Heartwarming / ProJared

  • What happened to Nuptup after he finished playing Pokémon: FireRed? Jared had her transferred to Pokémon Y.
  • His review of Chrono Trigger. His final score is a clock without hands out of ten for its timeless nature. Even his one criticism of it he admits is just a nitpick. You can hear the true love he has for the game through the tenderness in his voice while talking about it. Easily one of his best reviews.
    • Made more impressive when you realize he spent just over 20 minutes gushing over the game, never really repeating any points on why he loves the game so much.
  • In his and his wife's playthrough of Asagao Academy Normal Boots Club, they decide to date Jared, but almost immediately feel guilty about it because of Mai, who had a crush on Jared but supports Hana anyway.
    Jared: Why would anyone choose me?! You don't do that to Mai!