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Fridge Brilliance

  • If you look an Enderman in the mouth, you can see the surrounding area through an empty space in the back of its throat. Water blocks, which damage Endermen, are not visible through this "lens".
  • Why can't Ghasts see through glass? Because they don't use vision as a primary sensory mechanism, as evidenced by the fact that they only open their eyes when shooting at you.
  • Why don't Creepers burn in the daylight? Because they are full of gunpowder so if they were set on fire, they would explode automatically. So they evolved to the point where they were immune to the sun's harmful rays.
    • Or because they're not undead.
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    • Plus, unconcentrated sunlight alone isn't enough to ignite the gunpowder.
    • Not burning in the sun is likely normal rather than being the result of evolution.
  • Cobwebs appear in abandoned mines. They are really hard to break with a pickaxe or a normal ax (and the hand) but drop almost instantly when you hit them with a sword and drop a piece of string. You're not breaking the cobweb, you're cutting it.
    • Which just raises more questions, like why Steve doesn't just break the cobweb. Or take more than one piece of string from it.
      • The player can fell a tree with their bare hands in seconds and still take several punches to kill a baby chicken. Needless to say, the power level of the fists is not consistent. As for what is consistent, the amount of string dropped by each spider varies from 0 to 2, and considering the size of the things, it makes some sense that a cubic meter worth of webbing is (very) roughly equivalent to a half-full spinneret. Consider also that you're beating or slashing spider webs, surely some are being lost to damage, much like how diamonds are more brittle than most people think and which would explain why a diamond ore block that clearly has several individual diamonds in it still produces one.
  • In version 1.4, two new plants were added, potatoes and carrots. The main sources of these plants are either finding them in village farms or finding them on dead zombies. So the villagers must have killed the zombies and taken the pants off them! Although where the zombies got the plants in the first place is another question entirely.
    • Probably the opposite, actually, the zombies had the food on them when they were turned.
    • Or maybe because the zombies stole their crops. It sounds like something a zombie WOULD do.
  • Initially, wolves can only be healed by pork chops and rotten flesh. Rotten Flesh seems like a rather odd food to intentionally make edible for wolves unless you know that human meat tastes like pig meat. To your dog, it's just a rotten porkchop.
    • Also wolves and canines, in general, are used to eating meat that would otherwise be unsuitable for human consumption. While rotten flesh may be harmful to you, a wolf probably wouldn't care either way.
    • After the release of Java Beta 1.8, wolves can now eat all kinds of meat.
  • Drinking milk cures poison. Has some truth in real life, as if a person has ingested bleach, drinking amounts of milk or water will dilute the bleach and give more time to go to a doctor.
  • Endermen won't attack if you're wearing a pumpkin mask. They can't see where you're really looking.
    • Also, the mask directly obstructs the crosshair in the middle of the screen. You literally can't look right at them.
    • That's the point.
  • Pigs don't fight back, no matter how many hits they take. Zombies attack you unprovoked. What about zombie pigmen? They'll leave you alone as long as you leave them alone.
    • Now that Piglins and Hoglins exist, they make sense too — they're hostile, pigs are passive. They're the opposite of pigs because the Nether is sort of the evil counterpart of the Overworld.
  • Redstone Repeaters made enough sense already, but their crafting recipe seemed a bit odd. Then looking at the double-inverters people used before repeaters, and the crafting recipe for repeaters... oh!!
    • Basically, people would hook up two NOT gates (inverters) in the form of two Redstone torches with Redstone in between (on top of whatever block was convenient). The input would remain the same as the output but would be good to go for another 15 blocks. The Redstone Repeater crafting recipe is two Redstone torches with Redstone in between on top of some blocks.
  • What are Elite Mooks of the game? Endermen. Where are they most commonly found? Protecting the final boss.
  • Notice how small foods like apples and cookies never seem to keep that hunger bar from dropping again while more wholesome foods like cooked steak keep the bar full longer? Each piece of food has different amounts of hunger saturation (a hidden game mechanic), so the more saturation the food has, the longer your character stays full before going hungry again, just like in real life when eating cookies won't keep you full in the long run but eating a big juicy steak will. There's even more fridge brilliance with zombie flesh where if you eat it, there's a high chance you may get food poisoning and your hunger bar drops incredibly fast. It's almost as if you are hungry all the time as a zombie…
    • That last point adds a bit of fridge brilliance to the special ability of the Husk; typically, you become a zombie if you're bitten. If you're hit by a Husk, your hunger bar drains quickly, just as if you'd gotten food poisoning from the rotten flesh.
  • Have you noticed how diamonds are found near lava most of the time? Diamonds are known to form in volcanoes.
  • If you try to use a bed at The End or The Nether, they will explode. The player could wonder about this for a while, then finally made the connection: what do beds do? They change your spawn point. Now imagine if you made a bed in the Nether, slept in it... and then destroyed your portal. If you had no Obsidian, then since water evaporates in the Nether, there would be no way to get more. Normally, you could just die and respawn in the Overworld, but you changed your spawn point. You're trapped — FOREVER. Ditto the End: there are no portals, so the only ways out are either killing the Final Boss or dying. But if you set your spawn there...
    • Why does the bed explode, though? If you want to sleep in one, it has to be night time. When you wake, it'll be morning. What do the nether and end lack? A day/night cycle.
    • The above bed-out-of-overworld scenarios result in a literal Logic Bomb.
    • 1.16 adds Respawn Anchors, which do allow you to respawn in the Nether... but to get around this problem, it has to be charged with glowstone. Also, if you bring a Respawn Anchor to the Overworld and try to use it there, it explodes.
  • Why do Witches drop sticks, sugar, Redstone dust, glowstone dust, empty bottles, gunpowder, or spider eyes when you kill them? They were gathering up the materials for potion brewing and nearly every one of those items is a part of a recipe for potions that you usually make. The only exception is the sticks, which could be a nod to witches' brooms.
  • Nether Portals are probably 3 blocks tall because they aren't meant for us, but Endermen. Hence the particles and coloring.
    • If they were made for Endermen, that could also explain why Endermen spawn in the Overworld and Nether — they have access to interdimensional portals!
  • In the Nether, walking 1 block's distance equals 8 blocks of Overworld distance. In fact, if a player travels to the Nether, walks 128 blocks, and builds a new portal, they will exit 1024 blocks from their previous Overworld portal. Hmm… now take into account the fact that bedrock lines the bottom of the Overworld and top of the Nether. Then assume that the planet is round. If the Nether is in the core of the planet, and one sections the round planet off into pie wedges… then it'd be a far shorter distance to travel in the Nether, with the upward connections to the Overworld fanning out in that wedge shape.
    • Basically, the distance multiplication in the nether is because it reflects actual mathematical constructions if we assume the nether is a sphere inside of the overworld, ostensibly another sphere.
  • Cave Spiders: Slightly smaller, far more dangerous versions of their surface cousins. In real life, the general rule of thumb for venomous arachnids is that smaller ones tend to be more poisonous than larger ones. Big arachnids have brute strength on their side, so the smaller ones have developed more powerful poison to even the odds…
  • Why the hell would Villagers trade Emeralds for Rotten Flesh when they're terrified of zombies and hate the things? Wouldn't they want to be as far away from that stuff as possible? Normally they trade for stuff they want to use, but in this case, they're rewarding Steve? for killing zombies for them and having the flesh is providing proof that he did it. So trading 30 pieces of the stuff is basically 20 Bear Asses!
    • An alternate explanation is that they're looking for ways to reverse the condition and need samples of their flesh for testing purposes. Notice that the villagers asking for rotten flesh are always clerics, ie. healers.
  • Why are creepers afraid of cats? There are the silly explanations (creepers are either made of catnip or afraid of being scratched since they're the same shape as a scratching post), but there's another, much more frightening one. You know how ghasts' sounds are actually slowed-down cats? And if the Nether is Hell, that might mean that ghasts are the souls of dead cats! So perhaps creepers aren't afraid of cats themselves, they're afraid of what cats have the potential to become
    • An alternate explanation, which could also explain why Phantoms are afraid of cats. Cats can sometimes bring players Phantom parts, which means that a.) They can kill, or at least seriously injure, Phantoms, and b.) They know they're around without being sleep deprived. Phantoms are likely scared of cats because they're afraid of the idea of a little fuzzy creature that nevertheless can see (or at least hear or smell) them and can kill or seriously injure them. And Creepers are likely thinking, "Yikes! It's one of those animals who can detect, and takedown, Phantoms?! I'm outta here!".
    • Another alternate explanation: When Creepers are preparing to explode, they make a sound similar to a hiss (SSSSS). Cats also make this sound. So creepers are afraid of other creeper explosions.
  • Why does the Wither actively try to kill creepers and ghasts despite not normally intending to harm plants and undead? The Wither, being an explosive boss mob, acts like a tyrant towards all other explosive mobs. Maybe that's why creepers and ghasts are sad all the time.
    • Not so fast! The Wither doesn't attack Ghasts. Creepers aren't undead, so they're fair game.
  • Sugar is used to make a Potion of Speed. Sugar rush anyone?
  • Gold carrots are used to make night vision potions because apparently, carrots are good for your eyesight.
  • Why do zombie pigmen have parts of their skin missing? Because the Wither skeletons' withering effect makes them decay faster.
    • Heat also speeds up decay, and it's undoubtedly a lot hotter in the Nether than the Overworld.
  • The Overworld is the only place where you can find water naturally, so it's the land of water. The Nether is practically filled with lava, so it's the land of lava. When you combine water and lava, it creates obsidian, which is used to make Nether portals. Nether portals are the bridge between the land of water and the land of lava, so it's only natural that you need water and lava combined to make them.
  • Mining an ore with a pickaxe of insufficient quality causes the ore to take a longer time to break, and drop nothing when you're done. Seems like a restriction to encourage progress, right? However, it could be that the pickaxe would need to be a certain material to properly remove the intended product from the stone matrix, with a low-quality pickaxe possibly causing the product to be mangled and unusable.
    • Given that certain minerals and rocks have different levels of hardness, it's also possible that by going at something like Obsidian with a stone pickaxe, you aren't causing it to fracture and break off a sizeable chunk of it for you to use, you're just slowly breaking it down into tiny particles that are unusable.
  • Why are villagers perfectly happy to pay you for the crops that you took from their own farms? Because they're not paying you for the crops, but for harvesting them. In other words, you're not stealing from them, you're working for them.
  • The "Far Lands or Bust" fundraiser may be considered Fridge Heartwarming, assuming that Steve? is aware of what is going on. For those who don't know, FLoB is one YouTuber's attempt to raise money for the Child's Play Charity by traveling to the Far Lands, an area of the Minecraft map that causes the game's landscape to go bat-s**t insane. Again, assuming Steve? knows about the charity and he's doing this of his own free will, he is willing to go to an Eldritch Location to help raise money for children. Aww!At his speed, it will take him around 30 years, starting from 2011.
  • Why does it take so much effort to cure a villager, and why do you get so little for it? Well, think about what a player would go through without the help of a guide. First, they'd have to subscribe to the idea that the villagers even can be cured, then they have to try to find a cure through trial and error. Splash it with a healing potion? Ouch. Maybe strike it with a lightning bolt, a la Frankenstein? No-go there. The player would eventually burn their way through potential cures, until using the most potent one they have, which works… eventually. For the time being, though, they have a pissed-off zombie to worry about, which, if they want to cure, they can't kill. Finally, they're rewarded with a cured villager… and nothing else. Not even a villager with reduced prices. Someone who was expecting a reward proportionate to the effort would probably just get a little ticked and go straight back to killing every zombie they find. If that's not why they're doing it, though… it's basically Minecraft's big Secret Test of Character.
    • The only way they will reduce their prices as if they are infected by a zombie and then cured afterward. The villager doesn't recognize you as a zombie village if it spawned as one; however, like a villager who you may or may not have watched become infected, he was aware of your existence, and by curing him, he realizes that you were the one to cure him. Thus adverting the No Hero Discount trope.
  • A coal block can fuel a furnace for longer than the 9 individual pieces of coal used to craft it because it has less surface area and therefore burns slower.
  • Wolves can still sense and attack you if you're invisible. Just because they can't see you doesn't mean they can't smell you.
  • This may cross over with YMMV and Alternate Character Interpretation, but the End is sometimes regarded as a very Disappointing Last Level because of how plain, ugly, and full of Endermen it was. Of course, probably The End is the complete opposite of the Overworld. Furthermore, this provides some possible explanations for Endermen's habit of stealing blocks: They want to either remodel their home or convert the Overworld into another End.
  • There's a pretty good Doylist reason as to why turtles only drop Scutes when they mature and don't drop scutes nor shells when they're killed. Since several turtles in real life are endangered species, this is to encourage players of the game to follow a good example of taking care of baby turtles instead of the bad example of killing adult turtles for their shells in real life.
    • Also explains why baby passive and neutral mobs don't drop anything when they die. Because who'd want people to kill baby animals? Baby hostile mobs do drop things when killed because they both don't exist in real life and were evil anyway.
    • Similarly, the creators said they wouldn't add sharks to the game because if they made them passive then gullible players might approach a real-life one but if they made them hostile then those same gullible players might try to kill sharks in real life, and if they made them neutral, it could go either way. This caused a backlash from the players because there are other dangerous and/or endangered animals in the game, such as polar bears, pandas, and ocelots. However, it makes more sense when you realize that sharks can be found at many beaches, whereas Joe Bloggs probably isn't going to find himself next to a polar bear, panda, or ocelot in real life.
  • Why would creepers explode as an attack? Given the appearance of their skin, they may be based on plants to some degree, and the explosion spreads their seeds, allowing them to reproduce similar to orcs from Warhammer 40K.
  • It seems odd that Piglins only turn into Zombified Piglins when exposed in the overworld for a few seconds, yet there are so many Zombified Piglins in the Nether. Then you realize that the Nether Update also brings us Ruined Nether Portals scattered around the overworld, most likely used by Piglins considering the Gold Blocks and Crying Obsidian found around them. Fridge Brilliance/Horror sets in when these portals might have been used by the Piglins to try and invade the Overworld, but the exposure turned them into zombified Piglins, who then returned to the Nether en masse. The Piglins, realizing this, destroyed the portals to prevent such a thing from happening again.
  • Why do Piglins and Hoglins turn into Zombified Piglins and Zoglins when exposed to the Overworld? The Overworld might be saturated with a good bit of necromantic energy. After all, a good number of the most common mobs found on the Overworld are undead.
    • If this is the case, then why are there non-undead mobs in the Overworld at all? To put it simply, natural selection. Mobs that are native to the Overworld have adapted to resist this necromantic energy, but Piglins and Hoglins would not have developed this resistance.
  • Why do Striders turn purple outside of lava? Well, their shivering indicates that they're cold, and hypothermia does cause bluish/purplish skin sometimes. Also explains their slowing down — hypothermia can make you sleepy.
  • Illagers make different noises than Villagers, but they sound similar. Maybe it's a different dialect of the same language.
  • Some villages have farms that grow pumpkins, despite Villagers having no apparent need for pumpkins. But once you remember how Iron Golems are constructed, it may be plausible that the Villagers farm pumpkins to create new golems.

Fridge Horror

  • When Endermen look down on you with open mouths, you can see a face inside of them…
  • In the Adventure Update from 2011, zombies drop flesh, and you have a hunger meter. Cue the cannibalism.
  • The zombies look exactly like you (the default skin, anyway), except for the green skin.
  • Furthermore, you can never die, endlessly respawning, doomed to live alone for all eternity.
    • One would think of that as a blessing despite the situation, because while living may be unpleasant, what we have seen of an afterlife so far has hinted quite strongly that while living is bad, being dead will likely be much worse.
  • If you set the perspective to third-person, you may notice a peculiarity in the Nether. Ghasts don't aim at the player character. They aim at the camera. In other words, they aren't trying to kill your character. They're trying to kill you. Better hope your Fourth Wall is sturdy enough.
    • Lucky they fixed that.
  • To tame a wolf, you need to give him bones. Obtained from skeletons. You feed your wolf human bones. Not only that, but your pet wolves will happily accept rotten flesh as food. Rotten human flesh from zombies. Actually a good use for it, since they won't get food poisoning from it. Unlike you.
  • If the room is too dark and you fall asleep, a monster will spawn by you. What if it's escaping from your nightmares?
  • Noobishly-made animated textures in resource packs show the "missing texture" texture. This says that it doesn't look like anything. At all.
  • The 1.6 and 1.7 updates both end with "removed Herobrine" ...Why did he have to remove Herobrine twice?
    • This has actually happened several times since the Herobrine thing started. It's gotten to the point where you have to wonder if the guy isn't causing any trouble and just wants to play Minecraft while the devs ban him every time he pops back up...
    • It's a joke. There was never a Herobrine.
  • Given that the Creeper model is the result of failing to model a pig, what would a creeper look like in real life?
  • Endermen can teleport anywhere. We have yet to see the implications of this, but just imagine fighting a mob that you can't ever escape from. That's what we'll be doing by September of this year. Pleasant dreams.
    • Adding to the above: Endermen move blocks. You know what that means, right? They're still trying to build.
      • And they make strange... alien sounds when idle, but when staring at them the volume increases, as well as the tension, and they use nether portal sounds when teleporting.
    • Furthermore, what they can move includes pumpkins. Pumpkins, for those not in the know, allow you to look at an Enderman without it catching wise. So the implications of them being able to steal them from you... are not reassuring, to say the least.
  • Just think, you're exploring an abandoned mineshaft one day, and you haven't seen a cave spider once. Suddenly, you see cobble stacked up to the sealing at an intersection. Now, you think, upon discovering this mine, nobody could have put this here, so you break it down. Suddenly, you are jumped by Cave Spiders. What sealed them? Probably the same people who made this mine in the first place. Now think of where they are now...
  • If you've ever run headfirst into a Creeper, chances are you've probably asked yourself, "what kind of demented creature would ever think to blow itself up to inflict damage to someone else?" Well, humans, for starters.
  • If you explore a cave with the sound on you hear eerie, demonic noises called Cave Noises or Ambience. They can be useful (they tell you when an unopened cave is nearby) but don't sound like any of the mobs or other sound effects, so... WHAT THE HELL IS MAKING THOSE NOISES?
    • If any of the creatures you face are of any indication, it is very doubtful it is anything good.
    • It could simply be wind. All that hot lava at the bottom of a cave is going to heat up the air a lot, after all.
  • When you're looting a Desert Temple, it's probably best not to think about why there are so much rotten flesh and so many bones mixed in amongst all the valuable possessions you're grabbing.
  • There are baby zombies. So either the undead mobs are killing babies and inducting them into their hordes, or, the zombies are having sex. Neither explanation is particularly pleasant to think about.
  • Ever accidentally leave the door to your house/base open while going on a long mining expedition, only to find monsters squatting inside when you return? Can't help but feel they were waiting for you to return. What other reason would a bunch of creepers have to sit inside a random otherwise empty house?
  • When fishing, you can get treasure or junk in addition to fish. How did they get there? Well, just like in desert temples and jungle temples, some of the junk you can get is bones and rotten flesh, dead remains. Someone was buried at sea with their junk and treasure, so you're grave robbing. Or, someone could have drowned, or been killed while swimming, or been killed while on a boat. So, whenever you're fishing and you get something like an awesome, enchanted, bow, that's stealing from the dead, without even knowing it.
  • Soul Sand is used for making the Wither. These poor souls that were trapped in the Nether, and what do you do? You use them to build a horrific Frankenstein's Monster. Suddenly the way it acts seems to be slightly understandable if you look at it in a certain way, as the souls using it are probably either maddened by their confinement, incredibly pissed at you about your decision or are lashing out in hope that someone puts them out of their misery.
  • The Warden is an absolutely terrifying Boss in Mook's Clothing that can kill a player wearing full Netherite armor in two hits. The connotations of the name, however, raise a question. A warden is defined as a prison officer or governor. So, who or what is the Warden guarding? And is it something even worse?
  • As of snapshot 20w45a, if a Shulker is hit by another Shulker's bullet, it has a chance of spawning a new Shulker. This implies that when a Shulker fires at you, it is seeking a partner to reproduce with... and their means of reproduction explodes onto you. Ewwww.

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