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  • Gaudium attacking an Eldritch Abomination with a truck. Through a wall. And Barry and Sarah, just before, attacking the same abomination with their bare hands in defense of Elaine.
  • Lucifer himself gets a ton of them, but especially whenever he turns up, reveals that everything that has been happening has been a part of his plan, and reminds everyone just why they are afraid of him. So every two or three issues really.
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  • The first story arc of Lucifer involved his trip to the House of Windowless Rooms, an alternative hell where he would be as powerless and mortal as any human, in order to get his wings back.
    "...It was not a man, then."
  • Two gods, seeing their brother Kagutsuchi running off to kill Lucifer, wielding a Vorpal Sword:
    Yama-no-kami: He has his sword, and his strength. And the advantage of familiar ground.
    Susano-o-no-mikoto: That is so. And the lightbringer has nothing save his wit and his will. I find that this fails to console me overmuch.
  • Christopher Rudd's duel in hell against a faster, stronger, and much bigger, opponent comes to mind
  • Mazikeen has about as many as Lucifer, but of particular note is her...creative solution when faced with a perpetually regenerating opponent in Children And Monsters (Vol. 2). She eats him. With gusto. Cestis herself notes that even the Jin en Mok probably can't manage "bodily resurrection from the limbo of the large intestine." Also, her solution to the dilemma posed for her (and everyone else) in the finale of The Divine Comedy arc.
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  • Destiny of the Endless of all people gets one in The Wolf Beneath The Tree (Vol. 8), by becoming the only person in all creation to beat the Morningstar in an argument.
    Destiny: And now you change your mind.
  • Mazikeen revealing that she can speak Ruhok. And, in its own right, the sheer amount of disturbing Fanservice she provides before making use of this fact.
  • Similarly, when Mazikeen smooches Beatrice in front of all the angels in the Silver City. While Flipping the Bird. After pulling their heavenly behinds out of the hellfire.
    Beatrice, I need your help in one more thing. Passion is blasphemy in this holy place. (beat) And I have a great need to blaspheme.
  • Uriel ramming three feet of steel through Sandalphon.
  • Elaine Belloc tearing apart Lucifer's Cosmos and dumping it in her Creation.
  • Gaudium going against an Eldritch Abomination... while proving he's Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
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  • In volume 9, when Duma saves Christopher Rudd by breaking his aspect of silence for the one and only time before or since. Made more epic because his first word - "No" - receives a panel at the end of the page, creating an awesome suspense that made you wonder what was coming next.
  • Michael going toe to toe with the Fenrir Wolf who has possessed his brother, already half dead from the mere journey to get to the World Tree, but still proceeding to blast the lousy mutt with pure creative force until it slinks off with its tail between its legs. It takes what little strength he has left, but it shows the infinitude of the power that Michael and his brother possess. Even pure destruction personified is no match for God's creative power.
  • Issue 68. Lucifer is stabbed in the back during the climactic fight of the series, and his response, as viewed by the one who stabbed him- "They call Lucifer the Morningstar. But this is the evening of the worlds, and he is not the power he was. Still, to see him rise so slowly—so doggedly—to see him pluck the bloodied knife from his own back—because he needs a weapon, and it's the only one to hand—it gives me pause, it makes me wonder, for a moment, if I've made an error. His will is infinite, and it's hard to feed infinity into an equation."

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