YMMV: ProJared

  • Broken Base / Bizarro Episode: In part 8 of his Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke Projared spends the entire episode grinding and ranting about aspects of the Pokemon series that he dislikes. Fan reaction to this episode has to been mixed to say the least.
  • Heartwarming Moments: His "Fate of Nuptup" video, which shows the games it went through before ending up in Pokémon X and Y in Pokemon-Amie. A fitting end to the tale of Nuptup.
  • Internet Backdraft: He ranked Wii exclusive JRPG The Last Story number 8 on his "Top 10 Worst Games of 2012" list. A decent amount of comments on the video itself are of people saying how much they disagree with the game even making the list at all, let alone being placed as being worse than Final Fantasy XIII-2, a game that already had a huge Broken Base.
    • Done in another way with his review of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Jared gave the game a 7/10, saying that despite it's flaws he still thinks it's a good game, and would recommend it to fans of Mario RPGs. Sticker Star is a major Love It or Hate It entry among the Paper Mario fanbase, and those in the "hate it" camp are prone to be quite vocal about their dislike of the game and saying how "wrong" Jared is for "implying" fans will enjoy the game.
    • A smaller example, but in his Super Mario 3D World review (which was very positive, he gave the game a 9/10, which isn't a score Jared gives out often), he said the game is "the first must own game on the Wii U." Fans of games like Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 assumed this meant Jared didn't think very highly of those games (both were released months before 3D World), causing a small amount of backlash. Though there are other fans who feel that this is more of a contradictory statement, since earlier in 2013 Jared gave a glowing review to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U, even giving it a 12 out of 10 score, and saying that it's a game that everyone should give a try.
    • People got noticeably miffed at his review of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance ending in a 4/10, mostly due to the fact that he made observations you'd expect from someone who only played the tutorial level, one example being his belief that the game lacked a dodge function when it's one of the first things you unlock in the main story.
    • He gave NES Remix a 4/10, saying that the game is "just stupid," and not worth the $15 price.
    • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes got an 8/10 from him based on gameplay alone, but he still spends a decent amount of his One Minute Review of the game telling people to not bother buying it anyway, and even put it on his Top 10 Worst Games of 2014 List. (Though possibly justified, as his extended thoughts have him saying he worries that if people buy the game and it sells well then it may start a nasty industry trend of more companies releasing $30-$40 "short prequels").
  • Memetic Badass: Nuptup the Vileplume is getting this treatment from Jared's fans (and Jared himself to a degree), due to him being Jared's longest surviving pokemon and being surprisingly powerful, useful, and resilient.
    • The result is a Nuptup t-shirt once the run is finished successfully, and the Nuptup Clan on World of Tanks.
    • Tiger Man. Who else can fight an endless stream of helicopters with a machine gun? Who else can keep shooting even while they're dying? And who else jerks off to his gun while shooting it? Tiger Man, thats who.
  • The Scrappy: Growrp the Pansage, to the point where the chat wanted Jared to kill it off.
  • What an Idiot: Many of ProJared's fans were frustrated over Jared allowing Chinlo to die in his Y Nuzlocke by not switching into a different Pokemon, even though the rest of his party was at full health and Weplus the Cubone in particular could have easily defeated Grant's Tyrunt. It's generally seen as a Senseless Sacrifice.
    • In particular his absolute refusal to do any Level Grinding has led to his party being vastly underpowered, and causing him to eventually get wiped down to only a single pokemon. Twice.
    • Not to mention him not using the Experience Share, Pokemon-amie or EV Training. It have compensated for his lack of grinding in a lot of ways and he wouldn't have been such a crit magnet. There's trying for the game to be hard, and then there's just trying for the game to be impossible.
    • The inevitable happened in Part 26. He ran out of Pokemon, ending the run. All because he refused to grind...