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Heartwarming: ProtonJon
  • Jon gushing (to use his own words) over Donkey Kong '94, talking about why he finds the game to be underrated nowadays, how it introduced lots of iconic things into the Mario universe, and how he found it so amazing as a kid.
    • His commentary during the credits, where he thanks his audience for enjoying the game with him.
  • Jon returns to one final Mario Romhack despite him officially having ended them years ago, "Notte Luminosa"; his reason for doing so? It's the last wish of the mod maker, who's dying of leukemia.
    • It was later revealed that the creator actually lied about the leukemia, but it was still a nice gesture on Jon's part, and he still had links to donations for people who are actually dying of cancer.
    • Better still: When Yanama posted a video on YouTube regarding the incident and where his head was at the time, Jon personally congratulated him for it:
    I'm glad to hear you're getting help and that you're aware of everything that happened. More than anything, I hope that you use this situation to better yourself and become a stronger person, and by the fact that you did this video, it shows you're already on your way.
  • On one of Tim's BreakingNCS videos, a comment war suddenly started up about whether Chuggaaconroy or NintendoCapriSun was the better Let's Player. After the fight started to go too far, Jon left this comment on the video:
    ProtonJon: Guys, both Tim and Emile have gone through a lot of shit in their lives, and both have found success and enjoyment in LPing. I understand not liking someone's LP's or thinking one person's a better LPer, that's having an opinion, but saying you hate the actual person when you've never met themselves seems kind of ridiculous, don't you think? All you see through LP's is a filtered version of a person, you don't know everything about them.
  • One for the fans, they flooded ScrewAttack's Twitch Channel chat with overwhelming support for Jon in the Iron Man Of Gaming competition.
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