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  • In spite of her "Distressed Damsel" reputation, Lois Lane is usually and consistently portrayed as a tough-as-nails reporter who does not tolerate bullies or people who abuse their power. For instance, in an Superman Family story she infiltrated a Soviet ballet company on stage to help two defecting dancers and danced well enough to pass. When the bad guys discovered she was there, Lois was the most graceful kind of Kick Chick mopping the floor of the Mooks with balletic style, including one who was covering her at close range with a gun.
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  • Her first scene in Superman: Birthright has Lois chewing out Quentin Galloway, the Daily Planet's publisher, after he bullies Jimmy Olsen in public.
    Lois: Back off. You pay for our work, not our dignity. I do not like bullies, and you will not push good people around just because you're bigger. Not while I'm here.
  • Contrary to popular belief on the matter, Silver Age Lois Lane was possibly the only person in the world who suspected that Clark Kent was Superman. Sure, every so often someone else tried to out Clark, but he always fooled them permanently. Lois was never fooled for long.
  • Lois stood up to her father when he was attempting to commit genocide in New Krypton. Later Lois told her sister Lucy -who aided and abetted the Kryptonian genocide- in a Supergirl issue she no longer had a sister.
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  • By the time of their wedding in Post-Crisis continuity, Clark was depowered. In their honeymoon, he was kidnapped by gangsters. Lois made a good use of her military background and rescued Clark.


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