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    Season One (1999-2001) 
  1. Spin Fun Knowin' Ya: Tree friends Cuddles, Toothy, and Giggles urge Lumpy to spin their merry-go-round faster.
  2. House Warming: Petunia’s new treehouse literally goes in flames as Handy struggles to help her.
  3. Helping Helps: Giggles is caught in a massive flood — thankfully Splendid swoops in to save the day!
  4. Crazy Ant-ics: Sniffles the anteater sticks his tongue down an anthill for some food.
  5. Havin' A Ball: By Cub's request, Pop tries to retrieve his ball.
  6. Water You Wading For: Cuddles and Flaky go to the local swimming hole but the wildlife terrorizes them.
  7. Nuttin' Wrong with Candy: A jammed vending machine leads Nutty to make desperate moves for his sweets.
  8. Wheelin' and Dealin': Lifty and Shifty rig a race in their favor by stealing their opponents' car parts.
  9. Pitchin' Impossible: The Mole enters a carnival game.
  10. Stayin' Alive: Disco Bear tries to swoon Giggles and Petunia.
  11. Treasure Those Idol Moments: A mysterious idol is causing a ruckus among the tree friends.
  12. Chip Off the Ol' Block: Pop & Cub mow the lawn.
  13. Nuttin' but the Tooth: Toothy tries to fix Nutty's cavity.
  14. Hide and Seek: The tree friends make a terrible decision to play hide-and-seek with Flippy.
  15. Whose Line is it Anyway?: Russell’s catch of the day proves to be stronger than he thought.
  16. Boo Do You Think You Are?: A Halloween ride takes a life-threatening turn.
  17. Mime and Mime Again: A hospitalized Toothy is cheered up by Mime.
  18. You're Bakin' Me Crazy: Girl Scout Giggles goes to Lumpy’s house.
  19. Tongue Twister Trouble: Sniffles' tongue is stuck to ice — The Ant Family takes full advantage of this.
  20. Meat Me for Lunch: Lifty and Shifty pull a heist on Lumpy's butcher shop.
  21. Sweet Ride: Cuddles is stalked by Nutty.
  22. It's a Snap: Lumpy gets trapped in a bear trap and Splendid tries to help.
  23. Off the Hook: Russell is caught by a fishing hook.
  24. Spare Me: The Mole plays bowling and unwittingly causes chaos.
  25. Snow What? That's What!: Giggles' playful snowball fight with Cro-Marmot goes wrong.
  26. This Is Your Knife: Flippy camps with his friends.
  27. Happy Trails: In the season finale, Lumpy struggles to tend to the kids while driving the bus.

    Season Two (2002-2005) 
  1. Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping The Shark: The tree friends must work together to survive on a desert island.
  2. Eye Candy: Toothy's eye is dislodged by a lollipop.
  3. Rink Hijinks: Flaky goes to a roller rink.
  4. Flippin' Burgers: Fliqpy causes chaos at a fast food place.
  5. Get Whale Soon: Russell and Lumpy are stranded inside a whale.
  6. Snip Snip Hooray!: Pop gives a haircut to Cub.
  7. Eyes Cold Lemonade: Giggles and Petunia’s lemonade stand turns sour.
  8. Milkin' It: Lifty and Shifty steal Farmer Lumpy’s cow.
  9. Out of Sight, Out of Mime: Mime goes trick-or-treating.
  10. Class Act: Toothy sings "O Christmas Tree" at a Christmas Play. The Show Must Go On, even if everyone starts to die.
  11. The Way You Make Me Wheel: Lumpy slashes his neck by accident while Handy fixes his car.
  12. Better Off Bread: Splendid, yet again, has to save the day.
  13. I Get a Trick Out of You: Lumpy uses Cuddles as a victim for his magic trick. Things predictably go wrong.
  14. Shard at Work: Handy tries to screw in a light bulb. Lacking hands be damned.
  15. Water Way to Go: Pop and Cub's day at the beach takes a dark turn when Pop can't find him.
  16. Out on a Limb: Lumpy makes a Life-or-Limb Decision when a tree lands on him.
  17. Keepin' it Reel: Fliqpy's new murdering spree takes place at the cinemas.
  18. A Hard Act to Swallow: Sniffles finally eats an ant! Or does he?
  19. Let It Slide: Lumpy, Flaky, and Cuddles go to the water park.
  20. Icy You: Nutty robs the convenience store upon finding Vendor Lumpy incapacitated. Karma immediately strikes him when his mouth is frozen.
  21. Hello Dolly: Petunia mistakes an idol to be a doll.
  22. Remains to be Seen: Lumpy must endure the Zombie Apocalypse with a zombified Fliqpy hot on his trail!
  23. Stealing the Spotlight: Lumpy competes with Pop on who can make the best Christmas decorations.
  24. Ski Ya! Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!: Flaky must face her fear of skiing.
  25. Blind Date: The Mole's blind date goes south when he mistakes Lumpy for Giggles.
  26. Suck It Up: Will Sniffles new mouth vacuum device finally stop the Ant Family?
  27. From A to Zoo (Part 1 & Part 2): Lumpy must find the tree friends when they scatter around the zoo.

    TV Season (2006)

  1. "One Foot in the Grave":
  2. "Lesser of Two Evils":
    • Party Animal: Flaky holds a party for Flippy.
    • Ipso Fatso: Disco Bear tries to lose weight when Giggles and Petunia make fun of him.
    • Don't Yank My Chain: Handy and The Mole go on the run when Lifty and Shifty frame them for identity theft.
  3. "The Third Degree":
    • Doggone It: Man’s best friend becomes everyone’s worst nightmare. Especially for Animal Catcher Lumpy.
    • Concrete Solution: Nutty grabs a bag of cement thinking it's sugar while Lumpy does the opposite.
    • Sea What I Found: Lumpy and Russell race Lifty and Shifty to find sunken treasure!
  4. "Four on the Floor":
  5. "Marooned Five":
    • Every Litter Bit Hurts: Giggles tries to stop the pollution at a lake.
    • As You Wish: The Tree Friends find a magical wish-granting genie — obviously Lumpy — and make all sorts of impulse wishes that will all predictably backfire.
    • Take a Hike: Lumpy takes the Tree Friends on a hike! But when they got lost and heavily injured, things turn bad.
  6. "Deep Six":
    • Snow Place to Go: Russell and his vacation crew get stranded in a frozen tundra.
    • Dunce Upon a Time: When Nutty buys magical beans, a massive beanstalk grows — through his mouth. Giggles tries to save some Tree Friends who have been imprisoned inside a castle in the clouds.
    • Gems the Breaks: Lifty and Shifty get the upper hand on Splendid when they find his one weakness: the Krypto-Nut.
  7. "Seventh Heaven":
    • A Change of Heart: Doctor Lumpy and Nurse Giggles do everything in their power to find a new heart for Disco Bear's transplant.
    • A Hole Lotta Love: When Cub presumably falls down a well, Pop, Sniffles, The Mole, and Lumpy pilot a giant drill to save him while unknowingly causing chaos above ground at a neighborhood.
    • Mime to Five: Mime tries out a series of jobs to buy a new unicycle.
  8. "Behind the Eight Ball":
    • Blast from the Past: Sniffles travels back in time to make sure that Lumpy, Cuddles, Toothy, and Giggles have a safe day at the playground.
    • Chew Said A Mouthful: Nutty's quest to eat a jawbreaker has jaw-dropping consequences.
    • See What Develops: Splendid's secret regular life is out at stake when the Mole takes a picture of his real identity.
  9. "Nine Lives":
    • Idol Curiosity: Treasure Hunter Sniffles must travel across the world to bring a cursed idol to the museum while a reality-warping earthquake is hot on his tail.
    • Home Is Where the Hurt Is: Giggles' new house is turned into a deadly labyrinth of traps for the Tree Friends.
    • Aw, Shucks!: Lumpy protects his prized corn from a crow.
  10. "Ten Speed":
  11. "Eleventh Hour":
    • Wingin' It: Flaky must conquer her fears of air flight.
    • Tongue in Cheek: In the final Sniffles vs. Ant Family, Sniffles builds a robotic ant that he can pilot.
    • Easy Comb, Easy Go: Disco Bear loses his prized afro and seeks to find a replacement.
  12. "Twelfth Night":
    • I've Got You Under My Skin: Giggles is deathly ill, so Sniffles decides to shrink to microscopic size and heal her from the inside. Lumpy, of course, screws things up.
    • In a Jam: Cuddles wants to join Lumpy's hot new band!
    • Junk in the Trunk: Lumpy's pet elephant runs away. Meanwhile Lifty and Shifty are stealing all of the Tree Friends' pets!
  13. "Friday the 13th":

    Season Three (2007-2013) 
  1. Read 'em and Weep: In this Halloween Episode, after Pop reads a rather peculiar book to Cub, he gets possessed by a demon.
  2. Can't Stop Coffin: In the 2nd Halloween Episode in a row, Cuddles gets Buried Alive.
  3. We're Scrooged!: In this Christmas Episode, Lumpy's Greed reaches new heights when he abuses Toy Maker Toothy.
  4. A Sucker for Love (Part 1 & Part 2): In this Valentine's Day Episode, Nutty (literally) falls in love with candy.
  5. Just Desert: Lumpy braves through a dangerous desert.
  6. Peas in a Pod: In this Halloween Episode, Lumpy's DNA is matched with alien pod people.
  7. Wrath of Con: Splendid spends his day at a convention while Sniffles loses his pass.
  8. All Flocked Up: Lumpy tries to bring a baby bird back to its nest.
  9. Something Fishy: It's back to school for the Tree Friends and Russell brings his pet piranha for show-and-tell.
  10. Without A Hitch: In this Halloween Episode, Flaky's drive at night takes a scary turn when Flippy wants to hitchhike with her.
  11. Swelter Skelter: After kidnapping Cro-Marmot in order to endure a Heat Wave, Lifty and Shifty must leave their increasingly freezing apartment.
  12. I Nub You: In this Valentine's Day Episode, Petunia falls for Handy when her hands are removed.
  13. A Bit of a Pickle: Newcomer Lammy struggles to make new friends when her Not-So-Imaginary Friend, Mr. Pickels, keeps killing them.
  14. See You Later, Elevator: Sniffles, Cuddles, Mime, and Giggles are trapped in a malfunctioning elevator.
  15. Clause For Concern: In this Christmas Episode, Pop becomes a Mall Santa, but does he grab the right bag of gifts?
  16. The Chokes on You: Lumpy chokes on a donut and tries to survive.
  17. Royal Flush: Lammy's Girls' Night Out goes wrong when Mr. Pickels intervenes.
  18. Brake the Cycle: Toothy's homemade bicycle proves to be disastrous.
  19. Random Acts of Silence: Flippy the librarian tries to keep his library quiet.
  20. Breaking Wind: Splendid (fails) to save the tree friends from an oncoming twister.
  21. All in Vein: In this Halloween Episode, Count Lumpy searches the night for fresh blood.
  22. Bottled Up Inside: Russell is imapled by a ship-in-a-bottle and faces several challenges when going to the hospital.
  23. No Time Like the Present: In this Christmas Episode, Handy tries to open his present. Meanwhile, Lumpy Claus visits The Mole's apartment.
  24. By the Seat of Your Pants: In the season three finale, Flippy (once again) flips out and tries to kill Lumpy. But will he succeed this time?

    Season Four (2013-2014) 
  1. You're Kraken Me Up: A romantic sea date goes south for Russell when a kraken decides to crash the party.
  2. All Work and No Play: The tree friends have fun in a decaying playground.
  3. Buns of Steal: Lifty and Shifty pull a bread heist on the Mole's van.
  4. Pet Peeve: Sniffles creates an acidic blob monster that he decides to adopt.
  5. A Vicious Cycle: In this Halloween Episode, Flippy's spirit haunts Cub's tricycle.
  6. Put Your Back Into It: Disco Bear tries to look cool in front of Giggles and Petunia, even if it destroys his back.
  7. Spare Tire: The Mole driving leads to all sorts of chaos for the tree friends.
  8. Camp Pokeneyeout: At a camp, Toothy and Cuddles engage in a slingshot battle.
  9. Dream Job: Sniffles' new device allows him to enter TV shows in his dream.

    Season Five: (2016-)

Still Alive

  1. Going Out With a Bang: Nutty mistakes a box of fireworks to be candy.
  2. A Handy Nanny: Cub's new babysitter is none other than Handy.
  3. An Inconvenient Tooth: Toothy lives up to his name when his teeth grow to disproportionate sizes.
  4. Just Be Claus: In this Christmas Episode, Splendid tries to save Christmas when Santa Lumpy is killed.
  5. In Over Your Hedge: In yet another Flippy vs. Lumpy episode, Flippy is bothered by the loud antics of Lumpy.

  1. Cuddles' Pet Smoochie: Take care of Cuddles with three options.
  2. Giggles' Valentine Smoochie: Giggles wants to do something for Valentine's Day.
  3. Toothy's Easter Smoochie: Toothy's ready for some Easter festivities.
  4. Petunia's Summer Smoochie: Petunia has a summer of fun.
  5. Nutty's Party Smoochie: A party is thrown just for Nutty.
  6. Sniffles' Science Smoochie: Sniffles has some science experiments to try.
  7. Flaky's Baseball Smoochie: Flaky's ready to cheer for the team.
  8. Pop's BBQ Smoochie: Pop is raring to fire up the grill.
  9. Mime's Olympic Smoochie: Mime trains for the Olympics.
  10. Disco Bear's Halloween Smoochie: Disco Bear dresses up for Halloween.
  11. Cub's Christmas Smoochie: Celebrate Christmas with Cub.

    Irregular Episodes 
  1. Banjo Frenzy: Dinosaur Lumpy goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge when his audience makes fun of his banjo playing.
  2. Dino-Sore Days: A peek into the life of Cro-Marmot prior to the Human Popsicle he is now.
  3. Ski Patrol: Lumpy joins the ski patrol but must go through several tests.
  4. Intimate Spotlight: An interview with Cro-Marmot.
  5. Oh Xmas Tree: Lumpy, Giggles, Toothy, and Cuddles sing Christmas carols — Nothing goes wrong. Seriously.
  6. Asbestos I Can Do: Lumpy knits some new antler warmers.
  7. Carpal Tunnel of Love: In this music video, Cuddles and Giggles fall in love but Lumpy becomes a third wheel.
  8. False Alarm: Now candy-sober, Nutty gets addicted to video games.
  9. Youtube Live Episode: The Tree Friends are in a claw machine and can't wait to be picked up!
  10. Youtube 101: Subscriptions: Cuddles stalks Giggles on the internet and learns about YouTube subscriptions.
  11. Youtube Copyright Lawsuit School: In this controversial short, Russell learns about Copyright Infringement.
  12. Cubtron Z: Pop decides to give Cub a gigantic metal body after witnessing how dangerous their world truly is.
  13. Blood Donor: Lumpy makes a sacrifice to save Giggles' life.
  14. Too Much Scream Time: In this cross-promotion with The Crackpet Show, Pop and Cub's trip to the store takes a dangerous turn when Cub starts imitating what he sees on television.

  • HTF Kringles: A series of Christmas-themed shorts taking place during Winter.
    • "Reindeer Kringle": Petunia meets a reindeer in the wilderness.
    • "Kringle Tree": Lumpy and Giggles cut down a tree for Christmas.
    • "Kringle Feast": The Tree Friends are tuckered out after a large Christmas feast — or are they?
    • "Kringle Karols": The four primary Tree Friends sing a Christmas carol.
    • "Ski Kringle": Sniffles and Toothy's snowman is ruined by Lumpy.
    • "Kringle Presents": Cub enjoys his model train.
    • "Strain Kringle": Cuddles and Toothy enter a snowball fight with Lumpy.
    • "Chill Kringle": Petunia's ice skating is interrupted by Cro-Marmot.
    • "Sight Kringle": Giggles admires a Christmas tree.
    • "Star Kringle": Cuddles, Giggles, and Toothy set up a Christmas tree.
  • HTF Break: A series of shorts mainly taking place in a cinema. Most of these breaks were first used as bumpers on the G4TV Happy Tree Friends & Friends series, and re-released during the 2010-2011 hiatus.
    • "Seize the Day": Cuddles suffers a seizure when playing video games with Lumpy.
    • "Chore Loser": Cub must finish his chores.
    • "Deck the Halls" & "We Wish You": Lighter and Softer shorts involving Lumpy, Giggles, Toothy, and Cuddles singing Christmas carols — Nothing goes wrong. Seriously.
    • "Happy New Year": The Tree Friends go to the cinema while Lumpy puts in a new movie.note 
    • "Take Your Seat": Flaky's movie theater seat malfunctions.
    • "Moppin' Up": Lumpy mops the floor.
    • "Bite Sized": Nutty (yet again) tries to eat a jawbreaker.
    • "Pop & Corn": Cub eats too much popcorn.
    • "Butter Me Up": Giggles puts in too much hot butter on her popcorn.
    • "Cheesy Does It": Lifty and Shifty try to sneakily eat an unpaid pizza.
    • "Tunnel Vision": Mime's drink proves to be more fatal than he thought.
    • "Claw": Taking place in the same claw machine from the YouTube live episode, the antagonistic claw grabs Cuddles again — only to brutally kill him.
    • "Toothy's Bumper": Toothy orders a drink from Lumpy.
    • "Petunia's Bumper": Petunia gets brain freeze from a slushie.
  • Love Bites: Shorts revolving around our Tree Friends being paired up and their doomed dates.
    • "Cold Hearted": Toothy ruins Giggles' and Cro-Marmot's date.
    • "Sea of Love": Russell's gift turns disastrous for him.
    • "I Heart U": Mime and Petunia's flirt session goes awry.
    • "On My Mind": Giggles and Flippy are on a nice date, what can go wrong?
    • "My Better Half": Handy and Petunia's date ends with them splitting up.

  1. Enter the Garden: Buddhist Monkey takes on ninjas in a garden.
  2. Mole in the City: The Mole traverses through the city as a spy.
  3. Books of Fury: Buddhist Monkey spends time in a library.
  4. Operation Tiger Bomb: A flashback of Flippy's first mission back in his war days.
  5. Mirror Mirror: Splendid fights his arch-nemesis, Splendont.
  6. Three Courses of Death: Buddhist Monkey goes against the pig warrior, Char Sui.