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Characters / Aristeia

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These are the Aristos of ‘’Aristeia’’:


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Core Game



    Major Lunah 


    Miyamoto Mushashi 


    Wild Bill 
  • Cool Old Guy: The only Aristo with gray hair. A deliberate choice in a universe where rejuvenation procedures are common. Just to hammer this home Wild Bill is featured on the common Tactic "Fortune Favors the Badass".
  • The Gunslinger: As would befit an Expy of McCree.
  • Playing Cards Motif: All of Wild Bill Tactics Cards are named after Aces. He also has a Switch that allows drawing extra Tactics.


Soldiers of Fortune

  • Boring Yet Practical: Hannibal has no Switches and his main ability is giving extra dice or actions to other Aristos, his Tactic cards included. It is extremely useful, but it also means that his own turn often boils down to positioning him so that he can see more enemies and/or shooting his shotgun, which has only one die.
  • Expy: Of John "Hannibal" Smith from The A-Team.



    Senor Massacre 

Smoke and Mirrors

  • Expy: Of D.Va
  • Lightning Bruiser: Although Kozmo's default movement is 3, Meteoric Charge can add another 5 points of movement to her pool. This depletes her Action Points though.
  • The Unseen: We are informed Kosmo's pilot is a Japanese girl named Noriko Ayase, but she is never shown.


    Padre Inquisitor Mendoza 

  • Counterspell: One of Taowu's Tactic Cards is just another "No!" that each player has one of by default.
  • Evil Mustache
  • Non-Action Guy: Taowu messes with the opponent's Tactics a lot, but he cannot fight aside from the default Contender shot. His Switches and Automatic Ability also discourage the opponent from fighting him.
  • Supernatural Fear Inducer: He immobilizes enemies by scaring them.
  • Yellow Peril: [Word of God According to Bostria]] "He's evil because he's from Yu Jing, you know."

Human Fate





Legendary Bahadurs

    Final Boss 

    Koorie Queen 

  • Last of His Kind: Since Oberon program has been stopped, this Oberon is the last one in use.
  • Our Elves Are Different: Oberon is a limited AI in a physical body and his el.ven appearance is thanks to a fantasy-themed Aristeia season

    Shona Carano 
  • BFS: Shona's trademark claymore.

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