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Trivia: ProtonJon
  • Colbert Bump: One of the rare cases where the bumper considers this to be a bad thing, Jon expresses shame at himself for his Superman 64 let's play encouraging people to go out and buy the game.
    • Doing it again with Bomberman: Act Zero on his Twitch stream; whenever he does it now, there are 8-person rooms and the game reaches the top 16 viewed at the time.
  • Creator Backlash: ProtonJon did genuinely enjoy playing ROM hacks of Super Mario World sent in by his viewers, but he eventually got sick of them as more of the ROM hacks contained poor level designs and gimmicks. This is especially shown in Protonjon's LP of Super Mario TKO, where he expects a lot of nonsense he encountered before in other hacks and is not used to TKO having level designs that almost mirrors the quality found in official Mario games. Combined with the fact that ProtonJon wanted to LP other games, he dropped ROM hacks entirely except for one that was sent in to him by a person who wanted someone to LP it since he was dying of cancer. note 
    • Protonjon also got so angry and frustrated with people that sent him ROM hacks that abuse invisible blocks that he created an entire level made out of nothing BUT the invisible coin blocks. The level forces the player to reveal each and every hidden block to build platforms to the top, and they also have to use a springboard to reach the higher blocks. The player must then get the switch at the top and use it at the very bottom of the level to get access to the exit.
  • Marth Debuted in Smash Bros.: Four-player Battletoads races were an LP idea first used on Something Awful as early as 2007, which Jon (as one of the original Something Awful LP'ers) revived and brought to Youtube. The race Jon had with Super Jeenius, Pcull44444 and NintendoCapriSun had far more exposure and has become very popular, to the point that when some of the older SA races have been transferred over to Youtube, Fan Dumb accuses them of being ripoffs.
  • Streisand Effect: Several games that Jon does an LP of that are bad usually has him telling people not to play said bad games because...well, they're bad and are not good or fun to play (he's playing the games to showcase just how bad they are). The most infamous example is with Superman 64 where there was a spike of people that wanted to try the game (with many actually playing it) because they wanted to experience the laughably broken game in the same way Jon did.
  • Throw It In: Jon's livestream of Super Mario Bros. 3 was supposed to be a typical normal run of the game. However, he accidentally kicked the game cartridge when he turned on the Retron, causing the game to be displayed with horribly glitchy graphics. Rather than fix the game, Jon decides to play the entire game in its broken state.
  • What Could Have Been: One has to wonder what would've happened if Jon and The Jewker actually entered the Bomberman: Act Zero tournament. Would Dan still have been able to win the entire thing?

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