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Avoid using First-Person Writing in this page please.

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    The World 
Everytime the Scare Chord playes, Herobrine is right behind you.
Even though you can't see him, he's always there.
  • Jossed. According to Word of God, the Scare Chord indicates a large, dark space nearby, whether or not you can see it from your POV.
  • Alternitevly, the Scare Chord plays each time you get closer to Nothingness (AKA beneath bedrock). Or you are going insane.
    • I mean, it could be that whenever the scare chord plays a "Herobrine"-like entity appears behind you, but only in first person so you can't really prove its existence.
Every species of mammal in the Minecraft universe, including humans, are Hermaphroditic Monotremes.
Any cow for example, can be mated to any other cow to produce baby cows, implying a distinct lack of gender differences. Any cow can also be milked, again, something only female mammals can do in real life. Finally, "spawn eggs" exist for every creature including cows, wolves, pigs, and even the villagers. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that mammals in the Minecraft universe are A. hermaphrodites having both male and female sex organs, and B, monotremes, or egg laying mammals like a platypus. This implies that the common ancestor of all these species had the same reproductive strategy.
The Nether was invaded by the Wither beings and turned into an Eldritch Location.
  • Maybe Piglins and Hoglins used to be regular pigs then?
Wither Skeletons are actually the souls of previous nether explorers possessed by Soul Sand.
This is why you require soul sand to summon the Wither.
  • Alternately, Wither Skeletons are the bodies of players who were evil enough to be sent to hell. Soul sand is where their spirits are, hence the screaming faces. Uniting three wither heads with soul sand effectively fuses them together, creating a supremely powerful being driven mad by its time in the nether. Slaying it drops the Nether Star, which is their souls, finally liberated from existence.
Soul Sand is Semi-Living and Withers are Made of It
The sand is in fact the remains of the souls of those who lost their lives exploring the Nether. After years of torture, these souls have gone insane or evil and eventually gathered up enough power to mass together into the Wither that spawns as the Nether boss. This in turn means that instead of being one entity, the Wither is actually a collective of souls. This explains why the Withers have many heads and why it attacks the player using Wither Skulls, which are really its composite souls attacking the player at the command of the "chief" souls, which are represented in the three heads.It attacks explorers of the Nether in order to have more souls to add to the collective.It also absorbs the life energy of the souls present in the Soul Sand strewn about the Nether, which is why it is able to heal quickly. The nether star that the Wither drops upon death contains the souls of those whom it killed who were not evil, set free at last.
The scary ambient cave noises are:
Recordings being played on jukeboxes by Wild Creepers in an attempt to scare you away.
  • Well, it would definetly explain why they drop Music Discs... Disc 11, anyone?
Steve is a Time Lord.
Ok, ok, hear me out.Far, far in the future, mankind has evolved into a race to three metre tall, slender black creatures with purple eyes, Homo Ultimatus. They created teleportation technology in the form of Ender Pearls. In his exploration of the Solar System, man discovered a race of Sulfur based life forms on Venus. A compound within the creatures known as Blazes supercharged the pearls and allowed them to rip through time. With the secrets of history now at their fingertips, these men traveled to all planes of history to learn all there was to know. In their travels, they picked up a man known as Markus Persson. Upon return to their time, he studied their time travel and teleportation techniques, later perfecting them in the form of his TARDIS- his blue jeans. The endermen also showed him the technology of shape shifting, allowing him to change his skin at will. What none of them anticipated was the strain they were putting on the space time continuum with their ripping of time. The Elder Gods eventually took notice of this, and Nyarlathotep took the form of a dragon with a damnably (Ender)human likeness. He devastated our earth, just as a temporal rift occurred, warping the very fabric of space-time and creating a massive world made entirely of cubes. The far lands were a huge part of this warping, and the Endermen made their home there, killing anyone who came near, and trying to figure out how to fix this madness. In the meantime, Markus, now calling himself Steve, awoke at a random point in this new world, and began carving out a life. In his TARDIS, he travels between realities, some which are destroyed when he "dies" and some in which he simply returns without any items. The earth has been slowly restoring itself, however, as the far lands disappeared and life slowly returned to the world. The Endermen scattered and attempted to kill Steve because he reminds them of their greatest failure. In the meantime, Steve began to uncover remnants of underground fortresses which contained replicated Enderpearl time travel technology. The Testificates had once occupied the castles, but were driven out by the silverfish.A while later, they began to rebuild civilization in the form of their villages. The Endermen, having seen the damage their pearls did, significantly reduced the power to only teleport over short distances. The "Supercharged" Pearls were reduced so a doezen of them could activate a portal back across time to Our original earth, which had been so perverted by Nyarlathotep that it had become nought but a few floating islands of mysterious white rocks. There, Steve has to take on Nyarlathotep in his dragon form to return home. Nyarlathotep's presence scrambles technology, so Steve couldn't get out with his TARDIS without killing him first.Steve also occasionally experiments with adding technologies to the world or adding creatures from other realities. Sometimes, multiple versions of him will meet in the same reality, either working together of against each other.Using some Rock that had been made from materials from Venus, he is also able to open a portal back there. To slay Ghasts and collect the supercharge compound from the blazes.All of this is made possible by his TARDIS, in which he can cross planes of reality to achieve whatever goal he is chasing at the time.
  • Obsidian is a kind of crystal, actually, and has nothing to do with the Nether except for the portals. Also, netherrack is sometimes described as "meaty".
  • Venus IS incredibly hot. Perhaps whatever it's made of after the rift has been softened by the heat and Steve? is clearly resistant to heat far beyond an ordinary human (surviving in submerged in lava for like 5 seconds unprotected). As for the obsidian, perhaps in the rift, particles from Venusian lava was switched with particles from earthling lava and lighting the obsidian made from this on fire shocks them into trying to correct this, creating a portal.
  • So Alex is... a villager?
Herobrine destroyed the far lands.
Steve?s mentally disturbed younger brother ran away from home one day and reached the edge of the world. There, his soul was removed by the endermen. Little did they know, the abomination they created would destroy their home and rampage. They kill you for looking at them because then they recognize you and blame you for Herobrine's disturbed mind.
  • Except Herobrine doesn't exist in Minecraft, the Far Lands were removed, and Endermen did not live there.

Reality is All Just a Dream being had by Steve.
However, our reality is so powerful and so populated that when Steve is awake, it can manifest itself in the form of Herobrine. The reason the manifestation of our universe wants to kill our creator is twofold. First, it's a amalgam of every living being, and many, many people on Earth are vicious and cruel, to the point where they outnumber the people who are not. Being that humans are one of the few species with personalities, Herobrine's personality is like them. Secondly, killing Steve? will set our reality free to exist outside of his dreams, becoming the real reality.

Minecraft takes place in a dream bubble.
Think about it. You've already hit your god tier, potentially Muse Of Space(creates space or through space, sound familiar). You stumbled across a dream bubble, and can't get out for some reason. Herobrine is you from a doomed timeline. Evidence? Characters in Homestuck who are dead have glowing white eyes. So does Herobrine.
  • Herobrine was just a Creepy Pasta, though.

The Minecraft world is All Just a Dream.
The end poem states "He dreamt he built. He dreamt he destroyed" among other dream-related things,saying that you are the dreamer. To elaborate:
  • Creative Mode is straight up dream control. You can fly, make anything, spawn anything, and go anywhere, even through freaking bedrock in an instant.
  • Survival Mode Is a comatose fantasy. When you go to bed, it is your minds attempts to wake up. However, you can't, so it makes a reality for you. The enemies are because your mind knows it's at risk of death and needs some reason for it. The good mobs are so that you don't completely succumb to loneliness.
  • Hardcore Mode is an experimental dream test, such as The Matrix. If you die there, you die for real. The virtual reality is still buggy, so it tries to kill you.
    • Alternatively, since the world must be deleted after death, you could just wake up with no recollection.
As for the places:
  • The Overworld is your ordinary dream place. It is your minds closest simulation of reality, and is generally not good or bad.
  • The Nether is your nightmares. It is hell, full of dark, twisted things and disturbing landscapes. It is accessed by a portal, a certain event in the dream with unwanted consequences. You can turn it into a kingdom though, as you manage to overcome what's in your nightmares.
  • The End is your mind facing the possibility of death. It is a lifeless world with a great monster, the enderdragon. If it wins, you fall into infinite void of death, and all is lost. You reawaken in the overworld, because your mind is shielding itself from the terror of death. If you kill the enderdragon, you are free. You can finally wake up from your coma, and live again. You return to the overworld by choice, because of what you created there in your coma. But now, you can leave when you want.
  • The Void Is where your repressed experiences are. It is empty because your mind doesn't want to face what is in there, and it kills you and sends you away to keep you from experiencing it. You can build in the nether's void because your mind is so rattled by the nether's terror that t forgets to kill you and send you away.The bedrock seal is the wall around your repressed experiences.
  • The mobs are all different incarnations of your fear of death:
    • Creepers are the fear that death will be painful, like being blown up. They represent fear of dying itself.
    • Skeletons are fear of what you become after death. You wonder whether you will become a lifeless shadow of what you once were, just a mindless death machine.
    • Zombies are fear of what will happen to those you care for in life. How will they fare if you are gone? Zombies are fear that your death will severely negatively affect those you care about.
    • Slimes are your fear of the inevitability and eternity of death. They multiply when you attempt to kill them,and they can see you through solid blocks. They're your fear of the fact that you cannot escape death.
      • Magma Cubes are worse versions of slimes- they come right out, screaming you're going to die.
    • Ghasts are your terror of what happened to your deceased loved ones. You fear whether they will still know you, or if they really did go to a better place.
    • Blazes are fear of what creatures you will encounter in the afterlife. You've heard a lot about Fire and Brimstone Hell, and are afraid that that is what awaits you.
    • Spiders are fear that after death will be a bad place. Spiders trap their prey and eat them painfully. It is your fear that the afterlife is painful and trapping.
      • Alternately, spiders are fear of being trapped between life and death. Spiders trap and suck out their prey, so you feel similarly trapped, being comatose and helpless against death.
    • Endermen are simply your fear of the cold, hard reality and risk you are facing: DEATH.
      • Alternately, Endermen are the fear of the power death can have even while still alive. You try to avoid contemplating your own death, because the knowledge that you will die eventually may rob you of the joy and meaning in the life you're living now.
    • Shulkers are the fear of sudden, unexpected death that could come from anywhere.
    • The Wither is your nightmares, all compressed into one horrific being that seeks nothing short of a total and painful end of existence.
  • Herobrine is simply the embodiment of all your negative feelings and violent urges. He seeks nothing but your death.
  • Mods are the fact that this dream is your dream
  • In Survival and Creative, whenever you die, you just come back to life later on. When you die in a dream, you just wake up, and you live to keep dreaming, as Steve does whenever he "dies" and respawns.
  • The new Guardian monsters are the fear that death will come out of something completely alien and unexpected, like a temple at the bottom of the ocean. Ry'leh?
    • Alternatively, they are simply fear of the alien and unknown.

The End is actually the Sky Dimension.
Well, in the code, the biome for The End is listed as Sky, referring to the Sky Dimension that was planned for 1.8. Who's to say that the Endermen didn't find it, and pervert it into the weird-ass landscape it is today?

The world of Minecraft is Limbo, as described in Inception.
Related to All Just a Dream above. Think about it, almost all the signs are there: More often than not, you start out somewhere near a beach, you're the only sentient being there, you have full control over the world, being able to build whatever you want, even being able to control the existence of monsters (the difficulty settings) and time passes faster.
  • Wouldn't that mean that when you die, you wake up?
    • No, because when you dream too deep and die you wind up IN Limbo. Dying in Limbo returns you to Limbo.
      • No, killing yourself in Limbo does wake you up, but the only time we see people die in Limbo in the movie is when they know they are in Limbo. We don't, so we don't wake up.
      • *head asplodes*
  • The monsters are all projections that can tell that you are the architect messing with their subject's dream world. Who is the subject? Herobrine.

The whole game is in the future of Left 4 Dead.
The World is set thousands, perhaps millions, of years after Left 4 Dead. Steve is a carrier and the mobs are evolved versions of the Infected. They also learned how to... umm... reproduce. My theories are below:

Creeper: Boomer. you can tell this one pretty easily.Skeleton: Smoker. Long range, really skinny.Enderman: Witch. Normally harmless, but can be agitated at the drop of a pin.Zombie. Common infected.Silverfish: Jockey. Smaller than the rest, don't do much damage, but can move you around easily.

Now run! Make up your own!

  • Spider: Hunter. It tries to jump on you in a manner similar to the Hunter's parkour techniques.

The End is the moon, and endermen are an alien race.
Think about it. The moon and end stone share textures and endermen return there once day approaches. Clearly they have powerful and portable teleportation technology in the form of the pearls that they carry around. Also, they are as afraid of you as you are of them, as they stare at you once you see them and are trying to defend themselves from what they view as a threat.
  • Is the Nether the interior of the sun?

The Far Lands are related to The Nothing, and they grow as more and more worlds are deleted.
The Far Lands are the embodiment of every single world you deleted, potential universes whose existence was cut short by nothing other than your whims, containing countless souls of pigs, chickens, cows, wolves and mobs you have killed the moment you clicked the "Delete World" button. And they are, ever so slowly, growing closer and closer to you...

Minecraft is set in the far... FAR future in a post-post-apocalyptic world.
Today's world is long gone... The world has been obliterated billions of years ago by nuclear war, pollution, or both, and the planet, which was left a desolate wasteland in the aftermath of the event, restored itself with plant life creating the endless, natural beauty of everything. The 1.8 update gives even more fuel for this theory, since no matter where you dig, you'll find abandonned mineshafts, even in the middle of the ocean, not to mention the amount of wear and tear on the strongholds, which in most worlds can be attributed to FAR more neglect than thousands of years.

Your character is part of a newly evolved human race, back after following the same path as before, but now with even greater strength and resilience than their predecessors, considering that they can punch down trees with their bare hands. It would also explain the creepers, flora that evolved the ability to walk around.

Or it's set in the prehistoric times.

  • Fossils and shipwrecks debunk the Prehistoric times theory while reinforcing the Far Future one.

The world of Minecraft is Creation.
The Far Lands are the Wyld.

The Nether was once something else.
The Nether was once a planet much like the one the player starts on; however, some form of apocalypse occurred and left the Nether a broken world. The Ghasts are a byproduct of this apocalypse, the zombie Pigmen are the descendants of the local sapients (or perhaps the world has been like this so long that the pigs themselves have evolved into the zombie pigmen)

Alternatively, the Nether is hyperspace.
In a similar fashion to the Warp from Warhammer 40K, or "Hell" from Event Horizon, the Nether is the Minecraft universe version of FTL, seeing how movement in the nether accounts for movement in the real world but over a larger distance. However, Hyperspace Is a Scary Place, and the Ghasts are the local wildlife. The zombie Pigmen are the descendants of, or possibly the original pigmen. This is why non-zombie pigmen are unused in Minecraft; they were a highly intelligent race that did discover the Nether, met a highly advanced, and very evil form of native life (a demon, or possibly a race native to the Nether) that the player is yet to encounter. It got worse from there, and before long, the Pigmen civilisation was reduced to scattered holdings in the Minecraft world, with many of them left trapped in the nether.

As for why they are zombies is anyone's guess, perhaps they tried to eke out a living in the Nether, and over the generations were reduced to beings of simple intelligence, with any knowledge of the world outside lost as they changed physically due to the influence of the alien energies that flow through the nether. Perhaps they banded together to fight one last time against their foe, forming a small army in the nether, they died to the last and rose where they fell, forever doomed to wander in their small groups holding desperately on to their weapons from life. We will never know.

Naturally, the player will encounter this being (or beings), expect things to get worse from there.

  • The Nether is hyperspace. It lets you travel... eight times faster. Granted, it's not very hyper, but that's just a matter of scale.
    • Eight times faster is a lot considering there is no upper speed limit in the Minecraft verse so you could be traveling a billion trillion miles per hour in the nether and it would actually travel eight billion trillion

The Bedrock Level is a seal devised to keep caged a terrible Eldritch Abomination or Eldritch Location and is keeping it from causing the Endof The World As We Know It
Think about it. A mysterious material which your character [which is able to carry LAVA around in BUCKETS] can't manipulate in any way, regenerating [since you can see small chips falling off when you mine it with your pickaxe], hidden deep in the bowels of the earth, which spans the whole underground world. When you manage to find a small opening in the Bedrock Shell, your character falls endlessly into a infinite void until his death. Truly, whatever is under that shell must be a truly powerful entity sealed eons ago by some ancient civilization, and the players [yes, all of them] are all being mind-controlled/influenced by it in order to look for breaches in its prison. That's why the player character is so adept at digging. The creature is giving him the tools and abilities which with search for ways to free its master, and more, having time-warping powers, the entity can ensure that there are hundreds of thousands of minions searching for such breaches across countless realities.
  • Builds into a surreal realization when you enter The Nether, which is said to be below the world.
  • The fact that Netherrack, the stone found in the Nether, is flesh-like, partnered with the above, could lead to the conclusion that the Nether is inside of the creature.
  • Or it IS the creature...
    • The cavernous Nether is the creature's bloodstream. Lava is blood, ghasts are the white cells, and Zombie Pigmen are carrying oxygen. NOW YOU CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.
      • What are the lava slimes and blazes then? Viruses?
      • The Lava Slimes (actually known as "Magma Cubes") are red blood cells (which, appropriately, are smaller than white blood cells), and the Blazes are part of the digestive system (They burn down the food he eats).
  • Another troper expanding on this idea: As time has gone on since the Minecraft alpha, more players have joined, and, more holes in the bedrock have been found.
    • Endermen can manipulate blocks and are hostile if the player so much as looks at them. What if they are the next step in the plan of the Eldritch Abomination puppetmastering the whole world? They can manipulate blocks just like the player, and their hostility upon being seen could be interpreted as a feeling of inherent superiority. Their purpose is to kill off the player and begin to break through the bedrock with greater efficiency.
    • As of 1.8.1, Endermen can no longer pick up bedrock. However, there is a new biome with a gray grass that you can't plant anything on except mushrooms.The Corruption is spreading to the overworld.
    • Adding on to the above theory, The Eldritch Abomination is a mushroom Hive Mind, and Creepers are its army.
  • Considering how The Void recently went from a mostly-white featureless mass to a void of pure darkness, which lets off the same particles as the Endermen, who appeared at the same time as said change, the above WMG is pretty much confirmed. Something very, very bad is down there. And it wants to get out.
  • What if the Endermen are, in fact, meant to keep whatever is down there sealed up by plugging holes in the bedrock?
    • Maybe looking at them somehow reveals your (unwitting) purpose to them so they attack you to protect the prison's integrity. They stare at you when you're around because they realize something's not quite right about you; making eye contact creates some sort of psychic link and confirms it for them.
  • What if THE PLAYER is the eldritch abomination? The player visited a world before and devastated it, sapped it of all resources and even removed the sky. It became the End. The endermen moved the player and put it in an uninhabited world (using the portal in the fortress, which they then deactivated to be safe), they mined down leaving strongholds and abandoned mineshafts in order to somehow create the bedrock layer. The zombies, creepers and skeletons are things the Endermen put in the world to keep the player busy and distracted. The endermen know that the player is dangerous and don't want to engage it when they visit the prison to check on it, but if they are looked at they loose their cool and go into a vengeful rage and attack the player. Think about it; the most powerful creature in the Minecraft universe is the player: it's resourceful enough to make practically anything and is capable of defeating every other mob. And is perpetually reborn (except in hardcore mode). Don't know how the Nether fits into this, though.

  • I'm thinking the Nether is a side part of the player's overworld, something the player got about halfway through destroying a bit after the world itself tried to stop them, the Endermen, mourning their pigmen allies who the world got to the point of manufacturing its own monstrosities the endermen could not control, the Endermen all said "This is unstoppable, retreat to new world" due to the fact Nether portals can be made easier than End portals, they cut it a bit, and in respect for their now zombified pigmen allies they stay away from there like it's water, which is not water itself but some form of failed player-killing experiment.
  • Adding on to the original theory, Herobrine is a shell that the beast created to still be able to affect the world. However, it's incomplete in its power and connection to his creator, causing Herobrine to seek you out and kill you, rather then try to release his actual form.
  • Adding to the above trooper's theory: what if Herobrine is the player's power separated from it's body by the Endermen. They already have the technology to make themselves transport. They separate their bodies from the world and put it back somewhere else. And since the player completely destroyed their world, they would want him to remain as powerless as possible for however long it would last. So they took the God-esque power from the player and the disembodied power manifested itself as Herobrine. Herobrine goes after the player because he knows that the only way for the player to reach it's Godlike status is for them to become one again!
  • What if the increase in height limit was a result of whatever's behind the Bedrock being forced back?
    • And the fact that Endermen are no longer able to pick up bedrock like in the pre-release is also part of that. The real question now is, What's pushing it back?
  • Another thing I thought up: The End just wants to kill humans. The only reason it destroyed the Nether was because it was in between them. And that's why it morphed The Nether into looking like Hell: It's playing on our human fears.
  • Also, what if The End and The Void are the same thing? The island of The End is just REALLY far down, and the damage has been disabled so the Endermen and Dragon could survive. The End island is also the Eldritch Abomination, but it lies dormant. The reason The Nether looks like something's bloodstream is because The End was somehow able to convert it into another beast, which is halfway awakened (Much larger than the sleeping End, but still unable to invade other dimensions as shown by the lack of hostile Nether mobs in the overworld) In addition, the race that sealed away the bedrock is not an ancient race. They still exist, but have managed to hide away from Steve? and all the other mobs. The reason Minecra''Minecraft''t crashes if you somehow survive the Void damage long enough is because of the ancient race somehow stopping Steve? from reaching The End and awakening the horror. So, if the End is located in the Void, why doesn't the alien race kill Steve? as soon as he gets there? Well...
The Enderdragon is a double agent.
It works with the ancient race from the other WMG. It took on a similar appearance and name to the Endermen so they would trust them. Because of this the alien race does not think it neccesary to kill Steve? because they think the Ender Dragon will.

And as for the ending, it's the alien's last ditch effort to stop you from going back into the end: To confuse you into thinking it was a dream.

The Enderdragon is the guardian who's trying to stop you.
By killing her, you have unleashed a horrible monster. Thanks.
  • You mean, like the Wither? I mean, it was added after the Enderdragon, so perhaps.

The Minecraft world is the food source of a reality-devouring Eldritch Abomination.
Building on the above WMG, there is a horrible Eldritch Abomination in the center of the Minecraft world, below the Nether. The general topology of the Minecraft universe goes like so (traveling inward): Sky Dimension -> Terrestrial World (where you spawn) -> Nether. The Sky Dimension is creation in its purest form, consisting of ethereal floating islands and full of life energy. The Terrestrial World is one that has lost a great deal of that energy and has been compressed into a continuous mass of land, but is still full of life. The Nether is a dying world which has lost almost all of its life energy and attracted Ghasts, which feed on negative energy. What's the implication of this? The Minecraft world is being continuously created and harvested by the unspeakable abomination at its core. Each layer of the world passes through its life cycle (Sky World -> Terrestrial World -> Nether) as it loses energy and collapses in on itself. Soon enough you, too, will be sucked down into the depths and consumed along with your beloved world.
  • If you dig up in the nether, you hit bedrock. It's just a traditional hell.
    • Or Is It? The Bedrock layer might serve as a border between different levels of reality, with the Nether being the one closest to the Devourer Entity. When it gets hungry, it sends its agents [You. Endermen. The Seven Dwarves. Who knows] to try and open cracks in the bedrock seal till it weakens enough for it to break through and feed in the very substance that makes up that reality. When it "ascends" from one layer to the one directly up, the one directly above it, which would be the real world, is exposed to a greater amount of its power and starts decaying till it turns into a new Nether, while the Sky Dimension starts to lose astral energy, which "leaks" to the now astral energy-empty Nether through natural cracks on the bedrock, and turns into the Real World. Perhaps all other layers above the Sky Dimension are also sky dimensions, explaining where they come from.
  • What about the Void?
  • The Void is either the creature itself, whose form is so unnatural that your character can't comprehend it at all, or, more likely the areas of reality so close to it that it has devoured already. Which means that when you stare at the blackness of it, something down there might just as well be staring back at you.
  • I think the endermen are trying to save the world from the terror within. The Void was one of the most powerful and evil of their species, so they sealed him away in Minecraftia. Upon hearing of Steve?'s bedrock shenanigans, they sought to find him and kill him. Endermen are powerful psychics, but weak with most senses, so they only sense you when your mind thinks of them. Of course, by killing them you only sooner his glorious release. All Hail the Nether!
  • Once the creature has consumed the Nether entirely, the End is the broken husk left over. It is far, far smaller than any other dimension and contains a very limited scope of blocks and mobs. The Endermen, who as described above are trying to save the world from the Void, colonize this broken world and, using their abilities of teleportation collectively, raise the End until it is above the current Sky Dimension. Although the current Sky Dimension is losing life energy because the creature has recently fed, there is still enough to eventually energize the End until it is another Sky Dimension. Therefore the worlds are in an endless loop of being energized, losing energy, being consumed, and becoming re-energized. The Enderdragon is a physical manifestation of the creature whose purpose is to hinder the Endermen in their task to re-energize the End. This explains why, when diving for the player (it attacks the player because the Enderdragon is an imperfect manifestation of the creature whose only goal is killing, and it makes no attempt to differentiate between enemies and allies), the Enderdragon will strike Endermen in its way, and why the Endermen will attack the dragon in retaliation. Ender Crystals contain the life energy sapped from the worlds, and by passing near them the Enderdragon is able to consume that energy and replenish its own. By destroying the crystals, the player achieves two effects: one of the Enderdragon's food sources is cut off, and the destruction of the crystal releases the life energy locked within, speeding up the re-energization of the End. This puts the player in a strange position; he is trying to break the bedrock to release the creature underneath, but by destroying the Enderdragon, he is preventing that same creature from rising, and he is unaware of both. World seeds can be explained as follows: Let's say a given Sky Dimension -> Overworld -> Nether -> End cycle is given the number 0. Cycles before this one are given negative numbers, and cycles after this one are given positive numbers. As each world is changed drastically in each cycle, every number leads to a different set of worlds. This number is the seed of the world, controlled by the Endermen so that the player ends up in a specific cycle where he can (unwittingly) aid the Endermen the most in stopping the Void. Now when you consider the immense values of most of the seeds...
    • The new 1.9 update looks like it's going to alter the End to be, essentially, a withered mirror of the Sky Dimension, consisting of an endless expanse of Endstone islands dotted with End Cities shaped like upside-down ziggurats and covered with forests of strange Chorus Trees. Building on this, when the world-eating entity is done eating the Nether, the End is left behind, with the Endstone being composed of indigestible waste material (so, yes, it’s basically cosmic excrement). The Endermen colonize this wasted world, and proceed to turn it into a new Sky Dimension: besides stealing blocks from the Overworld (which has the minor if beneficial side-effect of denying them to the entity), they plant the End with Chorus Trees, which are essentially bio-engineered terraforming plants (pun intended). The natural side processes and waste products of the Chorus Trees taking root and growing rejuvenate Endstone into the variety of blocks all minecrafters know and love. The End Cities serve as control centers for the whole process, with the shulkers being security. By the time the creature consumes the new Nether, and the Overworld and Sky Dimension collapse and move down a space in the Layered World, the Endermen have finished rejuvenating the End and set it up as a new Sky Dimension. They then move to the new End, plant new groves of Chorus Trees, build new End Cities, and the process begins anew.

The abomination is something achingly similar to Gohma Vlitra.
Again building on the above. Especially since the Gohma are magma creatures then the part about the Nether being part of it would make alot of sense.

Minecraft takes place in/is the world of Nod and players are Dreamers.

Minecraft Takes place in the same universe as the original Quake.
The basis being that the Hell-lookalike is known as the Slip, right? Therefore, the portals could technically be slip gates. The slip features space compression, a feature in FTL travel and teleportation. Thus, Minecraft takes place in the distant past, and then later on, Conveyors and portals are used to make mind-screwy dungeons. Remind you of anything? Fast forward a few centuries, The minecrafter makes a modernized installation with access to all the former constructions.

Minecraft is a thousand years after an apocalypse of some kind.
Thousands of years back in Minecraft history, Minecraft was the same as the real world. Somehow, a virus desecrated most of the population, except people securely waiting in vaults. After a thousand years, the vaults are opened. People exit the vaults, including you, and you sail to find land to settle on. However, a horrible storm destroys the boats, and the survivors of the hurricane are washed away, unconscious, to different lands. You then wake up. Since you were very bonked on the head, you now forget the vault and the boats, and just remember how to make tools.

The Nether IS Hell... for the mobs.
The brown blocks that slow you down appear to have the faces of Creepers on them. Ghasts are a mixture of spiders and skeletons. The zombie pigmen... well, the name speaks for itself.
  • Now the question is why the pigmen are sent there.
    • The pigmen are yet to actually exist. The nether sees anything that isn't passive or neutral as hostile. Kinda like a "guilty until proven innocent" thing.

The world underwent an apocalypse all right, but it wasn't zombies, it was CREEPERS.
So many people think that a zombie apocalypse is the reason you are alone. But that's not quite right. Zombies are just the first stage of a person's mutation into a creeper. Eventually, people will begin to grow the green outer casing, and eventually gain the ability to explode. However, people are conscious throughout most of the process, which is why Creepers have an eternal look of despair on their face, they realize what is happening to them, and eventually it drives them mad, but they still can't move anything but their legs. There are still people inside of the Creeper shell. And I Must Scream indeed. Skeletons are people who failed to undergo the creeper mutation, but were still infected. Whatever was keeping the zombies alive continues to sustain them, and allows them to maintain some of their intelligence.

This game is what happens if The Masked Man recreates the world in Mother 3
Itoi said that if a heartless person summons the dragon, life disappears. The Masked Man is commonly thought to be heartless — but near the end of the game, he is shown to have a shred of humanity left in him. Thus, if he recreates the world instead of Lucas, there is a single human alive. Barely any creatures remained, and among them are his allies, the reincarnated as Pigmen. Ghasts are the remains of Gigyas. As for the other animals and creatures that return — well, those may be his humanity returning or any number of things.

Oh, and Bedrock? Does the word Absolutely Safe ring a bell?

  • Don't forget, one staple enemy of the Mother series is a tree that inexplicably explodes when you kill it. And Creepers are possibly plants, because they're green and taste like leaves.
    • Taste? That doesn't sound right. And how would anyone know if...
      • Word of god says they taste like leaves.
  • Putting this theory side to side with the one above that the Bedrock level is actually a seal for something that is not very nice, the Entity locked under the world might, possibly, be Pokey. Which, depending on how much time has passed since the Dark Dragon awakened, and taking in account how much malice, hate, and despair he might have gathered by now, is now in a power level rivaling Giygas.

The Minecraft world(s) were created by the Forerunners.
Because it is awesome.
  • Yes! Steve? is actually a Forerunner! And the world is actually a Shield World or Micro Dyson Sphere! That would explain why bedrock is impenetrable: it's the outer crust of the Sphere/ Shield World. But, as in Halo Wars, the Flood found your world and the rest of the inhabitants were infected (zombies). Then the Flood started forming the calcium-based Pure Forms (skeletons). The Creepers are actually Carrier forms made from some unknown infected alien species, designed purely for offense, thus not actually carrying anything (which is why they explode when close to you). The Flood also infested the inner tunnels of the installation, which is why they're found in caves, and they screwed up the systems, making it so the installation shuts down periodically, during which times the security turns off and the Flood can roam free. But when the systems power up again, the security systems use nearly invisible concentrated lasers to burn away any Flood caught in the open. When you die, your memories are imprinted on a young Forerunner, who becomes your new incarnation, like in Cryptum.

The whole game is in the imagination of a little kid.
The reason the only animals running around in this world are from a barnyard? Well, do you expect a 6-year-old child to know of any other animals? What about zombies, skeletons, and spiders? Those are stereotypical Halloween monsters, right? Add to that the fantastic geography and the whole open-endedness of the game, and, well... a lot of things can be done with a bunch of LEGOs and an arts and crafts table, right?
  • Endermen could be the shadow-demons that plague anyone afraid of the dark. A fear of the dark would also explain why mobs only spawn at night or in unlit caves.
  • Yes, because the imagination of a six year old would think of creepers and ghasts. Exploding dicks are standard halloween monsters indeed.
    • Maybe Ghasts are just normal ghosts and Creepers were from some monster movie the little kid accidentally saw?
    • Kids that young make up some pretty outlandish and awesome stuff, you know.
    • Maybe to add to that, the updates throughout the games development could be new ideas he comes up with as he grew older such as wool dyeing, pistons, wolves, the adventure update and soon the release of the game where he thought up of an ending to it. But it doesn't mean there couldn't be more to add...
    • And even more: mods could be his friends thinking up things to add to it, such as one of his best friends inspiring pistons, and another thinking up an intricate one for The Aether.
    • Maybe the kid is actually just scared of a lot of things, and the world of Minecraft is his/her way to make beauty and combat his/her fears. Skeletons and zombies may very well be average halloween monsters, or they may be a manifestation of the kid's fear of death. Spiders, cave spiders, and silverfish are a fear of insects. Creepers may be a secret self-loathing, wanting to destroy everything the kid made and eternally sad. Endermen are a manifestation of the kid's fear of darkness/absolute nothing. Same goes for the End and the Enderdragon, since the Enderdragon destroys almost EVERYTHING physical.
The normal overworld isn't a post-apocalyptic Earth, the Nether is.
Fully generated, the overworld is about 8 times the size of the Earth. The Nether is 1/8th the size of the overworld.
  • This begs the question of just what the hell we did to turn Earth into The Nether.
    • What DIDN'T we do?
    • A new troper extrapolating: The blocky look of the Minecraft world is caused by an experiment in expanding the planet using the compressed minerals in the center of the planet to solve resource problems. Something went wrong, causing the decompressed minerals to form cubes, rather than curved surfaces. This process released Eldritch Abominations into the world, also affected by the "cubification", resulting in creepers, ghasts, and demonic spiders, with promises of immortality. The majority of Earth's now blocky population accepted without pause, suckered into the immortality without youth con. Only Steve and his brother Herobrine, leading scientists in the decompression project, were offered better deals, infinite resurrection for Steve and immortality with youth with invincibility for Herobrine. The majority that were tricked eventually went mad and became zombies over time, with smarter cases surviving the rotting process and becoming skeletons, their intelligence allowing them to craft bows. Steve and Herobrine collaborated for a time, sealing the former core of the planet, now the Nether, with adminite, trapping the ghasts, baited with pigs (which eventually turned into pigmen, also tricked into false immortality, resulting in zombie pigmen). Despite such a feat, making the world far safer in the process, the brothers still blamed the other for the apocalypse, eventually climaxing in a pseudo Cain and Abel situation, resulting in Herobrine's far more effective form of immortality allowing him to triumph over his brother, who is now terrified whenever he sees Herobrine, to the point of abandoning continents and braving vast storms that destroy all he brings with him. Herobrine wishes to apologize to his brother, resulting in new surroundings every few years for Steve, who is still trying to vainly rebuild civilisation, with the creation of vast structures, and the re-domestication of farm creatures and companions for his journey (wolves). The warped physics caused by the presence of the eldritch creatures allows Steve to shape simple tools via a combination of crude depictions of the desired item and willpower (alchemy eventually refined into Runecraft). Steve's scientific drive and the unstable nature of the warped planet result in occasional new discoveries in the creation of tools, his influence over the environment, and behaviour of the new world's inhabitants (updates), or near impossible environments (biomes without transition). Steve's forays into the Nether are attempts to stabilize the area enough for recompression. This has been happening for millennia and Steve has lost most of his former humanity, resulting in the creation of books without writing, and his reluctance to speak, even in the company of the docile zombie pigmen.
      • More later, maybe.
      • Or, building on the concept of a monster under the bedrock... what if it got out? The planet's core erupted from the sudden void, spewing lava and a dark stone across the land. However, a portal was created out of said rock and the humans fled to a new world. The fires grew, and the whole of our world was covered in lava, burning trees and turning all to ash. The survivors were transformed by radiation from the now-broken portal; spiders into Ghasts, humans into zombie-pigmen, and slimes into Magma Cubes. The blazes were formed from the fire itself. Hundreds of years later, a man named Steve? found the old portal, rebuilt it, and discovered the old world was still inhabitable. But none believed him...

Three-dimensional space and linear time do not normally exist in the Nether.
Rather, your character's perspective "freezes" the Nether into line with the normal world. As such, clocks and compasses spin around rapidly trying to make sense of the true reality of the Nether while your character notices nothing wrong. The zombie pigmen prefer this to the normal state of the Nether, whereas the Ghasts are not pleased by your alien intrusion into their reality.

Mob spawners are phylacteries.
The Minecraft world is all that remains of a civilization of magi gone horribly wrong. To become immortal, they bound their souls into machines that would make them new bodies when theirs grew old and decayed. But then their souls decayed, and their successive new bodies grew to match. The zombie pigmen in the nether are the calmest NPCs, and are probably the closest to what the ancients looked like long ago
  • Building on this, Villagers are actually descendants of the magi. A small group of magi refused to cheat death like the others and lived their life normally. Supported by the fact the villagers seem to be just less pink pigmen with larger noses and crossed arms. They lived their life normally, but did not want to practice magic any more because of the event that caused the magi to fall. That, was them attempting to open a portal to another world. They already tried it with the nether and were successful, but when they tried to open a portal to the end, they unleashed the endermen. After the magi were wiped out, the surviving group learned to fight with physical weapons and fought their way back into the ruined strongholds to correct their failure. Again, successful, and they put the silverfish in the walls to stop someone reactivating the portal and releasing more endermen. Now, in the present day, magic use is all but completely forgotten to villagers, except to animate the iron golems. The player can do this because he has rediscovered magic, or at least the magical power of diamonds.

The Nether is the future.
Species don't come ex nihilo. Therefore, the player must be from a species. The species lived in the future, evolved from pigs. Creepers evolved into ghasts, instead of exploding causing explosions. Eventually, an apocalyptic event caused the world to transform into a dystopia. All the humans went back in time (the current Minecraft world), into alternate universes, to reconstruct society and to ensure the survival of the species. Multiplayer mode is when humans come back together to meet and recreate worlds. A virus infected some humans that came to the world, causing them to mutate into skeletons and zombies. Otherwise, the other creatures are natural. Clocks function by noting the time of day, presumably through measuring the solar energy in the air. In the Nether, there is no day and night. Humans made a society advanced enough to rebuild your bodies when you die, which is the respawn technology. Compasses find your respawn point, but they cannot in the Nether, which exists in an alternate universe which is the future. The apocalypse caused a chemical reaction in most blocks, turning them into Netherrack. Other blocks melted into lava. Portals are time machines. The player has sufficiently advanced technology to be able to walk for miles without stopping, punching trees with his bare hands, and storing blocks in some alternate dimension. Humans went back in time en masse to recreate a universe, equipped with the most advanced technology. Zombies and skeletons, who are mutated humans, as I said, are able to follow your path, and have no reason to exist besides to kill you. Pigmen evolved from pigs, like humans, but evolved in a different path. The entire race zombified, but they're relatively docile until they smell the blood of one of their species, when their pheromones transform their brain psychology into that of a zombie.

The Nether is the past.
What if making a portal to The Nether sends you into the prehistory of the regular Minecraft world? The Nether is the Minecraft world before it shifts, forms, and molds into the world you have in the beginning. This might explain why the portals you make in The Nether end up with an Overworld equivalent. The portals are multiplied by 8 in horizontal distance because the shifting plates spread out all the terrain to an extreme amount.

  • Beating The Wither (a boss enemy that comes from The Nether (THE PAST)) gives you an achievement called The Beginning.

The Game takes place on the Discworld.
It makes sense! The World is flat, and that's why when you get past bedrock you fall forever and die! The only difference is thatthere is no hole in the center of the Disc. So it's more like a circle.

  • No... if you fell through the Discworld, you would land on either one of the elephants or on A'tuin the Turtle. Second of all, the zombies on discworld are sentient and can't be killed with swords. As opposed to the romero-style zombies in Minecraft.
  • No, for the reasons given above and more reasons having to do with the size of the Disc and the biomes (which could hypothetically be high-magic zones that affect the weather, if not for the world-size problems), but it could be the disc world seen in a cube-shaped universe in either Eric or Sourcery.

Working from the above, Minecraft takes place on the Discworld ... After the End.
Sometime after the hypothetical last Discworld book, a new threat appears on the Disc ... video games. But while some new technologies (trains, clackses) have been accepted, and others (gonnes, moving pictures, Music With Rocks In) have been quashed, this new technology wasn't accepted by the Discworld ... and the wizards didn't win. The Disc is remade by the Things from the Dungeon Dimensions, becoming larger (accounting for thie size issues), as well as blockier, since Disc videogames were in eight- or sixteen-ant. And civilization falls ... except for Ankh-Morpork, which lives on as the Village.Now, as for what the various mobs are ...
  • Animals are normal animals.
  • Villagers are a combination of human, dwarf, and goblin — all the sapient mammalian races got so mixed in the melting pot they became one species.
    • Steve? is also a combination, having the adaptability of a human, the mining skills of a dwarf, and the quick learning of a goblin, but he has more human ancestry, which is why he looks different.
  • The trolls remained a part of society too, as iron golems.
  • Zombies and skeletons are ordinary Disc zombies, but since this takes place thousands, if not millions of years After the End, they've all gone insane from living so long, which is why they're homicidal. They've also degraded over time, which is how they can be rekilled.
  • I'm not sure what creepers are yet ... maybe horrifically mutated wizards?
  • Witches are still witches, but are even more territorial and hissy.
  • Ghasts and zombie pigmen are just ordinary demons, since the Nether is hell.
    • Speaking of demons, you know how coal becomes diamonds under pressure? Redstone is what you get when that happens to imps. (Hey, imps are Disc Magitek, and redstone is Minecraft Magitek...)
  • And Endermen ... think about them. They will fight you just for looking at you. They will steal everything that's not nailed down, and then steal the nails. And they have a mystical method of teleportation. They're Feegles! Specifically, Feegles doing the Totem Pole Trench, for safety and protection and better views.

The Minecraft world is the result of a test of the genesis device.
The genesis device in Star Trek 2 and 3 is capable of rewriting an entire planet based on how it is programmed. The prototype caused the planet to eventually blow up because of the unstable protomatter used in its design but years after those films a new prototype was made that didn't use protomatter and was due to be tested on an uninhabited planet. Unfortunately it was accidentally shot at an inhabited planet. Glitches in the devices programming caused terrain oddities such as deserts lying right next to snowy forests and, while most plant and animal life survived mostly unchanged, all the humans on the planet got mutated into strange and hostile creatures (the zombie, skeleton and creeper (the spider is the result of normal spiders getting mutated)). Only one human survived (the player character) due to some genetic anomaly but he lost his memory and gained strange abilities like being able to punch through a tree or even solid rock. The final nail in the coffin though was that much further out from the point of impact (the mysterious Far Lands) the terrain was mangled and distorted in really odd ways. The incident was covered up and the planet was isolated.

Minecraft takes place in the far future of CthulhuTech.
The player is the only survivor of the human species after the Migou wiped them out and all the other horrors on Earth. The zombies are actually leftover, degraded Blanks, while the skeletons are husk-like abominations made from human skeletons by one of the other cults that began to run rampant before the Migou wiped them out. The Creepers are bombs created by the Migou. The spiders are migrants from another reality, redstone is detrius from the Aeon War, and the Portals to the Nether are successfully-created dimensional rifts. The Far Lands are the result of all the horrible reality warping that was done to Earth in the final stages of the war by the Migou, the NEG, and the various monsters.

All Minecraft games take place in the same world.
Players spawn all alone, with no one around. This is because their "entry" into the world (the level seed, a compressed set of XY coordinates) is randomized, and with the world being several times the size of the earth, you're very unlikely to encounter anyone else or their creations. In SMP, you all have the same spawn coordinates, so you find other players.

How this works with being able to enter a level seed and spawn in a known relative location, not a clue. Maybe Contrived Coincidence keeps SSP players from seeing each other?

  • Maybe it does take place on the same world, but people never meet because there worlds are separated by the Farlands, and who would be able to go more than ten minutes of walking in the Farlands?
    • Well, until we get one of those government super computers to run Minecraft, we may never know.

Going off the above WMG, the level seed determines where you spawn in the shared world.
It's a little hard to understand how you can extrapolate an (X, Y) number pair from a single number, but basically, a specific number determines where you spawn in the world. If two people put in the same number, they spawn in roughly the same area. (The exact location is always 0-25m off because of inconsistencies in the N->(X,Y) algorithm.) If a player doesn't input a number, or inputs non-numeric characters (Word of God says strings are hashed to create a usable number), the "teleporter" comes up with its own coordinates to send the player.

The Nether is a living organism.
The Ghasts are roughly analogous to white blood cells. When they attack the player, they are driving out a harmful foreign object that consumes the Nether's resources. Zombie Pigmen are benign organisms that live within the Nether, like the beneficial microbes that take up residence in humans. Glowstone could conceivably be energy in short-term storage, in lieu of glucose — thus, the release of light — and Soul Sand could act as a fat deposit for long-term storage of energy.
  • The excess amount of lava indicates it could be the Nether's blood, although just very hot and dangerous, even to Ghasts and Zombie Pigmen.
  • Magma cubes are red blood cells and forts are organs with blazes being microbes that help the organs! It all makes sense now!

Minecraft is the Dreamlands as described by H.P. Lovecraft.
Minecraft is a endless land filled with monsters and you can create entire kingdoms from scratch. As for the Nether? The Underworld of the Dreamlands is said to be dimly lit by a mysterious substance known as "deathfire" and is home to the ghasts (the work actually coined the word ghast).

The Void is the Nether.
If you manage to burrow through the bedrock, you find The Void. But Portals take you into another dimension in which The Void appears as The Nether, and The World above the bedrock becomes The Void instead. The Nether and The World are two conflicting forces that cannot exist in the same dimension at once.

The world is a reversed Dyson Sphere.
The overworld is eight times the size of the Earth, yet you aren't burdened by a massive force of gravity. This is because the world is hollow, and was built around a highly radioactive source of energy. The becrock blocks the radiation, but in doing so heats up. This provides energy to supplement that of the sun's. It also explains why you can run, swim and jump long distances continuously without tiring (in the low gravity it's as easy as walking) and why there is so little breatheable atmosphere (you start suffocating at 64 metres above sea level). The ability of Steve and the passive mobs to survive without food and heal wounds instantly is the result of genetic modification. The plants and passive mobs have also been give the ability to mature and reproduce at a massively accelerated speed. The zombies, skeletons, spiders and creepers were failed GM experiments as their ability to survive near the shell of the Dyson Sphere led to mutation due to radiation poisoning.

The world is what happens after a super powerful [[Video Game/Fallout G.E.C.K.
is used.]]There is some evidence. Humans can survive the aftereffects of an activated geck, but if caught in the blast they can possibly turn into agents for the plants. After all that time, a lot of the "spreaders" died, and that's why people can go outside without getting attacked every second. can, not don't. Creepers and zombies are the remains of the mutated "spreaders", and because there is such little interruption to the growth cycle, they took on survival evolution, and thus the creepers can explode, and like some other WMG, they spread parts of themselves that will take nutrients from whatever source is available, and the other creatures do this as well. To cope with survival for a while, they grew in darkness, not light. Other hostile mobs had a specific job as well. Skeletons were made from transformed Ghouls, and primarily absorbed radiation. Spiders and zombies were the attack force of the geck, zombies were bait to get hostiles to attack a seemingly unarmed target while being strong enough to defend themselves, and spiders where used to help clear out buildings by climbing through wreaked parts. Endermen were a desperate gambit, they were used so that they could open/make doors, as well as help spread the plants to other areas. It ended up being more deadly than expected, but also a lot more passive than the other creations, only attacking when attacked at first, but after enough sniping they developed the ability to sense when they are being looked at and thus were able to take care of snipers and ambushers. This caused the destruction of all the people, a combination of attackers and bioweapons, except those who were able to hide in a specially created vault. Eventually that vault got access to a teleporter, and sent people out to try and find out how the new world was. Because of the teleportation radiation access to underground, where self-intrested breeds went to reproduce,falling farther below the created world than the rest of the spreaders could, and eventfully became the opposite of the geck creatures in goal. Starting fires, and looking out only for it's self.

The End is literally the end.
Those portals are time machines. In the distant future, in an attempt to destroy the Creepers once and for all, the players of Minecraft modified their Avatars. But in doing so, they began to change. They grew taller, darker in color, more slender. Then their eyes began to glow...
  • And the Enderdragons were once O Ps.

The game is actually a linear adventure game, and the End is The Very Definitely Final Dungeon
Let's look at what we can explore and what we will explore in the future updates... First, you have the Overworld, which you keep exploring and where you keep mining until you find diamond, the only material that allows you to collect obsidian. Obsidian, which is a necessary matter for building a Nether portal, accessible since the Halloween update. All nice and neat. Then, in 1.8, Notch added the Endermen and the possibility when creating a world to have abandonned strongholds... Which have at the moment non functionning portals to the End. When 1.9 will be released, we'll be able to complete those portals using materials exclusively found in the Nether and Ender Pearls left behind by slayed Endermen. But then, there would be no way out of the End besides dying.See the progression there ? The game is actually the story of a guy determined to go to the End for whatever reason (maybe because it's the source of all the mobs we fight, and he wants to destroy whatever inhabits the End for ending those neverending waves of monsters ?). He first has to explore his native world for finding the materials needed for going to the Nether, where he'll gather the materials then needed for repairing the broken portals to the End left behind by an ancient civilization. And why can't you exit the End? Because like in every RPG, when you enter The Very Definitely Final Dungeon, there is no turning back : you kill the final boss or you die.The big question is : what is hiding in the End that needs to be destroyed ?
  • Oh my notch you're right. Nowadays, as soon as you enter the End, a boss health bar will appear on top of the screen (with the normal texture pack) and there will be an Enderdragon which you have to kill for a reward of a lot of exp, a dragon egg, and a way back out. Here's a gameplay for those interested.

The Nether is actually seven-eighths of the way inside the radius of planet.
Because of the way portal distance physics work — one horizontal Nether meter is of equal distance to eight horizontal overworld meter. If this were the earth, it would place the Nether somewhere in the solid metal inner core. But the Nether is demonstrably supernatural — if it is in the inner core, it would necessarily have to be a pocket of low-pressure atmosphere inside an envelope of Netherrack, surrounded by bedrock. The bedrock at the top and bottom of the Nether must be a containment layer to keep out extremely higher-pressure core material.

The End is Yuggoth.
Lovecraft described Yuggoth as a dark place far from the sun, inhabited by creatures of terrible shape and power who need no light, and who live in tall towers of black stone- all of which apply to the End.

The End is a Dead World
The Endermen(and Ender Dragons) are the inhabitants of this world, but it was once very much like Minecraftia. However they stripped it down(IE: Consumed it's resources) to nothingness except for the Obsidian Towers, which Ender Dragons use as perches. Dark powers and the Enderdragons are now eroding the remnants of their lands, so they must invade your world stealing blocks in hope of rebuilding their own. However with each passing failure, they must return for more and more which will eventually lead to the destruction of both worlds.
  • or the end is the future of minecraftia and the destruction was caused by the endermen coming back and taking blocks its a closed time loop

The End is the product of a Eldrich Abomination sucking the life out of The Aether.
And you will get into his body that is disguised as floating islands in the End and kill it piece by piece until you find his core and destroy it and has to retreat. Soon after, the End will become slowly back into the Aether with full of life... that is it for the time being.

Minecraft takes place in the same world as the LEGO Adaptation Game series.
Along with Lego Battles. Think about it. Both games have similarly blocky characters and are set similar worlds. Character customization is oddly similar (Both arms and both legs must be mirrors of each other; bodies divided into hat, head, arms, body, legs). The Enemies in Lego Star Wars spawn in small, dark areas before coming out. The level creators are superflat creative worlds, and the story levels are adventure maps. The updated levels in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga are the result of updates to the adventure maps, and the Lego Indiana Jones levels (As well as the "Geonosis Arena" level in LSWIII) are the result of complete remakes. Objects that look different but function the same in each game? Each "theme" has it's own texture pack. Zombies in LSWIII and the zombie mannequins from Indiana Jones 2 function similarly to zombies in Minecraft, with the exception of not burning in sunlight. The near-useless bystanders you can find are similar in (non-)function to the villagers. Lego Battles (Which, for simplicity, and the fact that it shares a developer and gameplay elements, we'll consider a part of this series) gives even more examples. The villagers are friendly towards the pirates (Villagers in Minecraft and will not attack the player, even if you start killing them.), and their Tiki Golem is strangely evocative of the recently-added Iron Golem. The evil wizard uses skeleton archers that resemble the ones in Mineraft, only with snazzy helmets. The Wizard also has a dragon that vaguely resembles the Enderdragon. This, of course, is helped by the fact that Lego is now making Minecraft sets.

The Nether is the villager's version of Hell.
Many years ago, the villagers fought many great and terrible battles over land and resources, with countless casualties. On every side of the conflict, new weapons and magic were being researched, including the summoning of zombies and skeletons, the magical mutation of spiders, and turning ordinary shrubs into the exploding Creepers. One day, they learned of a dark and terrible realm filled with monsters, a realm called "The Nether". After many fruitless experiments, they finally opened a portal to the Nether, but once they arrive there, they were shocked to discover it was populated not just by monsters, but by the mindless, undying souls of their fallen brothers: the Zombie Pigmen. Only then did they realize that violence and bloodshed had doomed their souls to an eternity of wandering the endless wastes of the Nether, and if they continued their wars, it would only send more and more souls to the Nether. Thus, the conflict was ended, and peace was attempted for the first time in countless years. But the deep-rooted bitterness in their hearts drove them all away from one another, leaving them scattered aimlessly around the world in tiny, self-sustaining villages. Despite their seperation however, the villages were still plagued by the monsters left over from the war, but none wished to fight them in fear of tainting their souls through violence, and so to protect their villages they built warriors who had no souls- the Iron Golems- to protect their villages from danger.
  • Maybe Ghasts are souls of dead Illagers.

The Nether is a projection of Steve's fear.
The Nether is part of a vast, formless dimension, which-in true Eldritch Abomination style-feeds on sentient thought, also unintentionally moulding itself in the shape of said thoughts. Ask any seasoned Minecraft player what their two greatest fears are, and the answers will be "lava" and "Creepers". Lava is everywhere in the Nether, and what's the best way to make Creepers even more deadly? Make their explosions a ranged attack and voila! Ghasts! Blazes result from Steve's fear that, one day, what he creates may just rise up and turn against him. Magma Cubes result from Steve's fear that something might be able to resist lava and thus use one of his greatest fears against him. Zombie Pigmen resulted from Steve's questioning himself over what the animals and creatures he kills to survive feel when he does so-or what happens when they do something about it. The Nether's structure itself-a giant cavern composed almost entirely of one situationally-useful stone-is a despairful fear of Steve's; such a dangerous place with nothing that will help him to survive. Glowstone is, cheesy as it sounds, hope in physical form-the only "proper" light source in the Nether. But as it is in Minecraft, hope is hard to reach, and can only be obtained by building or digging.

The End is a former Overworld.
One where the player (or players; it may be a Multiplayer world, and the Endermen are players. See the many guesses below about Endermen or whomever being other players, or previous incarnations of the player) focused on emptying the world and creating oddities such as massive floating islands. It's possible that the Endermen see you as some sort of mob in their equivalent of The End (akin to how you see the Ender Dragon as a mob that only appears in your version of The End).

The world of Minecraft is really Beast Wars and Beast Machines
Steve/Player characters are maximals. They remain in their beast (Or, if you know your Transformers mythos, possibly Pretender) forms to protect themselves from the intense Energon radiation, as nobody ever becomes a Transmetal in this universe. They must eat because doing strenuous activities burns Energon, but the radiation is so strong the local edible mobs have become laced with Energon. The Hostile Mobs are Predacons:

-The Creeper is Waspinator. It explains how they can blow up constantly and still come back.

-Spiders are Blackarachnia (Normal spider), and Tarantulas (Cave Spider), of course.

-Skeletons are Scorponok, simply because arrows remind me of his bee drones.

-Zombies are Inferno, because he's the last original Predacon left, besides Terrorsaur.

-Silverfish are some of Scorponok's aforementioned bee drones,namely the ones he doesn't use as arrows.

-Slimes and Magma Cubes are some of Tarantulas' demented science experiments.

The End is Beast Machines Cybertron, the Enderman are Vehicon drones and the Enderdragon is Megatron.

The Nether is Cybertron during the events of Transformers: Universe. Mobs are decepticons from other generations/universes.

-Zombie pigmen are Shattered Glass Decepticons. They are friendly to Autobots/Maximals, and only attack when provoked.

-Ghasts and Blazes are seekers and sweeps from Generation One, respectively.

Not only does Minecraft take place After the End, it's history takes place After the End.
Confused? Here's how it works: in the 26th century Earth is the capital of a massive spacefaring empire when a hostile species destroys the Solar System using a weapon capable of making stars go supernova. Since every other planet that would've held Capital status had Earth been destroyed was in the Solar System, a new Capital had to be found, and none of the empire's colonies are willing to step up to the plate. Then, a megacorporation called Mine/Craft Company discovers an earthlike planet eight times the size of Earth and sends a team of Colonists, led by a man named Markus "Notch" Persson, to claim the world. This new colony is called New Earth and becomes the Capital of the empire. Fast forward hundreds of years, and Humanity has discovered the Nether and fought a war with the undead. Then, some explorers discover a Stronghold and an End Portal Frame, which they activate and enter (there were already Eyes of Ender in the frame), the result of which causes Humanity to wage war against the Endermen, who are the same species who destroyed Earth. They lose, and are almost completely wiped out in the process, while New Earth becomes desolate. However, one Human survived. You. The only thing hinting at your past is a paper with your name on it (you think), and there's not much else to work with—you've been wandering the planet for years. The thing is, You Are Not Alone. If you're lucky you'll find other Humans who survived the catastrophe. And although you might not be able to Set Right What Once Went Wrong, you can still find the Nether and the End and beat back the bad guys.

Minecraft is part of something greater...
The Overworld is part of a single floating dust particle, hurtling through the world on it's own. This explains daytime and nighttime, as you hurtle in circles. The stars are other molecules drifting through on wind currents.

This explains why Minecraft is so simple. The Blocks are individual molecules. Liquids are composed of plasma. The creatures are nanobots who deviated from their original programming.-Villagers are peaceful nanobots, who due to a glitch, lost the programming of their ulterior motive, but not their ability to build. So they build homes and food sources, as well as iron golems.

-Passive mobs lost their programming completely, and wander around consuming the resources.

-Violent mobs such as zombies have had their programming corrupted, and as such, hunt down their own kind. Creepers have faulty programming and as such, run into a Logic Bomb when they come close to enemies, which causes them to explode. Endermen are the purest remnants, able to carry out their original programming. But when you look at them, they detect you, and are stuck in an infinite loop in their AI until you look away...

-Steve? was an experimental model similar to the villagers, able to build on massive scales. He has forgotten his original programming and now runs amok, destroying his fellow nanobots and harvesting resources from their carcasses for special building projects, such as bows or TNT.

Minecraft takes place in the Fullmetal Alchemist universe.
"Redstone" is actually naturally occurring "Red Stones" that Steve can use to alchemically power his contraptions.

Endermen were a cult who worshipped the Ender Dragon, and Steve is a mage.

Long ago, the Overworld, so called because it is situated above the Void, whereas the Nether is situated below it, was home to a civilization of powerful mages who lived in Strongholds. They created a spell to return themselves to life, built the Iron Golems, and practiced necromancy so much that the lingering traces of their magic continues to create zombies and skeletons to this day. But then something happened. They began to hear the whispers of the End, and became consumed with the need to bring it about. The cultists called themselves Endermen, after their purpose. They learned of a powerful being at the center of the Void, and set about creating the means to enter it. The magic required items from both above and below the Void, and so they built Nether portals, and Nether Fortresses, with Blazes to guard them. When their work in the Nether was finished, they simply left. The completion of the Ender Portal, however, released a wave of magical energy so powerful that it transformed each and every one of the Endermen into living manifestations of the Void. However, there was one that was unaffected. Fearing this sort of backlash, one of the Endermen transformed himself into an unstoppable creature somewhat resistant to the magic of the Void, provided he was not directly exposed to it. In the process, his mind was shattered, but he retained some knowledge on a subconscious level. Without thinking, he casts the respawn spell every time he sleeps. Over time, he begins to remember. He recalls enchantment, alchemy, and how to create a Nether portal. Then, most importantly, he remembers The End. Enraged by the revelation, he slays some of his former brethren and rips out their corrupted hearts. He coats them in blaze powder to try and recreate some old alchemical recipe he half-remembers, and suddenly, this Eye of Ender pulls him to a stronghold his people once used. In it, he finds the accursed portal that caused this mess, and finds that the Eyes could reopen it, and bring him to the center of the Void. Perhaps for revenge, or perhaps to try and set things right again, he goes to The End and kills the Ender Dragon. Has he freed his friends' minds? Has he simply incurred the wrath of a greater master even deeper into the Void? Only time will tell.

History of the Cultures of Minecraft.

The Endermen were the first culture in the Minecraft universe. They actually did not come from the End, but from the Far Lands (known to them as "Old End"). The Endermen created a vast, technologically and magically gifted empire on the surface world, and later discovered the Nether (which they also colonized), and actually created the End (known to them as "New End") for themselves as an artificial, transdimensional superfortress. They were responsible for creating the strongholds, dungeons, and Nether fortresses, and created the Enderdragon, creepers, magma cubes, blazes, and silverfish artificially, first by hand and later with miniature factories (mob spawners). They also first developed the arts/sciences of golem-crafting, potion making (hence the presence of netherwort in fortresses), enchanting, and, most importantly to them, personal artificial teleportation devices. They traded this technology with the humans from beyond their own homeland, making that society also technologically advanced and intelligent. But some sort of cataclysm occurred long before the events of the game, and destroyed the Enderman civilization. The surviving Endermen turned feral and lost most of their mental capacity, but not all of it. They can still manipulate simple materials, and will not attack unless provoked (they're easily provoked). Their structures fell into decay, in which they remain to the present.

The Pigmen were the native inhabitants of the Nether, descended from a common ancestor with the pigs (their species separated by a dimensional rift long ago), with a primitive hunter-gatherer society dependent on hunting ghasts and harvesting mushrooms. They were quickly subjugated by the Endermen, who introduced various technologies to them as well, such as gold swords (gold being unknown in the Nether). They became zombies, however, when the Endermen introduced the Zombie disease, to which the pigmen had no immunity (See the part on humans for more).

The Testificates (NB: I insist on calling them that) were the next culture to take root on the surface world. They actually arrived relatively recently, there being no major cultures in Minecraftia for hundreds of years after the fall of the Endermen. Although they are inferior to both (old) Endermen and humans in intelligence and level of technology, they have slowly regained some of the technology of the Endermen, such as iron golems, enchanting, and complex metallurgy. Though their culture varies from place to place (especially due to the natural environment), most Testificate villages are theocratic societies, illustrated by their rulers being priests and their most prominent buildings being churches. The specifics of Testificate religion are unknown. They were also responsible for the creation of the Jungle and Desert Temples to be added in 1.3, the former being one of their greatest technological marvels. Physically, they are quite unique, with a large nose and forehead and gray-brown skin. It should be noted that there are, indeed, male and female Testificates, but their secondary (or tertiary :P) sexual characteristics are often difficult to notice.

The first humans in the Minecraft universe came shortly before the players did. There homeland is unknown, probably one of the regions bordering Minecraftia. These early human settlers were responsible for building the mineshafts and introducing more-advanced technology to the Testificates. However, they greatly underestimated the savagery of this new world, and almost all of them were killed by monsters or turned into zombies and skeleton by infection with the same virus as the pigmen. The only surviving humans were assimilated into Testificate societies, where they intermarried or died off. Except for one, the last of these settlers, whose white-eyed, sleepless ghost still haunts the land...

The players are the second wave of human settlers in Minecraftia. Using ancient Ender technology as well as simpler methods like those of the Testificates, they have established a firm foothold in their new homeland. More humans move every day to innumerable colonies in this new world. Only time will tell what happens next.

Minecraft takes place in a post-human-invasion alien world.

Long ago, the Overworld was populated by Endermen. They lived in harmony with the planet and its inhabitants, et cetera et cetera. Then, the humans came. Logically enough, they started changing the planet to their liking — and that included getting rid of the aboriginals. The great war began — Endermen versus Humans, magic versus technology. Pretty soon the technology's advantage became apparent, and the Endermen were forced to flee from the planet to a separate dimension. But that wasn't the end of it. For some odd reason, Humans turned out to be inherently attractive to creepers. It wasn't uncommon during the war for whole packs of creepers to leave the endermen's settlements, where they lived as pets, and seek out the humans. The latter embraced their newfound companions, often going as far as to put a separate bed next to their own for a creeper to sleep in.

And the endermen took advantage of this. Just before they abandoned the planet, they performed a ritual which affected all of the creepers, implanting them with an explosive killswitch which activated when a creeper experienced affection. The humans never knew what hit them.

When the dust settled, the endermen sent a scouting party to the Overworld to assess the effects of their farewell gift. Almost immediately it became obvious that the curse worked to its fullest potential. Where there once were human settlements, there were now vast craters and ravines. The endermen started working to try and heal the wounds inflicted to the planet, hoping to reinhabit it once again.

Cue the appearance of a miraculous survivor, Steve At first, the endermen were thinking of disposing of him. But what harm could one puny human do? It's not like he can bring back the former glory of his kind. Not alone. Let him struggle. Let him fight for his survival in a world that is hostile only to him. Let him mine, and craft, and farm, all just to hold back his inevitable doom.

But there's one thing Endermen can't and won't forget. The way humans stole their beloved pets. And that's why, should Steve? look an enderman straight in the eye, they are immediately filled with burning hatred for the last spark of the flaming past, and the urge to extinguish it once and for all.

The World of Minecraft is actually Earth, after the end of the original Pixels

The original short ended with a bomb that completely transformed planet Earth and everything on it into cubes from the ground up, to the point that it turned into a giant black cube. Who's to say that people survived, and what we see in-game is the effects of that mass transformation? As such, humankind as we know it doesn't exist any more, so now life on Earth is this game.

The End is Skyrim After the End.

The dragonborn joined the Vampire Lords and completed his mission to block out the sun successfully. Without the sun, the people began to starve and prayed to the gods for salvation. All this agony and destruction bought Alduin enough time to destroy the world and absorb the darkness, becoming the Enderdragon. But just in time, the gods heard the peoples prayers and turned them into creatures who could survive the floating island the world had become- the people became Endermen. The island floated in the void between dimensions for millenia until it stopped near Minecraftia. The endermen entered the world and began to build, thinking they had found a new home...

The End is the real world After the End, while the Overworld and Nether are part of a virtual simulation, similar to The Matrix.

The Endermen have trapped the remnants of humanity in a virtual simulation in order to placate them after invading and conquering the earth. In the virtual simulation, humans are free to remake a virtual world as they see fit.

From time to time, Endermen will appear in the simulation to check on the humans. Since their appearance could belie the fact that the world in humans live in is a lie, they attack if they have been spotted.

Once the player finds, activates, and enters the End Portal, they awake from their entrapment in the real world, where they have to face off against the Endermen's leader, the Ender Dragon.

Killing the Ender Dragon doesn't actually kill it. Instead, it is reborn from the egg it drops, while the exit portal left by its body places the player back in the virtual simulation, with two Endermen telling the player a story to placate him while he is plugged back into his virtual prison...

Minecraft takes place out in The Long Earth.
There are no other humans, and you can do everything you please to the world. Everytime you make a new Minecraft world, you're stepping.

Single Player is Multiplayer in the future.
The mobs you are facing are now are what the other players became After the End. Most if not all of the mobs fit into player archetypes. Lets have a look, shall we? Feel free to add your own. By the way, to explain mobs in SMP, these creatures did exist beforehand. You're just the last human left. Chronology of the game types:Classic Multiplayer: Before the full version SMP. No mobs, just humans chilling out. They didn't know they weren't alone.Survival Multiplayer: People start going missing. Mysterious slender dark creatures start showing up and taking them away. They become the monsters found in the Overworld. The Nether is discovered as well, but its creatures are native to it.LAN Singleplayer: You are part of a small group of the last few survivors.Survival Singleplayer: The Endermen are winning the war. You are the last human left alive, and have decided to stop the invasion by killing their master.Classic Singleplayer: You've won, and now the world is yours. But you're all alone...Now, the players become different monsters based on their play style. This is the list;Zombie: Basic survivor. Just trying to get by.Skeleton: PVPer. Most PvP players use ranged weapons to attack.Creeper: Griefer, obviously.Silverfish: Miners.Spiders: Parkour addicts.Cave Spiders: Explorers.Spider Jockey: PvP and Parkour expert.Villager: Survivors that escaped from the Enderman.Wither Boss: Admin griefer.

The Player is a time traveller, whom survived the extinction of humanity.
Humanity at an unknown point in history was hit hard with a reality cataclysmic event that caused the veil between our universe and others (The End and The Nether) to be torn. Humans and the Endermen fought a war to the death. The Endermen turned all of the fallen humans into zombies and skeletons to use against them, and eventually humanity was wiped out. Humanity's last hope was to send a handful of people[[into the far future Flinga Light Into The Future]], with The Player (aka you) being one of them. However, an unfortunate side effect of the time travel happened to be total amnesia, therefore when you wake up you forget everything about the past, but luckily you remember the training you received before you were sent ahead in time (explaining your ability to build, mine, farm, etc).

The world as it is when you wake up has largely recovered and adapted since humanity's extinction. Many fauna and flora have stayed mostly the same (cows, chickens, pigs, horses, etc), but there are still countless leftover Zombies and Skeletons, Endermen still wander the Earth at night, and spiders evolved over tens of thousands of years to become much larger, and Creepers are a new lifeform altogether. The Villagers evolved to become the next sentient species inhabiting the planet that are currently in their own Iron Age, with their populations being limited to small villages due to constant attacks from the undead, Creepers, spiders, etc. It is entirely possible that the villagers learned to build Iron Golems based off of old technology left over from extinct humans.

SMP and Single Player take place in the same timeline, those in "SMP" are people who were lucky to be teleported together, while those in "Single Player" are those whom ended up being lost in transit.

The Minecraft world is Kriemhild Gretchen's barrier.
Kriemhild Gretchen is described as wanting to create a paradise for everyone. Maybe wandering a seemingly-endless world and eventually building a home this was Steve?'s idea of heaven. The multiplayer is Kriemhild Gretchen allowing like-minded people to join him and the world has boundaries because while her power is incredible, it's also finite and she has to maintain everyone else's paradises. The Far Lands, when they existed, were Kriemhild Gretchen trying to keep the world from fraying at the edges while she assembled the rest of her barrier.

The End is our world, and endermites are baby Enderdragons.
I'll explain. Far into the future, humans evolved into Endermen, and they discovered that there was a magical energy called Ender everywhere. They built a reactor and began using it for their own purposes. Something went wrong with that reactor though, and the Endermen and their base of operations were teleported to a different universe(Minecraftia), just as a huge explosion devastated our own universe. With the little energy they had left, they built a portal back to our universe, which was now taking on the form of the End. They began to build Ender Pearls out of the few materials available, and used them to absorb more energy. They then left the End, knowing they could no longer live there. After they left, the large disturbance in Ender caused the void beast, also known as the Ender Dragon, to appear.

Now, Steve has been using Ender for his own purposes, such as building portals, chests that link together, and teleporting around. Sometimes when he does this, an Endermite will spawn. The Endermites are small Enderdragons caused by a small Ender disturbance, the way the Enderdragon was caused by a large one.

Minecraft takes place in a world destroyed by the Endermen.
The Endermen are Aliens who travel from planet to planet, Harvesting the Resources to Rebuild their Homeworld. Over time, the Endermen arrived in the Solar System where they harvested Mars and Venus, turning both planets into wastelands. soon after, the Endermen set up a base on the Earths moon to prepare for invasion, eventually gaining enough power to create their ultimate weapon: the Ender Dragon. however, the human military's are able to Stop the Enderman ground invasion, resulting in the Enderman creating the Zombie virus, and the Zombies are able to take out the humans better than the Ender military. eventually, the Humans discover that the Endermen are directly controlling the virus from the Moon, so they launch a massive attack on the moon. eventually, the leader of the attack force, Steve, ends up ordering a massive nuclear strike on the moon, destroying most of the moon and most of the Endermen. However, the Endermen eventually launch a Massive laser (using the Ender Crystals) to wipe out most of the earth. Steve goes into Cryo sleep and is sent back to earth where he remains for many years until he awakens. he decides to get revenge, building a Time machine, to go back in time to the direct aftermath of the Bombing, gathering fuel rods and other materials and then heading to the present to activate a Captured Ender Ship inside an abandoned military base. with this, he ends to the End (What is left of the moon) to exact his revenge.

The cave sounds are not real.
Steve? has been living in a world where many of the other inhabitants are out to kill him, so he has grown Properly Paranoid from this. The sounds are simply Steve? being self-deluded into thinking that there are more hostile mobs than there actually are. That's why they don't sound like any mob in the game, and Steve? is unable to actually find the source of the sounds...

The end used to be the sky dimension and the sky dimension was originally in the overworld. until the ender dragon and endermen came from the farlands. They warped it into the end. The residents, the ones who built all the structures in the end escape to the overworld, banishing their old home into the void. But someone had to stay behind to close it. HEROBRINE. Being sent to the void corrupted him. Also the ship that sometimes spawns belonged to him, and it’s still there because he never the overworld They created the strongholds and mineshafts. Maybe even the other temples and ocean monuments. They also created iron golem and villages to protect the more primitive species.

The players are the descendants of the species. You just appear in the world, like teleporting. You’re from another dimension. You can create anything, from swords, railroads, to PORTALS TO ANOTHER DIMENSION. You know them all by heart because your from a advanced race. That’s why there’s no others like them in the game, except one. ZOMBIES. The rest of the species were turned into zombies. They’re not villagers because zombie villagers look different, but they look exactly like players. Maybe they and the nether realm went to war, making biological weapons using mob spawners and eggs like ghast, blaze and creepers. They even copyed each other, things like skeletons/wither and slime/magma cubes. until their ultimate weapon, the wither wiped them both out. Turning most of the players into zombies and the nether realmers into zombie pigmen

Over the course of the game, you picked up the pieces of you ancestors, until finally, you go back to the end, to reclaim your home.

The End is a corrupted Skyland dimension.
It would explain why The End soundtrack gets glitched by purpose.

The End is a Skyland, or some sort of heaven, that got corrupted by unknown reasons, that would explain why it looks unsettling and it may explain what is happening, the End Cities are corrupted houses that in Skyland Dimension are just a normal houses, the Sky Ships remained almost normal.

The Dragon Island is the core of Skyland, where there's a dragon too, but instead of attacking you, the dragon is pacific or just flying by her own, also that island is isolated because the Skyland Endermen wanted to give her space.

The Skyland Endermen are the civilization of the Sky, and they act normal, they don't have any weakness with water, nor teleportation abilities and they don't mind if you look at them, you know, a regular tall human from the sky.

[[WMG:Minecraft takes place in a holo-novel created by Dr. Bashir.Think about it: The player moves through a story, which is a forest of information planted by a man called Julian...

The End is a doomed future of the Overworld, and the Enderman are future humans doing everything they can to save their world, to no avail. By killing the Ender Dragon, the player is actually saving the End.
Far into the future, civilization has grown to become incredibly advanced. Humans have been living around the world, instead of only in small, rural villages, cities have been constructed, and technology has advanced significantly.

Perhaps the most significant of these advancements was the ability to dig through bedrock, and access the void beneath the world. They harvested the void's strange magic to advance themselves even further, creating teleportation devices that anybody could use for fast travel, which they called ender pearls. However, what they didn't realize was that the bedrock was never meant to be a barrier to keep them from entering the void. It was a barrier intended to keep something out. This something that they accidentally unleashed began to grow in power from the moment the very first piece of bedrock was opened up, and eventually manifested itself into a physical form known as The Ender Dragon.

The bedrock barrier fell, and the Ender Dragon began to rain its destruction on the Overworld. It even began spreading its own corruption, turning what little land survived into barren endstone. The few remaining human structures became what we now know as the End Cities, filled with the Ender Dragon's artificial lowly soldiers to patrol anyone inside: The Shulkers. They were some of the few structures inside to survive as well. The corruption also began to warp the bodies of the world's inhabitants into long, dark beings known as the Endermen: servants to do the dragon's bidding, who's minds were so badly damaged that merely looking into their eyes can cause them to lose their grip on their sanity. The Dragon used its new servants to construct obsidian pillars that constantly provide it with its life force, to ensure that any uprising against it would fail miserably. Some Endermen attempted to seek refuge in the Nether, but the Dragon's corruption seeped into there as well, destroying it outright, along with every dead soul inside with it, cutting off all Nether portals as well. The world was doomed, and they were truly in The End.

But there was one last solution for those brave enough: some Endermen decided to travel back in time to prevent this chaos, but nothing they could do could stop anything, as their warped bodies left them unable to speak with humans, and they were even mistaken for monsters, and driven out of their own towns. So instead, many sought refuge in the past, where it was safe. They built their strongholds underground, and shut off their portals, leaving their doomed future behind them. They explored the world once more, and some even made their homes in the Nether, away from human civilization altogether. They lived like this mostly peacefully, until one day, a human discovered one of their strongholds and accessed The End by reactivating one of their portals. Now that the corruption had finished spreading, this human was completely unaffected by it. This human was able to take down the Obsidian towers keeping the Dragon alive, and eventually ended up killing the dragon itself, freeing the Endermen, and allowing them to live freely once again, despite the damage done to themselves and their world.

Minecraft updates are chronologically backwards.
In the end, the overworld is all that's left. There's almost nothing. Not even the other dimensions at this point.

In the events before that, there were still testificates, who had almost nothing left. They could not trade, and they had nothing left to do but watch the world decay more.

Before that, they were trying to maintain what was left of their culture. The only surviving types of villages were small and incomplex.

Before that, only zombie pigmen are left. The piglins are since extinct.

After going back enough updates, you can still see ruins of whatever civilization died before, and you can see more of them.


The Player/Steve?:

The world border was made to stop the Far Lands from spreading and corrupting the world.
This is based on 2 WMGs: 1 where the bedrock border is sealing away an unspeakable evil, and one where the Far Lands spread as worlds are deleted. It's possible that said evil is behind the creation and spreading of the Far Lands. So humans, endermen, or whatever is trying to stop the evil, set up the world border to prevent the Far Lands from spreading.

Steve Is a testificate.
He was a scientist looking for a cure for the zombies. He found it, but after being bitten. The reason he doesn't have the big head was that when testificates become zombies, the tall part rots off. With his last bit of sanity, he injected himself with the cure before mindlessly shambling about. He later awoke in a random area of the world, his memories destroyed by his time as a zombie. The reason the infected villagers in 12w32a are already mindless monsters is because they were not as intelligent as Steve.
  • There is in fact a cure: Splash a testificate zombie with weakness potion, then feed it a golden apple. However, testificates do in fact forget events from before they were cured- they lose any names and are usually a different profession. Steve was the last of the last village of humans, and they had figured out a cure for the zombie virus that works on human zombies- but only had one. It does in fact take a while for the cure to work- long enough for Zombie Steve to wander far, far from home.
    • Only now Alex exists too... so maybe they were the last two?

Steve is a replicant.
The world is not Earth, but another planet which humans have marked for colonization. Steve is an android/cyborg/clone thing sent to prepare the world for humans to arrive. The villagers are not human, but the sentient natives of the world. 'Skeletons' and 'zombies' are just the closest names we have for the vicious monstrosities roaming the world. Why does he need to eat? Because he's a biotech device, not purely machinery. This also explains Steve?'s great strength: he's been greatly amplified for the task at hand.

Steve is a Miner '49er from the California Gold Rush, displaced in time by the Endermen.
Steve was a moonshiner and mountain man from the Appalachian Mountains who decided on heading out to California in order to carve out a new life for himself and his kin. While digging for gold, he accidentally struck an Ender Pearl that had been buried on Earth since prehistoric times, and was thrust into the far future, well after the Endermen have already taken over the planet and moved on to others. Earth (or specifically, far-future California) is in the process of being reclaimed by nature, and the only remnants of mankind are the ancient mine shafts underground and the occasional, Squidward-y survivors of the Endermen's undead apocalypse. This explains why Steve is so adept at cutting down trees, mining, working with minecarts and rails, and whatnot. It also explains why the Endermen are reluctant to fight him unless he stares at them confrontationally — he's such a hardened badass that the Endermen know they're likely to get snapped like twigs without their teleporting technology.
  • Anyone who has fought an enderman knows they're just as likely to do the same.

The player is a terraforming android.
Obvious really, using very basic tools, the player can reshape entire continents.
Additionally, you start off punching down trees for wood. You still have a hand at the end of it.
  • As of 1.8, Steve? needs to eat. That is significant evidence against this theory.
    • He converts the food into fuel.
    • But what about poison, and all the other status affects?
    • Short range emps that can disrupt his systems in a variety of ways, the poison is a mild acid, withering is causing him to glitch out and shut down.

Steve Is a boss.
Lets see, Regenerating health based on parameters (Food meter), Elite Mooks (Iron Golems for the most part). Difficult to find (Absurdly large cavern complex). Multiple forms of attack, Cappable of destroying blocks, Durable, Cappable of killing very quickly. Fits to me.
  • Now we just need a mod where you're the Wither/Enderdragon and Steve along with the other boss are the boss battles.

Your character is insane, and the Zombies and Skeletons are normal people trying to stop you.
However, the player character views them as monsters as part of his, or her, insanity. The Creepers are the armed forces, Skeletons are normal cops — bows actually being pistols — and Zombies are just people trying to knock some sense into you.
  • Then what, might I ask, are Spiders, Slimes, and Ghasts?
    • Wild animals your character encounters during random journeys spurred by insanity. Spiders can be just about any ground-walking animal, twisted to be huge spiders by your insanity. The Slimes can be too, just with more added insanity to your character's interpretation. Ghasts are actually birds, and the fire they shoot is, well, you know.
      • It would make sense for spiders to be some sort of herbivore like deer (or even coconut crabs, because of the shape). They're naturally non-hostile, but they'll fight you if you attack them, and at night a hostile equivalent (actual wolves and coyotes, assuming wolves are dogs as stated below in this guess? Or maybe spiny, feral-looking wild boars?) comes out.
  • If that's the case, why does sunlight burn them?
    • Because it's actually reversed. The player is afraid of daylight, but has good night vision.
      • So if some of the mobs are wild animals, what are the actual wild animals you encounter in Minecraft such as pigs, sheep, chickens, cows, and wolves?
      • Pigs, sheep, chickens, cows, and dogs, of course. See also the cat/ocelot dichotomy: The ocelots don't turn into cats once you feed them enough, you just recontextualize them as cats.
  • Minecraft meets Afraid of Monsters? *Shudders*

The player character is an autistic savant.
Back in civilization, the main character was an eccentric artist that spent most of his days either playing video games, painting or studying strange things, like mining, whittling, and architecture. That's how the MC can mine ore, craft workbenches/bows/stairs, and build an entire house in a day. Also, how he can paint so good so quickly, and why some paintings are related to games. Still doesn't explain how he can punch down trees, though.
  • He worked out and studied martial arts, resulting in his strength to carry loads of stone and materials and knock trees down with his fists.
  • You can do that without being autistic, though.

The player character isn't human.
We all know that the maximum size of the world, due to technically limitations, is about 8 times the surface area of the earth, and that blocks are generally one meter large. However, this is all just a scale. It's an earth-like planet, which may have once contained humans, but you're not 2 meters tall. You're actually about 10 inches tall, a gnome. This explains why you're so crafty at mining (gnomes and dwarves are believed to derive from myths of the same creature), crafting (these tiny creatures have deft hands), and slow at swimming (they're creatures of the earth, after all). It also explains why spiders are so big in comparison. But wait, aren't the other mobs all relatively to scale?

Cows, pigs, and sheep are obviously genetically engineered to be smaller, thus easier to herd and feed by the gnomes, while Zombies and Skeletons are the reanimated corpses of every gnome who died in the planet's apocalypse. Creepers are a genetic experiment gone wrong, while trying to modify pigs as a higher energy food source. They modified the gene incorrectly, turning it into an abomination. The later disaster's radiation would further mutate them into hideous green things, who's bodies produce gunpowder... and vinyl records. Pigmen are another failed experiment, who became more gnomelike, and were then massacred. They had a peaceful disposition and low intelligence however, so the ones in Nether hold no grudge against one of their killer's kind. Ghasts are apparently a collection of souls, combined and twisted, leaving them malevolent to any survivor. They're jealous that you have a life, while they're trapped in the nether, immune to fire and lava, but uncomfortably hot, and cramped none the less. Trees are relatively to scale, but this may be another genetic manipulation. Most likely, the gnomish scientists ended up unleashing a massive nuclear catastrophe. Animals probably survived through some sort of anti radiation containment cubes protecting and nurturing them. It was probably the monster spawners, which later opened, freeing the animals. Something about them attracted monsters, who became stuck, and are fighting their way to attempt getting out.

You were in an accident shortly before the catastrophe. It was severe, and you needed to be put into a stasis to properly be healed or revived. Thousands upon thousands of years later, the solar powered stasis pod, floating in the ocean or sitting in a desert, looses power and takes you out of stasis. Having been preserved for so long, your body wasn't used to working, so you slept. The pod opened to release you, and tipped over, your body being dumped into the ocean or on the sand and the pod sinking or being covered in a sand dune. You wake up on a beach or in the desert, remembering only about as much as how to build. You see trees in the distances. Something tells you, you'll need shelter...

The player character's entire race isn't human. The different "worlds" are all part of the same planet, simply various "islands" in a large ocean, and said planet is extremely large, so the distances between islands are quite vast.
First of all, the species the player is a member of has powers beyond those of humanity. They can create objects by taking matter from their surroundings. They can do so better in surroundings they are intimately familiar with, and need to "collect" said matter and store it if they're in a relatively unfamiliar place, hence why in Classic you don't need to harvest blocks but in Alpha you do.

Secondly, the player is on a different planet, much larger than earth. This planet has this one civilization, the only one that the player's species has, that is slowly conquering the rest of the planet. Classic worlds are where this civilization is found, where multiple people live, and where all the dangerous critters have been cleared out. Alpha, on the other hand, shows explorers who've set out to other lands to make them hospitable for others to follow. The trip takes so long, however, that anyone who sets out probably won't encounter others of their kind for a long time, and they're mainly just there to set things up for the next group of settlers.

I'm not stating this as fact, mind you. Just my own little WMG on the game's world. I don't know if it fits in properly with any Word of God out there, though.

  • WMG never does. Half the entries on here are jokes.
    • Yeah, I know, but I have a tendency to overdo mine. If I post a WMG, I probably actually believe it unless something else discredits it.
  • This is now my personal Fanon until Notch says otherwise. You win, sir.
  • [[Fanon I also believe this entry]]. It's nice to see a Minecraft WMG that doesn't involve an apocalypse, so good job.
  • It hit me, reading the above, that this means the Minecraft world is an experiment of the Pak Protectors from Niven's Known Universe. It makes sense in some ways: one group built a ringworld, why couldn't some other bunch of them do so? Bedrock is scrith, the oddities of the sun and moon are due to the shadow squares being set differently, and all the creatures the result of either pak breeders, nanotech accidents(zombies, skeletons) or 'harmless' imports evolving to fill niches left behind. Even the player could be an actual Pak, trying to restore the world how it once was.

The Crafter is a Physical God, remaking the world in his image after causing the apocalypse.
You start the game by turning trees into logs with punches. You can scale mountains or cross deserts and tundra without any sign of fatigue. You have an inexplicable ability to fuse shattered fragments of stone into solid cubes, and to fuse said cubes into walls and other shapes. The world itself is full of impossible vistas, hovering structures, and huge caverns. Meanwhile, the only other inhabitants are a few select animal species, and an assortment of mutants and undead monsters whose only purpose in life is to try and kill you. Clearly, the Crafter somehow shattered the world, possibly in the process of gaining his powers. Said powers are based in the earth, and the spawn point is where the Crafter's soul is bound, allowing him to regenerate from the soil upon death. The bedrock is the boundary of his domain, and the souls of the many he killed rise from it in darkness to strike in envy at his new creation. The Nether portals update was the Crafter initiating his retaliatory strike against the monsters, attempting to bypass the bedrock by moving through parallel dimensions in search of one where the barrier does not exist.

The Crafter is a tree.
Once, long ago, you were a tree. That tree lived a long and leafy life and reproduced a lot, and now there are direct descendants of you all over the world. For some reason, you are now a magical sentient forest who has a mindlink with all other trees carrying your DNA. You became bored of watching life pass you by, so you sacrificed your tree-form to become a humanoid. However, the transformation wasn't perfect, so you awake by the ocean with no memory of who you are. You start slaughtering your fellow trees, and they form their leaves into Creepers to kill you. You don't understand why the trees are attacking you, but you have one neat bit of magic left — by changing to Peaceful, you can make the trees heal you constantly, and while they heal you they're too distracted to form Creepers. The other enemies are entities of earth, and their existence is mysterious. For some reason, the Peaceful blanket-spell also suppresses them.

This WMG was written when a friend challenged me to convince him that Steve? is actually a tree.

  • This suddenly gives people a reason to change their skins to Fluttershy

The main antagonist of the game is the Darkness, and the player is an agent of the Light.
Two of the biggest gameplay elements are monsters spawning in the dark, and exploring and lighting dark caves. Lighting the caves is the player taking the fight against the Darkness to it's territory, by lighting the deep, dark places of the world; where it would hold the most power. The various monsters are the foot soldiers of the Darkness, sent to try and stop you. Respawning, shaping the world and creating items out of basic materials are all powers granted to the Miner by the Light. The Nether and Skylands are the physical manifestations of the Dark and Light respectively. The Farlands represent some third party, an eldritch thing slowly encroaching on the world. The Endermen are it's agents, just as the Miner is to the light. All alternate realities modded into the game are the manifestations of other powers.

The player is OCD.
You can fit one each of different items in your inventory, then you're out of room when there are not more slots. However you can still fit 63 more of the items which are already in there. This is because the player has OCD, and refuses to put more than one type of item in each pocket, even though each one can hold a mountain.Fortunately, he's quite happy in a world made of perfect cubes.

In the beginning, God created Adam, Eve, and Steve.
Adam and Eve ate only from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but Steve ran to eat from the Tree of Life first. God couldn't have Steve roaming around, so Steve was banished to the world of Minecraft. This explains why he respawns, and why he seems to be the only one of his kind.
  • What? Religious protesters LIED to me!
  • What about Alex?

Steve is like Hijiri from Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
You know why you are constantly respawning never to die? Steve killed Notch!

Steve is an AU version of Satan.
In this version, he managed to gain some of god creation power before being thrown out of heaven. The shockwave of Steve impact kill all human or turn them into undead. The villager is the most fortunate one, with the only mutation being enlarged nose. The endermen are angel being sent after him, but also corrupted by the shock wave. With god's creational power, he reshape the world in his image and colonize hell. The planed sky dimension as well as the Aether mod take this WMG further, with you start to come back to the heaven and take it for yourself. This will explain how you can reshape the world with nothing but primitive tool(demonic power and god cration power) and the sky dimension is much more dangerous than hell

Steve carries a pouch of small tools with him.
At least that's what I tell myself. It would explain how you're able to put certain things together by hand that by rights shouldn't be possible.
  • If you look closely at the crafting table, it has various tools hanging from it in the default resource pack.

Steve? landed on the island in Lord of the Flies.
Steve? is one of the kids who survived the plane crash. They made a portal that sent them somewhere, and Steve? was sent through it, as an adult amnesiac who forgot his name. He changed his name to Steve?(get the question mark? It's because he doesn't know his real name!) for a few days, and decided to just roll with it.

The reason that a pig is generally one of the first things he kills? He is mentally screaming at himself to "Kill the pig! Spill his blood!", so, of course, he decides to go through with it and murder a random pig. Alternatively...

Steve? is a clone, and the game takes place in the far future.
A normal person named Steve(yes, without a question mark) volunteered to be the first person to be cloned. To differentiate them from the original, clones have a question mark at the end of their name, so, therefore, Steve? and Alex?.

Steve? was separated from non-clones for a long time for reasons that I can't really explain. Steve? is happy when he encounters villagers. But, since they know that he's a clone, they treat him like he's gullible, thinking that he is, just because he's a clone. Steve? was suffering from Cloning Blues earlier, but now, Steve? is offended by this, and starts blowing up their houses, taking blocks from houses, and mass slaughtering villagers, in an effort to prove his point.

The reason Zombies look just like Steve?, only green and with outstretched arms? They represent Steve?s fear that he really is just a clone, and that his point is wrong.

When the villagers make Steve? get really mad...

Well, moving away from that, alternatively alternatively...

Steve was part of an unfortunate group of six explorers.

Steve volunteered to be part of a group of explorers to travel some uninhabited land. The group had a large amount of food rations, and was generally pretty happy until the incident.

Some weeks after all the rations had been eaten and the party had begun to starve, one member volunteered to "give his flesh" to the rest of the party. Literally. He had gotten pretty fat from the rations, so he provided a large amount of food to the group.

He wasn't the only one. A few months later, the party began to starve yet again. Another member then volunteered for the rest of the group to eat him. After a bit of arguing, they agreed and ate him.

And then, they began to starve again. Another party member volunteered to be the next meal. He was then eaten.

He was quite slim, so they ended up in starvation yet again. There were only two explorers left. So they agreed to this: Tomorrow, they would have a Duel to the Death. The winner would eat the loser.

The next day, they fought. It was long. It was brutal.

And, eventually, Steve emerged victorious. So he ate the other. The other was fat enough that Steve could eat him, then reach the destination without eating anything else.

He ended up in the world of Minecraft.

This would explain why he can eat rotten flesh: because he's eaten human so many times before that he's grown used to it.

The player character is a cured zombie.
After thinking about how there are zombie villagers, and how when you throw a weakness potion at them and then feed them a golden apple, they take some time to transform into a regular villager, I had a thought: What if Steve? is the result of villagers doing the same thing to a regular zombie? Perhaps one threw a splash weakness potion at you, fed you a golden apple, then ran away as you were transforming. It would explain why you look more like one of the hostile mobs in the world than the humans that live in it. Whether you decide to fight off the monsters or become a Complete Monster to any villagers you come across is of course up to you.


Herobrine's story.
Okay this one is one that I have spent a long time in the making. So, the idea is that Herobrine was at some point the original Steve?. So Herobrine was basically, take it as you will, somewhat of the equivalent of Steve?'s father. What I think is that all of the records are basically Herobrine's journal. Cat would be his first day, 11 his first night, you make up the rest. Now 13, the broken disc is where it gets interesting. Now a lot of people realize that if played backwards, the disc kind of sounds like someone being chased by an Enderman. Now what I'm assuming is this person is Herobrine. He was chased by an Enderman, then caught. Enderman hate being seen. Because of this, he was taken back to the End and had his pupils ripped out. I know, a horrible thing to imagine, but just bear with me here. Once done he was released back into the world and he went insane. Then along came Steve?! He was put on the Earth just like Herobrine. But now when Endermen see him. They assume that it is Herobrine who has grown his eyes back, so they either attack, or disappear. Disappear to inform the Enderdragon. Also, the reason Herobrine is constantly attempting to kill you is to make sure the Endermen don't get you and do what they did to him. Add more to this as you like but I think I figured out Herobrine's story.

Herobrine is the G-Man.
They're both mysterious figures, stalking you around for some enigmatic purpose. Both of them seem human but are most certainly not. And both of them are (it's obvious) Nyarlathotep.

Herobrine isn't a bad person.
It is common knowledge that Herobrine is Notch's deceased brother, right? As in, the brother of the person who created this game? He can be found building strange structures. He isn't trying to antagonise you or mess up your world, he's just trying to play his brother's amazing game.

Herobrine is already in the game.
I read this somewhere in Minepedia:
At Minecraftcon 2010, Notch confirmed Herobrine will be in the game, probably in a far future secret friday update.

However, at least twice via Twitter, Notch claims he has "No plans of adding herobrine." This actually means that this secret friday update has already come and gone, and that herobrine is already in the game. Because if he's in the game already, why would Notch have plans of adding him? We just haven't found him yet.

  • So you're saying the demon is already here?
  • The most recent update's last note? "Removed Herobrine." He was always there.
    • "Removed Herobrine" is just a joke.
  • Notch recently announced a new mob called "Enderman" which sounds a lot like Herobrine (waits at the edge of your screen, moves blocks, generally creepy)

Herobrine is in the game code but he only appears in a one in a million chance
Meaning, you can't see him anywhere but it's still very much possible... And the class that controls his behavior is muddled in another class / exists as a function.

Herobrine is what happens when {{The Slender Man plays Minecraft.
Slendy is a closet Minecraft player, previously spending most of his time not stalking people at his computer. Herobrine's eyeless-ness is an extension of Slendy's blank face, possibly caused by him being an Eldritch Abomination. "Removed Herobrine" refers to Notch banning the player behind him...
  • Notch's days are numbered...
  • I think he appesed him by adding the Enderman

Herobrine wasn't deleted by Notch.
He realized that the Endermen where coming in 1.8, and decided either that he wasn't needed anymore or that the Endermen could prove to be a threat to him, so he fled the world trying to escape them. However, in his haste, he forgot that you can't escape the world, and ultimately ended up in the Far Lands. And we all know who's coming from the Far Lands.

Herobrine is Steve?.
When you change your character's skin, you effectively abandon Steve? for your own character. He got a bit upset about this after a while and started raiding people's games as Herobrine. Either the blank eyes are deliberate on his part to make him scarier or they symbolize no longer having a player controlling him. Notch eventually found out about this and put a stop to his shenanigans.

The Story of Herobrine;
Okay, we NEED a proper origin story. So, as Wario would say, "Here I go!"

Herobrine grew up with his older brother, Steve, trained in mining like his brother. However, he felt like, unlike his brother, noone cared about him. So he began to hunt for something. He had heard rumors that there was an utterly HUGE diamond deposit deep in the Far Lands, but noone had lived to get to it. (Note that this is before the Endermen were discovered, so the cause of the deaths were unknown). However, Herobrine was armed with his father's prized diamond sword. He could handle a few creepers, maybe even a Ghast if a Nether portal was in there. When he reached the Far Lands, however, he began to see strange shapes, but not like the ones you normally see; these were created. It was getting late, so he built a quick shelter and fell asleep. When he woke up, however, it was gone. Strange, tall black creatures were holding the pieces of the house. Herobrine grabbed his sword to deal with them, but he was too late. The Endermen all attacked at once, and he blacked out. When he came to, he couldn't see a thing. Ever since, he's been trying to make his way home. Him attacking the player is paranoia, thinking it's those black creatures come to finish him off.

  • who's Steve ?, do you mean Steve? ?


Notch really removed Herobrine...
...and he really did remove him each of the multiple times that the changelog reported it. He won't stay gone.

Herobrine is the Enderdragon.
When Notch "removed" Herobrine for the first time, he took Herobrine to the End and let the Endermen watch him. Somewhere along the line (1.7) the Endermen failed in this mission and Herobrine tried to escape he fell off the edge, the void then gave him power and transformed him into the Enderdragon, then he hypnotised the Endermen into being the monsters they are today, the end credits are probably Endermen thanking you, but unknown to them when you "kill" him he actually just uses a special power that revives him once you're gone.

Herobrine was removed so many times there is now a superpowered negative Herobrine.
Mojang has allegedly removed Herobrine... what, six times? This means they have actually added a negative Herobrine five times, and those five have all joined together to form one impossibly powerful anti-Herobrine. He has completely black eyes, and his name is Enirboreh.

Herobrine is the guardian of the Minecraft worlds.
Once, Herobrine arrived as one of many starry eyed dreamers, much like the Steve?s that show up now. But back then, the Minecraft worlds were much more terrible, with beasts from The Void roaming the lands. Herobrine's bretheren died one by one. He survived through everything, and chose to stand beyond the edges of the world, keeping The Voidlings away from the Minecraft worlds until such a time where the collective knowledge of the Steve?s reaches a point where they're able to face the denizens of the Void in a fair battle. And sometimes... sometimes he comes to the Minecraft worlds just to watch the newcomers and remind himself of why he fights his never ending battle. The new monsters that show up are a sign of Steve?'s collective knowledge increasing and improving their ability to survive.

Herobrine is a coward.
Think about it: The original claim stated that he ran away when chased, Fanon rarely shows him and Steve? fighting one-on-one, and maps where he is the antagonist have him sending waves of minions on you instead of fighting you directly. The big thing about this, though, is how he reportedly kills everyone: teleporting behind them and attacking. If you remember correctly, attacking from behind is a show of cowardliness.

Herobrine will be the Big Bad of Story Mode.


Creepers are genetically modified pigs.
Scientists, hired by companies such as McDonald's, Burger King and everyone else that sells bacon, pork, bacon or bacon, were tasked with creating a new, larger, more willing to die, tastier pig. One of these scientists screwed up, and accidentally succeeded at the larger and more willing to die part of his job, but accidentally made them horrifically mutated, making them oddly tall and a sick shade of green. The military, seeing potential in these horrific monsters, took them and added the ability to explode, creating an army of suicide bombing pig-things. They added in a bit of snake as well, causing them to be vicious and hiss.

Creepers are of the same species as the Slender Man.
A common theory about the origin of Slendy is that he's somehow evolved from trees. Creepers may very well be plant creatures of some sort. Both are shrouded in mystery and horror, with a penchant for (seemingly) random death and destruction.
  • Well, if that is true, then why isn't Slendy more... block-like?
    • Well for that matter, your character himself is awfully blocky himself.
    • Perhaps Slendy is a mutant, or maybe he's the "queen of the hive."

The Creeper is reproducing.
When it blows up, it spreads the spores of its young. It evolved from mushrooms.

Creepers explode to release spores so that they can reproduce, and the player unknowingly releases the pheromones that cause it to do so.

If creepers had no way of reproducing, their constant suicides would lead the species to go extinct, therefore, it's not entirely out the window that creepers reproduce by exploding into countless spores that are invisible to the naked eye. The player releases pheromones that cause the creeper to get excited and explode, thus continuing the species.

  • Perhaps the spores actually cause anyone nearby to mutate into creepers, and the player is the last surviving member of the species, because he is immune. He then decided to attempt to cure the plague, à la I Am Legend, but gave up, and he now wanders across the world, exploring and searching for a cure or survivors. Maybe the player doesn't release pheromones but creepers are attracted to non-mutated humans, ideally large groups but since you are the last survivor, you are their only target.
    • But why are they filled with sulfur rather than something more fitting, like said spores?
      • Because the spores thrive in sulphur.
    • Zombies are the infected humans, who have not yet morphed entirely. Thats why they try to push and eat you, without ever blowing up.
  • I recently wrote a post on the forum about this.
  • So..creepers are related to WH40k orks?
  • Creepers are hyper evolved peat

Creepers are blind.
Creepers can't see you through clear glass, but they can see you in pitch darkness. This suggest they rely on some non optical sensory input such as echolocation.

Creepers are just looking for a hug.
They don't burn in daylight like other monsters and their faces are in constant torment, Creepers are actually a peaceful race who are forced to act as unwillingly suicide bombers by the zombies and skeletons.

Creepers just want to play their records.
Creepers carry records (for some reason) and they just want to listen to them. However, since Creepers don't have hands, they can't put them into jukeboxes. When they see you, they run towards you because they know you can make (or have) a jukebox. Unfortunately, Creepers are Made of Explodium and blow up because of their excitement, thus destroying the record in the process. If you try to kill a Creeper, it will not give you the record upon death because you attacked it. If it is killed by a Skeleton, it drops the record because it was not suspecting to be killed by another hostile mob.
  • Ah, I see... if you kill the Creeper, then its last act is to break the record to spite its murderer. If a skeleton kills it, then it dies satisfied that at least someone else will be able to appreciate the record.
    • (Original Poster): You got the first part right, but the second wrong. If it is killed by a skeleton, it drops the record because it was caught off-guard (it wasn't expecting a fellow mob to kill it).

Creepers were bioweapons of the ancients.
They deliberately choose paths as to sneak up behind players, and their sole purpose is to find sentient beings and attack them, destroying themselves in the process. En masse, and with a leader behind them, they'd have been a terrifying siege weapon.
  • Makes too much sense. A creature filled with sulfur that explodes on any occasion really makes no sense evolution-wise. How would they even reproduce? Bioweapons seems right.
  • Related, the Creepers (true to their nature) killed all the Ancients off. Also, Redstone is actually some kind of photosensitive virus or something that only affects dead bodies, reanimating them with a violent behavior. Thus, Skeletons and Zombies now roam around the night and in caves.

Creepers are the result of an alchemy experiment Gone Horribly Wrong.
Taking a diverging point from the above WMG, the creepers were not weapons but originally designed as mining tools. The experiment promised to be the ultimate demolition tool; a cheaper alternative to dynamite (Making a creeper would only take a dash of gunpowder as source while TNT takes several spoonfuls of gunpowder and sand), while allowing the miner to send it deeper into the shafts without endangering himself from mobs and other underground perils and detonating from a distance.

After the experiment proved to be a success, they were produced by the thousands to be distributed everywhere. Unfortunately, there was one major flaw: The resulting Homunculii proved to be extremely nervous and detonated whenever they were close their human masters. To make matters worse, they were designed to follow their masters aswell when in sight. Before the alchemists managed to fix this mistake, the Creepers destroyed the alchemy labs as well as a large chunk of civilization. The remaining Creepers that didn't detonate, wandered aimlessly into the world, endlessly looking for new masters to "serve".

Creepers are the spawn of an Eldritch Abomination.
They just seem to make no sense at all. Those are creatures that explode with the power of a bomb for no fathomable reason, and they don't look like anything that exists anywhere. They might be the lesser spawn of an Eldritch Abomination, what the Deep Ones are in the Lovecraftverse if I'm not mistaken.

Creepers are Crawlers.
And the characters from The Descent are actually just players on a multiplayer server who ran out of torches while exploring underground.

Creepers are a Hive Mind, or antlike.
First off, what living organism kills itself as an attack? Some species of insects do, but they're kinda unusual. However, the Creeper is far from an insect. No healthy animal that reproduces would consider killing itself, which can lead to believe that Creepers are part of a colony of some species. Creepers are merely its scouting and patrol personnel. This is also supported by the fact that they have 4 legs and are really good at moving across the terrain. Other parts of this hive are never encountered, or they may be encountered in future updates.

  • Also, it is impossible that Creepers are robots. You can kill them with a wooden sword.

  • does this mean thet there is a Creeper "Queen"?

Creepers are Gaia's Vengeance.
Imagine that the world is an intelligent, vast system that likes its own rules and existence. Then, you enter this world, like a virus trying to mutate the established system to your benefit. The world hates this, so it attacks you with everything its got, despite the fact that you just can't die permanently. It creates Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Creepers, Slimes, and Endermen to kill you, and each has its ways of messing with your mind to creep you out and force you to leave. The passive mobs are ones that the world likes and wants to keep because of their peaceful nature. Wolves are mobs that The Overworld likes, but their inherently violent natures serve to make them potentially loyal to you.

The Nether is another intelligent world you invade through The Overworld, and it has quite different tastes to the first one. It knows how to creep you out much better, and has a much better weapon against you, the Ghasts. Its world is much more hostile with all the lava everywhere because that's exactly how The Nether likes himself (or herself). It also likes the zombie pigmen much like The Overworld likes the passive mobs.

The Aether will be a similar world, with its own likes and dislikes. It will be just as, if not more dangerous, than The Nether because there will always be the danger of falling to your death.

This makes creepers the equivalent of fighting cancer with Radation Therapy. The creepers are dangerous to The Overworld, but sometimes the danger is so great that one must cross the Godzilla Threshold. Where do they come from, then? Well, Notch has stated that creepers are crunchy, like dried leaves. They might be Plant Aliens that The Overworld can just grow wherever it wants to attack you. The other aggressive mobs might be the exact same way, but they're just grown to look more animal-like to mess with you further.

Has The Overworld been trying to punish us for hurting it?

The reason Creepers run away from Ocelots and Cats is because...
The cats have used them as scratching posts before, they never explode on them because they wouldn't want to hurt such cute creatures so they substitute for staying the heck away from them.

Creepers don't die when they explode.
Rather, it's a complicated defense mechanism that Creepers evolved long ago. If a creature were to immediately die when it attacked something / defended itself, then that would lead the creature's species to just die out pretty quickly. When a Creeper explodes, its ashes (or whatever is left of them otherwise) slowly start to form back together using sunlight to help trigger photosynthetic cellular reproduction, allowing it to essentially regrow itself. That's also why you can only collect a Creeper's gunpowder/sulfur if you kill it outright. So a Creeper is kind of like a phoenix. But, you know, not a bird. And not firey. And bigger.

Creeper spawns are activated by a special beam undetected by Steves, triggered in the dark. They are soul sucking creeps.
Creeper explosions spawn tiny, microscopic eggs that hatch Creepers. These Creepers are invisible until the night beam triggers their growth, allowing the Creepers to grow to about 300,000 times their original size. The Creepers are taught to detest Steve, and are pre-installed with controllable dynamite. When you die, other Creepers, formerly sick and without much health, suck on your soul for dinner and suck the eyes out of your smoldering corpse. They proceed to rip off your face muscles, break your blood vessels and drink any blood that spills onto the ground, And invite Zombies and sell them brain lollipops, the Skeletons glue flesh onto themselves, as is when the Creepers stab the eyes they sucked on, cut your head off with the records they're holding, and smash your bladder straight open. As the Spiders turn the rotting corpse into a sickening puke green, even Endermen join the party when they punch your skin open, draining out all the pus, blood, and bile that you had inside of you. You wake up the next morning, unknowing of what happened last night.

Creepers are piles of leaves that have been animated by evil mages.
Word of God said that they are crunchy like dried leaves. Creepers were animated for the sole purpose of causing death. Once they exploded, the mages would find another pile of leaves to animate. The Creepers are frowning because they know what's going to happen to them, and can do nothing to stop it. And they can't kill their evil masters, because the mages who animated them are long dead.

Creepers are most definitely trees.
This cannot be stated enough.

So, according to Brian's Winter, trees can explode in cold temperatures. The reason that creepers are able to explode is because they are trees. However, this would not explain why they can explode in the desert and not just the tundra. Perhaps they are cold-blooded? Maybe part lizard? That may explain their strange style of walking.

Creepers were an early experiment by Illagers.
They proved too hard to control, however.


The Ghasts are the descendants of Octabrains from the Duke Nukem series.

Ghasts are the ghosts of players from abandoned/deleted worlds.
Now filled with rage at the living over the fact that they will not live to be played into beta, their hatred became manifest in the Nether, and madness fuels their demonic powers. And now you will never delete a world again.
  • Oh my god! That explains why they fire at the camera and not at the player! They don't want to harm one of their own, they want to kill the puppet master controlling them!
  • Oh, it's okay. I wasn't planning on going to sleep anyway... T_T
    • I was. And I just deleted a world. Because that's not scary. Because Ghasts are content as the Guardians of the Nether's materials.

Ghasts are emoticons brought to life by magic or evil or some such.
T_T -_- 0A0 *Fireball*

Ghasts don't want to kill you.
Look at a ghast's face when it attacks you, it's clearly crying. Maybe the ghasts are friendly and don't want to kill you but something might be forcing them to.

Ghast shoot fireballs accidentally.
They drop gunpowder on death, meaning their bodies are filled with it. They're trying to talk, but doing so ignites the gunpowder, and they screech with pain, expelling it from their bodies. Then they shut their mouths, realizing their mistake. Then they try again, thinking they can talk without shooting off another fireball. They aren't hostile, just stubborn.

Ghasts are the result of a failed experiment.
A sheep/squid crossbreeding experiment. (From the adventure map "The EDEN Project".)

Ghasts are the past lives of Steve?
Each time Steve? dies, a Ghast is created out of that past life, and then Steve? is reborn. The Ghasts are crying because they've been stuck in an And I Must Scream. They don't mean to shoot fireballs at you, but they do. Once you kill them, they are freed and now can finally stop floating around in the Nether for eternity.


Endermen are familiars of Homulilly, and the End is her barrier.
No, seriously, look at this!
The Endermen are the restless souls of miners that fell in the void.
They carry blocks, as it's one of the few things they remember of their former lives. They attack you if you stare at them because they remember enough to still feel shame.
The Enderman Lore:
The noble endermen are an ancient alien race which once explored the void in their mobile homeworld, The End. They are watched over by their gardian spirit, the Ender Dragon. One day, The End got stuck in orbit around Minecraftia and the endermen sent scouts down to the blocky blue planet to investigate. The scouts constructed underground strongholds with End Portals for quick transport. Endermen started to populate Minecraftia looking for love and aid in these dark times. The Testificates were frightend by the tall black beasts and got out the torches and pitchforks, millions of endermen were massacred! Eventually, the testificates of the world found the various strongholds and led a vicious attack on The End, reducing it to to a barran wasteland and deactivatng the portals on the way out. Now millions of endermen wander minecraftia, looking for comfort amongst the players, and only finding death. As for their odd berserk button, well their either shy or feel offended by you staring at their crotches.

The Endermen are beings entirely composed of dust.
This would explain the black clouds they leave behind, as well as the reason water destroys them.

Endermen are the true sentient species of the Minecraft world
Think of it like The Ωmega Man. You, the player character, are the last human after a great cataclysm (Likely something Nether-related). The twisted magic of the Nether give rise to a new race of Humanoid Abomination's known as the Endermen (Because they're The END of men). Whenever they see a human like you, they stop and stare because they're trying to tell if you're real or not. Move and they kill you, same as the way you prey on other Mob's. Also consider that they're the only Mob shown with enough intelligence to create rather than destroy.

The Endermen are the lingering souls of humans who did not go to the Sky Dimension, or to the Nether.
Doomed to wander the Earth as lost souls, they try to make do by attempting to rebuild their shattered world, and they don't want anyone to witness humanity's final form, so they kill anyone who gazes upon them. By wearing a pumpkin on your head, they can't see your eyes, so they go along with their ways, they run quickly towards you so that they can kill you/die quicker, and at least be free of their torment. It's like NieR (Endermen=Shades)

The Endermen are Hell Valley Sky Trees.
Meet the Hell Valley Sky Trees. These guys are from an easter egg in Super Mario Galaxy 2. What are they? Why are they staring at you? Nobody knows. Now then, if Hell Valley Sky Trees were drawn in Minecraft's blocky style, what do you suppose they would look like?

Endermen aren't NPCs, but rather they're all being controlled by the real Slenderman
Slendy finally got the 20 dollars he needed to buy minecraft

Endermen only move blocks in the middle of the night just to give a little variation to the land.
They think it's boring that certain areas are left the same as they always are. Unfortunately, their memory is very short, leading them to take blocks from houses.

The Endermen only came into Steve?'s world because the Far Lands were destroyed.
Building off of their accidental removal in the 1.8 patch and Word of God all but claiming the Endermen to be from the Far Lands, some sort of catastrophe happened to either seal or otherwise eradicate the Far Lands in-universe. The Endermen that spawn in your worlds have been displaced, forcibly or not, and are simply trying to make due in an alien land, and turn hostile when you focus on them due to a misconception that Steve? destroyed their home realm.
  • In addition...

The Endermen are trying to rebuild the Far Lands.
Random ravines which vaguely resemble the shape of Far Land terrain appeared in Steve?'s world at the same time the Endermen did. They are digging these ravines in an attempt to make their new home more like their lost homecountry.

The Endermen are ninjas.
The Endermen are ninjas on a covert mission which, for some reason requires them to move random stuff around. This is why they attack Steve? only when he looks directly at them: as ninjas, they do not want to be seen. They wait a moment before attacking because they want to throw Steve? off his guard. The ability to teleport is some form of mystical ninja jutsu.

The Endermen are the true Gods of Minecraft
A long time ago, humans like Steve roamed the world, creating structures and mineshafts and the like. However, they began destroying the landscapes and using it to build idols in their vain image. They also almost discovered the Nether. The Endermen, sensing the repulsive nature of the humans and knowing the Nether would corrupt the world, judged humanity as a whole, deemed them unworthy, and started fresh. Gradually, nature returned and a semi-sentient race of creatures entered the remains of the villages. However, the humans had one last spiteful act: putting a human in stasis with one goal on his mind when he revived: surviving. Eventually, the Endermen realized that a human was roaming the lands again, and once again came down to Earth. However, this human had opened the door to the Nether, weakening the Endermen's connection to this dimension and taking away their full potential. However, this human will eventually prove resourceful enough to venture into heaven itself (the Ender) and meet the Endermen in their homeworld...

Magic existed in the Far Lands.
There was natural magical energy in the Far Lands, which explains the insane structures, and sand and gravel floating. The Squid, as slightly magical creatures (Evidenced by the ability to 'Fly' when out of water) were naturally drawn to the Far Land caverns. The magic in the air slowed Time, explaining the lagging experienced in the Far Lands. The Endermen and Enderdragons were creatures of magic, which shows in the Endermen's teleportation, and the Enderdragon's ability to destroy blocks.The Endermen invoked this magic to spawn infinite mobs and stop people from reaching their part of the Far Lands, which resembled The End. Upon the destruction of the Far Lands, the Endermen migrated to the main map, bringing their magic with them. The player will learn how to tap into this magic (the upcoming Potions and Enchantment). The Endermen attack when the player looks at them because they think you will attempt to steal their magic. They steal blocks so they can turn them into Obsidian/Whitestone to use them to build The End as a new home. They created the Enderdragon as the protector of their new realm. However, some Endermen will remain in The Overworld post-1.9 because The End is not yet completed, as evidenced by the sections of open void.

The Endermen are the player character, from another time.
Endermen attack you when you look at them, because you cause a paradox by viewing them and they feel the need to right what was wronged. Additionally, after the Full Release, They can only pick up blocks that the player can mine with their hands themselves, because they don't have pickaxes yet. The only reason that the player doesn't view them as what they look like is because they can't handle the idea of seeing another one of themselves. The teleporting that they do is jars in the system that they use to travel in time, causing lag, making them seem to teleport.

Endermen are the spirits of players who died in Hardcore Mode.
The player cannot recover the world without third party tools and the End vaguely resembles some kind of world in ruin. My theory is that the End is the ruins of every failed Hardcore mode. After all it doesn't generate more than just that little island. The Endermen are the players that failed, thus why there are so many of them in the End. They get to the Overworld by getting killed by the dragon. As for the dragon... what do you think destroys all those worlds?

Endermen are aliens; their pearls are teleportation devices.
The End is in space (maybe a dark nebula? that would explain the starless sky) and the Endermen are aliens.

The ender pearls are no more a part of an Enderman than your phone is a part of you. An ender pearl, under the control of an Enderman, can be used to teleport anywhere, an unlimited number of times, even to other planets like the overworld.

Steve, on the other hand, has no idea how to properly use an ender pearl, and simply throws it to teleport, breaking the pearl in the process. As it breaks it gives off a burst of intense radiation, causing 5 damage (2 1/2 hearts).

When ender pearls come in contact with concentrated sulfur, which I'm guessing is a major part of blaze powder, they switch from "teleport mode" to "find and activate the nearest portal" mode, turning it from a pearl into an Eye of Ender. In "find and activate the nearest portal" mode, it just needs to be in the air to work properly.

As for the terrain itself? The End used to be a volcanically-active planet, shattered when the dragon egg at its core hatched. The Enderdragon, trying to escape from the Enderworld's core, made it out by completely demolishing the world. The obsidian towers were the lava conduits of volcanoes that survived the explosion, Suddenly lacking their source of heat, they cooled down and eventually meteorite impacts eroded the softer rocks away, covering the End in its craters.

The rest of the Enderworld collapsed back into itself and formed a new planet, which wandered the solar system until it fell into orbit around a blue-green planet, the overworld.

An Enderman can use static electricity to attack
Their purple particle effects are the result of trying to absorb energy from the air. The electrons, flowing toward the Enderman, cause the air to glow. His attacks are so powerful because he's shocking you. The reason Endermen take damage from water is because water is conductive, and it discharges their built-up static electricity. The charge flows through the Enderman's body, in a sort of Hoist by His Own Petard effect.

Endermen are Eldritch Abominations...
...and should you look directly at one, what appears to be them attacking you is actually their assaulting your mind with their sheer reality-warping terror until your character dies from a brain aneurysm.

By that same token, The End is an Eldritch Location, stuffed to the gills with eldritch Endermen as well as the most grotesque abomination of them all, the Ender Dragon.

Endermen are the Derpy Hooves of Minecraft
They're attempting to help you build. They're not terribly intelligent, but they want to help you, so they pick up any old block. However, they are incredibly shy and become anxious and violent when you stare at them. As well, when you attack them, they believe you're refusing their help and attack you, insulted. They're just kindly, stupid creatures who want to be friends with you and build things with you! But they might go out there and grab a block from your structure or ruin a redstone setup or even accidentally cause a lava flow to kill you. They just don't know what went wrong!

Endermen are the Highly Visible Ninjas of their dimension.
  • They aren't actually all identical; they're just all wearing black ninja outfits which cover everything but their eyes. They go around stealing blocks and ignoring players because they think you can't see them. But when you look directly at them, they realise that you can see them, and so they try to kill you.

Endermen can see a possible future of someone who's looking directly at them.
  • They see Steve? killing them. Predictably, they freak out and try to prevent that particular vision from happening.

A theory of the Endermen's origin.
The Endermen originally were humans,peaceful,though with great magical power.As they divined the astral energy of their world,they were contacted by a Red Dragon.He promised them great power in exchange for their servitude and they accepted without hesitation.Pearls were given to them by the dragon,and they found out that they could teleport anywhere they wished and gained strength.They began to gather items to build a portal so the Red Dragon could cross into the world,but a hero (Steve) found out and attacked them.He managed to get to the Red Dragon,who made the crossing in time,and ripped the Eight Ender Eyes from his body.With a loud scream,the dragon released a World-Wrecking Wave,however,it charred his once-magnificent looks,turning him into the Enderdragon.The sorcerers also were affected,as their skins were incinerated,leaving them as an dark,ashy version of their former selves.The portal then collapsed,and the world behind the portal became The End.Steve,however,and the Enderbeings,fell through it.The Enderbeings were sealed there,while Steve fell in the Overworld,amnesiac.The End was barren and its inhabitants were just piles of ash,as after the portal exploded,their physical forms collapsed.Howeber,the Enderpearls reassembled the ash piles that were once the Endermen into humanlike forms,however into a twisted version,as their minds,once genial,were broken.Still,the consciousness inside the Pearls compelled them to ressurect their master.He rose again as the Enderdragon.Retaining the abilities conferred to them by the dark pearls,they began teleporting to the Overworld to recreate somehow the Portals.But,once they saw Steve,what remained of their human minds allowed them to remember their defeat at his hands and charged to attack him.

Endermen are the designers of the Minecraft world and are angry with the player for altering it
A long time ago, a race of gods or god-like beings now called the Endermen became bored with their bland, colourless world, and designed the Minecraft world and the peaceful and neutral mobs as an expression of their creativity. It was designed as cubes because everything in the Enderman's homeworld is designed as cubes, and that is all they were capable of conceiving as a shape. Having some notion of light from the Ender crystals in their homeworld, they got the idea to design an object with a concentrated form of that light in order to better see their creations, which they put in the sky. They created a separate night in order to remind them of their homeworld, and added stars and a moon as decorations When finished, they felt their new world was perfect. Whenever a player "creates" a new world, they are really tapping into different areas of the world that the Endermen created. When the Endermen saw that the players were killing their creatures as well as destroying their creation and redesigning it, they became angry and began to try to get rid of the players. First, they created the hostile mobs to frighten off players, or, if necessary, kill them. First, the Zombies and Skeletons, which, due to the Endermen only designing them to exist in darkness, ignited on contact with the powerful light of the sun. They at first thought that attacks on the players at night, when they had trouble seeing through the dark wilderness, would be enough. The Endermen realized that this was not as effective as they had planned and so they created Spiders and Creepers, which could survive during the day, but left the Zombies and Skeletons as an added threat during the night. When this method failed to discourage players, the Endermen entered the world themselves. They began to attempt to return the world to how it had once been when they first created it by moving blocks back to where they had been. In order to remain safe from the players (the only being they've encountered that is capable of doing them harm) they do their work under the cover of night or in dark caves and avoid players as long as possible. When a player looks at an Enderman, theEnderman feels as if they are being challenged by the beings that destroyed their creation and attack the player out of anger.
  • The Spiders, as I mentioned above, were initially created by the Endermen as one of the mobs to frighten away players, but they developed free will and began to admire rather than hate the players because they were the one being that could stand up to their controlling Enderman masters. They still attack players at night or in dark places out of fear that the if the Endermen saw that they respected the player, they would be punished. But in the morning, when the Endermen are gone or in caves, the spiders are able to interact peacefully (or more accurately, neutrally) with the player without fear of punishment.
Endermen are telepathic
  • They read minds by eye contact, they can shield their minds so that other Endermen only read the thoughts they wish to transmit. However, Steve? can't shield his mind so when an Enderman makes eye contact with him it gets all his thoughts, feelings, and memories at once. This naturally causes pain and confusion and the Enderman lashes out at the source of the pain. They don't flip out at other mobs because they are too stupid to be overwhelming.
A couple of Enderman headcanons...
  • As said above, Endermen were from the Far Lands, easily navigable with their slender heightiness and teleportation, and are trying to make the Overworld more like their home country. The Far Lands were eaten by the Enderdragon, thus creating The End.
  • They are highly intelligent, but have no "theory of other minds"—they think everyone knows what they know and no more or no less. For one Enderman to look at another is a severely punishable offense, because looking directly at an Enderman freezes them. They think Steve? is one of them, and stare back to keep Steve? frozen, too. When Steve? moves, the Enderman attacks, which is considered normal in their society because it's incredibly rude to look at another Enderman and thus freeze them.
  • They have a complex society that possibly revolves around many tall structures to enable conversation without freezes. It would be interesting if someone spawned a bunch of Endermen in the game on a mode set with no water and no day period and just run it to see what happens.

The reason why Endermen attack only after the player stares at them is...
They're Eldritch Abominations, and everyone that gazes upon them rapidly becomes insane. Except Steve?.They're used to people going mad with fear at their sight, so when they meet a strange being who is apparently unfazed by their appearance, they shit their pants in fear because they have no idea what the hell Steve is and, since he's apparently immune to their appearance, who knows what the hell it would be able to do to them...

Endermites are the reason Endermen are easily provoked
Endermites are parasites that feed of of Enderman teleportation energies. The Endermen are constantly trying to shake them off, which is why they sometimes spawn when one teleports. This is also why Endermen get mad easily, as the endermites cause them pain, and why Endermen viciously attack them when one does spawn. It is too early to jump to conclusions just yet, but something along these lines might be what Dinnerbone's "ultimate plan" is with these things.

Endermen are the results of failed human FTL travel
During/after the war that ruined the world, human scientists were attempting to discover safe faster-than-light travel, as they felt something needed to be done to escape the war-torn world to survive. Ender Pearls were developed for short-range travel, and were successful, and end portal were developed for long-range travel, but it went horribly wrong. It twisted the test subjects into strange, semi-human beings, which explains why endermen aren't just mindless killing machines like zombies and skeletons are, and only attack in recoil, and if looked at, as they are disgusted by their mutated form, and want no one else to see them, a la the beast from Beauty and the Beast. The end portals were targeted at another planet that a life-signature was picked up, and all end portals linked to it, but instead of a rich, fertile planet, they instead found an eldritch abomination trapped on a lonely meteorite or something similar, which in turn, trapped them with it. Some of the test subjects managed to find their way home, but it was too late. Their FTL travel sent them way into the future, where most remains of human civilization have since vanished, but the bioweapons and irradiated mutants they tried to escape still roam.

Endermen are able to stop/slow down time for the world around them.
This is how they can get from one place to another so quickly. It could also explain why an agitated Enderman still shakes when the game is paused.

Endermen both want to build(like you), and have incredibly short attention spans
They pick up blocks, look for places to build, and then they place their block. Steve? is unintentionally giving them ideas with the things he makes. They end up pulling blocks out of his house and using them to build. Their sounds are them apologizing profusely for pulling blocks out of his house. If he stares at them, they think that he is not accepting their apology, while if he attacks them, they think that he is trying to take Revenge, so they Freak Out and attack. If they simply pull out a block and find Steve? in there, they flip out in guilt and attack him.

So how does the attention span play into this? Well, if they place a block, they rarely build on top of it. They simply forget that they even placed the block at all. And now you will never think of harming an Enderman again.

Endermen are from an ancient civilization
Long before Steve?'s presence in the world, there was an ancient civilization. An incredibly advanced civilization. They could do almost anything using their Magitek. The only problem? Their magitek was incredibly unstable due to how it worked. Their magitek ran off of a mysterious substancenote , which was prone to leaks. When it came into contact with them, the substance would radically alter their appearance and behavior. The structures you can find, like Strongholds, Temples, and Pyramids, are originally from this civilization. The reason you cannot find any members of this civilization who are not Endermen is because of a civilization-wide "ender essence" leak, transforming all members of this civilization into Endermen. And the Ender Dragon? Yeah, that's what they worshipped.

Other Mobs:

Prefix Mobs will make Minecraft unbearably difficult
Two words: Invisible Creeper
  • Two more: Fireproof Skeleton
  • And two more: Digging Creepers. That's right, Creepers that will dig into your house!
  • How about Exploding Slimes? The explosive force of creepers, plus the multiplication qualities of slimes.
  • Even worse than Invisible Creeper? INVINCIBLE Creeper.
  • Worse even than that? Teleporting Creeper.
  • How about invisible Enderman? You can hover your cursor right over them and not know it, and wonder what's hitting you!
  • Hybrid Creeper. Creepers that are combined with other mobs. Might not sound bad until you imagine an Enderman or Spider creeper.
    • Spider Creeper, Spider Creeper, does whatever a spider creeper does...
  • Move over Nazi Zombies, you're no match for the ruthless Nazi Creepers and their perfectly synchronized marching and exploding!
    • Nazi science sneers at the implausibility of training exploding organisms to march in formation!
    • Actually, I'm going to see if there's a feasible way to do this ...

The Zombie Pigmen were Raised by Wolves.
They work as a pack, they attack you when one of their own is hurt or killed...

The zombies and skeletons are the resurrected remains of dead players.
Hence why the zombies are identical to the player('s default skin). The skeletons are the remains of players who fell victim to Creepers. In the case of worlds in which the player in question hasn't died even once, zombies and skeletons are brought in from other worlds, via the Nether.

The Zombies and Skeletons were never human.
They are just ravenous creatures, kind of like animals, who outwardly resemble humans in order to trap them. That's right... they're dumb animals who want to eat you.

The chickens are spies.
More info here:

Every animal is fungus-based
FACT: Animals only spawn on grass. An infinite number of them can spawn from one block of grass. How? Seriously, what. Well, I have the answer: the animals are mushrooms. Their spores are packed into the ground but can only gain nourishment to grow from rotting grass (if there's only dirt or stone, they grow into normal mushrooms). When they die, they explode into a spore cloud, not just generic smoke effects. This would also explain how every animal can reproduce with every other animal of the same species — they're asexual. Themysterious breeding process brought on by feeding them wheat is actually just them growing at hyperspeed and producing a little animal instead of a bunch of spores. And the evil mobs are just a hardier strain of fungi that can grow in total darkness with little nourishment. (Presumably, the Endermen are the one who planted all these mushrooms in the first place.)

Everyone in the Minecraft world is gay or lesbian.
The player is always male, the NPC villagers are always male, the breedable animals are always female. For each species, the opposite gender simply doesn't exist. Perhaps there was some biological cataclysm in the distant past, and reproduction is now sustained through magic.
  • What about the book Speaker for the Dead, in which the animals on a planet all have opposite genders that are actually plants — for example, the "piggies" manage to reproduced with the trees?

The Enderdragon is a mother.
Enderdragons drop an egg after spontaneously combusting, and if using Too Many Items, it is revealed to be indeed a dragon egg. So the Enderdragon was just protecting her young from you? And when you think about killing the mom... I hope you have pistons and in a server with houses with doorstops.
  • Well, I mean. Confirmed? I don't think this even counts as a WMG. The Enderdragon is female even though she may not look it, and Word of God confirmed it a long time ago.
The villagers are all descendants of Squidward
It had to be said. The villagers and squids are the ONLY creatures in the game that don't make sound. Besides, how else do you explain those noses?

  • With the updates, they now sound a bit like Squidward if you ask me.

All mobs (but not animals!) are just a stage of one thing
Endermen pick up blocks and put them somewhere else. Remind you of anyone? When you look at them, they become fully aware of you, and survey the area, like a lot of players do. They don't seem to be aware of tools, much like a new player.

The player is, well, the player. Not much to say here.

The zombies are dead players, re-animated for the next stages. They attack with hands, but no longer affect blocks because they no longer care for some reason or another. They even use the same model as the player, with just a different skin.

The creature can split to either side here. It can become a skeleton, or a creeper.

A skeleton has rotted away fully, but has a new advantage — a bow. Years of looking at tools as a zombie have lead to learning how to use the bow, and they use them to hunt down the player for killing their zombie and skeleton friends.

Creepers, like skeletons, learned what some item or another was, but creepers discovered TNT and seeds. While they lost the ability to attack normally, they have gained the ability to make no sounds besides those heard around plants. The TNT gave them their only attack — explosion. Angry at the player for destroying a very large amount of plant life, they hunt down the player and destroy them the only way they can.

Zombies try to break down doors to get inside before sunrise.
They recognize doors as a "safe place" marker and, if you or a villager are on the opposite side of the doors, they assume they're not in the side that's a safe place. This is why zombies sometimes seem to gather in villages during the night; it's not a quirk of spawning or pathfinding, they're trying to get in before sunrise and they get more and more desperate, and keep at it as other zombies arrive, as dawn approaches.
There will never be a mob nearly as annoying as a skeleton.
Walking around at night? In a cave? Found and abandoned mineshaft? A skeleton has an 88% chance to come out of nowhere and shoot their infinite arrows at you until you either run out of range or kill him/her/it.

Villagers used to be badass superwarriors.
Previous generations of Villagers probably had lots of muscle, and could probably take down the Wither without much of a sweat. But generations and generations resulted in them becoming as they are now, with the only remnants being the Iron Golems, modeled after such badass superwarriors.

Blazes are incredibly powerful fire elemental demons
Blazes are beings made of fire that appear in the Nether, throw fireballs at you, can't be damaged by fire, emit smoke, and can be killed with water or, if they're in the Nether, snowballs. Ancient mages attempted to summon these beings and bind them to their will because Blazes were basically fireball-tossing billion-degree-hot slaughtering machines, which is why you can find Blaze Spawners in Nether Fortresses. The mages half succeeded... keyword here being "half". The spawners worked, meaning the mages had succeeded in summoning them... but they couldn't control the Blazes. In retaliation, the Blazes attempted to completely incinerate the mages with hellfire, bones and all. They succeeded in killing all the mages in the Nether, but there were still mages in the Overworld, which is why Evokers can be found. After that, the Blazes took over all the Nether Fortresses and attempted to kill anyone who stepped inside. The remaining mages in the Overworld don't try again because A: they know what happened to the first mages who attempted to bind these beings, and B: Blazes had slowly weakened over time, becoming much less powerful than they were when the ancient mages attempted to bind them, while still retaining their status as the Elite Mooks of the Nether.

The Wither is the deity of the Minecraft world
Because that's a scary thought. Oh, and, once you kill him, you become the deity of the ''Minecraft'' world without knowing it, and you'll probably never learn you were once a deity.

Silverfish are descendants of Endermites.
So, at some point, humans created a portal to the End (or the Endermen created a portal to the Overworld — it doesn't really matter for this theory), then Endermen began to appear in the Overworld by coming through the portal. Back then, Endermen were very vulnerable to Endermites (think getting fleas or ticks or something), and upon reaching the Overworld, mass amounts of Endermen teleported away to try to rid themselves of Endermites, scattering across Earth. Endermen eventually built an immunity to Endermite infestation, which is why they don't create Endermites anymore (though the player isn't immune, and spawns mites when teleporting via pearls). The Endermites that were left in the Stronghold that the Endermen teleported to Earth from evolved into the modern Silverfish that we have today, trading a stronger offense ability for the capability to dig into stone.

If a Woodland Mansion is flooded, the various Illagers therein have done horrible things to the builder(s) in consequence.
They're a vicious bunch, after all.

Cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, horses, donkeys, and llamas are actually their real life wild counterparts
Cows are aurochs-like oxen, chickens are junglefowls, sheep are woolley mouflon, pigs are wild boars, horses are Przewalski's horses, donkeys are African wild asses, and llamas are guanacos. It makes sense if wolves turn into tamed dogs and ocelots used to turn into tamed cats. And why would farm animals be roaming around the world aimlessly?

Piglins are sinful Villagers after their death
It makes sense if Nether is Minecraft's version of Hell, Piglins are civilized as Villagers, and baby Piglins never grow up.

Villagers worship those two mysterious entities who tell you the poem after you kill the Ender Dragon.
The basis for this theory— one is that they build church-like structures, implying that they have some sort of religion. Also, those entities are cagey about their species and say that they could be referred to with many seemingly-contradictory terms, including "angels".

Seeing as the entities refer to life as "the Long Dream", maybe villagers also have a belief that when you die, you'll wake up in a bed in the afterlife.

    Future Updates 
Wolves won't be your only allies
In a future update there would be other mobs (such as non-zombie pigmen) that the player can tame/befriend, eventually forming a band of travelling warriors.
  • Somewhat confirmed; Notch has said that he'll add NPC villages in a future update, but how exactly this will work is up for further speculation.
  • In fact, definitely confirmed with the arrival of Snow Golems in 1.9
  • Plus cats and iron golems in full-release 1.3.

Saddles CAN be crafted in a future update
I am convinced about this with the achievement tree; the one where you ride a pig off a cliff requires you to get leather first.
  • Confirmed.
    • Unconfirmed. Nathan Adams has said that they will not be including a crafting recipe for saddles.

Herobrine is not in the game... yet.
Notch will eventually decide that Herobrine is too good a concept to waste, so he will be implemented into the game as part of the last update. He'll only show up when you have covered enough area/done something else very specific, so he'll be basically a secret final boss. Now how will he attack you? Simply, he will have the same tools, ingenuity, determination as the player does. He may attack you directly with a diamond sword or indirectly with bows. He may try to crush you with falling blocks triggered by redstone. He may try to blow you up with TNT. He will be ingenious, completely unpredictable, and terrifying.
  • That could manifest in some interesting ways. Maybe random traps will start showing up in caves and dungeons. Or worse, he could sabotage areas you've explored but haven't recently visited: things like removing torches, redirecting lava or water, adding spawners, etc. *Shudder* even single player games won't be safe from griefers any more...

The two beings in the End Poem will have something to do with a post-credits sidequest.
The player remembers his encounter, and begins to search for them, gathering tons of resources and subjugating the Testificates. All to build a massive rocket, to go to the center of the universe to go and do more crazy stuff. Or maybe, just more bosses.

A future update will make Minecraft manifest and evil.
Notch will accidentally give Minecraft sentience, and make it Manifest and evil. He will then send it back in time to save the world. This manifestation becomes the Replicators, and branches the Stargate universe of from ours. This is lent possibility by the fact that, as seen in Stargate: The Ark of Truth, Replicators are programmed in JavaScript, and Minecraft is programmed in Java.
  • JavaScript and Java have nothing to do with each other.

The Dragon Egg will hatch into a baby dragon, which you will be able to raise
You will be able to level it up, and it can gain new attacks. You can also ride it. Okay, this would be very unlikely, but admit it, it would be pretty cool.
  • During a livestream, Jeb has hinted at the possibility of this being added into the actual game in the coming updates. Apparently, this was Notch's idea before he stepped down.

Creepers will get their own dimension
So, Mojang has created three original mobs, Enderman, Ghast and Creeper. Ghasts live in their own dimension, the Nether, while Endermen are in the End, but unlike Ghasts, they can spawn in the real world. Now what we are looking forward is the Creeper dimension. It's possible that Sky Dimension is meant to be the home of Creepers, because Sky Dimension has been under construction for a long time, and Creeper has been in the game before Ghast and Enderman. So, is Notch/Mojang planning on the biggest dimension yet? With the true final boss?
  • It's also possible that the Creeper Dimension is the Overworld. Considering Creepers are basically the mascot of Minecraft, and the Overworld is what most people think of when they think of Minecraft, and that Creepers at least seem to be native to the Overworld, it's not that big of a stretch.

The baby Ender Dragon (or whatever hatches from the egg) will be what allows the player to access the Sky Dimension.
It makes sense. You need stuff from the Overworld to get to the Nether, and you need stuff from the Nether to activate the End Portal. Since we've got an enormous egg that is as yet incapable of being hatched, the egg is in a dimension where the only creature other than Endermen is a giant, hostile flying creature, imprinting is a thing that happens (at least in our world) and might be the way to get a tame Ender dragon, and we've got an expected sky-dimension coming up sooner or later. It's only logical to reach that conclusion.

Sky Dimension Big Ol' Theory Amalgam.
The Sky Dimension is reached by completing the End (possibly by hatching the egg and taming a baby Ender Dragon, as above). Once there, the Sky Dimension is pretty much a pure creative zone, thousands of blocks high. If you make enough of a world, then build up and reach the top, you find an epilogue to the sequence after the End. That's probably when the game's going to go Gold and reach Release Version 1, at least in my opinion, but it's certainly possible that Notch is going to leave Minecraft in Beta mode until he feels he's done all he possibly can to both expand the game and wrap up the story, even if the story is wrapped up before the game's expansion is complete (like how Dwarf Fortress is indefinitely in Beta Mode until The Toady One feels that it's good enough to be called Version 1.0). Alternately, the egg itself works to get you to the Sky Dimension, by pplacing it near your bed at night or some other method of activating it (see: Notch's original plan to have you visit the Sky Dimension in your/Steve?'s dreams).

Stats will be introduced in a future update.
Notch and Jeb have talked about the possibility of upgradeable stats for a long time, and while they haven't yet been introduced, the idea hasn't been officially scrapped, either. As of the latest snapshot, experience can be gained from mining all ores except iron and gold, which provide experience when smelted. This leaves the experience system totally broken, with a single in-game day's mining providing as much as 80 levels. Either Jeb wants to encourage players to enchant more, or there's another use for experience in the works.
  • Well, hey, even though it's unrealistic to be able to punch a tree until you get the pieces to make a rowboat and a stone-carving pickaxe, it's just as unrealistic and far more annoying to spend hundreds of in-game hours crafting and using potions and tools but being literally no better off than you were before all of that just because your by-then mostly memorized books were damaged by fire or you misplaced your "quickest" axe.

The Wither is the Grim Reaper.
Think about it. It cannot be escaped. Neither can death. It breaks every barrier, kills all in its way. You being found is inevitable, and so is death.

We'll see more neutral mobs that can be tamed in a similar manner to wolves.
And these mobs will be dragons and horses. Jeb mentioned he had an interest in the latter, and Notch mentioned he wanted to get the former in.
  • Horses confirmed.

When Notch's real brother dies, Herobrine will be added to the game.
Herobrine was said to be Notch's dead brother. However, Notch said that he has a brother that's not dead. When he actually dies Herobrine will be added. Don't get any bright ideas though.
  • That would be in extremely bad taste.

An unbeatable hostile mob will eventually be added to the Overworld.
It will be relatively rare, and if you run into it your only option will be to hide. It will also either be confined to one particular biome, or the update will also add a new object that places a bubble of protection around a certain area (that will only keep it from entering said area, not kill it), for the sake of still being able to build a safe home.

Future Splashes

Possible future mobs (feel free to add)
  • Pandas
    • They might break sugarcane blocks and eat sugarcane items that they find.
    • Confirmed. Pandas were added in 1.14 alongside bamboo.
  • Frogs
    • Similar movement animation as rabbits, but smaller and only found in swamps.
    • Possible drop: frog's legs, a food item.
    • Frogs confirmed for the Swamp biome update. Unfortunately, it didn't win the poll against the badlands and mountains, so it's going to be a while longer. The version which will include it is TBD.
  • Whales
    • Large, passive mobs with a crapton of health found in deep ocean biomes.
    • White whales as a rare variant. Neutral instead of passive, a powerful ramming attack, and not to be provoked lightly.
  • Hermit crabs
    • Would spawn in ocean biomes and/or beaches. Their shells might come in a range of colors and patterns.

There will be more biome-specific mobs in the future
With the recent (as of writing this between 1.12 and 1.13) introductions of husks, strays, polar bears, llamas, illagers and parrots, all of which are exclusive to certain biomes, there definitely seems to be a trend. Plus, it promotes exploration by giving some extra incentive to go look around in other biomes.

Possible future types of trees
  • Cherry trees, with pink "leaves" and reddish wood.
  • Some form of fruit tree — possibly the cherry trees, possibly apple trees or something else — meant to provide another option for food generation.
    • The leaf blocks would have small, colored dots scattered among the leaves to represent fruit and a high chance of dropping fruit items (say, similar to the chance of dropping a sapling) when broken.
    • They might be found in small "orchards" in villages.
  • Giant versions of preexisting trees, like what "redwood trees" are to fir trees.
  • Ebonies, rarer trees found in jungles, with black wood. Since ebonies and persimmons are technically the same type of trees (they're one genus, and classified as one or the other based on wether they're specialized for fruit or wood production) they might drop persimmon items the way oak trees drop apples.
  • Maple trees with red leaves, which can be harvested for maple syrup. When broken, their leaf blocks may drop a maple leaf item that can be used to make a special banner pattern.
  • Mangrove trees were confirmed to go with the Swamp biome. Unfortunately, it didn't win the poll against the badlands and mountains. The version which will include it is TBD.

The Nether is the next thing that will get overhauled
  • Okay so they've overhauled the oceans and now oceans are cool and interesting. They've overhauled villages so now there are legitimately interesting things to do there. A little while back they sort of overhauled the End but really not nearly enough. But they've barely done anything with the Nether. It's super boring. What do you get from there? The materials to reach the End (arguably more boring than the Nether) and the materials to make a god of death that will destroy everything you've ever made. So they've really gotta give it an overhaul. It's the logical next thing.
  • Confirmed through the Nether Update as shown during Minecon Live 2019, which will introduce new Nether biomes and mobs. And it is an enormous update too.

A hypothetical post-End dimension.
So let's say, at some point in the future of the game, the devs have overhauled the End as they've now done with the Nether. The End Update's been released and is a solid part of the game. We have our new materials (perhaps even a material tier above Netherite to play around with), new End biomes, new End mobs and items and mechanics, and so on.

The point is, between the End having more to do there and the Overworld having previously been overhauled with the long asked for Caves & Cliffs Update back in 1.17, Minecraft seems rather well-rounded.

So, with that in mind, the devs decide its finally time to add a 4th dimension to the game.

This new dimension is only accessible after the defeat of the Ender Dragon, as the tool to access it requires a crafting ingredient only dropped by the dragon — such as the egg or its breath — as well as a Nether Star from the Wither, to ensure the player has been travelling around a bit (perhaps the Breath and Star would work together as something similar to the Flint and Steel for the Nether Portal).

What's in this dimension in particular, I'm unsure, as this entire WMG is literally just the result of a half-formed idea, but I picture its atmosphere as a thick white mist (the End is dark, and the Nether also leans to the dark side of the spectrum, so why not) that provides a larger view distance than the Nether or the End, but is almost a wall of white with how suddenly it starts at that range, and gets much closer and more oppressive than anywhere else in the game in certain biomes. I also imagine this world has the same 8:1 movement effect vs. the Overworld that the Nether has (or something similar but with a slightly different scale), using a similar sort of portal, albeit made of other materials, to traverse between the two.

That aside, though, there's no civilization or even ruins here.

All of the previous dimensions have had signs of civilization, be it present in the remnant Piglins and the humble Villagers, or past in the form of the ruins and abandoned structures that are literally everywhere. Not this dimension, though. The whole idea is that, while the prior 3 dimensions represent you walking in the footprints of those who came before you, none of those peoples ever got here. The only life here is plant, animal and monster, and maybe other, more unknown things. This a true wilderness, where you are the first explorer to set foot, and where the buildings and ruins of the other dimensions are replaced by a strange variety of oddities and creatures (some of which might not even have proper names, or might not be revealed in snapshots, only turning up in the main release for players to discover themselves), far more brutal than the Nether or the End from how new they are alone.

As such, continuing the tradition of 'The' dimensions, this world is called The Wild.

Gaming is going to get way more awesome
Right, well there's been a bunch of Minecraft clones popping up. It's being used as a insult and maybe rightly so. But what I think is neat is that this is similar to DOOM clones. When DOOM was released it was a massive success. As in MASSIVE success. Like Minecraft. And clones and clones started popping up. People didn't call them FPSs, they were DOOM clones. Right up until some even more awesome games came out that solidified the genre. I think that the same will happen with Minecraft. However, there is a dark side to this. If Minecraft is similar to DOOM, then maybe Notch is similar to John Romero. A brilliant creator who had a huge hit. Then makes something that's the laughingstock of the gaming world. Maybe Notch will go the same way! Dun-dun-dun...
  • Except Romero was hardly the creator of Doom. He was an designer but one of several and did very little actual programming. That would be the other John (John Carmack) who, when not creating new technology, builds rockets (as in actual carry you to space rockets) for fun and buys cars for people he likes. 'cause he's rich.
  • Confirmed. Now we have Terraria, Starbound, Space Engineers, No Man's Sky, Ace of Spades, ARK: Survival Evolved, Subnautica and many more.

Notch will team up with the Toady One
Notch made an unrealistic "building" (though one can go adventuring) game with an unlimited game-space. The Toady One made a super-realistic "building" (though one can go adventuring) game with a limited game-space. What happens if they team up? Time Travel. And also the end of our current reality, but it'll be a sweet ride.
  • Their joint project will probably lead to cyberspace. Or some kind of AI.
  • This would be dream turned true. Someone give him this idea or something, we MUST get this forward!
  • The resulting game will be released once we have achieved quantum computing, as the sheer CPU and RAM strain is beyond current mortal comprehension. Either that or play now by switching to "Dwarf Physics."
  • What happens if they team up? FortressCraft.
    • Actually, they would make a much more original and fun game.
  • What happens if Notch, The Toady One, and Chris Hazard work together? True Godhood.

Startup lag is intentional.
Startup lag is an artistic choice by Notch; it is meant to symbolise the sheer disorientation of the player character, Steve?, as he wakes up alone in an alien world.

Minecraft is all a dream.
Everything that occurs within Minecraft and the worlds within it is inside Notch's head.

Jimi Hendrix is either from the future or the present, and he wrote Voodoo Child about his experience playing Minecraft
"Well, I stand up next to a mountain / And I chop it down with the edge of my hand / Well, I pick up all the pieces and make an island / Might even raise a little sand"

Notch is a Time Lord
His head is his TARDIS because it has to contain his gigantic brain.

Why Microsoft bought Mojang
Microsoft want the power of Minecraft so that they can make a new tool tier — they want to create the Windows Phone Pickaxe and use it to break into Apple Headquaters and steal the infinity stone.

Minecraft takes place After the End
You, as the only human in your immediate area of the Minecraft world, are the last of our kind, existing alone in a world that has reset itself after the Apocalypse. Perhaps you're the next in a long line of survivors; it's not that important where the player character came from — what is important is that hundreds of years have passed since civilization ended, and nature has thoroughly reclaimed the earth. Many years before the events of the game, the Zombie Apocalypse occurred, escalating from your basic outbreak to a desperate nuclear war which ultimately wiped out every trace of humanity.

Several aspects of the game can be explained as results of this scenario:

  • Zombies: The last few long-surviving stragglers from the original hordes, or perhaps distant descendants thereof (maybe other human survivors who have been infected?). They continue to exist, though they struggle due to their limited mobility and intelligence.
  • Skeletons: A progression of the zombies. Their flesh has all rotted away, and they have learned to use tools (the bow) as well as basic combat techniques for hunting. They continue to possess the zombies' instinct to kill humans, however, so when you show up they can't resist attacking.
  • Spiders: Mutants resulting from the immense radiation raised during the nuclear zombie war. These enormous mutations of normal spiders managed to adapt well enough to survive as their own subspecies.
  • Creepers: A bioweapon experiment Gone Horribly Wrong. Originally designed as an organic weapon to be sent into the midst of the zombie hoards and detonate, wiping out dozens at a time ... but they quickly turned on their creators. Somehow they learned to manufacture more of themselves, and continue as a species to this day, extremely hostile towards the remaining humans.
  • Strange land formations (e.g. enormous overhangs, floating islands, etc.): The nuclear assault on the earth's surface in an effort to end the zombies' onslaught resulted in drastic changes to the very makeup of the land itself, creating lighter-than-air materials that can support otherwise impossible landforms, such as floating islands and enormous undercut cliffs. (This might also explain why the elements of the world — the blocks — are so easily moved and manipulated by the player in order to build things, while many of the same materials today are not viable for construction.)
  • Multiplayer: The inevitable occurrence of multiple humans contacting and meeting each other, now working together (or against each other) to survive in the post-apocalyptic new world.
  • Underground mine shafts, ruins, and other structures (to be added in version 1.8): Some of humanity's creations were deep enough underground to avoid destruction when the surface was bombed into oblivion. These are the last pieces of human construction in existence.
  • NPC villages (to be added in version 1.8): Either humans have begun to rebuild, or another species (the unused Pigmen) has risen to power in the wake of humanity's self-destruction and begun to form a simple society reminiscent of that which humans had long before the end times.
    • The Millenaire Mod: Small pockets of civilization managed to survive in Normandy and India. Once the apocalypse was over they rebuilt civilization in the image of their medieval pasts, in order to maintain sustainability.

The pigmen were once a grand civilization
The pigmen once populated the Minecraft world, having a sprawling empire that stretched across the known world. However, they eventually discovered the Nether, and sent people there to colonize it, making the Nether fortresses. The Nether corrupted the pigmen though, turning them into zombie pigmen. A war broke out as the degenerated pigmen fought the normal pigmen, and after the war was over the pigman civilization was destroyed, leaving only villages and abandoned structures, while the zombie pigmen remained in the Nether, the portals destroyed, until one day, a two meter high human came along...

The Ending is Notch trolling

Look at it: A rediculously confusing and long conversation between two robots, followed by the credits, and a quote from Mark Twain?

Minecraft is an evil plot of Notch's
It's designed to make people act stupider so that he can be one of the few geniuses left on the planet. He's in MENSA.-Might've worked if he hadn't required a learning curve to figure it out, or left out redstone. I've relearned electronic theory using it.

Minecraft is Purgatory
To be more specific, the Overworld is. You were not good enough to go to heaven or bad enough to go to hell, so you get dropped into an empty world as a test. The monsters are sent as obstacles, the friendly/neutral mobs as supplies and potential allies. Also:
  • The Nether is hell, with the Ghasts being those who failed the test and were judged unworthy. The End is another form of Purgatory, for people who failed but were still not evil enough for the Nether. When the Sky world is added, it will be heaven.
  • Or the other worlds are also part of the tests, with the goal being the killing of the Ender Dragon.
  • People who are evil get reincarnated as monsters based on what their sins were. They have to work their way back up before they get incarnated as a human again and given another chance. The order is (maybe): Nether monsters -> Overworld monsters -> Endermen -> Animals -> NPC villagers -> player.
  • Endermen are eldric abominations who want to become human, so they copy the player by taking humanoid forms and moving blocks around. They entered Purgatory to be cleansed of their eldric nature, and when they die they reincarnate in the Real World as humans.
  • You are allowed to choose different modes so you have some control over your fate, and how you want to fulfill your "win" condition and be allowed to enter heaven. Some work them off through killing monsters, some by questing for great treasure, and some by creating great works of art.
  • In the end, you end up staying in the world you created. That's because you've passed the test by making this world into your own personal heaven.

Based on part of the above, with the monsters being people who have sinned, the sins they are guilty of are...
  • Wrath — mindless attacks
  • Violence
  • Suicide — the creepers are the souls of Islamist suicide bombers, to be precise. Quran says that victims of suicide are cursed to experience their death over and over and over, and creepers live to explode mindlessly.
  • Gluttony — now they are forced to be eternally hungry
Zombie Pigmen:
  • Gluttony and Lust
  • Sloth
  • Envy — they try to copy you
  • Sloth — they are passive beings who can't fight back
  • Lust — they can breed
  • Acting "slimey" — lying, cheating
  • Betrayal — in Biblical lore, this is the worst offense; that's why they are in the Nether. They always look like they're crying because of guilt.
  • Spiders:
Based on above the above, Minecraft is based on an interpretation of Buddhism
If you are evil, when you die you are reincarnated as an evil mob. If you are good, you reincarnate as a being of the sky dimension.
Some people are going to owe an apology to Notch
  • Quite a lot of people are constantly complaing about how Notch is too lazy to implement mod API. Jeb promised to add it in about a month ago. It's March and if Jeb is having problems with it, Notch's reasons are justitied.
Steve?, villagers and undead mobs are related
The original civilization created inmortality (respawn), things similar to SCP-914 and interdimensional travel.
  • They built the Strongholds and Nether Fortresses.
  • The same technology that respawns you near your bed got corrupted. The monster spawner is permanently attempting to revive its owner, but it fails, creating a humanoid monster that attempts to recover its flesh. Dungeons were once "bedrooms".
    • Why do some spawners generate spiders and silverfish? They got some bugs.
    • Intentional for Blazes. They are "fire golems".
    • They also had a portable technology. It got corrupted, too. That's why mobs spawn in the dark.
    • It requires energy, and only the Steve? has a fully working device. Distances for no-spawn, spawn, freeze and despawn are caused by your device powering it or causing interferences. Spawners are immune to interference, but also need more energy.
  • Some slimes went into the Nether, absorbed blaze substance, and became not just immune to fire, but also changed their shape and composition, becoming magma cubes.
  • Respawn tech doesn't work in the Nether (according to the code, that's the reason beds explode). They used to just go back to the overworld, but when the catastrophe arrived it closed the portal and trapped some of them trapped. They only managed to set the "disperse" version and got mixed with the pigs they brought inside.
    • Even if they knew the obsidian frame, they probably had another technology powered from one side that allowed them to bring overworld mobs.
  • Some of them lived isolated from higher technology and didn't get very affected. Except from zombies attempting to rebuild themselves with uncorrupted genetic material.
The crafting table is some kind of wooden SCP-914.
You set it to rough (blaze rod to powder) or fine (most recipes). There's also a simpler (portable) one.]]

What they evolved from...
  • Creepers: Mushrooms. They drop spores upon death and everywhere they go, which spreads and grows more.
  • Skeletons: Snowballs. They are white, and seem to have decided to take care of the projectile without being one.
  • Zombies: Wasps. Agressive and like to bang against walls to get in/out.
  • Spiders: Normal spiders aren't this big. They don't seem to have changed, but they seem to have gotten used to the light and is unhappy with darkness still.
  • Cave Spiders: The previous evelution of the Spider from the normal spider. They aren't as big, but still are quite venomous while the amount of poison in Spiders are too small as opposed to their entire body to feel.
  • Blazes: Gunpowder. They fire themselves at people, similar to skeletons, but they find other projectiles. They are quite flammable.
  • Ghasts: Snowflakes. Not only can they float down, but fly up. They used to fire like blazes but now they eat Blazes to fire. They have become so cold they no longer get effected by any heat, except for a bit of water from their eyes.
  • Zombie Pigmen: Pigs. They found a player's portal and hopped in, and decided to live there and have children, and their DNA started becoming copied and transferred through flames, and out of lightning bolts. If hitting pigs, they get the copied DNA, and upon hitting a Creeper, things go wrong and they evolve into Power Creepers.
  • Slimes: Starfish. They are quite sticky but are able to jump to get themselves unstuck now. If a starfish's leg is cut off, the leg grows into another. In this case it's rapid and spawns more at once.
  • Endermen: Rainbows. They don't like to be seen and teleport when looked at and near you. On the down side, they are more dull, possibly because they no longer get changed by rain/water.

The monsters are simply trying to protect the world.
From who? You. You're the one who showed up one day on their turf. You're the one who began stripping the earth of its resources. You're the one who started hunting the animals and chopping down trees, and you're the one who began to build over the natural landscape. The monsters are attempting to re-claim their territory.

Herobrine is the Steve?'s deranged Split Personality.
Think about it. Herobrine looks just like you, and is almost never seen, but is always there and always knows where you are. Who built these mysterious, twisted but clearly man-made structures. You did. You just don't remember. You don't really believe that time skips directly from night to morning when you go to bed, do you? You don't remember sleeping because you weren't sleeping. There is no Identical Stranger following you in the shadows. There's only you.

There is going to be a Minecraft movie.
Hell yeah, there better be. Notch reportedly leaked on Twitter that he might be working with the Warner Bros. on it. And that it may star YouTubers. Any potential plots for that? [[spolier Sadly, this seems to be a dead project, as Notch quit Mojang and no new comments have been said over this ever since.]]

Prismarine is somehow connected to the End.
Prismarine seemed to abnormally attract Endermen during its introductory updates. It also is a similar shade of green as the material on end portal frames.. Ender pearls might be some form of End-charged prismarine, as the cracks in prismarine blocks shine purple, a color associated with transport like nether portals and enderman particles. How Endermen are able to get any prismarine when the only sources are in water, which kills them, is probably some complex shenanigan involving teleporting guardians from ocean monuments up onto the obsidian towers in the End and kicking them off, killing them with fall damage. The prismarine being valuable and requiring interdimensional teleports get to for to endermen might explain why they're so attracted when you just leave some on land; They freak out at their goldmine instead of taking it.

Steve will appear in Story Mode.
But only in the form of a cameo. He would appear on either a poster at Endercon or appear at the end of the story. He'd walk up to Jesse, ask for directions to somewhere before revealing his name and everyone looks shocked for whatever reason.

At some point in Story Mode, there will be case of The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You.
Since all the characters are going to be in-universe players of Minecraft, this got me thinking. At some point, the Big Bad will break out of the game and start attacking real life, and as a possible side effect everything IRL will become blocky like in Minecraft (either that, or the game will keep it's style and never point this out).

[[WMG: The Minecraft world is a Confession Dial.Let's see: little to no explanation for why we're here? Check. Protagonist endlessly respawns every time he dies, with all his personal progress (EXP, inventory) lost but with his ultimate impact on the world (what you've built) intact? Check. Unrelenting monster(s) that provides an obstacle and motivation for the player? Infinite number of checks.

Your ten hearts are actually representing your soul.
No matter how you take damage, be it exploded, shot, or you fell too far, it can be healed just by eating some food ([[Pun Soul Food]], anyone?). The reason you respawn is the fact that you have Determination! And peaceful mode is you as a pacifist and refusing to see anyone as enemies. This only applies to singleplayer, though. In multiplayer, it's literally kill or be killed.

Gunpowder isn't actually an ingredient of Splash Potions.
When you add gunpowder to potions to make splash potions, you don't actually mix it with the brew itself. Rather, when a splash potion is thrown, a gunpowder charge carefully sealed inside of it detonates, spilling the potion's contents in all directions.

The "End City" is actually some kind of Port.
Well, the End City is a vertical structure, but has no houses or other buildings. The Shulkers presences can be explained because they make mobs levitate, so they help navigation. But getting back to the point, the only thing that resemble something with a pourpose is a Flying Ship. And near the "gate" for accessing the ship you can find some preset banners which serve the pourpose of flags. Usually you find flags in Ports/Aeroports or Borders. I think this the actual pourpose of the "End City".

"Fallen Kingdom" is a prequel to the main game.

Fallen Kingdom's own page mentions some gameplay and story segregations, but if you look at what's actually going on in the game and in the songs, you can notice that these are there because of the timeskip between them. The first clue and segregation is that the piglins can't invade the overworld, because they don't have obsidian, thanks to being no water in the nether. But if you look at the ruined portal setpiece, you can notice that it is decorated with the piglins' favourite metal: gold. They can also give you crying obsidian, which while it can't be used to create portals, still shows that they can get it from somewhere. Second big clue is: the name of their homes are bastion remmants. Remnant means that they were once bigger, more complete structures, which fell into disrepair.

The third clue and second segregation is that piglins are able to survive in the overworld (even if only because the actual mob wasn't added yet, so it was not something that could have been known back then when the videos were made).

Except if you watch the videos only five actual piglins enter the overworld: the trio who assembles the wither/ambushes the king, the one who nabs the nether star, and the general. Every other piglin is a zombified one. Most of these also spend a very little time in the overworld, which means they know that they can't stay long, while the General probably had some resistance. From this we can conclude that the rocket explosion at the end of Dragonheart ruined the piglins' entire advanced civilization, regressing them the their current in-game state, while the only things that remind us to the big invasion of the past is the ruined portals.


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