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Due to the fact that none of the characters really have any true speaking roles, character interpretation is rampant in the fandom. The characters personalities are mainly unexplored and fans are only given the bare outline of what they like and how they act, leaving the rest up to them.


  • A majority of the characters have a Vague Age; changing from children to adults between episodes, making for a slew of alternate interpretations.
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  • The characters' relationships between one another also tend to change, sometimes along with their personalities.

Main Cast


  • Is Cuddles a troublemaker who wants others to do dangerous activities, or does he want others to have fun and is unaware of how dangerous his stunts can be?


  • Portrayed as an Alpha Bitch by many fans who see her frequent use in Love Bites and different relationships as cheating.



  • To many fans, Toothy is viewed as the Every Man due to his undeveloped personality.
  • To others, Toothy is known for a tendency to cry, particularly during his deaths, putting him in The Woobie territory.




  • He's a Jerkass to many fans, who generally dislike how often he kills the other characters due to his stupidity.
  • To those who don't hate him to death, Lumpy is a Gentle Giant who happens to be The Ditz. He is often willing to help, even if his sheer stupidity gets in the way.

The Mole

  • Most of the time, The Mole is portrayed as truly blind.
  • That being said, there are certain moments in the show that make it appear as if he has some vision.
    • There are even moments (such as the ending of "In a Jam") that raise speculations of him actually being a sadist who fakes blindness in order to get away with his crimes.



  • Friendless Background.
  • She's given a Beware the Nice Ones type personality in many fan works (mainly Flippy x Flaky stories). Some even take this to the point of having her flip out, or nicknamed "Flaking out".
  • Is Flaky a mentally unstable character that has a load of fears, a character that cares about her friends but is scared about facing any danger likely due to a tragic event she has faced, or is she the only sane character on the show that is trying to point out to everyone about all the dangers that happen?


  • Does Nutty enjoy candy more than as a Trademark Favorite Food? Only in his debut has he been seen eating the candy off his body, and in "Chew Said a Mouthful", he even keeps loads of candy in a dresser to wear like clothes. It goes to the point where he is infatuated with sugar-based items in "A Sucker For Love".
  • More often than not, he goes nuts (no pun intended) at the slightest sign of sugar. Other times, he is much more relaxed and able to control his hyperactivity.


  • There have been moments where Handy appears unconcerned or even happy when another character (who isn't Petunia or the Mole) dies in front of him - the most notable example being in "The Wrong Side of the Tracks". This has led some fans to believe he's jealous or resentful of those who aren't disabled like him (as The Mole is blind and Petunia had also lost her arms in I Nub You).
  • Some fans also like to potray him as a DeadpanSnarker.

Pop and Cub

  • Pop can be disliked by some fans as a neglectful parent
  • To some, however, he appears to be in a similar situation to Lumpy; he really does care about his son and just simply makes careless (often lethal) mistakes.


  • Does Mime have a speech impediment, or is he just really good at being silent?
  • Is Mime fully mute or is he faking his silence? The show flip-flops between the two, as there have been times where he is incapable of making noise and others where he makes audible choking and dying sounds (such as Happy Trails and Out of Sight, Out of Mime).

Lifty and Shifty

  • Very popular for Lifty is Jerk with a Heart of Gold. This likely stems from several episodes where he is pushed around by his brother, leading fans to believe that he is just going along with Shifty so he doesn't become angry with him.
  • Some see him as Driven by Envy, and hating those who have lots of money, or even just the essentials for living.
    • Others seem them as Jerkass Woobies, since most of the time they appear to steal out of necessity, such as stealing meat and other food to fill their empty fridge. Naturally they die to their own Greed, but it does make them Unintentionally Sympathetic in the eyes of some fans.

Disco Bear

  • Crazy Jealous Guy. Somewhat. He simply doesn't seem to get the message that the girls don't like his flirting, and he continues despite their outward distaste.
  • Is Disco Bear a pervert who loves flirting with women, or is he just trying to act cool and simply doesn't know how to?


  • A less popular view of Russell is that he has Sanity Slippage going on. He obviously doesn't really act like a true pirate, as he doesn't live in the ocean and he isn't brutal or ruthless when it comes to finding gold. This has led some to believe that he just really likes pirates and dresses as one.


  • Is Lammy a psychopath who believes a pickle is killing others when it's really her doing all the killing, a killer that's trying to frame a pickle for all the killing, or is she a victim to Mr. Pickels who is really killing others and framing it on Lammy?

Mr. Pickels

  • Is Mr. Pickels a living creature and not just an imaginary friend who is framing Lammy for his crimes?
  • Does Mr. Pickels kill out of sheer psychotic tendencies, or does he want all of Lammy's friendship for himself?
    • Considering that he didn't kill Sniffles and Nutty in "All Work and No Play", one could assume that he chooses which friends Lammy can keep.


  • It's not rare to see Flippy given a Nice Guy type personality, considering his friendly demeanor in the show, along with being a powerful soldier.
  • Insane Equals Violent.


  • Obviously, he gets the Batshit Crazy portrayal despite being a defense mechanism.
  • I Have You Now, My Pretty. Yes, there have been several fan works that portray Fliqpy as a rapist. Usually seen in Flippy x Flaky works, but occasionally with other characters as well.


  • A somewhat common portrayal of him is being a Sociopathic Hero, considering that he finds his job to be a bother, and doesn't care too much when he accidentally offs someone.
  • Some feel that Splendid does truly try his best to help others, but simply causes more problems than he solves.

Ka-Pow Spinoffs


  • Many fans portray him as a Troll rather than being completely evil.

The Rat

Mouse Ka-Boom

  • Mad Bomber. Though debatably more of the "good" kind, only blowing up soldiers on the opposite side of the war.


The Tiger General


The Ants


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