is red.
  • Take Over the World: He actually succeeds at this in the first game, though Cody make sure his reign is short-lived.
  • Unspoken Plan Guarantee: In the second game, Dr. Zero doesn't tell you a thing about his plan until it's already enacted, ensuring you have no way of finding or stopping him beforehand.

Dr. Zeke

Zero's brother, who is introduced in Robopon 2 saving him from an explosive end.

Dr. Zero, Sr.

Zero and Zeke's father, who appears in the finale of Robopon 2. He's the final boss of the game.

  • Evil Old Folks: He's a wizened old scientist who wants to take over the world.

Nick D.

Cody's main rival in Robopon 2, Nick D. wants to provide money for the orphanage where he works—by using Cody's XStones to fund it.

  • Determinator: No matter where Cody is when he obtains the X-Stone, Nick will find out Cody has it and consequently, find Cody.
  • Joke Character: He'd probably have a better chance of winning if he ditched his Gear/Bulbot.
  • Saving the Orphanage: And doing a really bad job at it.

Don and Sam

A pair of well-meaning but more than a little eccentric scientists. They appear in the first game's Meiji Forest sidequest and are plot-relevant in the second game.

  • Agent Mulder: In the first game, Sam is convinced Mr. Brownie exists and tasks Cody with finding him.
  • Gag Nose: Sam's schnoz is longer than the rest of his head.
  • Straight Man: Sam is the voice of reason to Don's loopy endeavors in the second game.


    Side Characters 

Princess Darcy

The princess of Porombo Island. She rules alongside Tail, but doesn't do much in either game. Dr. Zero uses a mirror to imprison her.

  • Baleful Polymorph: Darcy is imprisoned in a mirror, and her sprite 'becomes' the mirror until she's rescued.
  • Bit Character: She doesn't have much to say or do.
  • Damsel in Distress: Dr. Zero imprisons her in a mirror.
  • Ironic Hell: Zero says that Tail can gaze on her beauty forever just before trapping her in the mirror.

Grandpa Hogle

Cody's grandpa, who gives him his first Robopon and leaves him in charge of his Robopon dispatching company.


A treasure-hunting man who shows up near special treasure chests. He's much stronger in battle than he lets on.

  • Bonus Boss: Defeating him at Cherry Hill will allow you to free Princess Darcy.
  • Olympus Mons: He possesses Golden Sunny, one of the game's strongest Robopon.

Underwater Creatures

Strange-looking underwater creatures. They're the subject of a sidequest in the first game.

The Elite 8

A group of girls who love Robopon. Trading with them all will give you a very powerful Robopon.

  • Expy: The name brings to mind the final opponents of the Pokemon games.
  • Fetch Quest: They want rare Robopon and expect you to trade with them.

DeliKing and W-King

Two feuding royals whose children want to marry, but can't because of said feud.

    The Legends and Rank Holders 

The Legends

Seven of Porombo Island's strongest trainers, including Bisco, Miss Amron, Mr. Wild, Kamat, Dr. Disc, Prince Tail, and Dr. Zero.

  • Ambiguous Gender: Kamat's gender is hard to determine, as they have feminine hair, eyes and lips but masculine features otherwise. Complicating matters further is that their soldiers describes Kamat as male, while Nintendo Power says Kamat is female, and they talk with a Noblewoman's Laugh and She Is the King is a common plot twist. Their official art likewise has masculine and feminine traits.
  • Easily Forgiven: Any rank holder, no matter how heinous, is forgiven once defeated. This is especially egregious with Mr. Wild, who ran a gang terrorizing a town, and Kamat, who used their influence to build an army.
  • Mass Hypnosis: Amron, the Legend6, uses a TV signal to hypnotize the town of Caleyu.
  • The Unfought: Prince Tail is demoted to Legend2 after Dr. Zero defeats him. The original Legend2 is never seen.

Rank Holders

Majiko's strongest Robopon trainers, including Maskman, Brutal, Utada, Mr. Gait, DeliKing, Pappyco, Circe, and Dr. Zero.

  • Easily Forgiven: Any rank holder, no matter how heinous, is forgiven once defeated. This is especially egregious with Mr. Gait, who set a whole city aflame, and Circe, who leaves free to become a model after running the game's equivalent of the mafia.
  • Serious Business: X-Stones give rank holders the right to challenge you, so hiding them or hanging onto them with lethal force is a common practice.


Robopon In General

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: In the first game, several wild Robopon have too-small CPUs and are prone to violence, confusion, and going out of control.
  • Androids Are People, Too: Robopon are treated as living creatures, which is why Cody's grandpa is adamant he not use them for evil.
  • Art Shift: In a special version of Moon, Comic Bon Bon, the sprites for all of Robopon were altered. Some new looks transferred to Robopon 2.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Most of the Robopon 1 mons were ditched in the GBA games.
  • Fragile Speedster: Move-type Robopon have high speed and can hit fairly hard, but are bad at taking hits.
  • Gag Boobs: A couple girl Robopon have these, such as Uggy, Chubba, and Comic Bon Bon Moon's Razor and Betty.
  • Girliness Upgrade: Several Robopon became more feminine and cute in Comic Bon Bon Moon, and in 2.
  • Gonk: Quite a few Robopons' evolutions, particularly in the first game—Uggy is one example. Even more jarring if they evolved from something cute.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Arm-type Robopon have well-rounded Attack, Defense, and Speed.
  • Master of None: In the GBA games, most Boot-type Robopon became this due to software and parts increasing other types' viability a lot.
  • Shout-Out: Almost half of the Robopon in 2 are shout-outs to something or other. 1 has its fair share of shout-outs as well.


The mascot of the series, Sunny is a red rabbit-like Robopon. He is the starter Robopon in Sun Version and an optional starter in Ring.


A female version of Sunny, she is one of the starters in Robopon 64 if you choose the expy of Cody as your playable character. She evolves into Cutesy/Diane.


A Thunder-type starter in 64 if you choose the expy of Cody as your playable character.


The mascot and starter of Star version, C-Cell's game never made it out of Japan. He appears in 2 as one of Dr. Zeke's Robopon.

  • Demoted to Extra: Went from a starter in the first game to a rarely-seen Robopon in the second.

Seabee and Draco

A Sea-type seahorse, Seabee is the first of Prince Tail's Robopon. Seabee is a present for saving Princess Darcy in Sun and Star and a starter Robopon in Moon. It evolves into Puff and Draco. In 2 Draco is a starter in Ring and the first stage of its evolutionary line, and it evolves into Dragon and Trigon.


Robopon's version of Mega Man (Classic). He is a starter for Cody in Moon version, a starter in 64 if you play as the expy of Bisco, and a fortune-telling Robopon in 2 obtained from a July birthday. In 1 he evolves into Macro and Necro, while in 2 he evolves into Prtpon and Soul.


A Sea-type Robopon who is a starter of 64 if you pick the expy of Bisco as your playable character.

Golden Sunny/Silver C-Cell

Boot-type Olympus Mon versions of the starters from Sun and Star, they're found at the end of the Elite 8 trading quest. They cannot evolve or equip software, but have astronomically high stats.


An Olympus Mon received from the Elite 8 trading quest in Moon and a fortune-telling Robopon in 2. She's based off Joan of Arc. In 2 she evolves into D'art.


An Ice-type Olympus Mon found in Illusion Village's 50-floor bonus dungeon. He only appears in Sun, Star, and Moon.


One of Bisco's Robopon in 1 and an optional starter in Cross version, Hexbot uses occult powers to damage and drain its foes.


An Olympus Mon that can max out every stat except HP and EN, Nebulus is only found in Robopon 2 and is only available through Link Sparking.


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