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    Main Reviews 
  • In his review of the first Hydlide game, he sums up the story as follows: "There's a dragon, and there's a princess. And then the dragon hibdjvbudjdeba, and the princess explodes into fairies!"
  • His early reviews start with Jared playing a game, with shots of gameplay, and then saying "I'm playing [X]", with his tone foreshadowing his opinion of the game. In "Virtual Hydlide", he is collapsed back against the bookshelf in horror and only manages to let out a pained groan before the opening.
    Vampire: Yes, that's enigmatic. Are you he? You're a pimp! (?)
  • Jared's reaction to Gandohar in Two Worlds saying about another character that "They call him Ho." has to be seen to be believed, the line's hilarious enough on it's own but his reaction to it really sells it.
    • The game's overarching evil energy is called "The Taint."
    • Jared riffing on the ridiculous voice acting. "Warri-YERS! HARRRHD ones!"
    • Jared is a little too enthusiastic about the joke where the sword hits sound like bad Kung-Foley where he pretends to stab himself with the dagger. Joke's silly enough, only it's not pretend. As his commentary reveals, he actually ended up ruining his shirt and slashing himself with the dagger, enough to draw blood—this makes it equal parts suffering for one's art and the bladed equivalent of Reckless Gun Usage. It's funny because Jared's first reaction was apparently "That's weird, why am I feeling a breeze?" instead of anything painful.
  • One of the Running Gag throughout Jared's videos:
    Jared Gee, an epic RPG where you have to collect four treasures of the elements, and I... don't know how to make this running gag work here?
  • "Oh my God, THERE'S NO WORLD HERE- oh, there we go."
  • In Two Worlds, Jared mocks the main character's captain obvious statements.
    Jared: Who does that? Who simply states whatever they're currently feeling out loud?
    *Cut to Jared standing in front of his refrigerator with the freezer door open.*
    Jared: Cold.
    *Cut to Jared running his hands through his sink's water.*
    Jared: Wet.
    *Cut to Jared reading Maxim.*
    Jared: Aroused.
  • A Running Gag in the Two Worlds II review has Jared come up with different names for Cassara based on her rather... pronounced chest. Names like "Underboob", "Nips McHooter", and "Mammary McLovebuttons".
    Jared: Everyone escapes through teleports, and you meet their prophet, Cassara- breeeeeeeeeeeeasts.
  • His One Minute Review of SimCity, all seventeen seconds of it.
    Jared: (trying to log in) Work... Dammit! Work... Dammit! Work... Dammit!" (game load glitches) Ah, what the hell?! (resumes logging in) Work... Dammit! Work... Dammit! Work... Dammit!" (finally logs in) Ah, there we go. (game fails to load) F*** it, I'm going to bed.
  • Jared's thoughts on Day One: Garry's Incident in his Top 10 Worst Games of 2013
    Jared: (to the tune of "I Know a Song That Gets On Everybody's Nerves) Day One Garry's Incident is really really bad. Day One Garry's Incident is really really bad. Day One: Garry's Incident is really really bad. And I want to kill myself.
  • At the end of his Sim-Ant review, Jared reads a section of the game's ant glossary that encourages the player to go outside and observe ants. Jared does just that. And by that, we mean that he goes out and sprays the ground with bug spray and aims a magnifying glass at the ants.
  • Jared trying to use the Sega games item in Super Hydlide. What do they do? IT'S A JOOOOKE!
  • In regards to one of the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest bosses.
    Jared: Now I've heard of the headless horseman, but the headless horseman and the headless horse? do they know where they're going?
  • In his King's Knight review, Jared can't stop saying how much he hates Toby whenever he brings the character up.
    • One of his recorded video clips of him playing/dying in Toby's stage is named ROT IN HELL TOBY.
    • At one point, he dies in the final stage with a full party. It then cuts to him with a sour expression on his face while the game over jingle plays, followed by him wordlessly attaching a Game Genie to the cartridge and then saying "I don't care."
    • He gets trapped between a row of statues and the Advancing Wall of Doom and fails to destroy one of them, thus managing to die while completely invincible.
    Jared: (holds up his Game Genie) You Have Failed Me.
    • "We all know the story: Squaresoft was going bankrupt, so they created Final Fantasy as their last effort to be successful in the video game industry. And they were going bankrupt because they kept releasing crap like this." <whimsically tosses game cartridge, which then clatters loudly> "Ow, my knee."
      • It's worth mentioning that this last line is said in the most deadpan way possible, which adds extra credit to the already funny part.
  • His one minute review of Sonic Boom which has him wearily singing the Sonic SatAM theme.
    Jared: (Slurred and over footage of Sonic's jog-like speed and the game's many many glitches.) "Blue streak, speeds by. Sonic the Hedgehog. Too fast, for the naked eye. Ssssssssonic the Hedgehog. Sanic, he can really move. Sanic, he's got an attitude. Dankey Kang, he's the fastest thing alive. He's the fastest thing Ali-ahveugh. He's the fastest thing, alighiavehhave! It has bounce pads. 2/10!
  • At the start of his Extended Thoughts video for Aliens: Colonial Marines, Jared holds up the game's case and then flings it to the side without a word.
  • In his Sonic Adventure 2 review, he's fighting the first boss, when he remembers;
    Jared: This game sucks.
  • In his Sonic Adventure 2 review, he notes the sexual tension between Knuckles and Rouge, anxiously asking, "They're gonna bang, right?" after the two split during the Hero's Story. Later on, during the game's credits...
    Rouge: Anyway, I've got something better than jewels that I'm thinking about right now.
    Jared: Yep! They're gonna bang. Enjoy, Rouge! (Jared puts on a poker face as a caption reading "Echidnas have four penises" appears.)
  • For his Tamagotchi review, he does an experiment where he cares for one of his Tamagotchi normally, overfeeds one of his Tamagotchi, and completely neglects the last one. What does he name the one he neglects? PBG
    • On top of that, PBG wasn't the first to die!
    • The game briefly glitching out just as PBG dies, changing his name to "PBG um"
    • JumJum, the sole surviving Tamagotchi, ends up evolving into Nyorotchi - one of the worst possible characters that vaguely resembles a wriggling sperm. Then Jared accidentally sends him to space.
    Jared: I shot a sperm into space!
    • Prior to becoming a sperm, JumJum was a white blob with little round hands and feet.
    Jared: Oh. He's a Kirby!
    • In the beauty contest, JumJum makes the same pose he makes when pooping.
    Jared: Oh, that's weird, JumJum! That didn't make you win!
  • While reviewing "Mega Man X7", he puts down the game for including old enemies from the first "Mega Man X" game to play on gamers' nostalgia. To illustrate this, he holds up a "Mega Man X" cartridge in front of the CD case for "Mega Man X7" and makes them dance.
    Jared (sexy voice): Hey there baaaaby! Don't I look SEX-EEE? You wanna come over and plaaay? (Drops the "Mega Man X" cartridge, revealing "Mega Man X7") AAAAGH-I GOTCHA!!!
    Jared: And X is all like "MEH VIOLENCE..."
    • His Reaction to X's Legs armor in X7, which gives a slow as hell gliding ability instead of something cool like airdashing or flight.
    Jared *Tosses Controller in Rage* FUCK IT! If they Gave Up, So Do I!
    • It's rare for an annotation asking to like/subscribe to be funny, but Jared manages well.
  • His otherwise tender and heartwarming review of "Chrono Trigger" ends with him writing a letter to Square Enix bitching them out for not making another sequel.
  • From his Oscar review:
    • The fact that he spends the entire review of Oscar lying down on his back, as the experience was so traumatic for him.
    • Also, at the beginning of the Oscar review, the first line ProJared says:
    ProJared: WHAT... the f**k?!
  • In the Donkey Kong Country cartoon, when Diddy refers to Dixie as Dix, Jared mishears it as Dicks and makes a Call-Back to his Top 10 Dicks episode.
  • From his Super Bonk review: Blue Balls. That is all.
  • From his "Top 5 Games of 2015", he praises Final Fantasy XIV as the game he had the most enjoyment with that year, putting it at Number 1. Before quickly saying that he lied and that it's Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. It's much like his One Minute Review of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, except only about 10 seconds long..
  • In High Seas Trader, Jared figures out the fastest way to make money is to sell copious amounts of Opium.
    Jared: Oh my God, I've become a drug lord!... Nice.
  • Jared, on Ride to Hell: Retribution:
    Jared: And yes, it does get worse!...
    Jared: Apparently, this sex was super good. Because Jake refused to move and pretended to fly a kite for several minutes.
    Jared: Jake's answer to getting around the fence? Steal an oil tanker, drive it fifteen miles down the road, park it in front of the city dam, and BLOWS IT UP. You could've driven it through the fence. Or blown up the fence. Or easily climbed up one of the many nearby trees to simply climb over it. But no you're right. This way is the easiest.
  • The thumbnail for his Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within review has him grimacing at the camera instead of his usual smile.
    • Pointing out that Hein is obviously the villain. "He wears all black, has evil eyebrows, and is voiced by James Woods...who I'm convinced is actually evil in real life."
    • Near the end, when Aki tries to convince Hein tha the Phantoms aren't really evil and Hein shows his skepticism, Jared flips out.
    Hein: Oh, I see... and what have we been fighting all this time, doctor. ...Ghosts?
    Jared: *beat* ... No f**king shit!
    Hein: Doctor, even if I believed in such nonsense...
    Hein: Ghosts?
    • His complete and utter confusion at the ending of the film, summed up with one word.
    Jared: *Beat, a look of complete dumbfoundedness on his face* ......WHAT?!?!
  • Much like his Spirits Within review, the thumbnail for his review for Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero has him glare angrily at the camera.
    • "It's familiar gameplay with a new twist and why can't I turn around? Why can't I turn around?! This monk is gonna mess me up, why can't I turn around?!"
    • Jared talks about how much fun he's having on the first level - until he encounters a VERY cheap death.
    Jared:... And this entire first level, I was kinda enjoying myself! I beat up some monks, climbed around the stage, did combos and s-
    *Sub-Zero gets attacked by a sword-wielding monk, the recoil sends him into a crushing deathtrap*
    Jared:... THAT'S FINE! *grips the controller harder in anger*
    • Sub-Zero after Quan Chi steals the Amulet of Shinnok from him. "...and that makes Sub-Zero SAD." Complete with Sub slumping and turning away, literally looking sad.
    • Shinnok's speaking debut in a Mortal Kombat game...where he sounds like "your grandpa offering you something from his candy dish."
    • And the alternate version of that scene with Spectre!Scorpion. "I am a dead man, but somehow you have retained your mortality, which would mean you are VULNERABLE to DEATH."
    • Sub-Zero's plan to escape from the Prison of Souls is that...he just does. As in walks through a door which is closed but not locked for some reason. Good plan, Sub-Zero.
  • In "Top Ten WORST Things Final Fantasy Has Done", the number 3 spot (King's Knight being integrated into the Final Fantasy XV universe) takes the cake.
    • The end of the video is pretty heartwarming but then quickly switches to more desperate Tactics begging.
  • In his Zelda II: The Adventure of Link review, he retells the tale of his brother's NES games and shows him sneaking around, wrapped up in a blanket. The scene then cuts to the cartridge of the game he's going to review and then smacking it away to reveal Hydlide. It then cuts back to a grumpy Jared.
    • Jared's demonstration of the Jump-Squat-Stab.
  • His irritation reviewing "Kidd Klown" when the character lands at the start of the level and hurts himself, taking away a bit of health. "I haven't even done anything yet and I'm already losing."
  • In his review of Final Fantasy I he starts describing the plot, then awkwardly admits he has no idea how to work in his usual Running Gag of comparing generic fantasy plots to Final Fantasy's.
  • The birthing scene in his Final Fantasy III review.
    • Jared's praise for the game's dungeon design and lack of grinding ends when his party gets curb-stomped by Zande.
    Jared: I was wrooooonnng.
  • Jared starts his Pocky And Rocky video with a shot of him staring intently at the screen as he plays. He is wordlessly joined by PeanutButterGamer, also staring intently as they play. After a third cut, the silence is abruptly broken when Peeb startles Jared.
    PBG: *after ten seconds of silence* We're playing Pocky and—
    Jared: JESUS! *Smash Cut to Jared's opening song*
  • In his Dungeons & Dragons review, he can't tell whether or not Dungeonmaster is the nicest DM ever, or the cruelest DM ever, citing that in the first episode, the protagonists end up against Tiamat.
  • His advice for being a breeder ant in Sim Ant:
    Jared: Basically, don't play as a breeder ant, it sucks. What's the point if you can't even breed? It doesn't matter if you see a cute lady ant and you're all like "ayyy girl, whassup, d'you wanna fuck?"

  • The entirety of the "Ballista Bat" story: what happens when a gung-ho 'roided up fighter meets a large siege weapon? Well...
  • "We were fighting the Predator!"
  • In "Encounter Building 101" he warns that the figures he's using to set up his map aren't the right ones (for instance, only about half his kobolds are actual kobolds) and asks for some suspension of disbelief. Until the final encounter where his Big Bad is randomly defended by a Zinogre. He later attempts to make the Zinogre fig eat the adventurers, complete with "om nom nom" sounds.
  • The "Coup De Grace" story, where Jared shares one of his most embarrassing deaths: being killed by a fake warthog after falling asleep.
  • What do you get when a normally bad dice-roller gets a natural 20 on a bold-faced and utterly ridiculous bluff check? You get a recurring NPC named Commander Boogerface, that's what.

    Conventions and Assorted Videos 
Magfest 12 - These Guys Are Sick
  • You'll never take my octopus powers, Megaman!
    • You'll never take my seal powers, Megaman!

    Pro Jared Plays 
  • In Resident Evil 7 his shotgun is called "Diplomacy" and is loaded with "aggressive conversations"
    • Also his desire to kill grandma is funny
    • The fact that his aim sucks, to the point that he misses three times at point blank range at one point.
    • Jared has a "Mighty Thrust!"
    • At one point he sees Eveline and says
    "Hey little girl, let me come help you. Just a second (loads gun), okay let me come help."
  • Five Nights at Freddy's:
    "This man has been talking for two hours."
  • He plays "Mighty No. 9" for all of two episodes, trying to give it a fair shake and not dogpile on it like other reviewers. The game is so glitchy it starts bugging up his video game capture and he (originally) had to end the Let's Play then and there.
    • In Episode 3, at one point he gets stuck on a stalemate with a Sniper Joe-like enemy who refuses to shoot him even when he's right in front of him.
      • While dealing with wind currents, Jared questions when was the last time a stage with pushing winds was any fun. He then immediately answers his own question with Shovel Knight. Particularly amusing since Shovel Knight is the archetypical example of the right way to make a Kickstarter-funded game.
      • Also, there's the part where he uses the dash mechanic underwater to just dash past all the obstacles on the ground floor.
      • When he first uses the DLC power he got (a cube that levitates by itself and shoots with a thoroughly underwhelming sound), he says "this is a DLC power attack that I got. It's about as exciting as you can see here."
    • Episode 4 has him dying so much on Mighty No. 4's stage, causing him to make some hilarious expressions as it happens.
    • Episode 5 has him playing as Call. The thumbnail and title (Oh God No) alone should be enough to tell you where this is going.
    • In the finale, he starts explaining the game isn't really as bad as people say it is, and that the worst it is is okay... He's then interrupted by Mega Ran's rap, and has an annoyed, disgusted look on his face.
    • He's also incredibly offended that the game ends with just showing some random concept art before the credits. "Those three images cost four million dollars."
    • One tiny thing in general is his utter "meh" version of "bang" he utters sometimes when he's shooting or using a power that shoots.
  • In his recent playthrough of "Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist", he tries to capture the "feel" of the original show - which equals terrible puns (almost "ghost of a chance" level worthy) and reminding everyone to believe in the "Heart of the Cards"
    • His voiceover for characters also leads to hilarious situations, especially when he says something that anime character certainly doesn't (like Joey calling Mai out).
  • Zelda: Link to the Past Randomized (a hack where every treasure location is scrambled before the game starts): In Part 2, Jared buys the Bottle from the salesman in Kakariko Village... which is changed to 100 rupees. The Bottle costs 100 rupees. His head drops.
    • Jared slowly grows more and more disgusted with how many rupees he's getting.
    • The looks of hopelessness, as he gets deeper into the game and continues to find rupees, arrows and bombs in every chest and hiding place is both hilarious and sad.
    • Any time Jared opens a chest in a dungeon in hopes to get a new item, only to get a compass.
      • It gets to the point that anytime a red rupee appears, he edits in an image of a 20 dollar bill on top of the rupee. Likewise, whenever he gets 10 arrows, an MLG airhorn plays.
    • Since the ROM is in Japanese, he replaces most of the dialogue post recording with jokes.
  • Any time in the Legend of Zelda Randomizer when the randomization messes with his expectations. For instance:
    • Walking into what is normally the first dungeon and discovering it to be a random "pay me for the door repair charge" cave.
    • Spending the better part of an hour trying to beat Gleeok in dungeon 3, only for it to drop the almost-useless map instead of the Triforce piece.
    • Finally defeating Ganon and celebrating his victory only to belatedly realize that he still has to actually find Zelda.
    • Another moment that nearly gives him an aneurysm is when he finds the hint telling you to talk to the old man (who possesses the Magical Sword) at the grave. Where does he find this hint? The grave where the old man used to be.
    [Drops controller after reading hint]
    Jared: You ARE the old man!
  • In part 1 of his Final Fantasy I playthrough, as Jared explains about the game's various classes, he says that due to a bug, the Thief class, which normally excels at fleeing from battles, has no special abilities whatsoever compared to the other classes. Jared decides for this very reason that the Thief will be based off of himself.
    • While training at the 'Peninsula of Power', Jared encounters a Tyrannosaurus rex. He states that it's literally too much for him to beat... while attempting to beat it anyway.
    What am I doing? [Beat] I want to kill a dinosaur, that's what. [Joof uses an ICE spell] Hit him with the Ice Age, Joof!
    [Astos uses the RUB spell on Peeb for instant death]
    Jared: [high-pitched scream]
    • His various video thumbnails beg comparisons to 8-Bit Theater while also being hilarious—for instance, video #17, "Insta-Death" has Peeb and Joof (Fighter and Black Mage respectively) fleeing for their lives in a panic from an Evil Eye.
  • Part 1 of his Super Mario RPG playthrough is done in a Stylistic Suck style complete with a lengthy introduction, recording the gameplay with a camera, and using an emulator without fullscreening the gameplay.
    • A Freeze-Frame Bonus also reveals what else Jared has on his emulator. It's Hentai.
    • He makes liberal use of the emulator's fast-forwarding feature, using it first to skip all of the dialogue (which is half the point of playing an RPG in the first place, let alone one that's meant to be largely comedic) and then using it while trying to button-mash his way through combat without paying any attention to his HP. When he gets a Game Over and returns to the title screen, he concludes that the game must have glitched out.
  • Jared taking on Mario in Mario Go a drinking game. His slow descent into drunken madness is worth every second of his quite visible pain. Especially each point where Mario decides to sweep him of his cards seemingly out of nowhere.
  • Jared plays the new Bubsy game where he notices that Bubsy isn't as talkative as he used to he goes to the menu and find out that the base setting for Bubsy's audio is set to 50% (meaning he only gives a one-liner every so often). He then maxes out the setting, what's 100% called? Bubsy.
    Jared: ...hit me with the Bubsy
    *precisely one one-liner later*
    *dramatic zoom in to Jared's face* Jared: I've made a huge mistake.
  • In part one of Doki Doki Literature Club!, Jared manages to steal the game's jokes a surprisingly large number of times, from Natsuki's stock Tsundere "b-baka" lines to the quip about the school having a napping club. Culminating in the point where he gets to the CG in which the player tries to button up Sayori's blazer, remarking that her "boobles" have gotten too big for it, only to throw his hands up and laugh when Sayori says the same thing.
    • "Is this a porn game? They keep bringing up boobs. Am I going to see any?"
    • By the finale, Jared hasn't made a joke in quite a while after the game's turn towards metafictional horror... until Yuri's psychotic love confession, of all places. The sheer Mood Whiplash after two or three hours of grim seriousness makes the small joke go from silly to hilarious.
    Yuri: I love you so much I even touch myself with the pen I stole from you.
    Jared: ..............nice.
    Yuri: I just want to pull your skin open and crawl inside of you.
    Jared: And you always make it immediately weird!

    Nuzlocke Series 
Fire Red
  • The shorts cult.
    • When a member of the cult kills Beatrice:
    Jared: I should've worn shorts!

Pokemon Y