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    Survival Singleplayer 
  • Take a shot if night comes and you haven't finished building a proper house yet. Another if it forces you to...
    • Hide in your mines.
      • Another if the monsters IN the mines kill you.
    • Finish your house, but with Dirt.
    • Pillar up 16 blocks to get away from monsters.
    • Dig straight down and put a block above your head.
      • Another if you were above an underground lava lake when doing this.
      • One more if, when daytime comes, you try to resurface and a creeper drops into your hole.
    • Dig into a wall and cover up the opening.
  • Take a sip if you get blown up by a Creeper.
    • Another if it was from behind.
    • Another if the blast doesn't kill you, but the fall does.
      • Take a shot if you survive the fall, thanks to a nearby tree, lake, or house.
    • Another if it was in daylight.
    • Take two shots if you barely avoid one Creeper...and run right into another one that kills you.
  • Take a shot if you get lost in your own mines.
    • Another if you try digging out and sand or gravel falls on your head.
    • Take a drink and sigh if you get lost in the Nether.
  • Take a sip if you can't sleep because there are monsters nearby.
    • Turn it into a shot if you can't find the offending monster(s).
    • Take a victory sip if you find it, kill it, and are able to sleep peacefully. If there was more than one, take an additional sip for each additional monster.
  • Take a shot if you mistake Sugar Canes for a Creeper.
    • Take a drink if you mistook a Creeper for Sugar Canes.
      • Or mistook a birch tree for a Creeper. It happens.
  • For every 45 minutes of looking for Diamonds, take a sip.
    • Yell "DIAMONDS!" and take a shot when you do find Diamonds.
    • Sigh in disbelief and take a drink if mining the diamonds causes Lava to pour out and destroy them.
      • Take a drink if you see the lava coming, try to retrieve the diamonds before they're destroyed, and get set on fire for your efforts. Take another if this kills you.
  • Take a sip for every unwanted enchantment on your only diamond sword.
  • Down the bottle and cry if a Ghast shoots you off the one-block-wide bridge over Lava.
    • Put your tears into your next shot if you kill the same Ghast out of anger.
  • Take a shot if a two-high corridor saves you from an angry Enderman, Wither Skeleton, or Iron Golem.
    • Another if it still kills you.
  • Take a shot if you're forced to go to the Wiki for a crafting recipe because you can't remember it.
    • Another if the recipe ended up being incredibly simple or obvious.
      • Take another if it wasn't even in the recipe book.
  • For every 10 arrows stuck in you via skeletons, take a sip.
  • If you or a pet starts wall suffocating, freak out and drop your shot glass all over the new rug or on your clothes.
  • Take a shot if you see a Swamp Hut.
    • Hit yourself in the face with the shot glass if the Witch inside kills you.
  • Take two shots whenever you see a bunch of small ponds that look like a face.
  • Take a shot when you see two Skeletons fighting each other and completely ignoring you.
  • Take a shot if there's a mob glitching through the floor.
    • Another if you can't kill it.
    • Take two shots if it kills you.
  • Take a shot if you try to shoot a Ghast, miss, and then the Zombie Pigmen near you get agitated for some reason.
  • Take a shot if you're trying to do Redstone machinery and...
    • You run out of room, making you dig out the wall.
      • Another if water flows out and destroys the entire contraption.
    • You have absolutely no clue why the machine isn't working even though it makes sense in your head.
    • You're too drunk to build something that works.
    • The end result is something that looks like it wouldn't work, but does.
  • Take a shot when a Village is being attacked by Zombies.
    • Take a sip if a single Zombie manages to infect the whole Village.
    • Take a shot if the Iron Golems are doing absolutely nothing to kill the zombies.
    • Ditto if it's being Pillaged.
  • Take a sip every time you tame a wolf.
    • Take a shot if you attack a neutral wolf, and an additional one for every wolf that follows it.
    • Take two shots every time one of your tamed wolves dies.
  • If you die in Hardcore Mode, down a shot for every in-game day that you survived. You can stop at (1000 / ABV percentage of the alcohol you're using) shotsnote  if if you survive more days than that.
  • Have yourself a hearty laugh and a drink if you find a cave full of zombies holding eggs.
    • Quit laughing and start chugging that whole bottle if the horde of zombies murders you within seconds.
  • Take a sip if an Enderman teleports into your house. Another for each of these conditions:
    • It's raining, so you can't just push it outside.
    • It's nighttime, so you're stuck fighting off monsters or hiding in the ground until it leaves.
    • You don't have a pumpkin, so you have no means of preventing it from attacking you.
  • Take a sip for each Phantom that spawns at night because you forgot to sleep for three days.
    • Take a shot for each Phantom that tries to attack you, but gets stopped by some sort of barrier, be it a tree, overhang, window, or what have you. Take two if it just sticks there and stares at you.
    • Sip and giggle if your cat's hissing is keeping the Phantoms from diving at you.
  • If you die and try to reclaim your lost valuables, take a shot for every diamond, netherite, or enchanted equipment that you failed to reclaim.
    • Drown your sorrows if you lost everything because you died in lava or fell into the End Void.
    • Finish your drink and open a new one if your gear despawned right in front of you, before you could reclaim it.
    • Drink a shot to the gods of irony if you died near lava, but somehow almost all your items avoided it... except your best piece of equipment.
  • Take a shot every time you die because you either didn't have a water bucket equipped or just forgot to use it.
  • Have a sip if you carelessly place a torch and either bring a ton of gravel down on your head or collapse the floor into lava. Take a shot if it killed you. Finish the bottle if you were playing in Hardcore.
  • Take a shot of triumph when you burn down a Pillager stronghold.
  • Take a celebratory couple of shots when you reach the point in a new world where you've got enough Iron that you can stop using Stone tools.

    Survival Multiplayer/Factions 
Note: Apply the Survival Singleplayer rules here, but for those rules, take a sip instead of a shot.
  • Take a shot when you see a player in full diamond armor walking around spawn.
    • Another if he's just waiting around there to follow new players out to kill them.
  • Take a sip if your house is griefed/raided.
    • Another if they somehow found the chest you hid under the floorboards.
    • Another if chest protection saves all your valuables.
  • Take a shot when someone acts really jerkishly.
  • Take a sip when someone starts getting angry in chat.
    • Take another if someone asks said person about their age.
      • Take another when the person asking is a moderator/admin.
  • Take a shot if you can't build where you want because someone put land protection there.
    • Another if there isn't even any buildings in the protected area, just an empty space of land.
  • Take a shot when a full-diamond player kills you and anyone who happens to be near you.
    • Take a drink and pat yourself on the back if you manage to lure and kill them with a trap.
  • When someone gives you free items, offer them a drink.
    • Offer them another if the free items were diamonds or items made of diamond.
  • Take a shot when someone punches you...
    • Into a pool of Lava.
    • Into a deep hole.
    • Off of a cliff.
    • And starts a fistfight between you and them.
    • After saying "High Five".
      • Another if that punch ends up killing you in some way.
  • Take a shot if someone killed your horse/cat/dog.
    • Another if it took you forever to find it.
  • Take a shot if your connection causes you to constantly teleport to where you were ten seconds ago.
    • Take another if someone kills you while you are teleporting.
  • Take a shot if someone's hacking.
    • Another if they're not trying to hide it at all.
  • Take a sip whenever you see someone with a Youtuber skin.
    • Grab a six pack if the Youtuber with that skin later uploads a MC video and you recognize your skin in the video.
  • Take a shot whenever you see a house shaped like a lone rectangle. If multiple rectangles, take a shot for each of them. WARNING: THIS WILL KILL YOU.
  • Down the whole bottle whenever a server staff abuses his/her power.

    Modded Minecraft 
Note: Apply the Survival Singleplayer rules here, but for those rules, take a sip instead of a shot.
  • Take a shot whenever you have absolutely no idea how to make something.
    • Another if you give up and decide to look on the forum page for the recipe.
    • Another if the forum page says the recipe but doesn't show the shape the items need to be placed in.
      • One last shot if it shows the recipe shape and ingredients, but doesn't explain how to get the ingredients.
    • Void in more recent versions, where Not Enough Items or Just Enough Items is available. Instead, take a sip every time you need to use one of these mods to look up a recipe, but take two shots if they don't help. If you're playing on a GregTech-based or otherwise “expert” modpack, take a very, very tiny sip whenever you need to use NEI/JEI but three shots if they fail you.
  • Take a drink if you try to do something and your game crashes.
  • Take two shots if your game has sudden FPS drops.
    • Another two if you didn't have this problem with vanilla Minecraft.
  • Take a drink if you accidentally loaded up a modded world in vanilla Minecraft.
    • Another if it was your main world.
    • Give yourself a pat on the back if you had a backup of the world.
  • If playing with Botania, read the entire Lexica Botania entry for every block and item from that mod that you're using for the first time in a world. If you notice and recognize a Shout-Out (don't forget to look at the tooltips and italicized text at the bottom of the final pages), take a shot.
  • Take a sip whenever you need to craft a new storage block to store your items. A vanilla large chest counts as one storage block.
    • Take a whole drink instead for every time you craft a storage block with more than 90 slots, such as a small storage crate from Actually Additions.
    • Take two drinks for each fully portable storage (such as a backpack). Three drinks for an ender pouch, as well as if you craft a Refined Storage portable grid. Finish the bottle if you put a 64k or larger storage disk in the portable grid.
    • When you start using a mod like Applied Energistics 2 or Refined Storage, take a sip for each 1k, 4k or 16k storage disk or cell, but a whole drink for a 64k disk and two drinks for a 256k or larger disk (only with addons).
      • Take a shot whenever you add a new disk drive to a network after the first.
  • Take a shot if you can make armor or tools out of something that makes zero sense as armor.
    • Take another shot if it is on par, or stronger than Diamond.
  • Take two shots if two mods have similar items and you can't tell the difference.
  • Take a shot when an item has a missing texture.
  • Take a shot when you don't know how to use a block/tool.
    • Take another shot if the forums/wiki does not explain how to use it.
    • Take another shot if the item starts with entity or something like that.
    • Finish the bottle if not knowing how to use said block, tool or contraption results in massive amounts of destruction from misuse. i.e. Draconic Reactors (Draconic Evolution) or Nuclear Reactors (IndustrialCraft , ReactorCraft in 1.7.10, NuclearCraft in later versions).
  • Take a shot every time you have to build a multiblock.
    • Take another if you underestimated how much space the multiblock will make.
      • Chug the bottle if you build it and then find you did a mistake while building/didn't have enough materials.
  • Take a shot if the machine you need to build for progression requires a lot of clay/bricks.
  • Take a shot if you find you don't have enough iron for your next project.
    • Take another and facepalm if you used a lot of iron earlier on tools/armor.
  • If playing on a server, take a shot if someone skips the night and you wanted to do Astral Sorcery.
    • On more recent versions, take a shot when Phantoms show up and you want to do Astral Sorcery.
    • Take a shot when you are about to craft something from Astral Sorcery just as the night ends.
      • Take a celebratory shot if you manage to succeed anyway.
  • Take a shot whenever you unlock a new Thaumcraft research.
    • Take another if the research gives you Warp.
  • Take a shot when you end up spawning Taint/A Flux Rift from careless Thaumaturgy.
    • Take another if you're on a server and this happens near the bases of the other players.
  • Take a shot if you kill yourself when trying to fuel your blood altar.
  • Take a celebratory shot when you successfully automate something.
    • Take another if it was not a one block solution.
  • Take a shot when you increase your max health through Spice of Life.
  • Take a shot when you don't understand a mod and the documentation it gives is not helpful.
    • Take another if there isn't anything helpful you can find online either.
  • Take a shot if the custom tool you made is inferior to a vanilla one you can get at the same time.

    Streams and Let's Plays 
  • One shot per Rage Quit.
    • Take another if they get so mad on the scarecam that they actually break something.
    • Take another if there's someone else in the scarecam with them who promptly laughs their asses off.
  • Take a shot when someone dies in Hardcore; a respectful one if it was just bad luck and a mocking one if it was a really stupid mistake.
  • Take one shot if someone loses their Diamonds (or their life) to lava because they didn't mine around them first.
  • A shot for every time someone dies by breaking one of the basic survival rules (don't dig straight down, don't go up to a cliff edge without checking behind you for Creepers, be super careful around lava, always watch for pits when mining in the Nether, etc). Take another one if it wasn't a noob, but an experienced player who really should have known better.
  • Related to the above, take a shot every time you find yourself yelling "IDIOT!" at the screen.
  • In streams, take a shot if they die because of bad advice from chat.
  • A shot when someone accidentally throws an item into lava. Two if it was Diamond equipment. Three if it was enchanted Diamond equipment.
  • Take a shot when someone dies in Hardcore in a way that they can see it coming and fly into a panic, ie being trapped by mobs or sinking in lava.
  • Take a shot when someone is cock-of-the-walk in their enchanted Diamond gear...then panics when they see a Witch.
  • A shot whenever someone has exceptionally bad luck, ie getting caught between two Creepers in a tunnel, being blown up by a mob falling into a Pyramid treasure chamber, getting pushed off a cliff by a random cow, etc.
  • Take a shot if someone starts talking to the viewers and is so caught up in it they get surprised by a Creeper.
  • A shot every time someone accidentally burns down or blows up their own house.
  • Laugh and take a shot if someone accidentally kills their pet...then take a shameful sip if it actually makes them cry.


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