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  • When Jill Presto is walking through the desert she meets Coyote who tries to seduce her but fails. As he leaves he says she'll meet him again before it's over. Do we ever see them meet again? Is it the man who tries to rape/kill her in "Eve"?
    • Possibly. It's also possible she ran into him after the series ended...which would be odd for her, given as she doesn't remember any of it. Otherwise Coyote was lying (which would be in character) or it's an Aborted Arc.
  • What happened to Gabriel?
    • He's The Unfavorite obviously. Also Hellblazer has the answer to that. I read a brilliant fic with Elaine and Duma finding him in some place after she gets over her 'Buddhist phase'.
      • To elaborate for those who haven't read Hellblazer, Gabriel managed to piss off John Constantine so John arranged for him to be seduced by a succubus without knowing what she was. She stole his heart and God threw him out. She and John were going to use the heart to control him to fight Satan (who is not Lucifer, different person altogether) who was gunning for John. As it was Satan got the heart before they could and used it to kill Gabriel.
      • Worse, actually. Crushing Gabriel's heart didn't kill him, it sent him to Hell.
      • Constantine also removes his wings. With a chainsaw..
  • How are this Lucifer and the verse connected to the New 52? My theory is that the N52-Lucifer is a completely separate being, made again by the presence, while "our" Lucifer is still out there in the void between the creations, doing his stuff. But then, what about the Elaine-Presence? Did the reboot completely ignore her, even if she was the multiversal God for the last few years of New Earth's run? Is she still merged with the Multiverse, while the original Presence came back? Or can we just assume that DC just decided to ignore the Sandman/Lucifer-events, and push it into its own continuity? But then again, weren't Lucifer, Elaine, Michael and the original Presence (Yahweh) supposed to be Multiversal?
    • I hate to invoke Doyle but, "It's just a comic dude."
    • Exactly. Lucifer's time in the void, as well as his last conversation with Yaweh, imply that all of creation (including the void itself and any universes therein) are limited to the pages of the comic series and tie-in materials.
    • If you must link it all up assume that the old DC universe still exists as a separate Creation to the New 52.
  • If Lucifer is as powerful as he speculated to be, how can he even be affected by anything that happens in his storyline? Why does he need to ask people questions, if he probably already knows the answers? How can be affected by something like Fenris' rage if he is second to the Presence? Is his entire storyline just play-acting, or is he not as powerful as he claims to be? If he had this same level of power while he was the ruler of Hell, he could pretty easily secure Hell's victory over the rest of Creation with just a random thought. Even the Endless are utterly insignicant to him, and yet he asks if Sandman will join his realm to Hell? Seems like Lucifer could just do this through a simple act of will, does he even really desire this or is he just messing with Dream? Is this just comicbook inconsistenty or has this been addressed?
    • Power is dependant of circumstance in this set up. There are areas where Lucifer has no power, such as Yomi, and there are things he has less or no power over, such as when he requires Pharamond's help in order to travel to First World. To deal with a specific point you mentioned the Endless are not "utterly insignificant to him." In theory he's more powerful than them but in their own areas they can do things he cannot. If Lucifer confronted Morpheus in the dreaming he'd be utterly outclassed. Fenris is an incarnation of destruction (and possibly able to embody it more than he should since Destruction of the Endless has left) so when acting in accordance with that he can do stuff Lucifer cannot. Similar limits cover many of his other interactions. He has no such limits in his own creation of course and has to be tricked there with the wing feathers thing. As to "If he had this same level of power while he was the ruler of Hell, he could pretty easily secure Hell's victory over the rest of Creation with just a random thought" leaving aside that he likely didn't want to do any such thing the Presence would not have allowed it. Lucifer is not second only to the Presence in power, Micheal is. Lucifer is second only in will. Important difference. Also Lucifer keeps having to do things that reduce or remove much of his power in order to achieve his goals. Basically sheer raw power is generally less important in this setting than how you can (or can't) use it. As noted in the Gabriel section above an angel on Lucifer and Micheal's level got taken down by a minor demon and a mere human because they knew just how to play him. He was much, much more powerful than them but they were just a little bit smarter when they needed to be.