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  • Why doesn't any member of the group ask the Order members about Ivor and what his grudge is—and why he was erased from the legend?
    • Probably because there's not a good moment to ask, or they thought that it might be too personal or a sensitive topic. Or maybe they just don't care.
    • They probably assumed it was because Ivor had become antagonistic - aside from trying to stop his creation, Ivor never really did anything until episode four that made him out as anything close to an ally, what with his attacks and threats. Until The Reveal, I imagine most people just assumed he was erased for turning to villainy or something, and his grudge is over being erased, so that's probably what the heroes thought.

  • Why does the amulet only light up for Gabriel when it's projecting onto the map, but stay dim when it's simply near him?
    • It might be supposed to act as a compass and then dim down when the person has been found; seeing as the Order apparently made it themselves, they may have done that so the amulet wouldn't keep shining if they were all together. That, or him having wither sickness is messing with it somehow.

  • How'd Petra get the Nether Star for the Ocelots but Lukas is the only one who pieces together that Ivor's making a Wither? wouldn't she have needed to kill a Wither to GET it in the first place?
    • Maybe a Villager traded her it?
    • Or in this universe, the Nether Star isn't exclusively a Wither treasure. We see loads of beacons throughout the game (especially at the start of season 2, to the point where Jesse's hometown gets named after them); you really think after what happened with the Wither Storm, anyone would want to summon more Withers and risk the same thing happening? (Yeah, you need a command block, but besides the main characters and the audience members when the Wither Storm first appeared who understood what was going on, I doubt anyone knew that had been a component in its creation.)

  • Why isn't Lukas made a member of the new Order Of The Stone? He played a much larger role in the story than Petra, yet she got in anyway.
    • Considering it's possible to give him awesome armor, it's possible he IS a member, he just decided to not be on stage because he's not part of the original circle of friends.
    • Or he thought he still had the Ocelots, until they abandon him between Episodes 4 and 5.

  • How did Sky City come to be? How did anyone actually get there in the first place?

  • Why didn't Cassie just explain her situation and ask the Youtubers for the enchanted flint and steel so she can go home, instead of going to the ridiculous lengths she did to try and acquire it? They were certainly friendly enough with her, having known her for some time, and probably would have given it to her had she just been honest.
    • It's been implied that she's been in that dimension for quite some time, not to mention that calling her a bit unhinged would be a massive understatement.

  • Why did Dan, or Stampy, suspect Lukas? I can understand why Stacy, Lizzie and Stampy (If he is not accused) would suspect him but why Dan and Stampy when he isn't accused? Lukas banged on the door while the White Pumpkin was still in the painting therefore giving him an alibi. Even if the eyes on the painting DID disappear, there was no way in the short amount of time he could've ran through Ivor's picture, banged on that door and ran back, he would've been there MUCH later then the White Pumpkin was there. Also notice if he was the White Pumpkin he would be wearing different clothes instead of his usual armor. If Dan or Stampy saw that, why would they accuse Lukas?
    • Because multiple people have died already and everyone's grieving, panicked, and desperate for answers. And considering the other crazy stuff that the White Pumpkin had pulled up until that point, it's not impossible that, if that issue even occurred to them at all, they didn't see it as outside the realm of possibility that he could have moved that fast(and considering we later learn the White Pumpkin has a large stash of Ender Pearls, they might not be entirely wrong on that front).

  • Considering that P.A.M.A. is a giant redstone mechanism, why didn't Jesse or someone else simply puncture one of the dozens of redstone wires protruding out of the machine? Surely that would at least do something to stop him, considering how precise redstone mechanisms need to be set up.
    • Harper most likely wired PAMA with multiple redundant circuits specifically to avoid that.

  • The "Jesse" I chose was a female with a red and white shirt and blue overalls. Why then, when I first entered the portrait room, was the "Jesse" picture the default male one with a white shirt and red suspenders?
    • That chapter was pretty glitchy, at least for me. In a cutscene Jesse and Petra go down a hall only to zoom backward like they're on ice. Cassie picks up Winslow only for him to float beside her. Maybe the wrong portrait was also a glitch, or just a coding mistake.

  • If you swipe a Potion of Leaping from the Witch's Hut and use it to get to the Wither Storm, Ruben will jump after you. How does he make that jump?

  • After a few playthroughs of trading my stone sword to the butcher to get Reuben back, I instead chose to threaten him with it for one playthrough, getting Reuben back but keeping the stone sword and therefore never being given the gold one. Yet Episode 3's "Previously On" segment still showed me with a gold sword in the battle cutscenes.
    • Glitch. Or the devs somehow thought everyone would trade the sword.

  • When Ivor loses his "Adventuring Clothes" in Episode 8, that establishes that those clothes count as armor, then by MC rules they shouldn't have turned invisible like they did when he drank the Invisibility Potion in Episode 3.
    • If you drink the invisibility potion as Jesse, his own clothes - which are also armor, and were explicitly equipped as such in episode 5 - also turn invisible. Most likely artistic license for the sake of making it work and not abiding by all the little intricacies of Minecraft beyond its base rules and components.

  • In Episode 8... what happened to the bouncer guy from episode 1 named Reuben who was captured thinking he was Jesse's Reuben? He doesn't show up for the rest of the episode, even though he reasonably would have been with the group during the ending bit where they're going home since he's from the same world as them. Did they forget him? Did he decide to stay in Gladiator World since he has the right build of a Gladiator and presumably the less bloodsport version of the games Gladiators would be more like Bouncers? And why can't you ask Otto about what happened to him?
    • Presumably the main group didn't care about him, seeing as his first appearance had him being kind of a dick. Likely he found his way back home on his own, seeing as the start of season 2 shows the interdimensional travel is more common now, with a few people from other worlds now in Beacontown.
      • I wouldn't call "doing his job" enough to qualify him as being a dick. They didn't have tickets, so he wasn't allowed to let them in, and they had no proof of the mission they were claiming to have.

  • In the first episode when the group are in Ivor's lair, and find Petra's wither skull, why didn't they just take the skull form the chest? it was right in front of them, so they should have had enough time to reach in, grab it, and make their escape before Ivor found them.
    • Once they saw this was bigger than just Ivor suckering Petra out of a treasure, they may have been too surprised to think of grabbing it, and/or too worried of the consequences if they swiped the skull back from this suddenly sinister-seeming person rather than the petty swindler they thought he was.
  • Why is the series so inconsistent with whether or not mining through a wall is a valid option? In Season 1, the characters punch through a stone floor no sweat, but don't think to punch through a bookcase wall, a wool wall, and a stone brick wall. In Season 2, they craft a pickaxe to mine through a wall as a shortcut after being told the area infected them with Mining Fatigue, and later on hear of one NPC managing to headbutt a block out of the wall no sweat despite that area also having Mining Fatigue(as demonstrated by another NPC punching a block without progress). Season 2 also seems to have a recurring issue as to whether or not the best solution to reaching a high place is to pillar-hopnote . I could forgive them ignoring obvious solutions like that if they were at least consistent about it, but they're not.
  • In Season 1 Episode 3, Magnus/Elleguard (whoever's armor you chose to wear) will die, but won't poof into their inventory. Later in the same season, Reuben dies and poofs into a porkchop. At first, once we got a Multiverse plot with the Adventure Pass(one episode featured people dying for good and turning into their inventory, and another featured the latter but the people respawned), I figured it was just a rule of Jesse's world that people's bodies remain behind when they died. But then in Season 2, even if the Sunshine Institute(where the Warden dies and poofs into his Flint and Steel) isn't in "Jesse's" Nether, if certain choices are made we can see Xara die in Beacontown and she poofs into her inventory as well. So why didn't Magnus's/Elleguard's death play by the rules?

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