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Drinking Game / Happy Tree Friends

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WARNING: You may end up having serious health issues like the characters in the show.

  • Drink whenever someone dies.
    • Drink twice if it's a bloody death.
  • Drink whenever someone screams.
  • Drink whenever someone makes a dumb move.
    • Drink twice if Lumpy makes one.
    • Also drink twice if Pop makes one that leads to Cub’s death.
  • Drink whenever Flippy flips out. For the most part, just drink when Flippy is one of the characters in the episode.
  • Drink whenever you see The Cursed Idol.
    • Drink twice if a character holds it.
      • If it's a short amount of time before death, drink for every second the character holds it.
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    • Sip if it’s a cameo.
  • Drink whenever someone gets a minor injury.
    • Drink twice if it's a major one.

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