Fat Bastard: Video Games

  • Fatman from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is a fat and bald bomb-building maniac. He considers himself an artist and wants to become known as the greatest bomb-builder who ever lived. He also wears a bomb-disposal coat filled with more explosives which makes him seem even fatter.
  • Cronos from God of War is actually described as this by Ben Croshaw. Clotho also qualifies so much she actually makes Jabba the Hutt seem like Michael Phelps.
  • Interesting case in BioShock 2. Buck Raleigh is a fat, ruthless, Corrupt Corporate Executive. However, he is the most sympathetic of the multiplayer characters. He was never interested in plasmids but started using them when his wife disappeared. Almost a year later it turns out she was leading a revolt against him.
  • Wario, though he's got plenty of muscle as well.
  • Pokey/Porky Minch, the Enfant Terrible co-Big Bad of EarthBound; his name is something of a Lampshade Hanging, and his Fat Bastard status is pulled up to epic proportions as an Animal Motif in his Big Bad status in MOTHER 3, where his empire, army and everything else are pig-themed.
    • EarthBound also provides a subversion in the form of Apple Kid. He's fat, apparently unhygienic and socially awkward, and accordingly less popular among the citizens of Twoson than rival Orange Kid, who's thinner, has considerably better social skills, and uses this to get funding for his work. Then the subversion comes into play - Orange Kid is a Small Name, Big Ego with virtually no talent to back up the formidable sums of money he asks for, whereas Apple Kid is an absolute genius who actually cares about the fate of the world, plays a massive role in enabling the heroes to defeat Giygas, and never asks for anything in return.
  • Jack Turner of the Art of Fighting games is one of Mr. Big's thugs, and the leader of a tough gang of bikers called the Black Cats. At the age of 13, he subdued a rampaging bear.
  • Dong Zhuo, as depicted in the Dynasty Warriors games.
    • The source material, too. After he was killed, the angry mob made torches by shoving splints of wood into his fat.
    • In Samurai Warriors, this goes to Tokugawa Ieyasu, depending on your interpretation. He's far more amiable and well-intentioned than Dong Zhuo, but considering how most of the characters seem to flock toward the Western army, many of them see him as a Fat Bastard.
  • In Quake IV there is a gigantic obese Strogg thing which the player kills by overfeeding.
  • King Hippo of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! is this on the surface. However this is somewhat subverted, in that, in his in-between round dialogue, he doesn't taunt Mac like the others do. He even offers to take him out to lunch!
  • The Boomers from Left 4 Dead that attacks players a la Mr. Creosote-style: by vomiting on them to attract the horde, and explode messily when you fire enough rounds into them. May overlap with Dead Weight, although the infected are still living people, acid-filled or not.
  • One of the Seven Deadly Sins-themed bosses in Dead Rising 3, whose gimmick you can already guess. Like the other bosses, Darlene is a non-infected enemy who has lost her marbles on account of the zombie apocalypse. She jealously guards a mall buffet, murdering any survivors who try to grab a bite, despite having already overstuffed herself to the point of sickness. In fact, her fat has burst through the seams of her dress, and becomes her Achilles' heel when an upturned Vespa digs deep into her groaning gut, pinning her flat until she gets sick and chokes to death.
  • Krew from Jak II: Renegade, who needs an antigravity chair to move around.
    • Possible subversion in the form of Kliever from Jak 3: Wastelander, who, while most definitely not meant to be seen as sympathetic at first (wanting to eat your partner-in-crime Daxter), but by the end he is shown to be more than capable, and has at least some redeeming qualities.
      • At least until Jak X, when he races for the opposing team.
  • Eddie Dombrowski in Silent Hill 2. The story has more sympathy for him than most of the other characters here, however.
  • Shimada in Star Ocean The Last Hope. The only overweight character in the game, and also a Villainous Glutton and Corrupt Corporate Executive.
  • Persona 4. Hanako. Beauty contest. That is all.
  • In Overlord, the first corrupted hero you fight is a grotesquely obese halfling named Melvin. He represents the sin of gluttony, and his most lethal attack is rolling over your minions. After being killed, he shows up in hell where his punishment is to repeatedly stuff himself until he bursts.
    • In a minor example, most of the Empire Nobles in Overlord II can count, being quite pudgy and decadent.
  • Samurai Shodown gives us Earthquake, the 1,380-pound ninja. From Texas. One hundred years before Texas existed. In his profile, it's stated that he likes people fatter than he is, and dislikes "skinny people"
  • The King of Fighters, another SNK game, has Chang, the morbidly obese fighter from Korea. While he doesn't get much respect from the rest of the cast, and was introduced as a criminal being reformed, he's more or less wacky comic relief now.
  • The Governor from Phatt Island in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge.
  • Final Fantasy VII has at least three characters that fit this trope to a T: President Shinra, Palmer, and Heidegger.
  • The Seeq in Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics A2. A race of pigs so the fat factor is already settled in. They are described as being gluttonous, dimwitted, slow, and are mostly common thieves. in FFTA2, sometimes a newly recruited Seeq will ask what is for lunch after he joins your clan or they may also say that there won't be any problems as long as you feed him. There are a few kind hearted Seeq in the games, but most are portrayed as unlikable.
  • Col. Perrault, who commands the player's home base in Ace Combat 5, is a pretty unlikable guy even before the plot takes a sharp turn when the player's squadron is accused of treason and he shows off just how badly he shoots.
  • General Failure Damon von Grant from Valkyria Chronicles is a fat, arrogant aristocrat who only occupies his position because of his wealth, and is otherwise completely incompetent. He despises the militia and considers them disposable trash, steals their merits when Welkin's strategies work, is completely unsympathetic towards Isara's death, thinks of Alicia as a weapon when her Valkyria powers awaken, and uses illegal weapons to cover up for his failures on the battlefield. Luckily, he gets a Karmic Death when The Dragon Selvaria self-destructs and takes him (and a large chunk of Gallia's army) with her.)
  • Gheb in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.
  • Sludge Vohaul, the Big Bad of the Space Quest series, and both Roger and the snarky Interactive Narrator never let him forget it.
  • Dantes Inferno: An Animated Epic - Dante's father was an abusive man who often beat his wife and child. Not only was he a fat disgusting glutton, but horribly greedy as well, once beating his wife when he thought she had stolen one of his golden coins. He appears in the 4th circle of hell as a fat, grotesque demonic soldier who is spared the torture of other greedy souls by Satan and battles his son for a while before Dante finally ends his cruel father's (un?)life by dumping him into a giant wheel moved by molten gold.
    • In the game, Dante absolves his father instead of using him as an excuse for Dante's own sins.
  • These are one mook type in God Hand, with many sub-types. Elvis looks like this on the surface (he's certainly fat and ugly), but he's a actually a subversion, being more of a Noble Demon.
  • They're also a mook type in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, often seen eating a whole box of pizza if Travis hasn't caught their attention yet.
  • The Fat Guard (Politician) in Prince of Persia.
  • Burnov in Double Dragon II: The Revenge.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman, Eggman Nega and Storm the Albatross. In the former's case, his level of bastardry has varied over different incarnations.
  • The Big Bad of Deadly Premonition, Forrest Kaysen.
  • The emperor of Blobolonia in A Boy and His Blob.
  • Jasper Horst, the troll parody of Casper Gutman in Discworld Noir.
  • The Heavy is seen as one of these by the other classes in Team Fortress 2, or so their domination/revenge quotes would seem to indicate:
    Scout: I am owning you, you fat bald bastard!
    Spy: Dominated! You fatuous, fat-headed fat man!
    Demoman: Little too much caber-tossing pie down yer own throat, eh, Chubby?
    Sniper: Oi! Yer bleedin' gravy, fatso!
    Engineer: Gotcha, pork drippin's!
    • The Heavy only qualifies as this if he's on the enemy team. Friendly Heavies are more of a Boisterous Bruiser.
  • Juan "The Banker" Borgia in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.
    • He follows in the footsteps of his fat uncle, Rodrigo Borgia. Unlike the first example (Juan was actually a very thin man), Rodrigo has the excuse of being ''historically' of large girth...and coincidentally, one of history's most notorious villains.
  • Though you never get to see the full body of Duke Radcot in Vanguard Bandits, you don't really need to. His portrait alone has three chins. Trying to load that much fat on-screen at once might break the PS1.
  • Bob in Gungrave. In the game's storyline he's depicted as being a real jerk underneath his calm exterior. As the first major boss fight of the game, his initial reaction to Grave is to call him out for his so-called "ingratitude" to his former friends and the syndicate for providing him (Grave) with power, wealth and a place to call home, without even realizing that it also directly and indirectly led to Grave's undoing.
  • Pierce, or Jigglesworth, from The Colour Tuesday, is a creepy Living Doll Collector who moves around on a chair. Its heavily implied that he's a pedophile, judging by his comments to and his harrassment of Alex. As Jigglesworth, he's a writhing mass of flabby appendages. Even the ruthless Maxwell is disgusted by him.
  • King Dedede from the Kirby series.
  • Papu Papu, leader of the Wacky Wayside Tribe from the Crash Bandicoot series.
  • In Streets of Rage, there was a boss that was a big, fire-breathing Fat Bastard. On top of being That One Boss, if you try to suplex him, your character hurts their back and suffers damage.
    • In later games, the "hurt user while attempting to throw Fatty" is sometimes illogical. Such as Sammy(scrawny rollerblading tween/teen) being able to throw them overhead(essentially grabbing their shoulders from behind, then flipping to the front and transferring the momentum into a throw), while Zan(cyborg), Shiva(martial artist) and Ash(fairly large, like 6-7' Camp/Hard Gay) cannot. Shiva's throw animation doesn't even really involve lifting either. It's more like "shove them into the dirt".
  • Another Sega Fighting Game from the late 80s/early 90s was Fatman/Slaughter Sport. Titular character was a morbidly obese regent who could somehow contort himself into an egg-shaped mass that could bounce around the screen. Sometimes it glitched and became a 1-hit KO.
  • Hector: Badge of Carnage has Detective Inspector Hector, a surly, corrupt and lazy Comedic Sociopath who also happens to be one of the few competent individuals on the police force.
  • Executioner Smough of Dark Souls. He likes to use the remains of the executed as food seasoning.
    • Averted however if you look at the art book. If it's anything to go by, underneath the fat armor is a well built man.
  • Luther from the SSX series, voiced by Oliver Platt.
  • The Mancubi from Doom are ludicrously fat (or at least big-boned), and their idiosyncratic projectile patterns are sure to make more than a few new players find them to be quite the bastards.
  • Executioners: First, you have a Mook who is green, fat, snake-tongued, whacks you around with his belly, and actually shakes the screen when he hits the ground! Then there's the 3rd level boss, who is an Enemy Summoner who disgustingly spits out 2 Fat Snakes! This boss is even fatter, will actually try to eat you alive, the screen shakes even harder or longer when he hits the ground, and don't bother trying to throw him - you'll suffer damage, apparently because he's too heavy!
  • Pigma Dengar from Star Fox is the embodiment of this trope.
  • Azmodan in Diablo III. "Bastard" is probably an understatement, since he's the Prime Evil embodiment of Sin leading a demonic army bent on Sanctuary's destruction. His girth is justified since Gluttony is a Sin.
  • Killabilly in Lollipop Chainsaw. Good Lord.
  • Norton Mapes in FEAR.
  • Hector LeMans, the Big Bad of Grim Fandango, who is an Expy of Sidney Greenstreet's characters. He somehow manages to be fat despite being a skeleton.
    Manny: (examining the monogram in Hector's casino) I'll bet Hector pauses here every day, and thinks to himself... "Boy I wish I could see past my gut and enjoy my expensive monogrammed floor!"
  • Big Smoke in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is quite heavy and usually lets the player and the other homies do all the work. In one mission, a rival gang attacks your gang in a car and during the firefight, Big Smoke eats everyone's food that they ordered instead of shooting back. This becomes more clear when CJ later on finds out Big Smoke is actually on the side of the rival gang and is selling drugs, something that CJ's gang was fighting to get rid of.
  • Flame Mammoth from Mega Man X has an arrogant and cocky attitude, and was extremely proud of his large size and strength. His tendency to look down on those smaller and weaker than him put him on bad terms with his subordinates, and was the reason why Chill Penguin refused to join units with him.
  • Dark Cloud gives us the "Dark Genie" Who turns out to simply be a mouse who fell into the REAL Dark Genie's cauldron and absorbed some of his powers whilst he was hibernating, who, true to the trope is a large, aptly dressed fat-ass who spends the game terrorizing the planet by shooting up towns and buildings with laser beams and sitting on a huge throne smoking cigars.
  • Dr. Qada from Bravely Default, who has no problem with using a chemical weapon thst utterly destroys both his and the enemy's armies and renders the land completely uninhabitable for years, and uses wounded enemy soldiers to experiment on.
  • In Outlast. you have Chris Walker, the first variant you meet and the most frequent villain. although he is more a Anti-Villain.
  • The Origami Killer from Heavy Rain has a huge human figure when Norman Jayden encounters him in the "Fish Tank" chapter. If the players take it into account and guess correctly, that person in question is none other than Scott Shelby.