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What did American history under the Trust really look like?
The idea of America being founded and secretly run by a criminal organization is an intriguing idea, but it leaves a few gaps in American history that the series never quite fills in. For example:
  • If the Trust actually owned the New World since before the disappearance of the Roanoke Colony (which happened sometime between 1588 and 1590), how do you explain the French and Indian War between 1756 and 1763? During that war, the British government sent troops to North America to fight off a French invasion of their overseas colonies. Why would they do that if the colonies in the New World were actually controlled by the Trust? Who started out owning the 13 colonies, then? Was it the Trust or the British government?
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  • If the Trust leaders were the only ones entitled to claim pieces of the New World, how do you account for all the other colonies that a Trust-run America had to buy or take from other countries? Why would they have to buy the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon? Why would the Texans have to lead a rebellion against Mexico?
  • What was the Trust's role in America's War of Independence? Were George Washington and company actually members of the Trust, or were they just manipulated by them? What happened that made the Trust want to go from passively running colonies to actively rebelling against the British?
  • What were the reasons behind the American Civil War? Were the United States and the Confederate States ruled by warring factions of the Trust, or were the Confederate States just trying to break free from the Trust's tyranny?
    • The Trust was more a criminal organisation than the illuminati, they don't have complete control over civil war and stuff, they can't control everything but they make sure they keep making a buck. Organized crime still do stuff even when wars happen.

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