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Main Characters

    Lucifer Morningstar
Look into our eyes and see who we are.
Lucifer Morningstar is a rebel archangel who was once given Hell as his own domain. After several thousand years he decided he no longer wanted to do what he believed was expected of him and so he abandoned Hell and "retired" to Earth.
  • Affably Evil/Faux Affably Evil: Lucifer is a very polite, charming, charismatic and nonchalant individual. His politeness towards people like Michael, Mazikeen and Elaine Belloc is sincere. The same can't be said of his politeness towards beings he doesn't care about.
  • Anti-Villain: Type II. Although he's a sadistic fallen angel, he's sympathetic compared to the rest of the demons of hell, and his true motivation is to gain true freedom and happiness. Plus, he has a strong sense of honor, he will never lie or break his word, and those on the short list of people he cares for he cares for absolutely.
  • Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: While Lucifer is stoic and indifferent to others for the most part, make no mistake, he is pride and ego personified. Unlike most examples, he doesn't have a Inferiority Superiority Complex nor does he have thin skin. It's just that he's so powerful that crushing anyone who disrespects him is so little effort he doesn't mind exerting himself to do so. Keep in mind that Lucifer helped shape reality at the dawn of time. While inflicting some horrible curse on someone may take a lot of magic, time, and effort for a sorcerer, for Lucifer it's about as demanding as swatting a fly.
  • The Sociopath: While he is capable of some empathy, it's only for special cases like his own brother (who he views as an equal), Elaine Bolloc (his niece, who also saved his life), Mazikeen (whom he genuinely loves, as much a someone like him can love), and a few others. The rest of the universe's population he sees as either tools or insects to be swatted if they get in his way.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: More prominent in his recent series but even in his earlier incarnations, he had shades of this. Lucifer isn't one to gloat or ham it up, but he will make you suffer if you cross him. Depending on the circumstances, he might then watch you writhe in misery for the satisfaction of it.
  • Strong and Skilled: Is one of the most powerful beings in existence, and he has billions of years of experience using his powers perfectly. He's also a very good swordsman, being able to keep up with his brother Michael himself.
  • The Unfettered: Lucifer is the personification of free will and choice. His defining nature is to be unfettered by any constraint. There is no action, no matter how terrible or nightmarish, he won't perform if needed to further his goals.

Explain to me why I should not kill you.
Mazikeen is a daughter of Lilith and Lucifer's lover. Her preferred appearance has her face half mutilated and half whole, until Jill Presto has her restored to life with "incomplete information". Mazikeen hates it, but can no longer change her appearance at will. She eventually becomes the leader of her family's army, The Lilim in Exile.
  • Bi the Way: Takes the human woman named Beatrice as a lover.
  • Knife Nut: Always carries a blade, and will tend to it anywhere, even a crowded park.
  • The Unintelligible: Averted when Jill Presto restores both sides of her face. Earlier dialogue plays this straight.

Supporting Characters

    Michael Demiurgos
Justice is my father's prerogative. The rest of us … the rest of us can only do what we think is right.
Before humans, before gods, before life, and before the DC Multiverse even existed, Yahweh, the Almighty, created two brothers, Samael and Michael. Yahweh then gave them each a gift: to Samael, the gift of fire and will and to Michael, he gave the gift of creation, the demiurgic power.
  • Archangel Michael: He's The Archangel Michael, the most famous and powerful of the Archangels.
  • The Dutiful Son: He always does what he thought his father wanted of him. Throughout the series, he grows less certain that it was really obedience his father wanted.
  • The Omnipotent: He's the second most powerful being in the universe, equaled only by his brother, Lucifer, and surpassed only by their creator, the Presence.

    Elaine Belloc 
An English schoolgirl who is later revealed to be Michael's half-human daughter (and Lucifer's niece). She's able to see and speak with ghosts, and she's the closest thing Lucifer has to a morality pet.


Other Characters


An angel who runs a bookstore in Germany. He created the Basanos, the Living Tarot, and gave it life.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: If he had never created the Basanos, or had kept them better leashed, most of the comics events wouldn't have happened.


Other Supernatural Creatures

    The Basanos 
The Living Tarot, created by the angel Meleos. Powerful enough that their creator locked them away, they're one of Lucifer's more formidable enemies. They take advantage of having a human to "ride" and Lucifer's universe being free of the previous creation's rules, and are able to procreate.

Adam's intended, who rejected G-d's plan for her and decided to live for herself. She's adamant that her claim to the Garden of Before the Fall is still valid, because she left on her own accord rather than being cast off.
  • Entitled Bitch: Not only does she think she still has a claim to Eden, she abandons her offspring - then expects complete loyalty and obedience from her cast-off children when she comes back.
  • Really Gets Around: Her children are numerous enough to call themselves a nation.



    Jill Presto 
A cabaret artist who makes a bargain with the Basanos she lives to regret. She becomes their avatar to the world, and eventually the vessel of the Basanos' spawn.
  • Badass Boast: Gives one to Celtis in The House Of Windowless Rooms:
    Jill: That mind control crap may go over real big with the sad little fuckers you normally feed on but the truth is, sweetheart, the odds are shit. I'm carrying passengers and they wrote the book on that mind control shit. So here's my best offer: you get up on your feet now - or else you're going to die lying down.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: On the giving end. She overshadows her boss' magic show by using the powers of the Basanos. Note that at the time she hadn't willingly accepted the Basanos and so the powers she had were practically a drop in the bucket compared to after she formerly accepted the Basanos.
  • Talking the Monster to Death: She beats Celtis by reminding her of her rusty memory, which causes Celtis to completely lose her shape and dissolve.

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