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All of Minecraft's tracks (composed by David Rosenfield, better known as C418) are awesome in their own ways, ranging from calm and peaceful to haunting and mysterious.

  • The starting menu's theme is very peaceful. As proven by the comments, it's a huge source of nostalgia for older players.
  • Minecraft (music) is a beautiful, peaceful, calm, and relaxing ambient tune that captures the 'lonely' feeling of the game, and also brought many nostalgic players to tears because of its sad melody.
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  • Sweden is a slow piano tune that brought many a nostalgic player to tears. Here's the song slowed down to create something even sobering.
  • Mice on Venus. Slow, calm music track to listen to while being stressed out.
  • The original four tracks that play in The Nether all have an eerie feel to them, reminding the player, that yes, you are literally standing in Hell. The title of Ballad of the Cats may be Nightmare Retardant. The song itself isn't.
  • The Nether Update introduced three more songs composed by Lena Raine, known for her work on Celeste: So Below, Rubedo, and Chrysopoeia. All three retain the eerie feel of the classic tracks, but with a very different style. It also introduces Pigstep, a more lively yet sinister and eerie music disc composed by Lena.
  • The two tracks that play in the End have an eerie, yet somewhat calming feeling to them.
  • In 2018, three new pieces that can play when the player is underwater were added as part of "Update Aquatic" (Java Edition 1.13, and Bedrock Edition 1.4.0). They all have a serene feeling to them and are all very fitting for when you are in an ocean biome.

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