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    Fireplaces in wooden buildings 
While rule 1 and 2 in Minecraft are that you shouldn't respectively dig straight down or straight up, rule 3 is about not making fireplaces when there's a lot of wood nearby. Here's why:

  • This YouTube Video, where a user tries to explain how to make a fireplace and inadvertently burns down his whole house.
    Narrator: Uh oh.
  • And yet another victim.
  • That's funny too.
  • And here. Closed captions add to the hilarity, as does the fact that his friend told him to burn down the house.
  • This person thought he was prepared in case of a fire. He wasn't quite enough.
  • This person made a tower of cloth catch on fire... while he was inside it.
    JohtoKen: "Uhhhh...this tower-burning experiment did not end well. That is all." (respawns) "And everything's back to normal; it never happened. Bye bye."
  • Parodied here.
  • The Biggest Minecraft Fail Ever, which starts when a user wants to make lava towers near his wooden house. Things escalate quickly.
  • An episode of MMAPGaming features the host installing a lava pit in his house for disposing of unwanted items. He tears out his wood walls and replaces them with cobblestone so he won't burn his house down, then adds a low ceiling above the pit so he doesn't accidentally wander into it. The material he uses for the ceiling... is wood, because it looks nice with the rest of the house. The episode ends with him nearly losing his voice when the inevitable happens.
    • Guess what happens again here even using cobblestone due to a small miscalculation?
  • BdoubleO wonders if his fireplace is safe... but lights it anyways. The inevitable occurs.
  • While all of these examples are accidental, there are some people who just... like the risk. Two guys decided to buy a wooden house above a surface lava lake, just to see how long it would last before burning down completely. Cue a lot of putting down fires and repairing holes.
    • Much later, while they were building a new house, one of them decided to put a fireplace right on the middle of the wooden house. Using wooden fences to avoid accidentally wandering into it. The house was on fire by the time he finished lighting it.
  • In one of the 1.10 snapshots (16w20a, to be specific), villages generated in savanna biomes had cobblestone replaced with acacia logs in most buildings. This means that the lava in smithies was encased in acacia logs. You do the math. Unsurprisingly, the very next snapshot (16w21a) made it so that all smithies used cobblestone regardless of biome.
    Pranks and traps 
  • These videos by Team Avolition have become legendary among griefers and hardcore players. Brief context: Team Avolition attempted to grief a server belonging to a group called Rice-Think. They were unsuccessful, and eventually banned by the admin, Sean Rice. Not too long after, Avo's forums were attacked by members of Rice-Think, who openly taunted Avo afterwards, claiming that they cannot be stopped. What followed was complete and utter devastation of Rice-Think's home server by Team Avolition. Sean's "house" and several storage facilities were thoroughly pillaged and destroyed, leaving behind zero trace that they even existed, and leaving admins little in the way of restoring the damage. The final stab was an all-out assault on the admin base, which was leveled and covered by dirt and trees. Upon being caught by another member of Rice-Think in the process (who later turned out to have been one of the people who helped build it), Avo manipulated him into helping them bury the foundation under the guise of building a fort, culminating in one of the most satisfying and brilliant griefs in Minecraft history. Laughs were most definitely had. According to Avo, the damage they did was never undone.
    • What makes this grief so hilarious is that Sean Rice was so arrogant that he made no efforts to protect the server from potential acts of revenge by Avo, despite taunting them on their own turf. This fatal flaw ultimately proved to be Rice's undoing, as he chose to hide behind his cronies under a false identity.
    Storm_Surge: "You know, it's funny. They call this "Rice-Think", and thinking is the last thing these guys are doing."
    • Also adding to the hilarity is the fact that them leveling the structures to the ground was a case of Gone Horribly Wrong on Sean's part; the server had a plugin called "Big Brother" that kept track of who modified what block and when, so simply damaging the structures (like with TNT or lava) would have gotten them caught. A measure intended to deter griefers only prompted them to go the extra mile to ensure they weren't caught and banned.
  • This prank. One person complains how mining a gold block disconnects him, tricking a server admin straight into a trap.
    • Ban reason: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • In this video, a pseudo-Dynamite Candle prank is pulled on a player.
  • A little trap was set on these two adventurers.
  • One player rigged an entire house with hidden TNT, then invites his friend to join the server and check out the house. One guess as to what happens.
    Victim: ...Why are you standing over there?
    Pranker: I'm... I'm looking for food.
  • One guy, in revenge for having his mine flooded, sets up a trap where two people got trapped inside a prison, and the only way out was jumping off. Need we mention that this prison is about 9000 feet in the air?
  • The 1.4 update for the official release gives us Invisbility Potions. Let the trolling commence, I say!
  • The absolutely epic Troll Mojang pulled off with the April Fools Day prank; Minecraft 2.0, featuring sensitive chickens that don't like being looked at, Redstone Bugs(literal ones, not glitches), and a stab at the people who want realism in the game via torches not lasting forever. A friendly pink Wither was included that invoked Tastes Like Diabetes and farm animals could be fed until they exploded, getting fatter and fatter as you went on. Sadly, the page containing the download was taken down on April 2nd.
  • This poor player has a lot of trouble with creepers. It doesn't help that his friends like to disguise themselves as creepers to shock and traumatize him, and just when he thinks he's figured out which is which...
  • Minecraft Supernova Lava Fail, where SMP players tried to grief a griefer by encasing his house in a glass sphere and filling it with lava. Then it began to leak, and what resulted could be a scene from a typical disaster movie, as players panicked, tried to save what they could, and eventually went into the core of the lava ball to replace it with air. Adding to the funny is that since the game was in Alpha at the time, multiplayer characters and mobs couldn't receive damage, leading to a chicken walking straight into lava and clucking nonstop.
    "We've created the Sun."


    Let's Players 
  • An LPer by the name of bananapielord had uploaded his Minecraft world for his fans to edit as they please, and spent the next few videos showcasing the worlds they sent back. The third world in this video, showcased seven minutes in, has some interesting changes made to his house. Hilarity Ensues when he accidentally sets off a block of TNT.
  • These two adventurers at the 14:00 point, find out that they don't make it in home in time, so they both build makeshift shelters, leading to a funny Inaction Sequence where they discover that one player lacks cobblestone to smelt glass in a furnace and the other finds out that he lacks sand so he can't make glass either. They find their own solutions to see outside. After a daybreak, they visit each other's "houses".
  • The Hatventurers give us many moments of funny Minecraft antics.
  • A modded Minecraft stream by Robbie Nexus quickly turned into The Great Silverfish Massacre of 2016.
  • Youtuber PopularMMOs:
    • In one of his 'Mods vs Maps' videos, he decides to use a huge amount of Erupting TNT (TNT which sends a massive burst of TNT into the air) to destroy a giant piano structure. He accidentally uses Meteor TNT (one of the most powerful explosives in the entire mod, and Minecraft in general) instead. At he wonders why it's not going off...then the explosions start, his Minecraft freezes for five minutes, and when he comes back he's on the other side of the map from where he was and half the room is a flaming crater.
    • In one video, he was was doing a Mod Showcase for the More TNT mod with his wife Jen on a copy of their old Let's Play world. However, Pat forgot what mods were installed during that, and as a result the first two explosions end up setting off TNT that ended through the entire ground. The end result is them having to change to a new world because it won't stop exploding and more or less the entire world is hallowed out by blasts.
    Pat: I think we broke the world.
    Jen: This is so cool! I'm gonna open my Lucky Blocks in here!
    Pat: And if they blow up? (Cue explosion that turns the entire area into a crater).
    • Later in the same video, Pat gets a Dragon Egg he can trade for a weapon and uses the torch trick to get it on the ground. As he jumps down to pick it up, one of Jen's blocks explodes and destroys the Dragon Egg while he's in midair (Dragon Eggs are explosion proof while down).
    • During one of their Lucky Block Hunger Games let's plays, Pat goes after Jen with a Diamond Sword, thinking she's got nothing...
    Pat: (Jen pulls out Diamond Sword and starts fighting back) Oh god no you've got it too! (Jen's pack of tamed wolves he somehow missed coming into the room come at him) Oh no! She has wolves! (Wolves begin mauling him) Oh no! They're killing me!
    • Any time Pat and/or Jen get 'farmed' by mobs.
    • During one of their Lucky Block Bed Wars, Pat throws a nuke at Jen in his base after destroying her bed to try and get the win...and manages to blow up his entire base, including his bed, and himself...and somehow, Jen is left completely unharmed and wins that round. And while the two are trying to figure out how that even happened, a random spider comes out of nowhere and starts attacking them.
    • During one of their burning maps, Pat ends up losing every round in a humiliating way. The first round he traps Jen in a part of the structure with fire and setting off TNT...which turns out to be completely safe so she just sits there while he burns in a place he thought was safe. The second round sees him chase Jen off a ledge...and falls through a hole which was slightly lower than her so he dies first and loses. The final round sees her fall into a place she can't escape and Pat tries to light the area on fire...allowing her to knock him off and win without even knowing she did. He tries to claim he let her win, but she doesn't buy it.
  • During another burning map, Pat drops an anvil on Jen's head (though it doesn't kill her)...and then the ceiling above his head burns an anvil drops on his head and kills him, causing him to let out a rather hilarious scream. He then accidentally sends his mouse flying across the room forcing a Jump Cut.
  • This stream of the Let's Player's first time playing the game. Some highlights:
    • "If you can find your corpse, you can pick [your lost loot] up? Okay first of all, that's existentially horrifying."
    • The repeated incursions of Skeletons and Baby Zombies.
    • LazyPurple is under the assumption that he needs to find Oak wood to make a crafting table. The hilarity of the chat's reactions is surpassed only by him screaming that he's surrounded by "Oakn't" trees.
    • "[Pigs] are actually mobs, when you turn around they get closer to you to kill you". And Lazy almost falls for it.
    • LazyPurple ends up finding diamond ore. Hooray! And then he mines them with a stone pickaxe, blissfully unaware that diamonds will only drop if he uses an iron pick. Cue chat going nuts.
  • A Spanish LPer, while on Hardcore mode, tried to ensure his small house was safe, using a gate made of pistons and an alarm made of notes. The idea of using just an iron door apparently didn't cross his mind. The massive structure for the machinery took a lot of space, being several times bigger than the house itself. It was so poorly designed that it prevented him from enlarging the house, as it was surrounded on all its sides by the machinery. Not to mention that it took him quite some time. The funny part? All this didn't help him when a creeper entered his house. Just see his Heroic BSoD here. The worst part? The creeper entered through the structure he had created to build the alarm. He could have avoided it if he hadn't built it in the first place.
    • The same LPer tried to get some steaks by killing some cows with fire. Instead of using flint and steel like anyone else would have done, this LPer tried it with lava. Unfortunately for him, when trying to get back the lava after burning the first cow, a misclick gave him a bucket of milk and a very hot death. The best part is that one of the dropped items is a flint and steel, meaning he had an easier solution on hand the whole time.
    • The same LPer built a witch farm in his survival series, but instead of lighting the area to prevent enemy spawning outside the farm, he went for the quickest solution, to built a huge tower. He eventually came to regret his decision, as some chapters later, he suffered the consequences. He had to spent an entire chapter to kill more than 200 zombies that had spawned in the surrounding area. The fight reached its climax in a cave where more than 160 zombies were lurking. To add more laughs, for some unknown reason, every single zombie happened to be wielding an egg. This was probably because a chicken made its way down there at some point, and because neither passive mobs nor zombies holding items despawn, they were permanently stuck there.
  • Another Spanish LPer, also on Hardcore mode, entered the Nether for the first time, only to discover that he had spawned on the top of a tower-like hill with no visible way to get down safely and, what's worse, some lava pillars were falling down towards him.
  • Kikoskia decided to do a let's play of hardcore Minecraft. The game...had other ideas.

    Glitches and Bugs 

  • Wolves attack Skeletons. Dogs like to eat bones.
  • Players can take discs and jukeboxes into the Nether and thus change the somber or ominous music. It's fun fighting Nether mobs to fun tracks like Cat.
  • The Beta 1.2 update allows players to dye wool blocks different colors. The funny thing is that you can also do this to living sheep, resulting in a swarm of sheep in outlandish colorations.
    • Even better, when you shear the sheep, and the wool grows back, it's still the same color as the dye.
  • Get into water while a dog follows you. When you get out, you can see the dog shaking off the water as soon as he stops!
  • Everything about the Love and Hugs Update.
  • The End Cities are mostly weird and creepy, but the structures resemble upside-down birthday cakes, especially if more End rods or torches are added.
  • 1.9 introduces Elytra Wings, which allows Minecraft players to glide. Equip them on a ground-based mob and knock them off the edge. Proceed to watch as they soar uncontrollably into the distance (due to their AI not being programmed with gliders in mind).
  • As Captain Sparklez demonstrated, it's possible for a spit-fight between llamas to erupt if one accidentally spits at another.
  • The description for the new advancement "Serious Dedication" states "Completely use up a diamond hoe, and then reevaluate your life choices."
  • Phantoms can't get past tree branches or go into small holes. They still try, however, and it's quite amusing to imagine their attacking screeches translating to "dang!" when they hit an obstacle and get trapped.
  • Pre-release versions of the game would cause fire to spread like a virus in forests, meaning you could set up a campfire, look away for a bit, and turn around to see that you've created a wildfire that would reduce Smokey the Bear to tears. Fire spread was sadly nerfed in a later update.



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