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     A Ghastly Mystery 
  • According to the wiki, Withers do not attack other undead mobs. And non-undead Ghasts. Why don't they attack Ghasts?
    Wiki: Ghasts are the only non-undead mobs that the wither will not attack
    • Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Ghasts are sort of intangible.

     Fire That "Sticks" Around 

     Swindling Villagers 
  • Why are the villagers such swindling bastards? Buying four diamonds for ONE emerald and selling you an iron sword for 7?
    • The prices appear to fluctuate wildly based on whether the RNG hates you a lot or just a little.
    • This can play to one's advantage as they also buy crops for Emeralds as well. So instead of having to search the landscape for diamonds and ores, one can easily get armor premade by just farming crops.
    • Maybe they don't understand the meaning of "Value"? They might just find emeralds pretty, yet not realize they are rare. Then they try to get them by offering you some junk they found.

     Why Redstone? Why Not Copper? 
  • Redstone performs the same function as copper wire, and copper ore is something you'd really find underground. So why use a fictional substance for electrical stuff instead of copper?
    • Redstone may be an alloy of copper and other conductive materials. Possibly Silicon or Cadmium.
    • Making electrical circuits out of copper wire would take away from the medieval fantasy theme it already has going.
    • Plus, redstone works more similarly to binary than electricity. To the extent that you can make logic gates.

     Why Do Ghasts Aim at the Camera? 
  • Why are Ghasts programmed to aim at the camera, anyway? It just makes it so that they can't hit you if you're in third person mode.
    • Just a programming shortcut. Third-person was intended to be dev only but people figured out how to use it so Mojang changed it.

     Stuff That Explodes is Interchangeable? 
  • Gunpowder and trinitrotoluene are completely different substances, so why is A used to make B? If anything, gunpowder should be used to make more conventional "bombs", and TNT should be made of itself.
    • Regional differences. What would a US speaker usually call an explosive? In other English languages it is referred to as "Dynamite".

     Herobrine Exists?! 
  • The list of features in update 1.6 lists "Removed Herobrine". So... he was in the game after all?!
    • It's said that since at least 1.2. Where have you been?
    • This is simply a running gag done by Mojang every update. It's mainly a take that towards people who legitimately think that Herobrine is real.

     Breathing Without Lungs? 
  • How do skeletons drown in water and suffocate in sand/gravel if they don’t have lungs?
    • The skeletons are being crushed by the sand/gravel. As for the water, I'm not sure.
      • Maybe they dissolve in water?
      • If so, water has got to contain a type of acid that's harmless to humans, but deadly to skeletons.
    • Maybe they don't have lungs, but still need oxygen and take in in through pores in their bones.
    • Water is a purifying element, disrupting their unholy magics.
    • Addressed as of Update Aquatic; skeletons no longer drown.

     Tools are for Wimps 
  • The physical issues of where he would put it all notwithstanding, the player is theoretically capable of holding 44,518,667 kilograms of material, assuming that they are wearing gold armor and every slot in the inventory is filled completely with gold blocks, as all blocks are one cubic meter, and out of all the various materials in the game, gold is the densest - and thus heaviest - one in real life. For those who are unfamiliar with metric or too lazy to do the conversions, this means that the player is capable of carrying just shy of 50,000 tons - all with no apparent strain or fatigue. So why in the world does he need tools at all, with that kinda strength? Couldn't he just punch everything, not just trees?
    • He can punch everything! Tools just make it go faster, since it's a more refined instrument than just a blocky fist.
    • Strength does not equal bone density. If the player could just punch through everything, even with all that muscle he/she would still break his/her knuckles. The materials that can be punched easily tend to be softer materials (dirt, wood, giant mushrooms) and the tougher materials can still be punched through because the player carefully wears it away instead of breaking it.

     Living in the Dry Nether 
  • How does any life survive in the Nether if there's no water (water instantly evaporates when placed)? Where do the Zombie Pigmen obtain gold? How do they make Netherbricks? What are Ghast Tears made of? What are Ghasts made of? Resource-related Fridge Logic actually makes my head hurt a bit.
    • The Nether is implied to be an Eldritch Location. Time doesn't even pass the same way in the Nether. The Ghasts are undead for all we know.
      • Ghasts can be targeted by The Wither, so they're not undead. That still brings up the question of what the heck they are, though. As for the water question, considering the fact that the only "life" in the Nether is either undead, Ghasts, or made out of fire and lava, it's probably safe to say that water is unnecessary.
    • Not all life requires water to survive. Take Water Bears for example they can survive in the vacuum of space. And there is no air or even water in space.
      • All forms of organic life require water to survive, because the chemical reactions that make up the basis of organic rely heavily on water's presence as a solvent and reagent both. Water bears being able to live in total vacuum is largely a myth — they are not capable of living in it, they are capable of enduring it, an important difference. Their ideal conditions are the same as most lifeforms' — when things get too harsh, they stop moving and go into a state of suspended animation that can endure almost anything. When conditions turn favorable again, then they "come back to life" and start moving and doing things again.
    • You can make nether bricks by smelting netherrack.

     Why Don't Endermen Chase Villagers? 
  • How come you don't see Endermen chasing after villagers?
    • Villagers aren't the ones who are attempting to slay their kind.
    • Maybe villagers don't look at them, or maybe they are just suspicious of Steve and Alex because they're from out of town, or maybe villagers aren't even human.

     Identical Versions 
  • Why is the 360 version of Minecraft like that of Beta 1.6 (no hunger, Endermen, not even the new map generation mechanics, meaning the "Glacier" seed still works)? Is it for more casual gamer's on XBLA? Or is the .XNA or .XLA limiting the Java scripting?

     What are Pyramids For? 
  • Since it seems the new buildings in the game were added to make the Adventure Update more fufilling, how exactly are you supposed to use Pyramids? You have to break a block to get in, and then place blocks to get out. Neither of these things can be done in adventure.
    • You actually can, you just have to use the proper tool for it. For example, you can only break wool with shears.

     Don't Stare Me in the... Lower Torso?! 
  • Endermen start to violently shake with rage the moment you look at their lower torso. So why exactly do they do this?
    • Wouldn't you be be a bit upset if someone started staring at your dick too?
    • I'ma say a little joke so don't get mad. Endermen are feminists. They don't want people to stare at where their fissure is supposed to be even though they dress the way they do.
      • Goodness gracious me! They're in their birthday suits! Scandalous!
    • Maybe Endermen have a different set of etiquette.

     Only Liquid Water Hurts Endermen? 
  • How are Endermen able to walk on snow and ice when water hurts them?
    • Only liquid water seems to hurt Endermen. Perhaps they don't generate enough body heat to melt the ice?
      • A Tumblr fan blog posited the theory that Endermen have the ability to find the "seams" (the edges of the blocks) of the world, giving them their ability to move blocks like you do, and that water (and lava) hurts them because they're liquids — they don't have any "seams". Ice and snow are solid enough to count.

     Obsidian is "Hard" to Explain 
  • Obsidian, why on Earth is it one of the hardest material in Minecraft, in Real Life its quite brittle, and you can't make any other tools from it like diamonds.
    • Because this isn't the same reality. It's a different material with the same name.

     Artificial Cobblestone, Natural Saddles? 
  • Anyone find it ridiculous that there's a crafting recipe for mossy cobblestone, but there's still no recipe to make saddles?

     Powerful Creature is Hurt by Snowballs? 

     Lava in Buckets vs Buckets in Lava 
  • Any object that falls into lava catches fire and is quickly destroyed. This includes lava buckets. You'd think a container heatproof enough to carry the stuff would be able to survive being dropped into it.
    • It may not be destroyed instantly, but you're not going to survive sticking your hands into lava to grab around for it, making the bucket effectively gone.
      • Potion of Fire Resistance.
      • It's a potion to make the user fire resistant not the glass itself. Besides when the glass melts away the liquid would merge with lava.
      • I think what they were trying to say was: if you drink a Potion of Fire Resistance, then you can survive looking for a bucket that was dropped in lava. Not sure why what happens to the glass bottle matters.

     Where do Zombie Pigmen Get Gold? 
  • Gold isn't obtainable in the Nether. Where do the Zombie Pigmen get all the gold nuggets and ingots they occasionally drop? (and presumable use to make their swords as well.)
    • The same place where Witches get their potions, despite not having a brewing stand, and Villagers get Emeralds, even though their village may not be in an Extreme Hills biome.
    • They took all the gold, now there's nothing left.

     Eggs Aren't Food? 
  • Why can't you eat eggs?
    • The right-click function is already reserved for throwing them.
    • Also you should cook them first, which they haven't added yet.

     What is Bedrock Made Of? 
  • Bedrock usually consists of hard stone like granite and flint. However, since both are already materials in Minecraft, what exactly is minecraft bedrock supposed to be made of?
    • Unobtainium.
    • Bedrock is a material in itself in this world.

     Why is Gold Realistic? 
  • Why did Mojang go with the realistic version of gold, rather than typical fantasy super tough gold. It doesn't add anything to the game and, if anything, it just makes gold, which is hard to find, useless, save for making golden apples. (Which could be substituted by easier to make potions.)
    • Because there has to be some reality in the game.
    • Counterquestion: why would Mojang have had to go with the "typical fantasy super tough gold" instead of having it act like it does in real life? There's no reason that I can see for why they would have had to do that beyond it being the same mistake everyone else was making.

     A Creative Strategy 
  • Why doesn't anyone else use the Creative Mode shortcut? Like, when someone makes a new world in Creative, then they give themselves tons of food, a crafting table, crafting materials, anvils, armor and tools, enchantment tables, a shelter, a bed, chests, furnaces, and then load the chests, decorate the shelter, enchant their armor and tools, load the furnace, load the enchantment table, and switch to Survival? Is it because this feels like too much cheating or disproves that they're good at the game? I used to just normally play the game before I found out about these inventory editors for Pocket Edition.
    • It is likely that some do exactly that; I have. Likely others share my reasoning for not doing so now: it robs you of one of the fun aspects of the game. It can be a lot of fun to go from nothing more than a fist strong enough to punch down a tree, making your first tools, building a base, finding some iron, growing strong enough to challenge monsters, finding DIAMONDS!, enchanting your equipment yourself, exploring (and eventually conquering) Hell, then seeking out greater challenges still; all this after starting with basically the shirt on your back. The same could be said of making grand creations in Survival: from nothing to palace without any shortcuts, mining and placing every piece yourself. It gives a greater sense of accomplishment that way.
    • Because then what are you going to do? You already have everything, the game is over within minutes.

     Why Do Zombies Carry Crops? 
  • Why do Zombies carry crops, of all items? They can't eat them, and they can't plant them, so.....why?

     Creepy, but Cute 
  • On the Series Mascot page, why are Creepers labeled as "Non Cute" mascots? Those things are so freaking ADORABLE.
    • Well, yeah... except for in the middle of the Minecraft night, in Survival mode, when one is a minecraft centimetre behind you... Then, they're kinda terrifying.
    • Maybe they want to discourage players from adopting them.

     Why Polar Bears? 
  • Polar bears were added in 1.10, the Frostburn Update. But why, out of all animals, did the development team choose polar bears?
    • There's actually a story. Jeb (actually the BOSS of Minecraft) said that would add bears if he got his own bear. So one day he got a child from his Polish fiance/wife/whatever and they called him Bjorn (which is Swedish for Bear).
hat'* Why is the Wither going to get added to Minecraft: Pocket Edition before the Ender Dragon? Doesn't she come first?
  • Point taken, and probably tech limitations. However, the Ender update is coming this Christmas, which will feature Jean, though she was not in the trailer. And hey, PE is not an exact copy of computer edition, such as how beetroot was in PE first.
    • where did you get that it was a she?
    • Oh, I don't know, maybe the fact NOTCH SAID SO HIMSELF. Also, her name is Jean.
  • Also the fact that she lays an egg when killed

     Punching Trees 
  • The first thing you do is punch a tree to get wood. So many questions arise. How do you even punch the tree without getting a splinter, or sore knuckles? Why isn't the wood broken into tiny pieces like it realistically would be if someone actually went through the pain of punching it until it breaks? Why doesn't the tree fall down? What mess of physics is allowing trees to stay in the air, just... floating there? I just want answers, guys. Actual answers.
    • Seeing as experience = magic, maybe the trees are magical. Bit of a long shot, but still a possibility.

     Which Ships Got Wrecked? 
  • More like a question than a headscratcher, but on which type of ships the "shipwrecks" are based off?
    • I thought a question was a headscratcher.

  • Why do Illagers have grey skin? Are they a separate species? Are they cursed?
    • Spitballing, here, but it's possibly because the Illagers have paler skin. While the Villagers tend to be out and open, farming crops and doing daily activities, with a few decent light sources, Illagers tend to hang out either in a very poorly lit tower, deep in the trees where very little sunlight comes through, or giant mansions that are often dimly lit. It could also be because Vill/Illagers aren't humans at all and their species is capable of having either gray or peach skin, with most of the gray-skinned ones taking a path of evil.

     Questions Regarding Phantoms 
  • If sleeping is optional for Steve and Alex and they don't seem to get tired, then why does the Phantom only come when you don't sleep? Also, how come cats can see them even though logically, if they're cats, they should sleep a lot?
    • Just because Steve/Alex might not seem tired doesn't mean they aren't tired at all. So they might be tired, but are really good at not showing any symptoms of it. As for the cats, they're known for being quite active at night in real life, which might reflect in the game as to how they can see them.
      • Even if they're stoic, if you're tired, you're physically unable to run fast when it gets past a certain point. Also, you seem to be a bit unsure about whether it's tiredness or simply being active at night that sets the phantoms off, because cats are active at night but they still get enough sleep... I'm confused.

     Creepers & Phantoms vs. Cats 
  • How is it that both a silent Action Bomb that can kill players in an instant, and a flying undead manta ray that eats insomnia for dinner be terrified of something as mundane as an ordinary cat? Both seem like they could kill a feline in less than a second if they wanted to!

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