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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance:

  • Take almost any episode where Lumpy and The Mole are given a job. According to the DVD commentary for Concrete Solution, the writers just do this because they need something bad to happen.
  • Why is The Mole a top secret Spy, despite being Blind? He's a heroic example of The Trope Itself.
  • In Something Fishy, Sniffles and Mime were wearing red shirts in the astronaut play. The ones that always die in Star Trek.
  • In the end of A Sight For Sore Eyes, the Mole has bought groceries and light bulbs for his (what he thinks is) broken lamp. He ends up putting a pear in the place of the lightbulb, which promptly explodes. Why a pear of all things? Whether intentional or not, there's some Bilingual Bonus in there. The german word for light bulb, if translated literally, also means glow(ing) pear.
  • Buddhist Monkey's name isn't just a description of what he is, it's also a pun. Take out the last two letters of his name, and what do you get? Buddhist Monk.
  • Lumpy's now had two episodes where he starts to burn and yet gets somewhere on his vehicle. He's a blue and yellow moose. The swedish like their moose (in fact, one nickname is "King of the Forest"), and the flag is yellow and blue. There's a saying going "X har eld i baken"literal translation , which basically means that he's in a real hurry. Now put two and two together...
  • Pop's wife and Cub's mother. The trope Mama Bear is named that for a good reason. None of the characters who come back to life after each episode have done any Heroic Sacrifices yet. In other words, there's a possibility that the reason she never comes back is because she died for somebody else's sake.
    • Also male bears are very poor fathers who often kill their own offspring.
  • In one episode, Lumpy says "Merry Christmas!" as he arrives at a birthday party. What does Frosty the Snowman say when he comes to life?
  • In one episode, Disco Bear receives his order of food from Petunia at the diner she works at, and blows a kiss to her. She gasps and blocks it with a serving plate. It actually shatters, as if it were a physical thing, and the pieces make a mess on the table. Last time such a thing happened, she was not prepared, and the heart shattered into her face painfully. It appears she has learned from the experience.
  • Fliqpy has a habit of killing everything around him, however in Party Animal, he doesn't kill Flaky, and probably doesn't kill Cub either in A Vicious Cycle (though it's still possible he did). While you can mistake for a Ship Tease for Flaky and Flippy flipping back for Cub, the fact that Flaky is suffering from an allergy and The Mole was also spared in the former imply that Fliqpy will only kill those whom he believes can harm him.
    • To note that the fact that everyone remembers their deaths (which is debatable to some extent), he had been wounded by Flaky before in Without A Hitch where Flaky stabs a shard of glass in Flippy's eye within a fit of Sanity Slippage. Thus it is likely Fliqpy killed her in Random Acts of Silence due to him remembering what happened before.
    • Fliqpy has killed Flaky a handful of times prior (including in his debut episode), which leads to the likely credence that he either doesn't recognize her in her bloated form, or he doesn't see her as a threat and is not a target in some form of Blue-and-Orange Morality or perhaps Even Evil Has Standards.
  • Speaking of which, most bears in real-life are usually rather gentle creatures (except to their prey) but are known to become extremely violent when provoked. Now put that knowledge together with the fact that Flippy plays Beary Friendly as straight as an arrow but as soon as he hears something related to his pastime in the war, he goes batshit crazy and kills everybody.
  • Why did Russell star in Youtube Copyright School? Because he's a pirate!
  • It makes sense that Disco Bear didn't seek medical attention in "Put Your Back Into It"; seeing that their hospital's only surgeon is Lumpy, who only ends up making things worse for him, he probably knew he would've died sooner seeking medical attention rather than avoiding it (bonus points for having previously been the victim of a botched surgery at Lumpy's hand in "A Change of Heart").
  • In Swelter Skelter, Nutty seems to be Made of Plasticine when his head completely breaks open after being tripped. Sugar can make your bones weak if you consume too much, and he eats more sugar in a day than the average person would in a year.
  • In A Hard Act to Swallow, Sniffles swallows an ant who remains unharmed in his stomach, which seems void of any acid. Real life anteaters crush ants against the palate their mouths before swallowing them, relying on the formic acid of these ants for digestion. This tells us that Sniffles is both inexperienced in eating his natural prey and lacking his essential nutrients as a result. No wonder the ants always get the upper hand over him.

Fridge Horror:

  • Yes, Lumpy is a Villain Protagonist in the episode We're Scrooged!. No, there's nothing in the fridge regarding his killing Toothy for the sake of selling his body parts, that's horrible from the start... But there's horror regarding the fact that he has customers, including one who doesn't even show concern when he sees a person lose his eye right in front of him. Would Lumpy even have received a relatively tame punishment if unluckiness hadn't gotten him?
    • Some characters don't react as often to other peoples' injuries as they should do (like in A Sight for Sore Eyes, where Sniffles just looks at Toothy with half his head cut open with slight disinterest, or The Wrong Side of the Tracks, where Handy cheers for his own fortune directly after noticing that Cuddles got his arms cut off). What the hell did they go through to make them act like that?
  • Take almost any episode of HTF. Now imagine those things happening to real people rather than cartoon animals...
  • Don't the staff for the show ever have nightmares from these cute little critters dying repeatedly? They do. From their "Happy Birthday to us!"-blog entry: "We’ve laughed together, we’ve cried, we’ve been horrified, grossed out and yes, even puked a little...but at least we did it all together!"
  • Nutty's obsession with the heart-box in "Sucker for Love". At first, his imagining getting babies with that thing is something funny because of his possible childishness (the Man-part is debatable). But wait, if he knows about water breaking, then that means he doesn't believe in the stork, and that means that he imagined he had sex with the box.
  • There's a high risk that the Ant children's father is permanently dead. At first you could argue that He's Just Hiding or that he works far away or something like that, but remember - in Real Life, ant males are only born during the mating season. After fertilizing all of the queen-to-be's eggs, they die. Now put that knowledge together with the fact that these ants are more "family-minded" than real ants. Even though the modern ants are Scrappies, it's hard to not feel sorry for their family if you think of all the pain throughout the generations when husbands, brothers and sons have been lost for the sake of keeping the family alive.
  • Zombie!Mole is shown to be still be lurking around at the end of "Remains to Be Seen". Granted, he's a blind zombie, but The Mole has a knack for causing harm regardless.
  • In "Mime To Five", Mime gets a job as a lifeguard, and when he sees Sniffles drowning, he uses an imaginary rope to pull him in, then does CPR on an imaginary body. But the things Mime imagines are usually shown to function just like they were real, which means he intentionally let Sniffles drown to save the imaginary person.
  • The moral at the end of "A Bit of A Pickle" is far more cryptic than usual: "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." Keep that into account and think about this: Lammy sees Mr. Pickels as a psychotic killer, but everyone else sees him as a regular pickle. If Mr. Pickels truly isn't real... oh dear.
  • Fliqpy letting Handy get off with only his feet chopped off in "By The Seat of Your Pants" might seem like a Pet the Dog moment for the former, until you realize that this means Handy was essentially rendered quadriplegic, which is a pretty horrific Fate Worse than Death.
  • In Happy Trails Part 2: Jumping the Shark, Flaky accidently deflates the boat that was offered by Lifty and Shifty, resulting in their deaths. In revenge, Flippy, Lumpy, Handy, and Sniffles kill her. However, the entire thing is offscreen and we don't see what happens. Considering this show is infamous for its Gorn, it makes you wonder what was so horrible about Flaky's death that it couldn't have been shown.
  • "The Way You Make Me Wheel" has Lumpy die from his truck filling it up with his blood. We see a duckling hold a razor before the episode ends. Considering what happens to Lumpy, it's best we don't think about what might happen to the duckling too.
  • In "Take a Hike", all the characters are horribly miserable and need food and water badly. Petunia finds filthy water and starts drinking it. That's bad enough, but the fact that Petunia is Terrified of Germs makes this even worse meaning she had to be really desperate to drink, even if she had to break character.
  • In "A Vicious Cycle", everyone dies except for Cub before the episode ends. This could imply that either Fliqpy let Cub live or he transformed back into Flippy. Or, he actually killed Cub in that very episode.
  • The reason Petunia and Giggles aren't interested in Disco Bear becomes apparent when you realize the former two are sometimes portrayed as children while the latter is consistently an adult.

Fridge Logic:

  • Take almost any episode where someone dies from something that wouldn't do the same in real life. The only (or, atleast, only official) reason is Rule of Funny.
  • What was Flippy named before he went to war?
    • Flappy or Floppy, probably.
    • Could just be a coincidence, like how the Shamwow guy's real first name is Offer.
  • Speaking of Flo- erm, Flippy, why is he always wearing that uniform if he's off-duty in the regular episodes?
    • Well, he rose to the rank of Sergeant. After all he went through, he doesn't want people to forget that he's served his country. Also, it's a warning to his friends that he knows how to kill them in at least eight different ways before they hit the floor.
  • Why didn't Russell get killed by the piranhas in Youtube Copyright School? He got killed by his own piranha in Something Fishy.
    • Something Fishy was purely done for the sake of comedy. Youtube Copyright School had a purpose - to get a point across regarding originality on YouTube, while trying to still be funny. Besides, the Narrator wasn't present in Something Fishy... so he may have been able to save Russell before he got eaten (and/or those piranhas must have been lazy and had full stomachs).
  • If The Mole is blind, then how did he know that Sniffles didn't show his ID in Wrath Of Con?
    • There is a theory that the Mole, while not deaf, suffers from hearing problems. (Nope, not WMG, but a theory from another Wiki.) Sniffles carries around a huge backpack, while Cuddles and Toothy have just their cards with them. Therefore, it's possible that he didn't hear Cuddles and Toothy walking past, and was just doing his standard reaction to anybody who he'd hear. Sniffles gave himself away with his groan.
  • Blast From The Past is already Mind Screw enough, but there's one part that makes no sense whatsoever. So, Sniffles spills his milk, so he builds a time machine to get it back, and arrives short before the glass drops, which is when Lumpy comes in. WHY DIDN'T LUMPY COME IN THE FIRST TIME AROUND?!
    • Or, even better, Sniffles spills his milk, WHY DOESN'T HE JUST GO GET ANOTHER GLASS?!