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    Fan Mixes 
  • Mega Man 9: Rock Medley. If only the Mega Man 9 arranged soundtrack had been like this!
  • If you're going to talk about epic remixes, you have to mention The Megas.
    • One of the best tracks, if not the best, on the album ("Get Equipped") is their take on Air Man's theme, "The Annihilation of Monsteropolis":
      Do you know what it's like to be built this way / With only the power to push others away?
    • The best part of that song was Wily's ultimatum partway through.
      Up in the sky / ten miles high / A man stands above the city he will destroy.
      Built from airplane parts / his propeller spins as he thinks to himself / "I will destroy these people."
      (And I will fly high above Monsteropolis / and I will rain terror down on the general populace.)
      "For If I can't walk among them / then I will walk this world alone."
      There will be a fire in the sky / And your doom will rain down!
      Built from pieces of SR-71s! / and planes that crashed in World War II! / There will be a tombstone with the Planet Earth engraved on it!!
    • "Walk Away From Light" (Snakeman's Theme) is turned into an amazing Villain Recruitment Song.
    • Man on Fire (Heat Man) [You are the hero! / I am the fire! / This is the meltdown! / Of your desire! / Your fight for justice turns to ashes / Meeegaaa Maaan!], Metal Dance (Metal Man) [You want to fight and try to be the one to bring me down / But I know that there's no chaaaance! / And I know, as soon as you step foot inside that door / You'll fall victim to my metal daaaance!], The Quick and The Blue (Quick Man) [Quick on the draw / in this town, I am the law! / Is what they say true? / Does death wear blue? / Can he faaaalll?]...actually, they are all unbelievably awesome.
    • From their 4track CD based off of Mega Man. Their Elec Man song, 'Evolution of Circuitry', can be found on their Facebook.
    • Making Wily into a sympathetic, though not blameless, figure is no mean feat, and yet "Look What You've Done" manages it.
      And who is this you send? One of them? While you cower, far from harm.
      He'll just disappoint you.
      Now it's done / We're divided / Call him home / This one's misguided.
      I see his hands, covered in my children's blood.
      And his eyes do not waver.
      Call me wrong? / The future needs us / Your answer's death? / You end us, bleed us
      And how quick you had him dispatch his brothers.
      You call this murderer a savior.
  • From Team Nekocan:
  • "Cataclysmic Clash", by Nintendo Metal band Game Over, based on the level theme of Top Man from Mega Man 3. Words cannot describe it. Just go listen, it's a free download with lyrics provided.
  • The Mega Man 2 Rap by The Adventures of Duane & BrandO.
    Look up in the sky
    It's a bird, it's a plane
    It's Airman, bitch
    and I'm bringin' the pain
  • Mega Man II Game Boy/Rockman World 2 isn't a very popular game in the franchise. But this remix of the Airman stage is amazing.
  • Random, aka Mega Ran, is a rapper who does (among other things) rap remixes of Mega Man tunes. They can be pretty hit or miss, but one of them is certified Awesome: Splash Woman. (The MP3 is available here.)
    Thought I was in love before
    But I love you more, so baby, come aboard
    And go away with me, so I can make you see
    What you mean to me, and baby, we can be free...
    Under the sea
    Just you and me
  • You know awesomeness ensues when original tracks sound like it should belong to a Mega Man game:
  • An artist called Vurez had been remixing game tunes. His Mega Man 6 arrangements sound like they belong to the culture each Robot Master come from:
  • Ever wondered what the Mega Man series would sound like if it was released on the Sega Genesis? TheLegendOfRenegade/MixerProductions, a user on Youtube who makes Sega Genesis remixes of each track has your answer! And they sound incredibly awesome!
  • Smooth McGroove recreates Spark Mandrill, Mega Man 2 Wily Stage, and Mega Man 3 Wily Stage using only his voice.
  • From OverClocked ReMix, we have the 5-disc remix album Mega Man X: Maverick Rising, chock full of awesomeness and love for the X-series.
  • What could make the climatic Final Boss theme of the Zero series even more awesome? Make an orchestral remix!
  • For Mega Man's 27th Anniversary a group of fan composers and artists compiled a selection of rock and electric based remixes and fan art for all the world to enjoy! All the track names are in Latin, which have some pretty cool meanings when translated (though the grammar isn't entirely perfect so some logical inferences must be made):
    • "Ab initio, Hyacintho Animarum" - "From the beginning, a Blue Soul" (A Total War, Mega Man Battle Network 5).
    • "Contendo! Caveo...." - "I Attack! I Avoid..." (Trap Phantasm, Mega Man ZX Advent).
    • "Ave, Hyacintho Fabularis Eroe" - "Hail, the Story of the Blue Hero" (Sky Lagoon, Mega Man X4).
    • "Fleo, clamor et doctrina; constantia in rebus adversis" - "Crying, Shouting, and Learning; Constantly in a State of Hostility" (Final Boss Theme, Mega Man 6).
    • "Fratello, Comitis, Eroe" - "A Brother, A Comrade, A Hero" (Zero's Theme, Mega Man X1 and Mega Man Zero).
    • "Occasio Nova" - "A New Occasion" (Get a Weapon, Mega Man 3).
    • "In perpetuum fratres" - "Brothers Forever" (X vs. Zero, Mega Man X5).
    • "Numquam Cedite" - "Never Disappear" (Fragments, Mega Man ZX).
    • "Macto Angelus; Ignis Caelum" - "I Punish the Angel; Sky of Flame" (Geetz Battle, Mega Man Legends 2).
    • "Hyacintho Semita" - "The Narrow Blue Path" (Opening Stage, Mega Man X6).
    • "Fati est Victoria; Acta est Fabula" - "The Victory Has Been Spoken, The Record is Legend" (Staff Roll, Mega Man 5)
    • "Via, Veritas, Vita, Initum Novum" - "The Journey, The Truth, The Life, A New Beginning" (Shooting Star, Mega Man Star Force).
  • GaMetal has the "Mega Man Mega Medley", a downright incredible medley of metal remixes of various iconic Mega Man tunes, varying from Duo to MM 2 Dr. Wily. All the remixes are rather faithful to the originals with the keyboard, but add in an extra dose of intensity.
  • From the aptly named Epic Guitar, we have the covers of the opening of Mega Man X5, and the X vs Zero Battle theme.
  • Ever wonder what it would sound like if the final set of Battle Network games released after Double Team DS on the Game Boy Advance got the virus busting theme remastered on the DS soundfont like all the other cartridges you could insert? Well, wonder no longer.
  • PrincessZelda2020's Mega Man 7 remixes of classic-series tracks. The Mega Man 7 soundfont has surprising versatility. Here is a consolidated playlist of classic tracks.
  • BaghiraZero has some addictive mixes too! Gyro Man (Endless Clouds Remix) has a great sense of bliss. Stage Selection Mix (Difficult Choice Remix) stands out as well, remastering the stage selection songs from Mega Man 1-10 into a catchy tour of said songs.
  • The intro stage theme of the first X game will always be a classic. But how about a Eurobeat remix? As awesome as it sounds, perhaps even more so!

  • The soundtrack for Mega Man X Corrupted has lived up to the standard of the original games.
    • "Unknown Boss Battle", probably one of the best fangame tracks out there! And its remix.
    • "Skyway" (Hurricane Hoatzin's stage), in addition to being an excellent song in its own right, contains a Musical Nod to "Awakening Will" from Mega Man Zero 2.
  • In Mega Man Rocks! there are a few good examples: Anchor Man, whose level is ship-based, and Hit Man, whose level is city skyline based along with Police Man who has a stage which appears to be half death trap half robot-police training center.
  • Mega Man 72 - Buzz Man is a good example.
  • The Doujin game of Rockmen R: Dr. Wily's Counterattack: Dr. Wily's Counterattack - Demo - Intro Stage and although you may have to look for a Lets Play version Laserman's level, Weasleman's level, and Wily 3 are very Rockman/Mega Man PSX feeling.
  • Mega Man PC: The CRORQ Chronicles, which is a remake of the crappy Mega Man PC 1 and 3 games, has Dynamite Man and Sonic Man. Or, rather, was going to feature them.
    • This hasn't stopped one user from making music for all the Robot Masters in the PC games, which you can listen to here, with each of the songs fitting the Robot Masters in some way or another; Sonic Man's is slow and underwater based, Dyna Man's is rapidly paced and erratic, Volt Man's has noises simulating electricity, Blade Man's is very quick with a sharp feeling to it, Shark Man's has a very ocean vibe to it, Oil Man's wouldn't be out of place on an oil rig, Wave Man's is fairly fast paced with an atmospheric vibe to it on the water treatment plant he's in, Torch Man's is much slower and sorrowful, fitting how he's in the sewers, and Bit Man's is fairly random but definitely has a certain beat that makes it catchy.
    • They followed this up with the Wily music later on, having a fast paced beat that definitely feels as if you're running through his gauntlets.
  • Mega Man Maximum has Bell Man which really feels like it fits into Rockman/Mega Man 4, and Opening Theme which hearkens back to 2.
  • Rockman No Constancy is renowned as one of the most advanced and difficult Mega Man 2 ROM hacks. It's particularly praised for its music, which is all remixes of other games, not all from Mega Man games:
  • Not to be left out is the amazing Rockman 4 Minus Infinity. The Wily Capsule's theme is extremely fast-paced.
  • Despite mostly using original series songs (and devamps for games that weren't offically in 8-bit), Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch has a few original tracks of its own, usually for bosses that didn't debut in 8-bit. You can listen to most of them here.
    • The Guts Dozer is an 8-bit arrangement of Guts Man's theme from Power Battle, even including a devamp of the theme to... Guts Man's ass.
    • The boss theme to the Evil Energy Robot from Mega Man 8 arc is extremely tense, VRC6-chip utilizing (Disc-One final) boss that is fitting for the life or death of the world. Also, its beserk theme, playing where after you deal enough damage to it, arranges it into an even more catastrophic theme.
    • This isn't the last time the motif isn't used in the game, at least as of v5b; the teaser cutscene for v6 includes the player character briefly being infected with Roboenza, accompanied by an arrangement that really shows the malice and pure evil that Wily has unleashed as the game shows your character going into an uncontrollable rage of destruction with its influence.
    • The shining example of this has to be the theme of the bonus boss of v5, Quint. Because of the time-travelling aspects of the fight, the theme changes to incorporate Solar Man's theme and the MMX intro stage in two of its phases! That's also not even getting onto that he even fights alongside himself when in peril.
  • The soundtrack of the ill-fated Mega Man Time Tangent is full of wonderful medleys, even including an 8-bit homage to Soraio Days. While the sadly game never came out, the Time Tangent Team has kindly put all the music on Youtube.
  • Rockman 2 Basic Master, a Mega Man 2 ROM hack that came out in 2017, has some nice choices and 8-bit renditions for stage themes! For example, Wood Man's stage has music from Mega Man Legends, specifically "Bonne Forces in the Field".
  • Mega Man Revolution, while being an all right game on its own, doesn't have much outstanding music, either being unfitting for the stage, having awkward instrumentation, having extremely ear-piecing pitched tones (the worst offender being Pyre Man's stage, and we're talking about "Slash Man's claws on a chalkboard" bad), or just plain out unmemorable, but thankfully, it does have a few gold songs within it. If you want to listen to the entire soundtrack, here's a playlist of it, but here are some select few:
    • Storm Man's stage, "Dancers on the Storm", has music that would definitely sound fitting to play on a rainy day.
    • Ghost Man's theme, "Spooky Robots", has an eerie feeling to it which wouldn't be out of place from something in Castlevania.
    • The Robot Master battle theme, "Against Unmeasurable Odds", is styled after the boss theme from Mega Man & Bass while putting its own spin on things.
    • The Wily stages have probably the best music for Mega Man Revolution.
      • The theme to Wily 1, "Inner Struggle", has a feeling that you're ready to storm Wily's castle and take him down once more, and widely considered to be the best song of the game
      • Wily 2's theme, "Dr. Wily's Menacing Watch", continues with this, and while not sounding as memorable as Wily 1's theme, true to its name, it has a feeling that Wily's watching your every move inside his castle and that you should be cautious.
      • Wily 3's theme, "Waiting for Death", has a much more simple but deadly feeling to it as you head off into the castle's cistern, avoiding enemies as the water pushes you forwards on your way to the bossnote .
      • Wily 4's theme, "Outer Appearances", is another contender for the best theme in the game, although unfortunately you only hear it for a short while before entering the capsule room.
      • Even the boss themes inside Wily's castle don't cut slack; the theme for the Wily bosses, titled "Wily Machine", is a very frantically paced song that emphasizes that Wily doesn't want to lose, and the theme for his machine, oddly titled "Wily Machine #384389", is also pretty good with its energetic beat.
    • The songs for the true Big Bad (Dr. Remir)'s fortress, Sondebar Base, after you defeat Wily, assuming you've collected all the MEGAMANR letters.
      • The theme to the Sondebar Shooter stage, simply titled "Shooter Stage", has an underwater feeling as you dive off to Remir's base via an Unexpected Shump Level.
      • Remir 1's theme, "Dark Rainy Days", has a dreary and calm vibe as you head off into their base.
      • Remir 2's theme, "Mechanized Marshal", is the opposite with a frantic tone to it as you avoid all the enemies placed in the level.
      • Remir 3's theme, "Determined Glance", has a far more evil and foreboding vibe to it as you're inside a factory that actually makes evil energy.
      • Remir 4's theme, "Tragic Construction", has a feeling of sorrow as you chase him off in his domain, which looks neglected, and also may be referring to the fate of his people.
      • Alongside that, the two themes for when you actually fight him are tense for what they are. The first theme for Remir's Machine, "The Final Showdown", has you pitting him down against his own machine with some awesome sounding music, and the final theme when you fight his true form, "The Truth Revealed", is much more alienish as you actually fight his true form, learning his true intentions on why he was there in the first place at the end as well.
    • Mike Crain has recomposed all the songs from the ground up (and composed new ones specifically for Remix), but this time, done properly in Famitracker with the Namco N163 chip and the Sunsoft S5B chip, as the Remastered soundtrack. When Mike Crain took over development of the Remix version, this soundtrack was one of the first ones he implemented, alongside the Sprites INC. soundtrack (described below).
      • Ghost Man's theme (Spooky Robots), while having the same basic composition as the original, has gotten a more spooky vibe to it with the enhanced audio.
      • Sand Man's theme (Underneath the Australian Sun) fixes the dissonant parts that the original had, thus making it sound more eerie.
      • Pyre Woman's theme (Burning Madness) has been redone into a very fast-paced song made to sound like you're running from a burning building. The best part is that it includes vocals, made to reference joke lyrics some fans made for the high pitched segments of the original song.
        No McWily's for you, no McWily's for you...
      • Amp Man's theme (Amped Amp Man) is turned into something that sounds like dubstep in 8-bit form, which makes it far more fitting for the stage.
      • Cryo Man's theme (renamed to "Out of the Cold") sounds more fitting for an ice level than the original version, with a more icy feel to it.
      • Haste Man's theme (Speed Champ) makes the song fittingly fast-paced for a speedy Robot Master.
      • Saw Man's theme (Industrial Pinter Panter) is much faster than the original, and also has saw sounds in the song itself.
      • Storm Woman's theme (Dancers on the Storm) is also a bit faster, but has more added to the melody.
    • The Wily stage tracks (at least the ones in OG) also got changed for the better.
      • Inner Struggle was shortened and made more fast-paced.
      • Dr. Wily's Menacing Watch, while also shortened, feels a bit more ominous than the original.
      • Waiting for Death got a total redo to make it sound less ambient and more like an actual song. While a few elements from OG's version got carried over, the rest was entirely redone, while keeping the haunting feeling it once had.
      • Outer Appearances, already a great song, was made even better. The melody was enhanced and the tempo was increased, plus the sudden change in tempo after the intro is absent, making the transition feel more natural.
      • Theme of Wily got entirely redone, no longer a simple loop, but a full song. While the original version's melody is still somewhat there, the rest is entirely original.
      • As for the new songs specifically for Remix, they don't cut slack either. Castle of Strange (a theme for Wily 2) is a fast-paced tune that works fittingly for a stage where you have to avoid crushers.
      • On the Run (known as On the Mend before an OST video was uploaded with the track's new name) has an ominous vibe to it, fitting for a chase through a cityscape.
      • The Remir cutscene theme, fittingly titled "Tragic Turn of Events", is a shorter remix of Tragic Construction with a bit of the Sondebar Base's intro theme incorporated, essentially telling you that you are not done yet, and now have to travel to the Sondebar Base and defeat Remir (if you have the MEGAMANR letters, that is).
  • The "HD" soundtracks that Mike Crain has done sound like if Revolution got a Complete Works styled soundtrack.
    • Sprocket Slam (based on the menu theme) has a mechanical sound to it, appropriately enough.
    • Dire Needs and the true ending theme are combined together in a very great remix of both, titled "Remir Goes Crazy On Sax".
  • Then there's the 16-bit versions of the Robot Master themes, all official. Some of them are as awesome as their Remastered counterparts. Mike has even posted a video with the Wily stage themes (along with the normal boss theme and Wily boss themes as well (including the Wily Machine song)).
  • Mega Man Revolution's soundtrack doesn't end there! As part of Sprites' INC revision of it, Mega Man Revolution Remix, they're completely rearranging the soundtrack to a far better degree. One of the people working on it has made a playlist with most of the music belonging to it, but here are a handful of tracks you can check out:
    • Pyre Woman's theme is a very quick paced remix of the original Pyre Man's theme, alongside it being much easier on the ears than the original as it lacks the high pitched tones the original had.
    • The Robot Master boss theme is a redone and more polished version of the original, and actually sounds like it could be in a real Mega Man game.
    • "Forward Advance", a theme for Remix's Wily 2, can easily rival Castle of Strange in terms of composition, having a somewhat icy feeling to it as you advance further into Wily's castle.
    • The project leader, ACE Spark, has made a video containing all the Wily castle music in the game, which you can listen to here. Its first track is a remade version of the original Wily 1, while the others (except for Wily 5, it being a redone version of Wily 4's theme from the original) are entirely remade in one way or another, but all are definitely good to hear with the feeling the Wily stages in the series are known for.
    • "The Place That Sends You Mad", a theme for Remir 4, is a triumphant theme that tells you your journey is close to ending and that you can't give up yet, but you'll have to deal with Mind Screw along that path. It's so awesome that it's even part of the Remastered soundtrack, serving the exact same purpose.
  • Mega Man Alpha has some sweet tunes that could even rival those from the official games:

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