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Heartwarming / Lucifer

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  • Beatrice Wechsler is a normal human waitress who just got wrapped up in a fight between shapeshifting aliens and demons. Despite getting knocked out and this being way above her paygrade, she still gets up and confronts Celtis just to make sure her boss Mazikeen is okay. She tries to rationalise it that she's just doing it to keep her job but she's clearly distraught when she thinks Mazikeen has died for good.
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  • Elaine to Mazikeen: "Take care. You're scary and surly and I've had a lousy time working with you." It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Martin and Thule in Stitch Glass Slide are pretty much one big ongoing Heartwarming Moment.
  • Duma rescuing Elaine.
  • Lucifer's occasional moments of tenderness towards other characters, notably Mazikeen, may count, at least relative to it being him.
    • As spoken before leaving Reality forever:
    Lucifer: Mazikeen. When I walk away from here, everything else will fall from me like sloughed skin. You...I'll have to work to forget.
  • Mazikeen kissing Beatrice in the Silver City, while giving the finger to the crowd of scowling angels. More awesome than heartwarming.
    Mazikeen: Passion is blasphemy in this holy place. And I have a great need to blaspheme.
  • In a weird way, Gaudium's line to Michael: "You know, today has sucked in so many ways." Said when he learns that his quest to bring Elaine back was doomed to fail even if it had succeeded, and immediately afterwards learns that Michael has been cast from Heaven. There's just an odd tone of friendship there, bonding over shared grief.
    • A slightly more traditional one immediately follows, when Michael tells him: "We are the authors of our own lives and despair is the only unpardonable sin. The dance goes on."