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The House of Justice has an air of dignity and importance; the architecture owes a lot to Greco-Roman influence, with stately marble columns, floors, and molding. It shares a basement full of holding cells with the much less elegant House of Defense, and there is a lot of traffic between them. It has many functions; chief among them is judging the fates of deceased mortals, which is the reason why this House is also closely connected to the House of Life and Death. Mortals pass from that House to this one so regularly that a few of those with complicated fates have appointed themselves as tour guides.

The largest room in the House is the massive courtroom, an old place with a real sense of history. Mortals have stated their belief that the courtroom was specifically designed to make them feel small and insignificant, but it had to be big - before the Court of the Gods was built, this courtroom was the venue for cases against gods. These days this courtroom rarely has more than a few deities in attendance. Occasionally a mortal will ascend while here, most of them to mere quasideities who quickly become official followers of more powerful gods.

Once, the House was headed and all judgements approved by Lady Justice, an old Roman goddess who carried a sword and a set of scales, and wore a blindfold to ensure impartiality. She was extremely objective, and rule bound enough to let some of the guilty get away on technicality, but as time wore on her influence waned until she left the Pantheon for Arcadia. Statues of her are still everywhere in this House. The title of God or Goddess of Justice bounced around for centuries, the various burdens and responsibilities that came with it - primarily, the obligation to look into literally every case to ensure that it was fair - making it an extremely unpopular position. Then, the spirit of a man named Steve Rogers came in for judgement, and ascended into the position. Captain America is very fair, but also visibly biased towards those of the Good alignment, which actually balances out the Evil-inclined Johnson, who is the official Judge and wields nearly as much influence. As he is also active in the Defense Pantheon, he often has a hand in bringing in the accused. The actual duty of arresting criminals goes to the God of Policemen, Sam Vimes.

Not all of the Gods in this House do anything in the courtroom.

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The Protectors of Justice

    Judge Joseph Dredd 
Judge Joseph Dredd, God of THE LAW (Judge, Jury, Executioner, Joe Dredd, Dead Man, The Exterminator, The Law)

    Phoenix Wright 
Phoenix Wright, God of Crusading Lawyers (Nick, Trite, Hobo-Phoenix, Ryuichi Naruhodo, The Turnabout Terror, the Comeback King)
  • Theme Song: Objection! 2011 -UMVC3 Arrange- / Pursuit - Cornered! 2011 -UMVC3 Arrange-. When he's feeling particularly in the mood, Phoenix Wright WITH LYRICS
  • Intermediate God, powers up to Greater God when in Turnabout Mode
  • Symbols: A pointing finger, an Attorney's Badge, and/or an "OBJECTION!" exclamation bubble
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Bunny Ears Lawyers, Dumbness as an Irony, Dogged Nice Guys, Perry Mason Methods, Courtroom Antics, Finger Pointing, Magnificent Bastards, Barely avoiding a guilty verdict for his nearly always innocent clients, then turning the whole case on its head
  • Domains: Intelligence, Determination, Perception, Trust
  • Allies: Prof. Layton, Makoto Naegi, Harvey Birdman, Daredevil, Jennifer Walters, Rainbow Dash, Inspector Zenigata, Jean Valjean, Twilight Sparkle, Bentley, Maya Fey
  • Enemies: Manfred von Karma, Penelope
  • High Priest/Priestess: Apollo Justice, Athena Cykes
  • His mortal successor, Apollo Justice, helped him ascend to Godhood. He also tutors Makoto Naegi in pointing out contradictions in order to find the truth, he doesn't mind if Naegi uses "That's wrong!" instead of "OBJECTION!"
  • Possesses a mystical Magatama, given to him by his assistant Maya Fey, which allows him to see when people are keeping secrets from him by manifesting one to five red locks held up by chains, known as Psyche Locks, that are seen by him alone. Should he break these Psyche Locks, the subject will invariably reveal what they are hiding. He has also encountered special black Psyche Locks during his career, and it has been revealed that they are the result of mental trauma, and are a sign that the subject is hiding something from even themselves.
  • Two of his colleagues and fellow extremely quirky defense attorneys, the blind Matthew Murdock and the medium-aware gamma powered Jennifer Walters, share his firm. They've been around for quite a bit longer than he has, and are quite skilled, but also constantly run out on "missions" and after suspects, while Phoenix is always available for nearly any court date.
  • Defends the accused, often able to find the true culprit. Occasionally requests Jean Valjean's advice to determine who is truly innocent.
  • Is a major proponent of the "Internet is for Porn" decision in the case of K. Monster v. T. Monster. After all, he's essentially a demigod in the kink community.
  • Eventually the support of his followers led him to get a large boost in fighting ability. Unfortunately, several gods have taken this as an excuse to challenge him to battle so Phoenix thinks he was better off before the boost.
    "The one who committed the crime...was you! No alibi, no justice, no dream, no hope! It's time for you to pay for your crimes! TAKE THAT!"
  • Has gotten in a giant trial with some Equestrian goddesses. Needless to say, he's trying to adjust himself to these ponies as best as he can.
  • Was pleased when he learned that Brentalfloss composed a With Lyrics version of a song from his world.
  • Phoenix sympathised with Bentley when he was betrayed by Penelope. He knew what Bentley was going through, as Dahlia Hawthorne had once done the same to him. Phoenix has promised to provide legal aid if Bentley wishes to get Penelope banished to the Disgraces, as well as acting as defence attorney if the Cooper Gang is ever falsely accused of a crime.
  • Now word on the street is that apparently his ancestor got to investigate alongside Sherlock Holmes while studying in Victorian London. People aren't sure this is true or not because it was said Watson was an 8-year-old girl in those events. The lawyer has yet to comment on his ancestor's adventures.
    • As it turns out, Iris Watson, the aforementioned 8-year-old-girl, was the daughter of John Watson. Not only that, the adventure of Phoenix's ancestor began with being accused of John Watson's murder.

    Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu 
Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu, Enforcer of Black and White Judgement (Highest Judge of The Court Of Paradise, Shikieiki)
  • Overdeity
  • Theme Music: "Eastern Judgement in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years."
  • Symbol: The Rod of Remorse
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (but when she is on the job, she must judge as Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: The Judge Of Death, Nagging to Others, Workaholism, Physical Goddess, Celestial Bureaucracy, Nice Hat, Black and White Morality, Compassionate Critic
  • Domains: Law, Inquisition, Death, Repose
  • Allies: The Living Tribunal, Yuma Tsukumo, Kaito "Kite" Tenjo, Eliphas, Tyr
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Oriko Mikuni
  • Enemies(?): YHVH
  • Herald: Komachi Onozuka
  • The Yama of the Paradise land of Gensokyo, and the representative of Yamas within the Pantheon. Her job is to judge the dead to be "White" or "Black". That is, good or evil. As the Yama, she has the singular power to unerringly judge any person or deed to be "White" or "Black". There can be no overturning her decision; the result she declares is the "truth". Once a soul has been judged by the Yama, there can be no appeal; no turnabout. The judgment is final.
  • However, despite her professionalism when she is on the job, she spends her time off lecturing the still-living on how to correct their lives. It his her opinion that Hell exists so that no-one sins, not to punish sinners, so she does what she can to make sure as many souls as possible can be judged "White" when the time comes.
  • The authority of the Yama is absolute. Everyone, from the lowest insect to the highest of gods, are judged by the Yama when their time comes. No life is truly eternal; no person can avoid their destined appointment with the Yama.
  • Despite this, she has immense trouble keeping her own ferryman Shinigami in line. Though even she has to admit that if Komachi wants something done, she will get the deed done. She just wishes she was always that motivated.
  • There have been rumors of the Yama making unjust judgements on a whim, out of jealousy. There is however no evidence of this whatsoever, and those rumors have never been confirmed. Though some blame it on Parsee.
  • While she carries the title of "Highest Judge", she only judges dead souls. Her power to see the true nature of any soul means that no prosecution or defence is necessary in her cases. Her only job is to judge a soul's nature and usher them to their final destination.
  • Poor Eiki Shiki had work a lot when there was a massive killing and revival of the people from the ZEXAL-verse, since she was chosen to judge who would and who wouldn't revive depending on behaviour. Though this has made her allies with the one doing the revival, Yuma Tsukumo, and they seem like they will work together in a project to reform the Grand United Alliance of Law.
    • They have managed to get Eliphas ascended, which is big first step for them.
  • She has little to no respect to YHVH... at least in some sense. She feels that his sense of "Law" is beyond corrupt and him forming the GUAL just made things worse. Where she might be Lawful Neutral on duty, she judges people on their actions and weights them on that aspect. As she's aware she stands no chance of overthrowing him outright, she wishes to somehow reform the GUAL from within and hopes that she can come to a peaceful conclusion.
  • Some are judging her position as an Overdeity due of the revelation that she only has power over the Hell where the oni reside, and while she might be stronger than almost anybody in Gensokyo, there is a being much more powerful than anyone in Gensokyo and on the Moon, who commands over all Hells, essentially throwing the established power order to a spin.

Chie Satonaka, Patron Goddess of Steak, spends time here, learning the ins and outs of law to fulfill her dream of being a police officer.

Aqua, Goddess of Full-Contact Magic, also comes by every now and then to report on any crimes that have happened around the pantheon.