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Happy Tree Friends offers plenty of opportunities for laughter (and not just at the Comedic Sociopathy of the cute little characters getting constantly splattered). Think of it as the Cute Cartoon version of Bloody Hilarious. There's a reason why the creators has sometimes described the show as a "comedic show that just happens to have lots of gore and violence."

Moment subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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  • Any time The Mole does something that blind people shouldn't be doing, such as driving or connecting a hose to a fire truck.
    • Pretty much any scene with The Mole in "A Sight For Sore Eyes", such as driving out of his garage before the door even goes up AND walking down the middle of the road with a lawn mower.
    • Also walking into an open manhole in "Who's To Flame", and taking pictures in "See What Develops".
  • Depending on if you love him or hate him, you may find Lumpy's stupidity amusing or annoying.
  • The Mole, Cro-Marmot, or Handy successfully doing something that requires sight, being able to move, or hands respectively, offscreen.
  • Anytime Handy scowls at the camera after his inability to do something he wanted to do that requires hands.

    Regular episodes 
  • Lumpy saying "Merry Christmas!" at Petunia's birthday party at the end of You're Baking Me Crazy.
  • "Remains To Be Seen", once you get past the horror, has Lumpy having to choose between many weapons in a small room to defend himself against his Zombie Friends. We see a lot of weapons that seem plausible, including a chainsaw... only for him to stick a leaf blower of all things onto his arm and wave it with triumph at Fliqpy. Fliqpy's face seals the deal.
    • Also, Lumpy getting punched by his own dismembered arm at the very end.
  • Similarly, from "Junk in the Trunk". Lumpy sees three options for transportation that he can use to pursue Lifty and Shifty: a racecar, a motorcycle and a pogo stick. Which does he choose? The pogo stick, of course!
  • All of "Blind Date".
    • The Mole goes to Lumpy's house by mistake instead of Giggles.
    • Lumpy accepts to be The Mole's literal blind date just for the chocolates that The Mole offered him, because he's seen eating them all in the car later.
    • When the roof of The Mole's car gets sliced off, a bird pecks on Lumpy's exposed brain and makes him shake around. The Mole shivers and rolls up the side window next to him.
    • When Lumpy and The Mole are at the movie theater watching Buddhist Monkey, it's revealed that The Mole's car is facing in the opposite direction.
    • At the restaurant, the bird pecks on Lumpy's brain, causing him to rub The Mole's foot with his own, causing The Mole to blush.
    • When The Mole is driving Lumpy to Lookout Point, he closes the door on Lumpy's foot. It turns out that Lumpy's toenails were being filed on the road and Lumpy's whole right foot falls off.
    • Disco Bear is having a date of his own with Petunia. It doesn't go well. And that's before the two of them die (by the Mole accidentally pushing their car over the cliff, causing it to explode).
    • The Mole feels (dead) Lumpy's antler touch him and takes it to mean that he's being cuddled. He hugs Lumpy just as a bird nips at Lumpy's exposed brain, causing Lumpy's arm to smack him.
    • At the end, when The Mole drops Lumpy off at Giggles' house, it turns out that birds have made a nest out of Lumpy's brain.
  • Flaky screaming at the sight of a baby chick in "From A To Zoo", Lumpy's unintentional massacre of numerous baby chicks and Flaky's shell-shocked expression. From that same episode, Cuddles' quest to jab every animal he finds with a stick.
  • The scene from "Ski Patrol" where Lumpy is receiving instructions to put chapstick on Giggles. Midway through, the film skips ahead to Lumpy performing open-heart surgery on Giggles, which Lumpy doesn't realize from his perspective. The film skips ahead again to Giggles standing comfortably, then keeling over as her chest erupts with blood, her heart, a pair of scissors and one of Lumpy's shoes.
  • In "Party Animal", when Flippy goes nuts and starts killing people, his first victim is Toothy. He carves a slice of Toothy's face with the cake knife, and then dumps it on Cuddles' plate.
    • Shortly after, he uses the cake knife on Nutty while the latter is in a sugar high-induced tornado, carving him like an apple.
  • In "Sea What I Found", Lumpy looks out the boat's window, sees moving water and gets sick. The next shot reveals that the boat was still in the dock, and what he actually saw was a washing machine Russell was towing.
    • Later in the episode, when Russell finds the treasure, he is pushed away by Lifty and Shifty. Because he's underwater, Russell takes a long time to fall to the ground while screaming, and while they're waiting, Lifty and Shifty are seen playing chess underwater! You can even note that Lifty steals all of Shifty's pieces while he's not looking.
  • In "Easy For You To Sleigh", Lifty and Shifty start to rob Flippy and find that no matter how much noise they make, he won't wake up. So what do they do? Park a truck right outside the door and loot the entire house with the help of a forklift. And if they hadn't tried to steal his cookies, they most likely would've gotten away with it too.
  • The line "I wish I had a scrumptious lollipop" sounds funny on its own. So what happens when Nutty says it in "As You Wish"? Laugh all the way to a candy shop in your vicinity!
    • Later, in the same episode, Pop wishes that Cub could have a new fire truck. It's heartwarming to see Pop would actually do something like that, but Lumpy translates this as "set Cub on fire".
  • In "Mime to Five", Mime (who is working as a lifeguard) sees Sniffles drowning, so he starts doing a slow-motion Baywatch run as he goes to save him...and then Petunia walks by at normal speed in the background and gives Mime an odd look. Mime attempts to use an imaginary rope to pull Sniffles out. He then proceeds to pull out and then perform CPR on an imaginary Sniffles. And as icing on the cake, he even fails to revive the imaginary Sniffles, leading to him desperately beating imaginary Sniffles' chest as melodramatic sad music plays.
  • "Chew Said a Mouthful". In one scene, Lumpy and Giggles are operating on Toothy. When Giggles hands Toothy's eyeball to Lumpy, he accidentally drops it, then Nutty's jawbreaker comes rolling in front of Lumpy, who mistakes it for the eyeball. Lumpy places the jawbreaker in Toothy's eyesocket. The good part comes when Lumpy grabs a marker and draws a dot on the jawbreaker, resembling an eye pupil, and then draws a mustache on Toothy's face (shown above).
  • In "Idol Curiosity", an ever-growing crack in the ground takes a taxi to catch Sniffles. You can even see the crack toss a few coins to the taxi driver!
  • "Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow" features Lumpy losing his hearing. So what's next? He comes home, which activates the security alarm system, and even though it beeps very loudly, since he doesn't hear anything, it doesn't bother him. The other objects in the house also make noise, but this doesn't bother Lumpy either. Over at Flippy's house, he wakes up from the amount of noise that comes from Lumpy's house, and flips out the next second. He then goes over to Lumpy's house, equipped with an axe and rings the door bell. Lumpy, in the middle of baking cake, doesn't hear anything. Fliqpy gets frustrated and throws the axe on the ground. The rest of the episode is him trying to kill Lumpy, but failing repeatedly. Best part is, it's the first time he never kills anyone while flipped out.
    • In the same episode, before he's waken up, we get to see Flippy's dream sequence, which consists of him riding a pink unicorn (which turns into an alicorn shortly after) on a flower field, while he's smiling happily.
  • In one scene in "Double Whammy (Part 2)", Cuddles, Toothy and Cro-Marmot are playing dress-up. When they come out of the closet, Cro-Marmot has a dress stretched over the ice block that encases him.
  • Nutty's Falling-in-Love Montage with a box of chocolates during "A Sucker for Love." They're over the top and not all that connected to the episode, but it's particularly hilarious to see an old Nutty crying over the death of his chocolate lover — while eating her insides.
  • Splendid actually breaking wind in the episode "Breaking Wind".
  • In "Pet Peeve", Sniffles' "pet" humps Lumpy's leg, causing him to jump, spilling bird seed all over him. Birds surround him (in a reference to The Birds) and begin to attack him. Then, at the end of the episode, Lumpy is feeding the birds again, albeit damaged. Sniffles' "pet" humps his leg again, causing him to jump another time, spilling more bird seed on him. A bird then lands next to him, and Lumpy sighs in a defeated "oh man, this again?" way. But here's the best part; Lumpy's screams carry over the credits. So, instead of the usual, cheery music, we get Lumpy screaming his head off.
  • In "Take A Hike", Nutty drinks a lot of honey and gets really fat, and gets his face covered with honey, so he wipes it off with a patch of fur ripped from a bear. Nutty notices this after the bear angrily growls and attempts to reattach it, to no success. The bear looks at Nutty with a 'really?' expression, paws on its hips. Nutty shrugs and giggles nervously in response. The bear then smiles mockingly and claws at Nutty's body, and he falls apart like a cut leg of ham while running away, and still living. Best of all? His legs continue walking even though he's explicitly dead. The whole thing's treated like a typical 1940s cartoon gag.
  • In "Snow Place to Go", Russell tries ice fishing by casting his line into the hole rather than just lowering it down. Resulting in him unknowingly hooking Toothy in the wrist and pulling out his entire circulatory system. After Toothy falls to the ground dead, his veins and arteries scream before collapsing.
  • After Lumpy notices the sea being frozen by Cro-Marmot in "Wipe Out", the chainsaws he was juggling slash off his arms. Then the winds rips his blond wig off. Lumpy can only grin sheepishly at the viewer.
  • "I Nub You" has a hilarious moment near the end. The scene in question starts with Lumpy focusing hard on a puzzle when the somehow still alive remains of Handy and Petunia are thrown in front of him. The scene then switches to Handy in bed, and all seems well... until it is revealed that Lumpy not only stitched Handy and Petunia together, back to back, but he also cut his own arms off and stitched them onto the two during surgery.
  • "Ipso Fatso" does a wonderful Double Subversion of the Banana Peel trope. Lumpy is walking into the cafe when he notices a banana peel on the floor. He tries to avoid it, only to see that the floor also has nails, a snake, spikes, a frayed cord and lava in various places. Eventually, he falls over anyways and lands on Disco Bear's bike, breaking his back.
  • "Swelter Skelter" has a hilarious moment near the beginning. Giggles goes down a slide, only for her backside to melt due to the intense heat coming from the slide.
  • In "Easy Comb, Easy Go", Lumpy decides to put on some aftershave after The Mole gives him a shave (unaware that The Mole has shaved off the flesh below Lumpy's nose). Lumpy dumps some on his hands. Cue his eyes flashing open (staring directly at the viewer) and then a shot outside the barbershop, where we hear Lumpy's screams.
  • In "Keepin' it Reel", Fliqpy uses Flaky as a weapon to smack Cuddles with. Poor girl.
  • Disco Bear's appearance in "Dream Job". It has to be seen to be believed.
  • The ending of "Stealing the Spotlight". After everyone is finished dying, Lumpy turns off the lights and is completely blackened, and as soon as he takes off his mask his eyes pop, and he just keeps smiling. Then The Mole gives a thumbs up and his thumb is on fire and he doesn't care.
  • Flaky (blinded by blood) accidentally walking on Cuddles' intestines as if it were a tightrope in "Mime to Five".
  • Handy screaming with the same eyes he has when he scowls in "Happy Trails".
  • Petunia's eyes rolling back her head as she hyperventilates on a glove in "Wishy Washy", which she then chokes on by accident.
    • Petunia briefly glaring at Lumpy when he uses a plunger on her mouth to remove the same glove stuck down her throat.
  • Sniffles' death in "See You Later, Elevator": he casually walks, thinking that the problem is over. Then, BLAM, the elevator closes, splitting him in half, literally dying with that smiling expression.
  • In "Gems the Breaks", Splendid counters the effects of Lifty and Shifty's Kryptonut with a hazmat suit, only for one of them to pull down his pants from behind, exposing his heart-print boxers before he falls to the ground, letting a school bus crash into him. Cuddles, Toothy, and Sniffles can then be seen being launched out the windshield by the impact and into a woodchipper as Lumpy bends down to grab some more wood and doesn't see them.
  • In "Concrete Solution", after accidentally shooting Handy in the back of the head and into wet concrete, Lumpy tries to pull him out. When that fails, he settles for using a nearby plank to push Handy's body down further and hide him from view before leaving... Only to come back and make handprints in the concrete.
    • Towards the end is a Humiliation Conga for poor Lumpy leading to his death. Due to the overpass being made with the stolen bag of sugar, it starts to melt from rain. Nutty is sent launching into Lumpy, who then falls off the overpass and (painfully) onto the street. Then he gets run over by Lifty and Shifty. Then he gets mugged by Lifty and Shifty. Then he gets crushed by the same block of concrete he hid Handy in.
    • Shortly after, Nutty trips and mixes up his stolen bag of sugar with a bag of concrete mix and returns home with the latter. He takes a bowl and a box of cereal and pours a single piece of cereal to eat with what he thinks is his sugary haul.
  • Lumpy's face (complete with Tears of Joy and puppy eyes) in awe of Toothy's singing in "Class Act".
    • Lifty and Shifty using Flaky's dandruff as snow.
  • "Out on a Limb" is not a particularly funny episode, but seeing that Lumpy managed to amputate the wrong leg with a spoon and now has to amputate the other leg with a trombone is pretty funny.
  • "I've Got You Under My Skin" has Lumpy's death; Sniffles' shrunken ship gets snagged onto Lumpy's optic nerve, ultimately snapping it. His eye fills up with blood, cutting to his point of view...where his blind eye...cuts to a test pattern. Right after, Sniffles' ship regrows inside his nose, causing his head to explode.
  • "Meat Me For Lunch" has a humorous setup for Lifty and Shifty's deaths. After the raccoons skidaddle after stealing a few pieces of meat from Lumpy's meat shop, the automatic door suddenly closes on the stolen sausage links behind Lumpy as he starts yelling at the boys, launching Lifty and Shifty into the meat shop, where they are subsequently ground up and turned into hot dogs. Even funnier once you realize Lifty wasn't holding the sausages when they got launched.
    • Petunia's confused expression once she finds a raccoon's eyeball in her hot dog.

    Other moments 
  • Nica Lorber singing "Yellow Submarine" in Flaky's voice during a behind the scenes special.
    • From the same special, "Lippy" Lipman sucking his thumb while demonstrating his Nutty voice.
  • The BlurBs, sometimes.
  • Happy Tree Friends "Hate Mail", as read by the cast, studio staff, and various people on the street.
  • "Asbestos As I Can Do", which starts with a "previously on" segment which is just about a minute or so of gruesome deaths from TV episodes. Then we get to the episode... Which is just Lumpy knitting an antler warmer. It then does a "next time on" segment which is more gruesome deaths from other TV episodes.
  • In Cub's Christmas Smoochie, the option to have him play with a motorized top leads to it ripping off his skin and then impaling him. Unlike the other two options, Pop sees him die and attempts to resuscitate him, but he ends up spinning Cub's corpse around with each push of the top's button.
  • A video was made by YouTube to explain their copyright laws. It features Russell getting scolded by the narrator many times due to uploading a song made by Lumpy. It is noticeably Lighter and Softer compared to how the show usually is.