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Webcomic: Girls with Slingshots

Girls with Slingshots is a Mundane Fantastic webcomic by Danielle Corsetto about the lives of Hazel and Jamie, their talking cacti, and their friends. The strip takes a lot of its humor from switching the standard gender arrangement of common sex comedy tropes.

The name appears to come from a rather strong drink, though the artist has offered an alternative explanation: she gets lots of requests to draw pictures girls with guns, but is so bad at drawing guns that she hast to settle for slingshots instead.

It's connected to the Walkyverse by way of Candy's friendship with Davan of Something Positive and the mutual offspring of Sprinkles and Choo-Choo Bear, one of whom became the pet of Leslie from Shortpacked!.

Girls with Slingshots contains examples of:

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Girl In My DreamEmbellished WebcomicsGoats
Was It Really Worth It?ImageSource/WebcomicsBig Breast Pride

alternative title(s): Girls With Slingshots
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