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Nothing beats listening to lovely music after a long day of mining.
All of Minecraft's tracks (composed by David Rosenfield, better known as C418) are awesome in their own ways, ranging from calm and peaceful to haunting and mysterious. The fanbase has also contributed to Minecraft with their own fan-made music, Minecraft songs, and song parodies (combined with wonderful animations).


  • The starting menu's theme is very peaceful. As proven by the comments, it's a huge source of nostalgia for older players.
  • Sweden is a slow piano tune that brought many a nostalgic player to tears. Here's the song slowed down to create something even sobering.
  • Mice on Venus. Slow, calm music track to listen to while being stressed out.
  • The ending theme. A somber yet hopeful orchestral track to congratulate the player for their accomplishments.



  • SnowSong, a custom resource pack by Alecia Shephard, not only changes the sounds but the music as well. The resulting tracks are amazing, such as many of the piano pieces.
  • "TNT", Captain Sparklez's parody song of Tiao Cruz's "Dynamite". Made using the in game noteblocks as part of the melody, it's such a catchy song that actually surpassed the original song in views.
  • Revenge by CaptainSparklez and TryHardNinja is an upbeat and energizing parody of Usher's "DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again", complete with the iconic intro.
  • Behold, the four part Fallen Kingdom saga by CaptainSparklez, TryHardNinja, and several other creators. It's so expansive for a music video that it might as well get their own entry.
    • The first one is the eponymous "Fallen Kingdom", telling the story of a king reminiscing his days as the pious ruler who lead his kingdom in prosper, until Herobrine took over, freed the mobs, and spread them across the city, ensuing chaos and the kingdom's inevitable destruction.
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    • The second one is "Take Back The Night", when they start to create their own original song. The song build up to a glorious hype, complete with the awe-inspiring Coming-of-age story of the surviving son of the king.
    • Although the music is not as popular as the first and second one, "Find the Pieces" is still a standout among others and fleshes out the plot further after so many years of absence and amped up the action even further with the Nether invasion.
    • The last but not least, the epic finale "Dragonhearted" concludes the epic with even crazier action pieces topping the other three and a big tear jerker at the finale.

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