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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to moments subpages. You Have Been Warned.

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  • Confronting and killing an enemy that you previously had to avoid is always a gratifying sign of progression.
  • Ghasts are nuisances at best, and deadly at worst. But if you time it right you can bat their explosive fireball back at them, instantly killing them if it connects. The achievement you get for this feat is gratifying.
    If you're skilled, you can deflect a Ghast Fireball to deflect another Ghast Fireball fired from the same Ghast to kill it. Proof here.
  • The fact that villagers can repopulate. Night after night, they're attacked by zombies, but still won't give up the village.
  • If you strike an enemy with a trident enchanted with Channeling during a thunderstorm, you call down a bolt of lightning to strike that enemy for extra damage, punctuated with Dramatic Thunder. You really feel like you're tossing out a Bolt of Divine Retribution.
  • The Enchanted Golden Apple/Notch Apple is a Moment of Awesome waiting to happen. Unlike the unenchanted variant, which give you two extra hearts for a few minutes and some considerable regeneration, this will pretty much give you a Super Mode if you eat it. Incredible regen for approximately 30 seconds, resistance so now you can tank even more damage, the same two hearts as the average golden apple, and finally fire resistance. Eating one of these when you're about to be overrun or overpowered will turn the tide into your favour, no matter what situation.
  • The 1.7 update is one of the most awesome updates since the Adventure Update. In addition to new biomes and fishing mechanic overhauls, powerful new commands are already making cool things possible in game (without having to exit the game to use a map editor) even with just the preview snapshots. Things such as being able to simply use a command block to detect, place, or remove blocks will likely revolutionize what is possible in maps.
  • Finishing assembly of a Conduit gives you a Conduit Power buff that constantly refills your oxygen and improves your vision underwater while you're near the Conduit. The Conduit also damages any underwater enemies that draw close. With that, swimming around the murky depths becomes far less intimidating, and you can even farm the Guardians of an Ocean Monument this way!

    Buildings and other structures 


    Other Creations 
  • Someone managed to create a self building house that is capable of repairing itself using the piston mod. This one uses 1.7 pistons. This luxury version uses the now-defunct piston block duplication glitch.
  • Someone did an Indiana Jones inspired adventure map, with hundreds if not thousands of moving parts and set pieces all with Pistons.
  • Some of the structures and contraptions made for adventure maps are just incredible.
  • Literally hundreds of mods that add new items, new contraptions, and even entire new worlds!
  • A Spanish youtuber (El Rich MC) has developed a very, very expensive Ender Crystal generator, requiring thousands and thousands of redstone blocks, pistons and other blocks. He uses pistons to push endstone into unloaded chunks, which tricks the game into generating new obsidian pillars (with Ender Crystals on top) upon loading those chunks. He then uses the large dark oak tree growth glitch (it can grow downwards from where it is planted, destroying any block under it, including bedrock) to allow him to move the Ender Crystal without it exploding. He finally transports it into the Overworld via the end portal, and at the end he has an Ender Crystal in the Overworld illuminated by pillars of light from beacons below. You can skip to the moment where he checks the result here.

  • TNT. It's just really cool.
    • And now, by the same person, we have "Revenge", which, if you think the fans are right, is the best thing ever.
      • Then CaptainSparklez and TryHardNinja made "Fallen Kingdom".
      • A fourth one, "Minecraft Style", was Screwed by the Lawyers: the record labels who owned the original song (PSY's "Gangnam Style") and the video for it claimed "copyright infringement" on it, and as a result the original was blocked from YouTube (twice, and the second one may stick for a while). Yes, as if a shot-for-shot parody done in a completely different artistic style and featuring completely different lyrics constitutes infringement and does any actual harm to the original work. (The original maker has re-upped the video to his channel; if that doesn't work, here's a re-up by another user.)
      • There's a new video called Take back The Night. It's a sequel to Fallen Kingdom, and it lives up to the standard made by the previous videos. That's rather impressive, considering the fact that it's an original song, unlike the previous ones which were parodies. (This is due to the makers fearing that their future videos would be subjected to copyright infringement after what happened to Minecraft Style.)
      • CaptainSparklez is not done yet. After 18 months of waiting, the third song in the installment, "Find the Pieces" is out, this time including a LOT of foreshadowing for an even greater sequel!
      • The final video of the Fallen Kingdom videos, again with an original song, has finally been made: Dragonhearted! Highlights include the Final Battle: the King who lost his kingdom to Herobrine using a scepter to command the Ender Dragon to fight back against an invasion from the Nether. This leads to a Behemoth Battle between the Ender Dragon and the Zombie Pigmen's Nether Star powered Humongous Mecha while the Prince fights The Dragon In Chief and kills him by impaling him and sending him plummeting into a bit of flaming rubble. After the mecha is crippled, it attempts to fire its Nether Star core as a Fantastic Nuke, but the Prince jumps on it and leads it back through the Nether Portal to kill the Pigman King and defeat them, at the cost of his own life.
    • Other users have started creating Minecraft parodies. Two that have received a lot of accord are "Don't Mine at Night" by BebopVox and "The Miner" by Ant Venom (which has already taken the top spot on at least one "Top Minecraft Songs" list).
  • Far Lands Or Bust itself. For those who don't know, kurtjmac is walking to the Far Lands (he's using 1.7.3 for FLOB, though he has used later versions for other things) without mods note  or cheats. Since he started he has walked over 1048576 blocks westnote  in 256 episodes, counting two marathon livestreams. It also doubles as heartwarming once you consider he's doing it for charity.
    • It's not the MOST popular series, but even reaching Cult classic status with something that literally consists of him walking in a straight line is pretty awesome.
  • To celebrate a page view milestone of Equestria Daily, somebody created this.
  • To fans of The Hunger Games, a bunch of people apparently threw a Hunger Games style tournament.
    • There are actually around 20 Hunger Games servers.
  • The Mob Rap. Basically, a bunch of mobs get together to rap.
    • And now we have the sequel. Among the new guys are the Enderdragon (who has an Irish accent), the Blaze, the Iron Golem, and Herobrine, who sings his verse.
    • There's five altogether now. Here's a compilation video of all of them.
    • The sixth one is confirmed to be the finale, but what a finale it is! The Ghast finally gets his own verse. And when the others try to cut him off by stopping the music, he keeps rapping a capella. It took six videos for him to get the opportunity, but seeing him thoroughly shut down every mob that dissed him in previous videos makes it worth the wait.
  • A massive TNT cannon made as a send-off to 1.2.5.
  • Minecraft is just awesome.
  • The new Wither boss is a three-headed, flying, skeletal abomination that sucks life from any living being and breaks any block it comes into contact with. Two days after its release, and people stuff them into boxes and poke them with stone columns to make full-auto cobblestone generators.
  • Cube Land.
  • Herobrine Dubstep AMV. Flipnote Hatena user InvaderFiM created a very short dubstep animation featuring, of course, Herobrine.
    • Unfortunately, the link's broken, due to Flipnote Hatena closing their website.
  • Dwarves Vs. Zombies: Choose the night.: A trailer for the Dwarves vs. Zombies server. Featuring amazing animation and an epic voiceover.
  • The Hostile Mobs parody of the original Pokémon theme song positively rings of awesome.
  • This hypothetical Minecraft 2 trailer.
  • This video comparing the different chances for rare events, from the most common (chance for a shulker to drop a shulker shell) to the most rare (chance for the rarest enemy to appear: a zombie villager jockey, equipped with a fully enchanted diamond armor and sword, and the ability to pick up items).

    Game Mods 

  • Minecraft had made quite a few achievements throughout its lifetime. Such as:
    • Managing to win three awards at the 2011 Game Developers Choice Awards, including Best Downloadable Game, despite having technically been in alpha for most of its life and being up against the likes of Limbo and Super Meat Boy!
    • The fact that Minecraft knocked a certain popular FPS off the top of Xbox Live charts is something for fans to be proud of.
    • Outselling Tetris to become the best-selling video game of all time... on the exact date of its tenth anniversary. Now THAT's dedication!
      • Re-surpassing Fortnite on trending around the same time is similarly awesome.
    • Becoming the first indie game to receive fighter representation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Yeah, it's technically a Microsoft franchise now, but it started as an indie game before becoming as big as it currently is. To compare, Shovel Knight is an Assist Trophy, Shantae has two spirits, and Undertale and Cuphead only have Mii Costumes in the characters' likenesses. Minecraft is the first indie title to get a playable rep, period.
  • Blowing up an island.
  • A little more meta but a hacker made a way to use the Kinect to translate objects into monuments in Minecraft (ie it used the Kinect to tell Minecraft where to put blocks to recreate the object in front of the Kinect). Then he adds in the ability to move the moments in real time. And this is only part two of a three part project.
  • A dream within a dream within a dream.
  • How connected the creators are to the fanbase, adding in player's suggestions and mods to improve gameplay.
  • Youtube user Lorgon 111 did an entire series from spawn to killing the enderdragon without using the 3x3 crafting grid.
  • Gods Don't Bleed. To elaborate, it's an animation that depicts infamous fanon menace Herobrine being forced to go up against small army of mobs, culminating in an Enderman nearly killing him on its own. The reason for the title? The ending shows Herobrine bleeding from his right hand. Not only is the fight itself epic, but the fact that those mobs had the guts to stand up to him in the first place is pretty darn great.
    • Herobrine himself gets an impressive villainous MOA by showing the mobs just why the fandom considers him to be so scary. Only the Enderman gives him any trouble and even then, it doesn't take long for him to regain the upper hand.
    • Now we have the sequel, Gods Don't Die. The rebels have grown in number, leaving Herobrine to fight not only an army of zombies and skeletons, but also a whole legion of Endermen, which makes for some impressive Ender Pearl parkour, and an armada of suicide-bomber Creepers, from whom he barely escapes. The video ends with Herobrine crawling out of the wreckage of his palace, barely standing, after having fallen all the way from the roof following the Creeper attack. It takes the first video Up to Eleven in every way, and it's absolutely amazing.
  • As mentioned in the above folder, a popular Minecraft gamestyle is "Survival Games", based on The Hunger Games. Many maps and servers have it set up so that after a certain time limit, all remaining players are transported to an "arena deathmatch", a high-walled stone floor with lava underneath and a gap around the floor. To keep the players in, there are stone bars and bleachers above the wall, so it's practically impossible for anyone to escape. Or not. Two players figured out that you could place water using a bucket (you're not allowed to place most blocks on most servers). In the arena, they first used this to drop down to the lava, creating a safe obsidian platform and killing one of the two other players. They then used the bucket to rise all the way up the outside wall, and hit each other with fishing rods to make it over the stone bars. After climbing up the stone bleachers, one used a fishing rod to knock the other onto the final wall, and the player jumped off, killing himself in the map but "escaping" from the arena. (The other went back and killed the remaining player, earning the in-game win; however, the other players decided the guy who escaped "won.")
  • Using texture packs to make various things look cooler. An example would be retexturing cats into Revolver Ocelots.
  • The Luckiest Minecraft Player Ever, in which The Syndicate Project mines a block directly underneath him in the Nether, falls directly into lava, must swim to a very far shore, is attacked by two Ghasts, and falls into a 2 by 2 lava hole. Even with protection from fire, he barely makes it out alive.
  • A deviantART user tells this tale:
    "This almost never happens to me in Minecraft. I was playing on an Aether 2 server with a friend, named cutedinos86. Our base got raided and I was killed. I kept going back and stalling the guys who invaded the base. Just then, one of them killed one of their number by sheer accident, of which there were three. I grabbed the loot, equipped everything, and proceeded to curb-stomp the whole lot. They were terrified at how badly it was suddenly going; a guy with better EVERYTHING than me didn't even try to fight. We proceeded to drain them of all their resources by killing them all multiple times when they tried to come back for more xD"
  • A 200.000 TNT explosion. Yeah.
  • Most of the music tracks are Awesome Music; this game has some of the most calming music you could find in a videogame.
  • The Minecraft Youtuber Dream is really awesome. Not only has he figured out the Youtube algorithm to get him millions of views, but his videos are really good as well. His videos put Dream in situations where he has to escape from the hunters while beating the game. And he does.

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