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Funny: Girls with Slingshots
  • The Alt Text for this strip.
    "Because romance starts with you. And your vibrator."
  • The Daily Tribune shuts its doors. The staff does not take it well.
  • What the hell was in that flask?
  • Poor Chris can never catch a break.
    Jameson: I thought you knew some sign language?
    Chris: I do but I have dicks on my face.
    Jameson: Oh! That's okay dude, she can read lips.
  • The entire sequence of Hazel trying to find a way to inflate her new sex toy almost counts, but the part where she goes into a party shop wearing Groucho Marx glasses and a hoodie most certainly does!
  • When Jameson takes Maureen into the coat room to have sex, Hazel, Jamie and Clarice pass the time by speculating what kind of hair he has under his bandana.
    Hazel: Maybe it's a curly fro.
    Jamie: Maybe every day is a bad hair day!
    Clarice: Maybe it's a mullet!
    Jamie: Oh WOW, what if Jameson's hiding a MULLET?!
    Clarice: Okay, I'm tingling. We have to find out.
    Maureen: [entering the room after finishing up with Jameson] Find out what?
    Jamie: About Jameson's—
    Clarice: [panicking and covering Jamie's mouth] NOTHING!
    Maureen: *sigh* Look, it's true. It's 7 inches long. Are you happy now?
    Jamie: [incredulous] HIS MULLET IS 7 INCHES LONG?!
  • Hazel can't spend any time around Jamie's kitten without her allergies flaring up. She thinks she has a solution to the problem. It completely backfires.
  • Jamie getting a little sexually frustrated in her platonic relationship with Erin, leading to this incident in a bar:
    Jamie: These boobs won't grope themselves!
    Hazel: Things you don't shout out at a bar. But yeah I get it...
    Jamie: That and I miss BOYS. Those big hard lumps in their pants...
    Hazel (glancing over her shoulder at the rest of the bar): Jamie STOP...
    Hazel (now holding off the entire bar full of horny guys): Noooo Jamie I can't hold them RUN...
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