Awesome / ProtonJon

  • Jon finally beating the dreaded Super Kaizo World Special Stage 2. For bonus points, he did this stage BLIND.
  • Despite the frequent Schedule Slip and relative infancy of his Superman 64 LP it counts as one solely for the reason that as of yet no complete playthrough of this game exists on the Internet (in fact, it's next to impossible to find ANY footage of the game past the infamous rings). This effort was enough to make the LP noticed by Kotaku.
  • In episode 5 of Superman 64, he demonstrates the option to reduce screen size to 20% of normal - and despite having only a 15" monitor which is already distorted by his video capture technology, proceeds to fly through the entire first section of rings without losing a single life.
    • And beating Game Boy Superman, in its entirety, faster than just one level of Superman 64.
      • This is less a testament to Jon's awesomeness than it is to Superman 64's awfulness.
  • Uploading before Chuggaaconroy counts as one. Even Chugga noted this in his Facebook post.
    Chugga: Jon uploaded before me? IT REALLY IS THE END OF THE WORLD!
  • Actually beating 3 other people, including the famous NintendoCapriSun, in a race of Battletoads!
  • Singing the entirely of "Skullcrusher Mountain" on The Speed Gamers. (View here.) What makes it awesome is the fact that he was extremely nervous singing it in front of people, he was shaking throughout the whole thing, and he had to pause several times to regain his composure. Yet he never gave up, he did it despite his anxiety, and he even got to show off his rather nice singing voice.
    The chat loves you, man. If I am the voice of a thousand angels, you are the voice of... a million billion angels.
  • In Gunstar Heroes, beating Seven Force on his first try, on his own. Especially since he was expecting to die at any time so he could let his partner Jirard re-enter as player 2, but it never happened. Jirard's reaction was pure awe.
    • When he fights the Ark Reactor with Jirard (after first being demolished by Hammer Force and continuing), the duo get to Runner Force and then Jirard gets cornered and finished off. ProtonJon, being stuck with flare (Fire and Force), has trouble dealing damage to him. Runner Force hits him while he's at 8 Vitality... bringing Jon down to exactly 1 hit point. He immediately finishes off Runner Force.
      • "No. NO."
    • This gets turned around at the final boss, Golden Silver, where Jon is the one that dies and Jirard's the one that kills the boss.
  • The Notte Luminosa finale. By this point, it's revealed that the Romhack creator who wanted someone to LP his game as a dying wish was actually not dying at all, and was lying. The way Jon handled the situation was very adult and tactful, and it would be tempting to just unload on the guy, but Jon didn't.
  • Jon and Jake play Resident Evil 5. In part 4, they're trying to shoot the driver of a truck about to run them over; twice, Jake gets killed. On the third attempt, he shoots the driver, gets run over by the truck...and comes out the other side without losing much health.
    Jake: (shoots the driver) Nope, cause I killed him. (gets run over by the truck and stands up) Problem? (starts shooting enemies casually)
    Jon: (after a Stunned Silence) Are-wh-are you...okay, I guess you're okay, that's good. (Jake starts cracking up) I saw you get run over by a vehicle, and then come out the other side, so I was a little concerned!
    • Jon sniping an emblem from the other side of the map in part 14. On his first attempt.
    • In part 22, after using up all his rifle bullets shooting an emblem, Jon only has his handgun left to try and shoot at a distant enemy they need to take out for the plot to progress. He does it on his first shot.
    • Managing to defeat, rather than stall out Wesker and Jill also counts.
    • In the finale, Jon and Jake run out of ammo while fighting the Final Boss and so attempt to take him on with just a knife and a stun baton...and it actually works for a while until they get killed by one of his tornado attacks.
    • Jake stabbing the emblem across a pit in the DLC, after being sure that he couldn't reach. The ensuing cry was worthy of the Game Grumps, so much so that Jon obviously had to tone it down in editing.
    • In episode 33, after having a lot of trouble with being sniped at by a turret, Jake asks Jon to try and take it out with his rifle, and shows Jon where it is by spraying his machine gun vaguely in the direction. Jon sights in on it...only to find that Jake somehow managed to kill the turret guy with his machine gun spray from a distance.
    • Part 2 of Desperate Escape has Jon tackling a majini through a shack, shattering it on contact as said majini gets thrown off a cliff, complete with a football horn sound and the word "SACKED!!!"
      Jake: That was pretty hot. I'm slightly more attracted to you now, Josh.
    • The entire part 2 of Desperate Escape consists of Jon and Jake performing tons of physical moves on the enemies like iron tackles, suplexes, hammerblows, etc. Some of the moves also resulted in Your Head A-Splode.
  • In the Collab "A Tale of Four Idiots" Castle Crushers series, one of the other players teases Jon about having flashbacks to Battletoads. Jon replies by nonchalantly saying: "Ah, whatever, I got over my Battletoads flashbacks. I'm one with the Toad now."
  • Managing to Rescue From The Scrappy Heap Bomberman: Act Zero, considered to be one of the most terrible games of all time, with his competition streams which have propelled it to being one of the most viewed games on Twitch.
  • Jon ends up playing a nightmarishly glitched version of Super Mario 3 on a Retron and decides to continue out of curiosity. As several commenters point out, he manages to play Mario 3 better when he can't see anything than many people can the normal game!
    • And then he beats the game!
  • During his livestreams, he gives an "egg" to anyone who subscribes to his stream, which involves paying him five dollars a month in exchange for some chat and stream privileges, an egg icon next to their username, and getting a voice clip of Wesker saying "You will give me an egg!" played for them. Normally, people subscribe when funny stuff is happening a while into the stream, but in one stream, someone subscribed within two minutes of him starting. Cue the chat erupting briefly about "record egg time", and several other people following up with multiple subscriptions within the next fifteen minutes.
  • The ending of the last round of Payday 2 from Heist Night.
  • During Bomberman Act Zero Night Two, out of a total of 57 games spanning 10 sets, Jon manages to win 28 (just over half) of them. What was second place? Dan The Enigma with five. Even more awesome? Jon wins 9 sets of games in a row out of 10.
  • As seen near the start of the first stream of 2014, just as one of Chugga's fans once got Charles Martinet to give him a shout-out in his Mario voice at a convention, one of Jon's fans got Martinet to do the same to his Waluigi voice.
  • On the 2/11/14 stream, Jon decided to host the first ever Bomberman Act Zero League Tournament. In a tournament lasting over 7 hours, moderator and designated Butt-Monkey of Bomberman, Dan The Enigma ends up winning the entire thing after months of choking at the worst possible moment in-game. The best part? Dan dominated all of his matches with the exception of the semi-finals. To say he earned his happy ending would be a bit of an understatement.
    • The following Bomberman Night, Dan even proved his win wasn't just a fluke by successfully "defending his championship" against his final round opponent from the tournament, Raiden, his Foil, Jewker, and the "Wild Card" of the chat, Clay. Although, Jewker was drunk following the Bomberman Drinking Game.
    Jewker: You have no faith in him [Dan]. Let's be honest.
    Jon: No, I have faith in him. He won the tournament.
  • During his 2/22/14 stream, not only does he clear the Veni, Vidi, Vici jump in VVVVVV for the very first time, but he also manages to plow through the entire regular career of the Wii Punch-Out!!, beating Mr. Sandman on his first try.
  • In the 2/25/14 stream, Tim utterly dominates the games of Wheel Of Fortune, but nothing shines brighter than solving BACON LETTUCE & TOMATO, not only because he did it with minimal letters, but because he figured it out after guessing T and only kept guessing letters to get more money.
  • During the April 30th stream, Jon plays an old version of Need for Speed. Most of his commentary is remarking on how he can run over signs willy nilly, but not the fence; until he catches up the next car and nudges the car out of the way. But instead of sending it skidding to the side, the car just flies to the side so fast it vanishes. That alone isn't that comedic, until...:
    • One commenter in the chat even says that he wasn't watching the stream when Jon screamed that, leaving him really confused, but still laughing at the randomness.
  • On the 5/17/14 stream, the viewer count breaks 4000 at the start of Mario Party 6, the channel makes it to the front page of Twitch, and then breaks 5000 and is top 10 by the end of the stream. Keep in mind that this was on a Saturday night.
  • During the Iron Man of Gaming tournament at SGC 2014, Jon manages to stay in the top three throughout the whole tournament and finishing second overall.
    • Also the chat who flooded the ScrewAttack twitch chat with support making it almost solely consist of people supporting him
  • On the 8/18/2014 Bomberman Act Zero Tournament, Dan ends up winning the entire tournament AGAIN! Then immediately afterwards, not satisfied with his victory, Dan challenges Jon to match for his BAZ Championship ...which Jon curbstomps him in.
  • Despite the fact that he missed two red coins, Jon got an otherwise perfect score on Poochy ain't Stupid in one attempt, even narrowly avoiding death.
    • As for when he did complete the stage 100%, it was only on his second attempt, right after the other one.
  • Given his reputation for glitching games, Jon surpassed himself when he somehow managed to glitch the first game of the first stream at the start of 2015.
  • Through 2/15 and 2/16/15, Jon took part in a 24 hour fundraiser stream which had a donation incentive of $10,000 total to make him play Kaizo in full. The goal was met, and, well.... he beat all of Kaizo, including making Special Stage 2 look (by Kaizo standards) easy.
    • The best part is that Jon pretty much never loses his cool and stays calm throughout the whole thing, in contrast to his old videos, showing how far he has come.
  • In Part 9 of his Yoshi's Island Let's Play, he attempts to skip the boss. He misses a couple times, and is down to one egg. So what does he do? HE MANAGES TO KILL IT WITH THE LAST EGG.
    • And to boot, this was his legitimate first time trying to skip the boss!
    • Plus, he was doing it the hard way, by hovering in the air, rather than standing on the edge of the platform.
    • Part 16 of that LP: "Indulge me in this incredibly dumb fantasy of mine..." After being stranded on a Chomp Rock in the middle of a sea of One-Hit Kill spikes, he manages to roll it as far to the right as he can, leap off a Baseball Boy's head, and hover the rest of the way to the goal. He's in complete disbelief that it worked.
    • In the finale, he works out how to win at the slot machine bonus game for the first time ever, after years of playing the game and being stumped by it.
    • Also in the finale, he pulls off a glitch on his first try which commenters had told him of but he had never known about or tried to get before.
  • Jon defies his usual luck in his Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow LP, getting a lot of rare souls on his first or second try. One Youtube commentator joked that there would be a Twist Ending where Jon reveals at the end he was just commentating over Chugga playing the game, as it was the only way to explain him being so lucky.
  • The "Raid Countermeasures" video clip Jon made for his Twitch streams.
  • During one livestream, a Chuggaaconroy fanboy sends Jon a long-winded Fan Dumb rant on how he should treat Emile better (based on their interactions on The Runaway Guys), how gloriously amazing of a genius Emile is, and how Jon's perpetrating a Double Standard by giving Emile shit for his quirks while completely tolerating Tim's "In the bathroom!" shtick. Jon proceeds to utterly tear the fanboy apart, calling out the guy for hypocritically giving Tim shit for his quirks, before explaining that he sees Emile as a generally likeable person.
  • Finally overcoming the dozens of problems preventing him from continuing Superman 64 to release episode 8 in July 2016.
  • In Wario Land, Jon defeats Zenisuki, the boss of Parsley Woods, with 10 seconds left on the clock.
  • Managing to subvert his infamous Schedule Slip issues for once in Wario Land, by having zero delays or hiatuses throughout the entire project.
  • In the Direct Relief charity stream in November 2016, Jon initially sets a donation target of $5000. He hits this target half an hour into the 11-hour stream. In the end, Jon and his fans raised over $22,000!
  • MasterTimeThief's epic Weird Al parody song to celebrate Jon's tenth anniversary/
  • In his "Game Clearing Stream - 20 Down, Many To Go", Jon plays VVVVVV for the first time in three years and gets to the infamous "Veni Vidi Vici" trinket challenge, which takes many people (including skilled gamers) an hour or more. He beats it in four minutes and 40 attempts.
  • During the March 1st, 2017 Fortune Cookie stream, Jon goes into a rant about his difficulties with the Superman 64 project. He then admits that he is going to finish it out of spite.
    • A secondary reason Jon has for seeing it through to the bitter end is him learning that he said LP could legitimately get a World Record for the Longest Running Let's Play ever made.
  • During "Fortune Cookie: Time to Press Buttons Edition", Jon gets two five-minute submissions that end up blowing everyone's mind. The first is a remake of the Raid Countermeasures video by MasterTimeThief that uses the full Rambo parody from UHF rather than just a 1-minute condensed version, complete with a slew of in-jokes old and new from Jon's streams and his friends', and the second is a cover of "House of the Rising Sun" by TallManStan that manages to move everyone to tears because of just how good Stan's singing is. The latter happened to impress everyone so much that it led to Stan becoming a mod!
  • During the "Motion Control Madness" stream, in which Jon plays games with motion control devices that were infamous for their faults, he nails 4-1 in Super Mario Bros. on his first try with the Power Glove. Once he reaches the end...
    Jon: Pay up, Jewker.
    • From the same stream, Jon does surprisingly well in Turbo Tunnel from Battletoads. He doesn't beat it, but several people in the chat pointed out that he still did better with the Power Glove than they could with actual, functional controllers.