Awesome / ProJared

  • His journey through the Elite Four in his Nuzlocke run of Pokémon Fire Red, in which he takes down all four of them without losing a single Pokémon.
  • His final battle with Guidjit in the same run. He wins!
    • In the same battle, all of his Pokemon have been lost to Guidjit. Only Leebin and Nuptup are left. Guidjit's Arcanine uses Extremespeed. As the suspense kicks in, Leebin survives with 6 HP left, allowing her to land a Surf, causing Jared to win.
  • In Pokemon Nuzlocke, Oh, he's Dying Moment of Awesome, sacrificing herself so that Jared can catch Burden.
    • In the same episode, Wepler surviving a voltorb's self-destruct, despite being 5 levels lower than said voltorb. One can imagine it happening in the form of an Unflinching Walk.
  • When playing Five Nights at Freddy's Jared responds to each jump scare with little more than a laugh, while explaining that the reason he doesn't play more horror games is because it's rare to find one that actually scares him.
  • From beginning to end, his review of "Chrono Trigger". He succinctly sums up why the game is a timeless classic, with his only real gripe being a nitpick (of his own admission). Just the tenderness and passion in his voice makes this one of his all-time best reviews.
  • While playing D&D, Jared and company are faced with the Predator. And they won with no casualties. And Jared took his weapon.