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Tear Jerker / Minecraft

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  • Hearing an injured wolf whimper can bring any player to shed a tear. It's especially saddening when the owner of said wolf doesn't seem to know or care that you can feed a wolf to replenish its lost health. Fortunately, players can feed wolves tamed by players other than themselves.
    • If you and your wolf fall into a 1x1 hole that's two blocks deep in Adventure mode (breaking blocks is impossible without CanDestroy tags), you have to kill your wolf to place blocks and escape, unless you have ender pearls on hand.
    • If you forget to tell your wolf (or cat for that matter) to sit and wait before heading into a Desert Temple, it's possible for them to teleport onto the pressure plate that activates the TNT trap before you can disarm it. At that point, there's no saving your pet, and the only thing you can do is pillar-hop to save yourself.
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  • The sound horses make when you kill them will definitely make you stick to cows for harvesting leather instead. It’s bad enough that they’re one of the few animals in the game that can assist you during exploration, meaning you just likely killed your trusty steed’s family member.
  • Dying in hardcore mode after spending so much time in your hardcore mode world. Made worse by the game, rather than deleting your world for you, forcing you to hit the "delete world" button. Now with the option to become a spectator after death on a hardcore world, looking back at what you had accomplished (and what you had not) before your demise can make this even worse.
  • A lot of the tracks on C418's soundtracks are either Sweet Dreams Fuel, Nightmare Fuel, this, or a mix. Take "Sweden" and "Mice on Venus", for example.
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  • If you're mining in a cavern far away from your home and a sad track starts playing, it can invoke a feeling of homesickness, especially if you've been away from your home base for a long time in-game.
  • Any mob you've adopted that gets killed. Pigs, wolves, etc...

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