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Fan Nickname: Live-Action TV

  • 24:
    • Jack Bauer's Happy Hour (or The Jack Bauer Power Hour, whichever you prefer) - The show itself.
      • On GameFAQs there was a topic called "The Jack Bauer Power Hour Club" whenever "24" is on.
    • Rolaide - Lynne Kresge, played by Michelle Forbes, who also played Ensign Ro Laren on Star Trek: TNG.
    • Black Bauer (or Blackjack) - Curtis, named so for being a field agent nearly on par with the main character Jack Bauer (oh, and he was black). Inspired some other "Bauer" nicknames that were mostly in jest:
      • The Other White Bauer - Aaron.
      • Female Bauer - Audrey, for some of her Made of Win moments in season five.
      • Bald Bauer - Wayne, for teaming up with Jack and being competent once.
      • Rack Bauer - Renee Walker, who turned into Jack with boobs as the season went on.
    • Spawn - Kim Bauer (shortened from "Spawn of Kiefer").
      • Dim - Kim, when she's being particularly... not bright (i.e. pretty much all of Seasons 1 & 2, and much of 3)
    • Soul Patch - Tony Almeida, cause of his... interesting... facial hair in Season 1.
      • Some have changed this to Neck Patch, after he was shot in the neck in season three and spent the rest of the season with a large white patch over the wound.
    • Im-Ho-Terror - Habib Marwan, a.k.a. Arnold Vosloo, a.k.a. The Mummy.
    • Raj - The guy Shaun Majumder played, after one of his characters on This Hour Has 22 Minutes.
    • Council of Doom - The Cabal that has been around since Season 5.
    • FoxDIE - The virus that Jack was infected with in Season 7, mainly because the entire season was being compared to Metal Gear Solid 4... but maybe it was just on Game FAQS.
    • Candyman - Benjamin Juma, for Tony Todds role in the movie of the same name.
    • Dubaku Device - The CIP device.
    • Lasagna Lover - Ike Dubaku, the subplot with Dubaku's girlfriend also spawned fake Sitcom ideas about Dubaku. I don't remember all of the details but it is mentioned here.
    • Gordon Ramsay - John Quinn, because he looked like Gordon Ramsey. Some people also said that he looked like Liam Neeson.
    • Mac vs PC - the scene where Chloe [using a Mac] and Janis [using a PC] were having a hacking battle in Season 7.
    • Senator Forman/Boddicker - Blaine Mayer, who was played by Kurtwood Smith.
    • Bitchelle - Michelles nickname during some of the Television Without Pity recaps of the show.
    • Jack Pack - The bag that Jack always carries around with all of the equipment the writers think he needs at that time.
    • Jack's Hoodie of Invisibility - Jack using a hoodie to sneak onto a plane in Season 5.
    • Bauer Outage - Refers to the lack of new episodes during the writer's strike.
    • Sparky - Paul Raines, who was subjected to torture-by-electrics courtesy of Jack Bauer.
    • Fayedville - the never named but often referred to homeland of Abu Fayed.
    • President Useless - this one has a lot of traction at the AVClub to describe Allison Taylor.
    • Arab (or Hindu) Jason Schwartzman - for Farhed Hassan. Seriously, look at that hair and sleight of figure.
    • Starbuck - Katee Sackhoff will simply never live down her most famous role, will she?
    • President Bump-it - Referring to President Hassan's strangely voluminous hair.
      • There are so many more nicknames for his hair too.... Slumdog Millionhair, President Hair, Perm Kapur, Hair-san, and so many others.
    • Cubby - Tony Almeida's much beloved Chicago Cubs coffee/beer mug.
  • Alias:
    • "The SpyFam": "SpyBarbie" for Sydney Bristow, "SpyDaddy" for Papa Wolf Jack Bristow, "SpyMommy" for Magnificent Bitch Irina Derevko, and "SpySkipper" for Nadia Santos.
    • Irina also got "Mama Hari".
    • "Arvin Clone", which IIRC, was used in canon, for Joel Grey's character in S4.
    • "The Sadistic Dentist of Asian Persuasion" for the unnamed Torture Technician in seasons one and two.
  • The Amazing Race has had so many of these that it is perhaps better not to try and list them all; we'll limit ourselves to regular race terminology and skip over team nicknames. Some originated on the show itself, since the teams often have nicknames for each other, some came from the fandom.
    • The Philbrow - host Phil Keoghan's Fascinating Eyebrow
    • Philimination - being Eliminated From The Race by Phil
    • Exposition Hands - An Insert
    • Killer Fatigue - the point when stress starts to take its toll on the racers
    • Mercy Kill - automatically eliminating a trailing team instead of letting them finish the leg
    • NELs - short for Non-Elimination Legs
    • Super Leg - double-length legs which last two episodes
  • America's Next Top Model:
    • Tyrant - A nickname for Tyra Banks that expresses many people's opinions of her.
      • Tyra-ranasaurus Rex says rar!
    • Tootie Carparts/Shroom - Much-derided Cycle 9 winner Saleisha Stowers was saddled with this first over at Television Without Pity. "Tootie" and "Shroom" both refer to the strange bowl-cut makeover she was given in the cycle. "Carparts" was added because of a photoshoot where she was supposed to represent... car parts.
      • "Dora" became sort of common around IMDB for a while, in reference to the above mentioned bowl-cut.
    • Hamsters - The contestants. Very prominent at Television Without Pity.
  • Andromeda: Captain Herc, a.k.a. Kirkules - Captain Dylan Hunt (played by Kevin Sorbo, of Hercules fame).
  • Angel:
    • Fans of the series called Angel's gang the "fang gang".
    • Television Without Pity referred to them as the Ministers of Grace, after a line from Hamlet: "Angels and ministers of grace, defend us!" Usually shortened to "MoG".
  • As the World Turns: Dr. Reid Oliver was "Dr. House" (for obvious reasons). The people who dislike Noah call him names like "Squint Boy" and "Sir Squints a Lot" because he's always squinting.
  • Babylon 5:
    • Battlecrab - Usenet nickname for the Shadows' trademark spacecraft.
      • Wait... wasn't that one used in the series itself?
      • No, no one used that phrase on-screen. Other sources list the "Battlecrab" as a Shadow "Mothership" or "Carrier" so the name is not canon.
    • Ginsu-beam - Usenet nickname for the beam weapons that Shadows used to literally carve their enemies' ships into pieces.
    • Telegoths - Byron's band of The Scrappy renegade telepaths from the beginning of Season 5.
    • John "Nuke'em" Sheridan - He does have an inordinate love of blowing things up with multi megaton warheads...
      • This one comes from the actor.
    • Disney!OTP - A LiveJournal nickname for Sheridan/Delenn, due to their resemblance to a Disney fairytale couple.
      • Minbari Princess - Delenn
      • Disney Prince - Sheridan
  • Battlestar Galactica (Reimagined):
    • Admiral Ro - Admiral Helena Cain, as played by Michelle Forbes, who also played Ensign Ro Laren on Star Trek: TNG.
    • Gina - The Number Six Cylon who was captured by the Pegasus crew. From the feminized form of GINO, or "Galactica In Name Only" (a criticism leveled at the new series by fans of the original). Ron Moore used the name to refer to the character in podcasts, and when Razor aired, Gina Inviere (Romanian for "resurrection") was given as the character's name.
    • Blanders - Among certain fans, specifically those stuck in Season Two, the accepted way of referring to Kara Thrace's husband, Sam Anders.
    • Chip Six - Baltar's imaginary girlfriend, who was at one point thought to be the result of a computer chip implanted in his brain. The theory was disproved, but the nickname lingers on — and was extended to cover his real Cylon ex-girlfriend's hallucinatory "Chip Baltar." (AKA "Head Six", as in the script, but there are just too many jokes that could be made about that one. At least "Six-In-The-Head" has some dignity.)
      • Some people refer to her as "Seducto-Bot".
    • "Gaydar" - Gaeta.
      • Or just Gayta (pronounced the same).
    • "Leemo Kid" - Lee Adama. No explanation necessary.
    • "Madame Airlock" - Laura Roslin, for her favorite method of dealing with undesirables.
      • Also "President Stands-With-A-Fist" (or "With/Near-An-Airlock"), in tribute to Mary McDonnell's role in Dances With Wolves.
    • "Xena", "Xylon" - The Number Three series of humanoid Cylons, known to the Fleet as D'Anna Biers. Played by Lucy "Xena" Lawless.
      • "Xena, Cylon Princess/Reporter" has been used as well.
    • "Domicylon" aka "Baltar's Dream House" - Television Without Pity's nickname for Baltar's hallucination of his old house on Caprica.
    • "Pilots" - the preferred name for the Lee Adama/Kara Thrace ship across most LiveJournal communities.
    • "The Whiteboard of Extinction" - Television Without Pity nickname for the whiteboard on Colonial One with the running total of the surviving human population.
    • "The Rag-tag Fleet", "The Fugitive Fleet" - The Battlestar Galactica and its fleet of Colonial refugee ships, from both versions of the series.
    • "Mom and Dad" or "Space Mommy and Space Daddy"- Laura Roslin and Bill Adama.
    • "Lady MacTigh" - Ellen Tigh.
    • "T_gh" - Colonel Tigh.
    • "Nurse Bedside Manner" - Layne Ishay, for her noticeable lack of any.
    • "TOaSters" - Particularly obnoxious original series fans that spew hate on new series boards.
    • "Peggy" - the Battlestar Pegasus
    • "Starbuck the White" - Kara Thrace in the final season.
    • "Fakeathena" - the Eight that had Athena's memories in "The Hub"
  • Bay Watch: Babe Watch or Boob Watch - A nickname for the big reason people watch the show.
  • The Bill:
    • PM - Paul Marquess, unpopular executive producer.
    • Spam Nixon - DS (later DI) Sam Nixon.
  • A Bit of Fry and Laurie: After the initials ABOFAL, some fans refer to it in web forums as Boffle.
  • Bones:
    • Baby Duck - Sweets.
    • The Boneyard-the official forum. There was, for a time, also the "Anti-Boneyard", a forum founded in protest of official board rules, but it is now shut down.
    • Squintern - An intern at the Jeffersonian. Recently became Ascended Fanon.
    • The Magic Database - The Angelatron.
    • Booth Light-Agent Sullivan
  • Brookside: Brookie - Shortened form of the show's title.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Buffy the Vampire Banger - The eponymous character, after her relationship with Friendly Neighborhood Vampire Angel heated up. Made even more appropriate during Season Six.
    • Pencil Boy - The First Evil. So nicknamed due to his intangibility making him useless for anything except monologuing and making scary faces. Or as one fan put it: "What's so scary about this guy? He couldn't even pick up a pencil if I dropped one on the floor."
    • Spicule - The "defanged" Spike from later episodes. Another Television Without Pity exclusive.
    • "Captain Cardboard" - Riley, Buffy's Season 4 boyfriend. Also originally used in the script.
    • "Smidge" - A mostly British nickname for Sarah Michelle Gellar, whose initials are SMG.
    • "BAIT" - Bad Actress In Training. Applied to the "potential Slayers" that showed up in Season 7, it apparently came from Buffy message boards (particularly The Bronze). Possibly alluded to in an episode where Kennedy said that she'd "never been the bait before."
    • "Fanged Four" or "Scourge of Europe" - Darla, Angelus, Drusilla, and Spike. "Fanged Four" is not to be confused with "Fang Gang", above. "Scourge of Europe" was said on the show, but only applied to Angelus.
    • "Captain Peroxide" - Spike because of his platinum-blond hair.
    • The Folk Man has become a popular name on Youtube for Caleb.
    • Sid and Nancy - Nickname for Amber Benson and Adam Busch. Better yet: Warren S Burroughs.
    • Noodles for the first Ubervamp who appeared, because he was ultimately so easy to kill.
    • Craig Whedon, named after the South Park character Craig who compulsively flips everybody off. If you're a fan of his shows, you know why.
    • Buffy Cross and Stake and Angel's Soul Spoiler boards: Red board and Blue Board respectively, due to their text colors.
    • Willow the Vampire Flayer. Why? Here's why.
    "Bored now." squiiiiiick
    • The Endless Bummer: Season Six. You know why.
  • Carnivŕle: Father Kurgan - Brother Justin.
  • Castle:
  • Casualty:
    • Skippy and Idiot - Lara and Patrick.
    • Polomint - Kuba.
  • Charmed:
    • Big Gay Chris - A Television Without Pity nickname for the very pretty, very femme-acting Mr. Fanservice that made Season Six slightly more entertaining. As it obvious he was a Kid from the Future, and Piper already had one kid, Wyatt, people assumed they were one and the same, leading Wyatt to be occasionally nicknamed Tiny Gay Chris until it turned out Chris was actually Wyatt's younger brother. The baby version of Chris inherited the latter nickname once he was born.
    • Maggot Neck - Another Television Without Pity nickname for Billie Jenkins. Her neck was... strange, to put it mildly. She was also known as The Retarded Bimbo, due to Kaley Cuoco's inadequate interpretation of the role combined with the character's abundant stupidity, which later became The Ultimate Retard once the character started being ominously referred to as "the Ultimate Power" on the show.
    • The Dolt - Another TWOP nickname for Leo
    • The Doormat - For Extreme Doormat Darryl, who ends up being constantly used and abused by the Sisters.
    • The Funbags - For Phoebe's breasts, particularly since season 5, when Alyssa Milano lost weight.
    • Wainwright - A common nickname for Gideon's Evil Twin in the tail end of Season 6, based on this Supreme Court case.
    • TWOP is also responsible for "Raige," a nickname for youngest sister Paige, who is frequently the first to go to violence as an answer (which is a bit ironic, given that she's half Whitelighter).
  • Chuck:
    • Fans have been known to call Chuck's friend Morgan "The Beard"
    • And lead actress Yvonne Strahovski "Strahotski".
  • Conan:
    • "Coco" or "COB" for Conan O'Brien.
    • "Candy" for the partnership of Conan and Andy.
    • "Team Coco" refers to anyone on the show's staff.
    • "Facebox" is a nickname for Facebook among fans based on a The Tonight Show monologue one night when Conan flubbed the name of the site, then flubbed it again when he tried to repeat the joke.
  • Coronation Street: Corrie - Shortened form of the show's title.
  • Countdown with Keith Olbermann:
    • Keith provides his own detractor nicknames for his enemies/rivals on the show:
      • "Billo the Clown", "Bill Orally", "The Big Giant Head", "Phineas T. Bluster" - Bill O'Reilly
      • "Coultergeist", "Pirate Annie" - Ann Coulter
      • "Harold Hill", "Becky", "This Yutz" - Glenn Beck
      • "Sister Sarah", "Saranoia", "The Human Oil Slick" - Sarah Palin
    • And then there are the ones fans have made up for guests:
    • "Cutie" or "Lambchop" - Chris Hayes
    • "Eyebrows" - Ezra Klein
    • "Panda" - Howard Fineman
    • "Prettymouth" - Richard Wolffe
  • Criminal Minds:
    • Hotchalanche - Any moment in which Aaron Hotchner unleashes his awe-inspiring powers of observation, analysis and rhetoric to demolish a serial killer, lawyer, Obstructive Bureaucrat or police officer, in the interest of getting the latest job done.
    • Mom and Dad - Hotch and Rossi. In that order.
    • Brad the Real FBI Agent - the guy who gets owned by Prentiss, JJ, and Garcia at a bar. Just watch.
    Prentiss: (in a fake excited voice) Ladies, this is Brad, a real FBI agent.
    (Garcia and JJ take the cue to play along)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:
    • TMI Cam - The extreme closeups into the body showing you exactly how the Victim Of The Week died, named by Television Without Pity.
    • The Osment Effect — Another Television Without Pity original, used to describe the ghostly flashbacks used as one of the CSIs plays the crime out in their head.
    • Lab Rat - Greg Sanders from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
    • Similarly, Greg was referred to as "Liam" on Television Without Pity for years, because his early hair style called to mind Liam Gallagher from Oasis and he wasn't named for a while.
    • Labitrail - The Television Without Pity nickname for the main CSI: Crime Scene Investigation set, which is where Lab Rat used to spend his nights.
    • Liquid Man, the Amazing Bloat, and Good Ol' Soapy - Three cadavers that showcase, in all their gory, various stages of decomposition (namely, liquefied remains, accumulated gases that make a body swell up like a balloon, and saponification.)
    • GSR. Usually used as shorthand for "gunshot residue", a real forensic test to detect whether someone has fired a gun recently. CSI shippers use it for "Grissom/Sidle Romance".
    • A rare case of a body part getting a nickname, Nick's short-lived mustache during season 5 was and still is "The porn-stache".
    • All the CSI franchise shows have fan nicknames for most ships, it would take a whole page to list them all. Most can be found at the Talk CSI forum's Shipper Central section, and yes you can view it without registering.
    • Ice Cream Girl/Ice Cream Kid: D.B.'s granddaughter, stemming from a mention in the article that announced her appearance of D.B. getting her ice cream.
  • CSI: Miami:
    • The Sunglasses of Justice - The Cool Shades of Horatio Caine.
    • The Hummer(s) of Justice - Refers to the cars the CSIs drive.
    • Super H refers to Horatio himself.
  • CSI: New York:
    • M&M - Danny Messer and Lindsay Monroe, in a Shipping context.
      • Zoo Babies was another Messer/Monroe shipper nickname, coming from their first meeting at the New York Zoo.
    • Sid's Creepy Place - Where Hammerback goes when he goes off on a too personal tangent. Modified from a line that Hawkes says to Hammerback ("Sid! You're going to your creepy place!")
    • Payless-fan nickname for Mac's girlfriend Peyton
  • Dirty Sexy Money: Gustav - Brian Jr., for his one-time Swedish nom de guerre.
  • Degrassi: Degrassi Black Hole, Degrassi Bermuda Triangle - Place where characters who haven't appeared in a while are said to be.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Just about all of the Doctors are called by their place in the numerical order of regenerations. Which format gets used - that is, One, Two, Three or First, Second, Third - depends on preference. The First, Second, Third names tend to be used by the BBC in official material, and the One, Two, Three format is stereotypically associated with post-2005 fans and Estrogen Brigade types (due to the ease of shortening Tennant's Tenth Doctor with the system), but is in fact Older Than They Think and even briefly used in the show itself a couple of times (such as in the Fourth Doctor's skipping rhyme in "Robot" and the Eleventh Doctor's cracker poem in "Time of the Doctor"). For what it's worth, Colin Baker likes to affectionately refer to his Doctor as "Sixie".
    • Executive producers (a.k.a. showrunners) seem to attract nicknames.
      • "JNT" - The late John Nathan-Turner, executive producer in the 1980s. Among those more critical of his tenure, "John Satan Turner" is sometimes heard.
      • "RTD", "Rusty", "Uncle Rusty" - Russell T Davies, former executive producer. Or even occasionally RTDOBE, after he was awarded Order of the British Empire.
      • "The Grand Moff", "TGM" or "The Moff" - Steven Moffat, current executive producer. The latter is currently more popular in a poll on The Doctor Who Forum. According to Karen Gillan in Doctor Who Magazine, Steven himself is trying to get "The Mofferator" to catch on. "Lord Steven of Moffat" has also been spotted. DWO Whocast and Staggering Stories Podcast use "Vast Toffee" an anagram of his name missing out two letters (MN, deemed to stand (clutching at straws) for "Master of Nightmares".)
    • "Vwoorp! Vwoorp!" seems to be pretty universally agreed upon by fans as the way to write the sound the TARDIS makes when it takes off and lands.
      • That originated as the sound effect in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strips, although many of the fans who use it now probably don't know the source.
    • "The Whomobile" - The more extravagant car used by the Third Doctor for a couple serials, used by producers as well as fans. Not to be confused with his more ordinary car, Bessie.
    • "Flying Killer Time Monkeys" - The bat-like creatures unleashed in "Father's Day", officially (if not on-screen) called "Reapers". "Time monkeys!" briefly became a popular way to answer questions of the form "Why can't the Doctor just go back in time and..."
    • "Russell T Davies' Gay Agenda" - Sarcastic reference to various bits of the fandom's objections to what they perceive to be a high level of homosexual/bisexual characters in the new series.
    • "Tinkerbell Jesus" - The way the Doctor defeated the Master in "Last of the Time Lords".
    • "NuWho" or "New Who" - the 2005 revival.
    • "Handy Doctor", "Handy", or, more crudely, "The Handjob" - The half-human Doctor clone created from the Tenth Doctor's severed hand in "Journey's End". Also called "Doctor Blue"; "10 2.0", "10.5", TenII and TenToo; Proper Doctor and Other Doctor (referring, in that order, to the "real" Doctor and the half-human Doctor), taken from Proper Dave and Other Dave from the two-parter "Silence in the Library"/"Forest of the Dead"; or "Cloen", a misspelling of "clone".
    • "Dalek Fred" - the Dalek who shot the Doctor at the end of "The Stolen Earth" (based on the way the Cult of Skaro name themselves).
    • "The Mighty Trout" - Patrick Troughton, the actor who played the Second Doctor.
    • "Pineapple Hair" - The spiky hair-do Martha has for a lot of her appearances.
    • "The Dental Agenda" - Billie Piper's strange accent and facial appearance in "Turn Left"
    • The Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant, is affectionately referred to as "Ten" by some fans and show staff.
    • "Cult of Rose" - Derogatory name for obsessive fans of Rose who deny that any companion before or since has contributed anything significant. Also known as "Cult of Skarose" after the Cult of Skaro, the only remaining Daleks in the universe during the period between "Doomsday" and "Evolution of the Daleks".
    • "Hand Porn" - Can refer either to all the times the Doctor and Rose held hands, or Fetish Fuel involving the Tenth Doctor's severed hand.
    • "Doctor Cullen" - the Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, whom some fans believe resembles Robert Pattinson a.k.a. Edward Cullen from Twilight. Also known as "Sparkle!Doctor".
      • Then we saw Matt's costume. Not so much Edward Cullen, more Indiana Jones.
    • Other nicknames for the Eleventh Doctor: "Eleventy", "Raggedy", "Poncho Boy" and "Flop Haired Wuss".
      • The Eleventh Doctor has, since my friend's spit-take reaction on first seeing him of "omg, he looks like vampire whose face is melting!", been pretty much cemented as the Eleventh Doctor, a.k.a. Melty Face.
      • There are people who have taken to calling Eleven "Baby Doctor".
    • "Doctor Vet" - the Fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison, who also appeared in All Creatures Great and Small.
      • Also called "Fivey."
    • "Moe Howard" - Patrick Troughton's Doctor, due to his resemblance to Stooge Prime.
    • "CE", "Eccles" or "Ecclescake" - Christopher Eccleston, the Ninth Doctor. The latter is mainly used amongst members of his Estrogen Brigade. His Hate Dom tends to use the much cruder "Ecclescunt".
    • "The Masterater" - The Eric Roberts Master with his Terminator get-up, although it sounds like someone who polishes their wand, which fits Freud Was Right perfectly.
    • "Sailor Gallifrey" - Either Susan or Romana.
    • The different regenerations of the Master are referred to using the last name of the actor who portrays him (e.g. Simm!Master). With the exception of the one between Delgado and Ainley, who's known as "Crispy" because of his scorched-rotting-corpse appearance (he had two different actors, making it difficult to use the usual shorthand. Some fans use both actors' names, referring to him as the Pratt/Beevers Master).
    • "James Rassilon", "Lord President Bond" "James Bondilon" - Timothy Dalton's character in "The End of Time".
    • "Hunchback Daleks" - The new Dalek props introduced in "Victory of the Daleks".
    • Matt Smith - King of the Hipsters
      • Because of his lanky limbs and his general klutziness, "The Drunk Giraffe" is picking up speed. Alternatively, "Baby Giraffe."
      • Team Hipster - The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory. Mostly due to Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill's tendency towards ridiculous sweaters and skinny jeans, while Karen Gillan can look like a redheaded Twiggy at times.
      • Alternatively, "The Hipster Duke of France"
    • "Doctor DW Who" - The show itself, as spelled on the current opening titles.
    • "The Three Who Rule" - Steven Moffat, Piers Wenger and Beth Willis, executive producers for series 5 and 6.
    • THE Colin Baker - Colin Baker, obviously. Started on the forums of SFX magazine.
    • BillDoc, PatDoc, JonDoc, TomDoc, PeteDoc, ColDoc, and SlyDoc.
      • Should we just go ahead and throw PaulDoc, ChrisDoc, DaveDoc, MattDoc, and PeteDoc II on there as well?
    • Seventies Porn Colin (SPC) is a fandom injoke surrounding an old half-naked publicity still of Colin Baker from the seventies, wearing what can only be described as a porno 'tache.
    • The Silver Cloak - The loosely-organized group of fans who snap photos and record footage when the show's being filmed outdoors, taken from Wilf's network of OAPs in "The End of Time" who keep a look out for the Doctor.
    • Puddle - As in a small Pond. River Song/Melody Pond
      • In fact, she even ended up being one. Sort of.
    • "Steve", for the Silence who ended up dooming his entire order. As in, "DAMMIT STEVE".
    • "Cybusmen/Cybusman" to denote the Cybermen made by Cybus Industries rather than Mondas.
    • Wilderness Years - The period between the end of the classic series (1989) and the beginning of the new series (2005)
    • "The Dalek Fucker" - early nickname for Peter Capaldi's Doctor based on Role Association with Malcolm Tucker.
  • Downton Abbey: The show itself gained the nickname "Hound's Bum," due to the very first scene in the intro being a shot from behind of the family dog walking toward the house. Either encouraged or outright created by star Dan Stevens.
    • Thomas Barrow also gained the title "Edwardian Sex Pest."
  • Due South:
    • Dead Bob - The ghost of Cst. Benton Fraser's father, Sgt. Robert "Bob" Fraser, who is killed in the show's pilot but manages to become a recurring character anyway. Also called "Fraser Senior" or "OFDM" ("Our Favourite Dead Mountie").
    • OFM - "Our Favourite Mountie" is, of course, Constable Benton Fraser.
    • OFC, "Our Favorite Cop" is either of the Rays.
    • The Riv-Ray V's Buick Riviera.
    • The Goat-Ray K's Pontiac GTO.
    • Stetson of Invincibility-Fraser's hat, referring to a running joke that it has magical powers to protect him from harm.
    • The main fanfiction archive is still sometimes referred to as "Ex-wood" even today, because it was first hosted on the Hexwood forum before moving to its current location.
    • Icky Vicky: Victoria Metcalfe
  • EastEnders:
    • Easties - Shortened form of the show's title.
    • With characters including 'Dirty' Den Watts, 'Nasty' Nick Cotton, Big and Little Mo Harris and Slater, Squeal Beale and 'Mad' May Wright.
  • EWTN: Rita Antoinette Rizzo aka Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation, founder and host of EWTN: "The Immortal Nun", because of her longevity and how the reruns of her talk show make people often believe she's still at the helm or her show's still on. (Even when, due to her old age and ailing health, her show went off the air in 2001).
  • Farscape:
    • MoyaJohn/TalynJohn - Used to differentiate between the two Crichtons in season 3.
    • Most of the episodes are referred to by acronym, i.e. "Through the Looking Glass" is "TTLG"
    • FS - The show
    • "Black Tee Episode" refers to any episode in which the crew's sanity takes a severe hit. Possibly began with "Back and Back and Back to the Future" where John wore a black t-shirt as he experienced time skips. The creators tended to have John's wardrobe include a black t-shirt when it was one of those episodes. Epitomized by "Crackers Don't Matter".
  • Firefly:
    • Browncoats - The fans themselves.
      • Flans - likewise, after a Nathan Fillion blooper where he was trying to thank the "Firefly fans"...
    • Captain Tightpants - Mal. Used once in the show, picked up by the fans (originally an on-set in-joke to when Nathan Fillion bent over and split his pants).
      • Occasionally Captain Sexypants to the female part of the fandom.
      • If you portmanteau his role in Doctor Horrible with this, you get Captain Hammerpants.
    • Big Damn Heroes - The crew of Firefly.
    • YoSaffBridge - The Femme Fatale who appears in two episodes and never reveals her real name. This name is portmanteau of the three aliases she uses.
  • Forever Knight: Has nicknames for ships and fans of various characters that would take a whole page to fill. For example, 'Knighties' are either fans of the show in general or specifically Nick fans. NNPack is used for fans of the Nick/Nat ship. LaCroix fans are Cousins. (LaCroix is often referred to as 'Uncle' by them). Originated at FORKNI-L, though it's spread a bit.
  • Fringe:
    • Walternate - Walter from the other universe (both in- and out-of-show)
    • A-livia, OurLivia - the Olivia from our universe
    • Fauxlivia, Bolivia, Altlivia, et. al. - the alternate Olivia
      • Fauxlivia has now been picked up by the show- Walter's term.
    • Science Gnome - io9's nickname for Brandon and alt-Brandon, the science technicians that work for Walter and Walternate.
    • Before the bald men were named as Observers, they were called "the hat men," and "the bald guys".
    • Peanut - Peter.
  • Have I Got News for You: HIGNFY. Having fun with initials is at play here.
  • Game of Thrones: Game of Boobs. Referenced in Dark Heavens.
  • General Hospital:
    • The show itself is often called the Mob Power Hour due to the increasing shift to the mob instead of the hospital.
    • Let's not even get started on Spinelli's very own nicknames for people, such as "Maximista" for Maxie and "Stone Cold" for Jason. He refers to himself as either "The Jackal" or "Grasshopper"
    • Some of the fan nicknames for characters/writers:
      • Robert Guza Jr, the head writer, is often called "Luza" to show displeasure with his writing.
      • Spinelli is called "The Spaz" or "Spaznelli" by people on soap boards.
      • Winifred is called Winnewack or "That stalker chick" or "Spin Clone" by militant Spixie fans
      • Maxie, on the other hand, is still called "The Bad Blonde One" (what Spinelli used to call her) by anti-Maxie and anti-Spixie fans. Unfortunately, Winifred's nickname for her, "Minimista", never caught on.
    • The Holy Hitman - Jason, via Television Without Pity.
  • Glee:
    • "Gleeks" - Fan Community Nickname.
    • Kurtsies - Kurt fangirls.
    • The Kliss - the Kurt/Blaine kiss. Also Klex: Kurt and Blaine consummating their relationship.
    • "The Dapper Shove" - the hilarious, ineffective, and yet courageous push that Blaine gave twice-his-size Karofsky after one homophobic remark too many.
    • Cockblocktober - the month of October 2011, so named on October 1, due to very exciting spoilers about the third season's fifth episode, set to air on November 8.
    • Blaine is often affectionately referred to as "Blainers"
      • And for his detractors he gets Plain Anderson/ Bland Blanderson for his lack of personality.
    • "RIB" - acronym for the first names of Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk, who are the three creators of the show. Another way of saying The Powers That Be on Glee.
    • Tinkles - Brad the pianist. A case of taking too long in providing a character with an official name; his name was first said on screen in episode 10 of season 1.
    • Mike Chang is still referred to as Gaylord Wiener by one of the Television Without Pity recappers (the nickname was one of two joke names on a Glee audition sign up sheet)
      • Other nicknames for Mike Chang: The SituAsian, Other Asian.
    • Brittango - the scene in "Hold On to Sixteen" where Brittany and Santana dance, a play on their couple name.
    • Trouty Mouth, White Chocolate - Santana's nickname for Sam, and his stripper name, respectively.
    • Troll Murphy - the universal nickname for the Scapegoat Creator Ryan Murphy. The "Troll Murphy hat" has reached meme status.
    • Baby Drizzle - what a lot of fans called Quinn's unborn baby for a while during season 1 (after Finn suggested to Quinn that they name the baby Drizzle because drizzle is the best kind of rain), before it was revealed that the baby's name would actually be Beth.
    • Blee - a derogatory term the show's gained from its fans who think Blaine is taking over the show.
  • Gossip Girl:
    • Carmen Sandiago - Serena's disappeared dad.
      • Aka Dr. Veedubs.
    • Pilot Inspector - Scott.
    • The Non-Judging Breakfast Club - Blair, Serena, Chuck and Nate. Arguable case, as it was coined by the show. However it's only been said once, by Blair, yet online the Non-Judging Breakfast Club (or NJBC for short) is the official name for anything regarding the friendships between these four.
    • Granderbilt - William Vanderbilt (Nate's grandfather)
    • E. Fish - Elizabeth Fisher
    • The van der Basses - the van der Woodsens and Basses after Lily and Bart got married in season one.
    • Evil Uncle Jack - Jack Bass
    • Chuck Bass also went by the Fan Nickname Rapey during most of season one.
  • Hannibal:
    • Ravenstag, Swiggity Swag the Nightmare Stag - The feathered stag that occupies Will Graham's nightmares/hallucinations, meant to represent Hannibal.
  • Heroes:
    • ikiN - Jessica, Niki's "mirror self". Named by Television Without Pity before Jessica's name was revealed. This caught on so well that most members of the forum refuse to call her Jessica, and still use ikiN.
    • Lady Taskmaster - Monica, as her power (the ability to mimic what she sees perfectly) is the same as the Marvel character Taskmaster.
    • Mama Petrelli - Angela Petrelli, Peter and Nathan's Evil Matriarch.
    • Peter Pan - for Claire's Season 2 boyfriend, West. Not only for his ability to float-fly, but for his astounding immaturity which even leaks onto Claire. (His idea of using their powers for good? To play a traumatizing prank on a mean cheerleader.)
    • HRG - Noah Bennet. Stands for "Horn-Rimmed Glasses," still occasionally used for Noah in his Company role. The fact that his real name was unknown for most of the first season encouraged its use and helped it stick.
    • Mystery Sock - Isaac Mendez, named after how Hiro Nakamura (whose native language is Japanese) pronounces "Mister Isaac".
    • Mo, Momo, HoMo, Mohinderance, D'ohinder - Mohinder. The latter two refer to the times when Mohinder clings to an Idiot Ball.
    • Momhinder - Mohinder's mother (who is seen but not named)
    • MohinderFly, Spider-Mohinder, Spider-Hindu, MohinderBrundleFly, BrundleMo - After Mohinder injects himself with Super Serum in season 3 to give himself powers, he starts undergoing side effects similar to Seth Brundle from The Fly. Also he sorta goes crazy and captures random test subjects and glues them to the wall of his lab in some sorta webby substance.
    • Mommy Mohinder - When Matt and Mohinder were taking care of Molly.
    • Papa Petrelli - Arthur Petrelli, Peter and Nathan's father and Big Bad of season 3.
    • Senator Skyboy- Nathan.
    • Copycat, Deus Ex Peter - Peter.
    • Sythan - After the events of Volume 4 which had Parkman trap Sylar's mind inside Nathan's dead body.
    • Flamepalm - Meredith who feels the need to show off her fire powers by opening her hand and releasing a flame in her palm in every appearance she makes in season 3.
    • The Toxic Twins, The Blundertwins - Maya and Alejandro from their season two, both for the abilities and the reaction to their characters' presence from the fanbase.
    • The Sybrows - Sylar's amazingly thick-yet-not-bushy and strangely attractive eyebrows.
      • Pasbrows for Nathan's.
    • Nathan's Nazis - The new specials hunting team in Volume 4, started and ran by Nathan for most of the volume.
    • The O.W.I. (Organization Without Initials): the Company, due to Noah's early statement to Parkman that he doesn't work for "any organization with initials".
  • Highlander: The Series:
    • DMOTCM: Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.
    • DM: Duncan MacLeod. Varying on this is EDM, for Evil Duncan MacLeod referring to Duncan's Face-Heel Turn in "Something Wicked" and "Deliverance".
    • The most famous one is ROG, which means Really Old Guy, and refers to Methos.
    • Katana Space, aka Sword Space, AKA Sword Pocket-refers to the seemingly magical space Immortals hide their swords in and then seemingly whip them out from nowhere.
    • K'immie: the bad guy of the week, because so many had K names.(K,C,CH,Q...)
    • Seacouver was the fan name for where the first half of each season was set. Ascended Fanon eventually.
    • Season six was commonly referred to as 'season sux'(sucks) and still is sometimes.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Bop Ad, Bob - Douglas Adams, after his near-illegible signature. Also DNA, after his initials.
  • Hollyoaks:
    • This soap with such simplistic characterization and an emphasis on appearance over acting talent when casting, making it easy to define many of the characters by a single arc, personality trait or physical resemblance among those watching the soap as a Guilty Pleasure.
    • Swimbint - Sarah
    • BintMother - Kathy
    • Dame Devine - Clare, revered by the snarkier devotees of Hollyoaks because she totally owned Warren so many times, tried to kill Katy, and always had great one-liners.
    • Cuntstable Boringtine - Calvin. The Valentines were collectively dubbed "The Boringtines", being dull and entirely superluous to the show beyond a Token Minority family, but Calvin is the least interesting of a boring bunch.
    • My Bloody Valentine - Lauren, yet another member of the Valentine family who, appropriately enough, is a Perky Goth.
    • Spock - Ste, as he is clearly a vulcan.
    • Slabface - Jessica
    • Bitchtits - Justin
    • Dull and Duller - Tina and Dom
    • Fembot/Rapebot - Katy, portrayed by an actress so bad (even by Hollyoaks standards) that her attempts at emoting appeared robotic.
      • Also "Chief Storyliner Tointon", after fans noted her uneven and inexplicable presence in most characters' plots and forming unlikely out-of-character friendships (especially so with John-Paul) and romantic pairings (Zak) in a Writer on Board sort of way, snarkily implying that she had some influence on the show's scripting merely to give herself extra scenes.
    • Little Miss New Boobs - Carmel, although the stolen funds to buy her implants is never mentioned again in-universe. This one is derived from an in-universe Hater Nickname from Friends.
    • Spud - Zak, whose head resembles a potato.
    • Mr Happy and The Angry Troll - Jake and Nancy, inspired by an in-show comment from Mercedes.
    • Birdseye Kid - Tom, the irritating Soap Awards-bait child who bears a striking resemblance to the kid from the Birdseye fish fingers commercials.
    • Rubbish Tranny - Kris
    • Speak 'n' Spell - Sasha, another valentine whose voice sounds flat, unemotional and somewhat robotic.
    • Teenwolf - Gilly
    • Easter Island - Warren, an unintentionally unlikeable character (despite the writers' unrealistic expectation that viewers should cheer for him) whose head resembles the famous stone statues of the aforementioned Polynesian island.
      • Also "Angry Pederast", for his questionable Ho Yay-filled capricious friendship with an 18-year-old Justin.
    • Homeo - Josh, an Ambiguously Gay twinkie gurner with a penchant for disastrous romance.
    • Skoda - Mercedes
    • crash!mum - The mother of the Valentine family, who existed pretty much entirely to get run over as soon as they arrived and thus inspire bucketloads of tedious and poorly-acted angst.
    • crash!rape - a phenomenon where rape is unexpectedly featured in a plot to advance an arc (although fortunately not played for laughs). This happens surprisingly often. It was inspired by a fanfic where Jess was raped in a throwaway sentence.
    • The Mandy Richardson University Of Chester - Hollyoaks Community College, which runs every course from law to teacher training, fashion to film-making.
    • Pouty Founty - The fountain in the village where many angsty scenes take place.
  • Horatio Hornblower:
    • Crumpet - Archie Kennedy
    • Sapphire Bullets - Archie Kennedy's eyes
    • Welshcake - Horatio Hornblower himself, due to Ioan Gruffudd being both Welsh and yummy.
    • Pellew the Magnificent - Sir Edward Pellew (surprise!)
  • Horrible Histories: The Bayntonator - Mathew Baynton. Sometimes refers more specifically to a sketch where he played the Incan warlord Pachacuti.
  • House:
    • Cottages, the Ducklings - Doctors Chase, Cameron and Foreman, referring to their tendency to act like little Houses (or cottages) and to follow House around (like baby ducks).
    • Youn Guns - same
    • MRI of Doom - The PPTH MRI machine, because nothing good has ever happened in or around it
    • POTW - Patient of the Week
    • Moriarty - the unidentified guy who shoots House and tells him he sucks in his imagination for an entire episode but in reality escaped before he could be caught or his real motives could be revealed; named after Sherlock Holmes' Arch-Enemy.
    • Lucas is known within the House/Wilson areas of the fandom as Mr. Sprinkles due to the Ice Cream van he drove around in during one of his first appearances.
    • Cut-throat Bitch/CTB: Coined by House in the show, refers to Amber, Wilson's girlfriend in season 4.
  • iCarly: iSeddie - Title of the 2nd part of season 4's episodes after iOMG (excluding iParty with Victorious as per production order) due to Sam and Freddie being a couple in all episodes of this part of season 4, the title given by those who don't ship the Seddie ship. Mostly called a spinoff to the original due to all characters being out of character.
  • Ídolos (Brazillian version of American Idol):
    • Helen Pikachu - Contestant Helen Lyu, for kinda looking like a certain electric mouse. She was also given the nickname "Ană da China" ("Chinese Dwarf"), for being pretty short and looking Asian.
    • Marcchan - Affectionate nickname for contestant Marcos Paulo, given by a deviantART user. It appears to be pronounced as "Markan".
    • Sertanejo ("Country Guy")/Zezé - Contestant Marcos Duarte, for singing country songs most of the time he was in the competition. The second one is because of the fact that he sounds like Brazillian country singer Zezé di Camargo. Also, the first one is occasionally combined with "Nojo" (meaning "Disgust"), making the portmanteau "Sertanojo" ("Disgusting Country Guy").
    • Priscilăo - Contestant Priscila Borges, for some reason.
  • Kamen Rider:
    • Badass Shotgun Guy - Prior to the announcement of Kabuto, pictures surfaced of an unknown man holding a shotgun, who was reported to be the lead actor for the 2006 series. He is a minor legend in the fandom and each year fans express their hope for him to appear at last.
    • Showa Era and Heisei Era - Fan designations for classic series in the 70s and 80s and post-revival series from the 2000s on, respectively; named for the Japanese eras they primarily took place in. The dividing line is that the Showa series had creator Shotaro Ishinomori's involvement (some TV movies made shortly into Japan's Heisei era are considered part of the franchise's Showa group because of this).
      • Neo-Heisei Era - A further subdivision applied to Heisei series coming after Kamen Rider Decade; due to a shift in production staff, tone, airing schedule, and other things.
    • Kamen Rider Kabuto: Chicken Hopper - Yaguruma/Kick Hopper, whose actor later went on to play the Gold Ranger (with a chicken mecha) in Engine Sentai Go-onger.
    • "Kamen Rider Den-O"
      • Peachhead - Den-O Sword form and Momotaros; in relation to the Japanese story of Momotaro, the peach theme with his form, and as an overall insult to the quality as headlined by said character.
    • Kamen Rider Kiva:
      • Fap Sword - The Zanvat Sword.
      • Kamen Rider Twilight - The show itself, because of its vampire theme and focus on romance plots.
    • Kamen Rider Decade:
      • Kamen Slider - Decade, a la Rangerboard.
      • Radiator Man - Kamen Rider Diend due to the grill setup of his helmet and chest armor.
      • Yuuseless - Onodera Yuusuke, the alternate Kuuga, who received a negative fan response in comparison to the original.
    • Kamen Rider Double:
      • Kamen Rider Threesome - When Double (as the name suggests, the Rider is formed from two people) rides on Accel in his Bike Form.
      • Shirihiko/Ketsuhiko - Kirihiko, due to his nude scenes (shiri and ketsu both being Japanese slang for "butt")
      • Google Boy - Philip
      • Weatherman - Isaka, wielder of the Weather Memory, whose name was not revealed for several weeks into his time on the show and was simply called "the man with the Weather memory"
      • Teriyaki - The Terui/Akiko pairing
      • Cheezburger Dopant - The Smilodon Dopant, a cat
      • Makki - Makura. This one is actually used in-series, hence his Catch Phrase "MAKURA DES'!" ("IT'S MAKURA!")
      • The Mummy - Shroud, because of her Bandaged Face and The Reveal that she is the mother of Philip/Raito, Wakana and Saeko.
      • Cardboard!Shotaro - Refers to an incident when a cardboard cut-out of Shotaro appeared at a press conference in place of the actor, who could not attend due to illness.
    • Kamen Rider OOO:
      • Kamen Rider Hobo - Eiji, in reference to his hippie-ish look and itinerant lifestyle
      • Kamen Rider Wolverine - Refers to Eiji as OOO sprouting a pair of giant claws when using the Tiger Medal
      • Kamen Rider Traffic Light - OOO's Ta To Ba form. Lampshaded by Date in Net Movie when he checks the bullet removal surgery was successful.
      • Sexretary, Sexytary - Satonaka, who gets a lot of fanservice scenes.
      • Cakeboss - Kougami
      • Brotou - Gotou, in reference to a fansub group using this as a Woolseyism for the times when Date addresses him as "Gotou-chan"
      • Shota!Ankh - The "lost" full-body Ankh, who adopts the human form of a small child.
      • Lefty - Also Lost Ankh, since he first appeared as the missing left arm to "our" Ankh, the right
    • Kamen Rider Fourze:
      • Rocket Man - Fourze, because of his space travel-themed appearance
      • Kamen Rider Onigiri - Also Fourze, whose helmet resembles an onigiri to some fans
      • Ankh Tsuchiya - Idol Singer Anna Tsuchiya, who performs the show's theme song. So-called because some fans thought that in the official music video her hairstyle resembled Ankh from the previous series.
      • Kamen Rider Glee - The show, due to its high school setting and an episode in which Yuki assists the school's glee club.
      • Kamen Rider Bruce Lee -Kamen Rider Meteor, due to his Jeet Kwon Do style, and his fond use of Kiai noises.
      • Kamen Rider Pikachu - What the fans have been calling Meteor's Super Mode Meteor Storm.
    • Kamen Rider Wizard: Gandalf - The White Wizard.
    • Kamen Rider Gaim:
      • Warren Statesman - Ryoma Sengoku.
      • Citrus Mode - Jinba Lemon Arms
      • Takatora-Batta - Takatora Kureshima, in reference to the TaToBa (Taka-Tora-Batta) Combo used in Kamen Rider OOO.
      • Mitchfaces - The dirty looks that Mitsuzane "Mitchy" Kureshima gives other characters when they're not looking.
    • Kamen Rider Dragon Knight:
      • Common Rider - The show and/or the Riders, because of the way the characters pronounce "Kamen". Ads used a similar pun but called them "unKamen heroes" or something like that.
      • Len Akiyama- Due to Satoshi Matsuda who previously played Ren Akiyama now voicing his American counterpart, Len, in the Japanese dub.
  • Law & Order:
    • Cheekbones - ADA Jamie Ross, for her distinctive facial feature. Coined by Television Without Pity.
    • D.A. Barbie - ADA Serena Southerlyn , so named because because for the first season or so of Elisabeth Rohm's tenure, Southerlyn did little than stand around and look pretty.
    • Repeat Offender - an actor or actress who has appeared on one or more of the shows in multiple roles. Includes S. Epatha Merkerson (first appeared as a victim's mother), Jerry Orbach (a defense attorney with Lenny's trademark accent markedly missing), Diane Neal (a rapist), and Courtney B. Vance (a murder defendant).
    • Texas Termanatrix - ADA Abbie Carmichael, so named for her no-nonsense, no-mercy attitude.
    • The Mothership - The subtitle-less original. Use to avoid confusion between it, SVU, and CI.
    • Un-Stabler/In-Stabler - Det. Eliot Stabler from SVU due to his frequent Rabid Cop moments.
    • St. Olivia - Olivia Benson
      • Also "Oliska" for the perceived blurring of the character and the actress, Mariska Hargitay.
      • "Butchy McFabulous" - Oliska's polar opposite. Seen most prominently in Seasons 3 and 4. Made of awesome.
    • The Wonder Chins - Stabler and partner Det. Olivia Benson. Guess why.
    • Glasses of Justice - The glasses ADA Alex Cabot would occasionally wear.
    • There are a whole host of funny TWOP nicknames explained here.
    • LOLA, for Law & Order: LA.
  • The Lone Ranger: The Mexican fandom of the series calls the titular character as El Llanero Con Solitaria which is translated from Spanish as The Worm-Infested Ranger, by playing with the phonetics of his Spanish name, El Llanero Solitario.
  • LOST:
    • Darlton - Used for the showrunners, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. They have jokingly claimed to prefer Cuselof.
    • Fenry - When the character who had been calling himself "Henry Gale" turned out to be lying about this (and pretty much everything else), fans nicknamed him "Fenry", short for "Fake Henry". When we finally found out that his real name was Ben at the beginning of Season 3, some people started to call him "Benry" instead.
    • Losties - The stranded passengers.
      • This has led to the creation of other names for groups, such as the Tailies (tail section of the plane) and Freighties/Boaties (from the freighter).
    • The Hydra - Television Without Pity nickname for showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof (a reference to the Hydra Station, a prominent location in the beginnning of season 3).
    • Esau - Jacob's mysterious rival, after Jacob's brother from The Bible.
      • Also affectionately referred to as MIB/Man In Black, Smokey, or The Nemesis
    • Craphole Island — The island. Coined by Shannon, picked up by the fandom.
    • Flocke - Fake Locke i.e. Esau/smoke monster disguised as Locke
      • He's been getting tons of nicknames: UnLocke, Smocke, John Mocke and the Lockeness Monster
    • Smokey/Smokey the Bear- the Smoke Monster. The first is self-explanatory. The second came from some theory that the smoke and the polar bear were created by the same force or were in fact the same entity.
    • Sayisus: Certain fan circles use this for Sayid, as a portmanteau of Sayid and Jesus, in reference to Sayid's resurrection at the beginning of season 6.
    • Princess Faraday: Also used in certain circles for Daniel Faraday. It's very popular on ontd_lost, for instance.
    • Sexy Blue Striped Shirt Girl: A certain extra, who left in Season 2 but is still fondly remembered.
  • Mad Men: After Joan surprised him in bed, her fiance Greg decided that she was just a bit too slutty and took her down a peg or two in Don's office after hours, earning him the nickname Dr. Rape. Or Dr. McRapey.
  • M*A*S*H: "The Alan Alda Show"; particularly when Alda became one of the driving creative forces behind the show by the sixth season.
  • Merlin:
    • The Slash Dragon - the last Dragon. So named for being a blatant Merlin/Arthur shipper. (Please note that the characters are both young men in this version).
    • And don't forget The Kinky Hat.
    • Uther is often King Giles, due to being played by Anthony Head.
    • Morgana has picked up the name "Smirkgana" since season 3, a reference to her evil smirks that occur at least once an episode.
    • Arthur's king crown has already been dubbed "The Buger King Crown" because it looks like one.
    • Merlin and Guinevere are the Camelot Detective Agency, due to constantly being the only ones willing and able to investigate the shenanigans in Camelot.
  • NCIS:
    • Gibbs slap: The Dope Slap Gibbs uses on his agents. Tony is a Gibbs Slap Lightning Rod.
    • McNicknames: The multitude of things Tony comes up with to call McGee. (McGeek, McProbie, Special Agent Goodwrench, etc.)
    • Ziva-isms: Idioms that Ziva messes up ("You're a broken tape," etc). The NCIS wikia has a full page of them. In her words:
      Ziva: Ah, American idioms drive me up the hall!
    • Phoof/Foof/Poof/Fwoomf/Gray Screen: The black and white three second preview in the beginning and end of every act of an episode (except for some of the early episodes). Named after the sound effect that goes with it.
    • McBatman: McGee in the French dub, because of his VA's best known role and... just listen to him!
  • Neighbours:
    • Pegleg - Amputee Paul Robinson. Actually used in-show within two days of a recapper coining it. Said recapper decided it was no longer any fun, and switched to Eileen.
    • WOB - Bree Timmins, a rotund girl named after a cheese. Hence Wheel Of Brie.
    • BJF - Zeke, for resembling a Baby John Foreman.
    • Spoony or Spoonface - Katya Kinski, based on the absurd suggestion that she looks like a big shiny spoon. After seeing enough MS paint art on the subject, you almost start to see the resemblance...
    • BSW - Blue Speedo Will, after his especially revealing credits shot. This is considered by some his only worthwhile contribution to the series.
      • Will 2.0, Williver, or just plain Will - Oliver, the Jonas Quinn brother of Will, who materialised from nowhere when the original actor quit. Still in use, even though Oliver's tenure is four times the length of Will's already.
    • The Big Brother House - Number 30, and the vapid twentysomethings who invaded it in late 2006. Actually used on-screen when the inhabitants held a reality TV-style contest ripped wholesale from, er... Survivor.
    • When referring to Boyd during his last year, recappers tended to just choose their favourite expletive and use it as a proper noun.
    • Sunset Bitch....
  • Out of Jimmy's Head: Out of Jimmy's Ass - By detractors of Cartoon Network's live-action series.
  • OZ:
    • Scott Ross, the amoral, sexually indiscriminate biker, was known to many fans as "Scott Ross, that ho" altogether, as though it were a title.
    • Chris Keller became known as 'Serial Keller' after he revealed that he was, in fact, a serial killer.
  • Parks and Recreation: Human Disaster - Ben Wyatt. This was one of several insulting nicknames Joan Callamezzo gave him in the episode "Media Blitz". Apparently, people liked it. It's generally used by fangirls who find him Adorkable.
  • Power Rangers:
    • For the franchise in general:
      • Jeebus - Breakout Character Tommy Oliver, due to his longevity and Deus ex Machina-like powers. Comes with jokes about sacrificing Zords, Pink Ranger fetishes, and more.
      • Kalishplosions - Starting with SPD, dramatic pyrotechnics became more and more frequent (at one point caused by a jet-spray of water). Then-new executive producer Bruce Kalish was blamed, but there's now evidence that longtime stunt choreographer, Koichi Sakamoto, is the actual culprit... The RPM equivalent (since Kalish left the job after the previous season) is "Ziggysplosion", after Ziggy's Lampshade Hanging of them in "Ranger Blue".
      • Zordon Era - The series from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers to Power Rangers in Space. Similarly, "Saban Era" for Mighty Morphin through Time Force and "Disney Era" for Wild Force through RPM, based on which company produced the show. Series after RPM, when Saban took the rights back, don't have a standardized nickname yet; "Post-Disney Era" and "Neo-Saban Era" are common ones.
      • Koichi Camp - The six-week session of martial arts and stunt training all the actors go through before filming begins. Named after stunt coordinator Koichi Sakamoto, even the more athletic actors have claimed to have been humbled by the experience.
    • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Zyu2 - Refers to the action scenes that Toei's film crew produced specifically for Power Rangers that were used for the final episodes of Season 1 (following "Doomsday") and the early episodes of Season 2 (before the departure of the Green Ranger and the switch to Gosei Sentai Dairanger footage for all the giant robot battle).
    • Power Rangers in Space: Crisis of Infinite Rangers - Countdown to Destruction (C2D for short), the final episode, notable for being PR's first Grand Finale and the writers' efforts to provide closure for as many villains and plot lines as financially feasible. (Poor Phantom Ranger...) After DC Comics's Crisis on Infinite Earths.
    • Power Rangers Time Force: Yellow Ranger Katie, an African-American who's been genetically endowed with superstrength, has earned the unofficial full name of Katharine John Henry. Offically, her name is Katie Walker.
    • Power Rangers S.P.D.:
      • Beevor, Ivan, Cliff, and Rachel - Fanon names for Power Rangers S.P.D.'s A-Squad. Leader Charlie is the only one with an official name.
      • Battle Thong - The Battlizer armor which, in its first, more agile form, resembled little more than shoulder pads, a sword, and a jock strap. Also sometimes called the "Jack Strap" due to its primary user's name, or "cyber diaper."
      • Tinkersam - Sam the Omega Ranger from SPD, due to his infamously bad condition of being stuck as a ball of light.
    • Power Rangers Operation Overdrive:
      • iMack - Mack Hartford, given that he's an android.
      • Retro Rangers - The team recruited by the Sentinel Knight for the 15th anniversary Reunion Show. Coined by actor Johnny Yong Bosch on Rangerboard, when he confirmed that his character, season 2-5's Adam, was the de facto leader of the group.
      • DaiBroken - Name for the toy Megazord after Bandai heavily altered it from the Japanese version, DaiBouken.
    • Power Rangers RPM:
      • Boom Twins/Marmite Twins - Gem and Gemma
      • Mason 'EFFIN Truman - Colonel Truman
    • Power Rangers Super Megaforce
      • Power Rangers New Powers - The nameless-in-Power-Rangers core Gosei Sentai Dairanger suits, as popularized by this fan video mocking both the sloppy justification for their sudden existence in Power Rangers canon and the overuse of the words "new powers" during the first usage in "Earth Fights Back".
      • Power Rangers Blitz - The nameless-in-Power-Rangers and completely unexplained Hikari Sentai Maskman suits; derived from Gia declaring "Legendary Ranger Blitz!" before morphing into "Yellow Mask" in "Samurai Surprise".
  • Der Preis ist heiß (German counterpart of The Price Is Right): Alter Schreihals (Old squaller), for Walter Freiwald who indeed has No Indoor Voice. Part of his job, I guess.
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Dark Sailor Mercury is referred to as "Darkury" by fans. Some fans also refer to her civilian form as "Akumi" a combination of Ami and Aku meaning dark. Rumor has it the latter was actually coined by the show's staff.
  • Pretty Little Liars:
    • The A-Team - "A" and affiliates.
    • Boo Radley Van Cullen - Toby Cavanaugh.
    • JennaBot, The Jenna Thing - Jenna Marshall.
  • The Price Is Right: The inhabitants of refer to the show's pricing games with embarrassingly cutesy pet nicknames like "Cliffy" for Cliffhangers, "Baggy" for It's In The Bag, and so on.
  • Quantum Leap: GTFW - the mysterious force which makes Sam leap: God/Time/Fate/Whatever.
  • Revolution:
    • Charlie Matheson has been referred to as "Bratniss" and "Blandniss", due to her being perceived as a bland brat Expy of Katniss from The Hunger Games.
    • Aaron Pittman's name hasn't been stated much by "Chained Heat", leading some to refer to him as "Google Guy".
    • Team Matheson - refers to the protagonists, due to the fact that they are basically a team that happens to be made up mostly of Mathesons.
    • Tower Clan - refers to the Dwellers, whose existence in the Tower wasn't revealed until "Clue", and they only made further appearances in "Children of Men" and "The Dark Tower".
  • Robin Hood:
    • Robin Who? - Robin, in reference to fans who tend to overlook/ignore him in favour of Guy of Gisborne
    • Robin Hoodie - also Robin, a dig at his modern-style "hoodie" jacket (and the many other anachronisms in the show)
    • Bobbin - Robin again, this time an affectionate nickname.
    • Will Harlot - jokey nickname for Will Scarlet, who's something of a Launcher of a Thousand Ships in the fandom
    • Team Leather - Sheriff/Guy. Also included Allan and Isabella at different points of the show.
    • Gisabella - The Gisbourne siblings, Guy and Isabella. Sometimes used as a name just for Isabella herself.
    • Braid-Face - Kate, referring to her strange taste in hairstyles. As a Creator's Pet, she was also known as "the Scofula Skank" (long story), "faux-Marian", and SUK (Stupid Useless Kate).
    • Preachy and Screechy - the combined force of Tuck and Kate.
  • Roswell:
    • Pod Squad-The four alien main characters, Max, Isobel, Tess and Michael
    • Dreamers-name for the Max/Liz ship
    • The Dupes: The second "pod squad" which were alternate versions of the main characters, another group of aliens deposited and raised in New York.
  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Taminator - Cameron, the cute, waifish Terminator played by Summer Glau. Named after River Tam, the cute, waifish killing machine Glau played on Firefly. There is also "Glauminator" and "Toaster-Cam". There are other variations, such as "Robo-River" and "Caminator." Or even Rivernator. There's also "Cameriver Glau" or the like that pops up from time to time. As well as "Tin Miss" as a reference to the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz.
  • Sesame Street: The Little Red Menace - What many old-school fans call Elmo.
  • Sex and the City: After wedding-planner/Pet Homosexual Anthony addressed Charlotte with the cutesy nickname "Char", recappers thereafter dubbed the remaining characters with similar shortenings: Car, Mir, and Sam.
  • Sherlock:
    • Bilbo and Smaug Investigate for the show itself.
    • "Moftiss" (or "Mofftiss") has become popular as a portmanteau for the show's two creators, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. (As in, "Moftiss are evil trolls!" or "No, please don't, Moftiss, we can't take it!!")
    • The purple shirt occasionally worn by Sherlock on the show has been dubbed "The Purple Shirt of Sex". Sherlock's blue scarf is notorious enough that it need only be referred to as "The Scarf". This is also true of John's oatmeal cable-knit jumper, known only as "The Jumper". Yes, Scarf/Jumper is one of the biggest ships in the fandom.
    • Sherlock and John are sometimes referred to as Sherly and Jawn, respectively.
    • Reichenfeels: Feels (grief, despair, etc.) caused by the episode "The Reichenbach Fall".
  • Smallville:
    • BDA - Stands for Big Dumb Alien to refer to some of Clark's stupider moments. Used when annoyed with him but also affectionately.
    • Barnness of Solitude - The barn; another Television Without Pity nickname. After Superman's Fortress of Solitude.
    • The Pink - Largely retired, but Lana used to wear a lot of pink.
    • The Squirrel - Lana. Originated because she used to make squirelly faces when getting angry, confused or upset, stuck around because she stole men's nuts. Yes, it's from Television Without Pity.
    • Nois - As in "no is (is not) [Lois]", used by those who feel she is not worthy of being Iconic Lois Lane.
    • The Magnificent Bastard - Lionel Luthor. This Fan Nickname has also become a trope name on this Wiki. Also referred to as the MB and The Magnificent You-Know-What. After his possession by Jor-El, he was often referred to as Lion-El.
    • Chloogle and more recently Lanapedia - Obviously, Chloe Sullivan and Lana Lang, due to the abilities that both have displayed to be able to look up information on just about anything for Clark. Due to some recent developments, the first moniker isn't that far off from canon.
    • Product Placement Pete - Pete Ross, for his frequent use/mention of brand-name products. Reached an all-time high in Hero when he gained superpowers by chewing Kryptonite-laced gum.
    • Chlois - Chloe in the early seasons, where she was the determined go-getting reporter, and the actual Lois wasn't.
    • Bloomesday: Davis Bloome, the human host vessel of Doomsday.
  • South of Nowhere:
    • Bangs, aka Mumbles - Carmen. Known by the fandom as Bangs for her hairstyle. Later derisively known as Mumbles because she, well, mumbles.
    • Mother Superior - Paula.
    • Squishy Dad - Arthur.
    • Principle Snyder - The member of the ex-Gay group who Paula gets to de-Gay Spencer, so called because he is played by Armin Shimerman.
    • Boomy - The boom mic that made rather notorious appearances in the TV show.
  • Stargate Atlantis:
    • Chucknician - Chuck, who was called Canadian Technician Guy until he was officially named on the show. He was named Chuck in show but that's because he's called Chuck.
    • Recliner of Doom - the control chair, because it is used only when the city is under attack. The name also possibly comes from the common Atlantis fanfic trope that the control chair will one day do permanent damage to Sheppard's brain.
    • Tey-Lo - Teyla, who vaguely resembles Jennifer Lopez.
    • Yahoo - John Sheppard, due to his status as the all American gung ho poster boy.
    • Angry Puppy - Ronon Dex. Coined in the LiveJournal episode recapping community "Zero Point Snark".
    • Colonel Skinner - Colonel Caldwell. So called because his actor played Assistant Director Skinner on The X-Files.
  • Stargate SG-1:
    • Chevron Guy - Walter, announcer of Engaging Chevrons.
      • RADAR's an alternate name for him, because before his character was officially given a name, the actor decided to take on some of Radar O'Reilly from M* A* S* H's character traits.
    • Replicarter - The Replicator copy of Samantha Carter.
    • Ancient Head-Suckers - the Ancient Repositories of Knowledge, because they encase the head of whoever ventures near enough.
    • Col. Fanboy - Col. Mitchell.
    • Arm!Porn - a term used in Stargate forums to refer to the tendency, especially in later seasons, to place buff and mostly-buff characters in sleeveless shirts. Since by 9th season, this included every male member of SG-1...yeah...#
    • Fargate - used to describe the last two seasons, when Ben Browder and Claudia Black of Farscape had joined the cast as regulars.
    • "CSP" was used a few times when William B. Davis of The X-Files showed up in season 9: the definition given was "Cigarette-Smoking Prior".
  • Stargate Universe:
    • Vanessa James has thus far mainly been Fanservice, if occasionally self-aware Fanservice. Her fan nicknames tend towards things like "2nd Lt. Tits McGee".
    • GateFail2009 (or just GateFail) to refer to the whole series, resulting from die-hard fans upset about the lack of previously known characters, consistent mythology within the Stargate franchise, or the Soap Opera IN SPACE! nature of the series as opposed to the sci-fi adventure format of SG1 and SGA. As well as feminists complaining about...feministy stuff. And, lest we forget, Battlegate Voyager 90210.
    • "Smurfs" is a commonly used name for the blue, catfish-like aliens hunting the Destiny
    • Sergeant Greer's early apparent temper problems caused him to be referred to as Furious George.
  • Star Trek:
    • Nero's time meddling - same concept as the Retroactive Cannon (ie. a force that erases things out of existance in a reboot), only strictly applied to Star Trek.
    • 38-of-D - Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager. Refers to her most immediately striking physical feature, and no, we don't mean her Borg cybernetics. Variants include 2-of-2, 2x2 ("two by two"), and 10-of-10.
      • Also 6-of-9, when fans thought the new character would be Star Trek's long-promised gay character.
      • In Italy, the name Seven of Nine is translated literally as "Sette di Nove", so Italian fans started calling the character "Tette di Nove", meaning "Tits of Nine".
      • Also Barbie Borg after her resemblance to the well endowed doll.
      • And of course there's Cyber-Tits because of her...well.
    • Captain Hepburn - Captain Kathryn Janeway (played by Kate Mulgrew) of Voyager, who looked and sounded a lot like Katherine Hepburn and was similar in attitude to a lot of Hepburn's characters. AKA Captain Kate.
      • Mrs. Columbo, Captain Columbo, in reference to Mulgrew playing Columbo's elusive wife in a spinoff of Columbo.
    • A number of nicknames originally coined by Chuck Sonnenberg on his show SF Debris have been adopted by certain fan communities:
      • Captain Mom, once again for Captain Janeway. Originally coined derisively towards the way Janeway micromanages various aspects of her ship, many fans use it positively to refer to her as the crew's matriarchal, warm leader.
      • The Good Shepherd, yet again referring to Captain Janeway, from the episode of the same name.
      • Janeway of Borg, referring to Janeway's tendency to pick up and "assimilate" alien crew members.
      • Captain Bipolar, mostly because midway through the third season, Janeway's command style changed without warning between episodes, due to inconsistent characterization.
      • And then, there's the Voyager itself: known primarily for resetting everything to status quo at the end of each episode, the ship became known as the HMS Reset Button. Janeway's My Way or the Highway attitude she often cops provides the HMS.
      • The Magic Meeting Room, and The Magic Conference Table, referring to the room and the prop where major characters gather to discuss the Problem of the Week and its solution. Particularly notable in the episode Twisted, where, in the absence of one, they gather a bunch of serving tables into an impromptu Magic Conference Table.
      • Duchess, referring to Captain Archer of Enterprise due to his apparent mental instability that could easily lead to his insisting on being called such. Typically applied by noting some big role Archer played in getting the crew into their current predicament, followed by "Nice going, Duchess!"
      • Strangely, this may have jumped into a completely unrelated series, where the character secret agent Sterling Archer's codename is "Duchess."
      • The mysterious "Humanoid Figure" who gives Silik his orders in the Temporal Cold War was dubbed "Future Guy" by him (seriously how many fannames has this guy come up with?). This name then became the fans name for the character before it became so popular that by the end of Enterprise's second season producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga were also referring to him as Future Guy in interviews, as did Paramount's press release for "The Expanse". According to his review of Broken Bow (at least video version) he thinks that the sad part about the whole thing is that the name is derived from sarcasm.
      • Benjamin "Don't Fuck With The" Sisko
      • USS Ben Sisko's Motherfucking Pimp Hand: "Defiant" was Sisko's second choice for the ship's name - Starfleet command thought his first choice was too long.
    • Dustbuster - The phasers from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The smaller, easily concealable version is called the "Cricket".
    • B&B, Bermaga, Beavis & Butthead - The Rick Berman/Bannon Braga writing team, most often seen on the later Star Trek series. This particular pairing has been accused of running the Trek franchise into the ground by a large portion of the fanbase. "Bermaga" is another Television Without Pity name. "Bregma" (rhymes with...) has also made the rounds.
      • So has "The Blunder Twins."
      • The killer Bs was popular on some sites for a while.
    • Tinkertrill, Ditzy Dax - Ezri Dax of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Or, "Ally McTrill".
    • Captain Quantum - Captain Archer, of Star Trek: Enterprise; played by Scott Bakula, who also played Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap. Scott Bakula himself gave his character the non-cannon middle name "Beckett."
    • Akiraprise - The starship Enterprise from Star Trek: Enterprise, because there is evidence that it looks like the Akira class, designed at least two hundred years later.
      • Boobyprise - A derogatory name for the Enterprise of that same series, or the series itself, due to the contrived Fanservice throughout a fair bit of the series.
    • Scotty of the Dead - The new movie's Scotty, played by Simon "Shaun of the Dead" Pegg.
    • Sylock - The new movie's Spock, played by Zachary "Sylar" Quinto.
      • Spocklar - See above
    • Counselor Cleavage - Deanna Troi in TNG, for her tendency to wear relatively low-cut uniforms, especially early in the show's run.
      • Also Counselor Cabbagehead (the Nitpicker's Guild for the character who's implausibly dumb and therefore needs explanations that the audience also needs, a role Troi plays far too often).
    • Ensign Jailbait - the reboot Pavel Chekov, played by Anton Yelchin.
    • Captain Fine - reboot Captain Kirk, played by Chris Pine.
      • Cupcake - an unnamed but semi-plot-relevant Enterprise security officer after a nickname given to him by Kirk in a barfight. (He's credited as "Burly Cadet #1").
    • Harold Sulu - The reboot's Hikaru Sulu, played by John "Harold" Cho.
    • The Jack Pack - the quartet of Augments charged to Bashir's care in the Deep Space Nine episode "Statistical Probabilities." Jack is their hyperactive leader. Codified in the Decipher card game.
    • Suzy-Q - Q's wife, played by Suzie Plakson in the Voyager episode "The Q and the Grey."
    • Picard's 'shirt tug' became known as 'The Picard Maneuver.' This one probably started with the show's production staff rather than fans.
    • And Riker's penchant for standing with one leg up on consoles became known as 'The Riker Maneuver' or 'The Riker Pose.'
    • DS9 antagonist Kai Winn is sometimes referred to as 'The Cow.'
    • The USS Defiant has come to be known as the USS Ben Sisko's Motherfuckin' Pimp Hand thanks to SF Debris.
    • Doctor Gingermilf: Doctor Beverly Crusher, for obvious reasons.
  • Supernatural: There are dozens of these. A lot of them were coined by Television Without Pity.
    • The Winchesters: Due to the parallel between the two sets of brothers, Television Without Pity have dubbed the Winchesters "The Hardy Boys." This was actually used in "A Very Supernatural Christmas" and "Abandon All Hope."
    • Dean: El Deano or Dashing El Deano, from Television Without Pity. Ducky Lips - A.K.A Dean's pouty mouth. Also from Television Without Pity. Li'l Stumpy, referring to his bowlegs and his lack of height in comparison to Sam. First started on... guess where.
    • Sam: Sasquatch, Moose, Gigantor, Sam the Ginormotron, Winchester Jumbo-Size, Giraffe, Jolly Green Giant, all referring to his height; Puppy; Darling Sammy (from Television Without Pity); RoboSam (Sam without a soul in season 6), Boy King Sam
    • John: Daddy Shut Up/Shut Up Daddy — A nickname applied to John on Television Without Pity, who has taken a lot of heat across the forums and in the recaps for his actions (or non-actions) and the consequences of those on the show. Also 'Papa Winchester'.
    • Castiel: Cas; Clairestiel, when he possesses Jimmy Novak's daughter Claire's body; Thingstiel (Castiel's celestial form); Godstiel (after Castiel declared himself God)
    • The Impala: "The Metallicar", note  named in part for the type of music that is often played on its stereo. Also from Television Without Pity, but it's even been picked up by TV Guide.
    • Alastair: Fake Brando. A Television Without Pity-coined nickname for Hell's main torturer demon in Season 4, who, no matter what host he is in, always sounds like he's doing an incredibly horrible Marlon Brando impression.
    • Eric Kripke: The Kripkeeper, the show's creator, on whom the fans blame all of their issues and angst.
    • Lucifer: Lucy; Samifer — Lucifer in Sam's body; Markifer — Lucifer in Nick's body (named for actor Mark Pellegrino)
    • Other: When Sam merged with the Impala in "Changing Channels", fans dubbed it the "Sampala". Dean, Sam, and Castiel are known collectively as Team Free Will.
  • Super Sentai:
    • Forehead - Gunpei (Go-on Black) from Go-Onger, due to his massive forehead.
    • Piper - Kegalesia from the same series, due to her costume and the... colorful (porn) history of her actress. When she combined with Bomper in the Net movie specials, the warped combination was named "PipeBom".
    • Pimp Hikaru - Hikaru (Magishine) from Magiranger with his gold-and-blue ensemble and ability to seduce women, including Makito's love interest while Makito is there.
    • Aibaranger - Ryunosuke (Shinken Blue) from Shinkenger. A reference to the popularity of his actor, Aiba Hiroki (and his fangirls who invaded the fandom after he was cast in the part), and the title of past series Abaranger.
      • Ryunosuke is occasionally given the nickname Marijuana Man as well, due to the fact that people unfamiliar with kanji may assume that his helmet's visor looks like a cannabis leaf.
      • Let's be fair though. That visor has been heavily stylized so he'll be able to see out of it. The kanji for water looks more like this. Even if you are familiar with kanji, it still looks a little funny.
    • Elvis Mode - The Shinkengers' power-up, which looks like this.
    • Neko-Tono - Shinkenger's Takeru, in reference to an episode where his soul is transferred into a statue of a lucky "beckoning" cat.
    • Dumbo - Eri/GoseiPink from Tensou Sentai Goseiger, whose actress has rather prominent ears.
    • Hyde Quinto - Hyde/GoseiBlue from Goseiger, so-called by some fans who think his actor bears a resemblance to Zachary Quinto.
    • Gumball Machines - The Goseigers' Super Tenswords, as seen in this picture.
    • Sixth Ranger Syndrome - The way most series tend to sideline the Sixth Ranger: leaving him out of battles, sending him off on separate missions from the others, excluding him from team-bonding moments or having him be unable to fight at a crucial moment
    • Vs. Hair - The new hairstyles that characters are often seen with when they return for the Vs. movie with the following series.
    • Michael Joe Takeru - Takeru/Red Mask from Hikari Sentai Maskman, to avoid confusion with the Takeru of Shinkenger. "Michael Joe" was the Dub Name Change given to Maskman!Takeru in the Philippines.
    • Tabasco (Sauce) - Basco of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.
      • AmeriBasco - Basco's potential future Power Rangers counterpart. It is mainly used when talking about how Basco's actor Kei Hosogai could also play the American version of Basco, as he is fluent in English and lived in America for 15 years.
    • Hiromucrux - Hiromu Sakurada in Tokumei Sentai Go Busters, after becoming a Soul Jar for Enter.
    • Kiryuger, Kinger - Derogatory name for Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger from fans who consider the Red Ranger Daigo "King" Kiryu to be too powerful/get too much focus compared to other characters.
    • Candy and Lucky - Candelira and Luckyuro from Kyoryuger.
    • Utsusemi-moe - Utsusemimaru from Kyoryuger.
    • Trainger, Traingers - Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger, themed around trains.
  • Survivor (As with Amazing Race, we'll skip player nicknames in favor of game terms only.)
    • Pagonging - After two tribes merge into one, an alliance of one former tribe's members systematically votes out the rival alliance of the other former tribe's members. Named for the Pagong tribe in the first season, who was the first victim of this.
    • Ulonging - Before the merge, one tribe regularly wins immunity challenges, forcing the other to continually lose members. Named for the Ulong tribe in Pulau, who lost every single challenge and was down to one person by the time the "merge" came.
    • Idoled - When a player saves themselves from elimination with an Immunity Idol, the player who gets voted out instead has been "idoled".
    • Loser Lodge - The complex where jury members stay after getting voted out. Officially called the Ponderosa.
  • Teen Wolf:
    • Pack Mom - Stiles, especially by the Sterek shippers who see Stiles as the mom to Derek's Alpha/Pack Dad.
    • People have also taken to calling Derek "Sourwolf" after Stiles called him by the name in one episode.
    • Stile's dad, having no established first name, has been affectionately dubbed Papa Stilinski.
  • Top Chef: TV's Jesse Spencer - Jeff of season 5, for looking remarkably like Dr. Chase from House or simply.... Chase - numerous people refer to him by this name and were genuinely surprised upon being informed that that was not in fact his name.
  • Top Gear:
    • Jezza - Jeremy Clarkson.
    • Hamster - Richard Hammond.
    • Captain Slow - James May.
  • Torchwood:
    • Captain Spike - Captain John Hart of Torchwood, played by James Marsters.
    • Myfanwy - Is what the cast and production team named the CGI pterodactyl in Torchwood, or perhaps what they named the stand in prop used before the CG is added. This has spread to the fandom and more-or-less supplanted the previous fan-nickname of "Bob" once it was revealed. It has also led fans to the conclusion that the pterodactyl is female, as Myfanwy is a female name.
    • "The Scooby Gang" for all of the Torchwood team. Until Children of Earth, at least.
    • Coffee bagging - Petitioning for Ianto to return to the show, despite the producers stating that he's definitely dead. Refers to fans who sent bags of coffee to the BBC in protest after the character's departure.
    • The Nine Hysterical Women - The people that were upset at the death of Ianto Jones, coming from when RTD claimed that that was all the people who had written in or were upset when it happened. Many use it to prove that RTD killed him off because he had a larger fan base than Gwen. FYI, there are more than nine.
    • Super Cooper - Derogatory term for Gwen. Has now begun to creep into other fandoms as a term for Creator's Pet or the Spotlight-Stealing Squad.
  • Three Kingdoms: Actor Yang Tong became "king of minor roles" (龙套帝) to the Chinese fandom after fans noticed that he had made over twenty separate appearances spanning almost the entire series, with two of those roles being in the same episode (both for Wu), his total appearances spanning least five different factions (including all three kingdoms), and one of them being a named and plot-relevant character. To make it funnier, almost all of the unnamed roles were also speaking roles.
  • The Tudors: Thomas Boleyn is generally referred to as Papa Boleyn. Henry VII (not a character, but still discussed) is Papa Tudor. Katherine Howard is often called Kitty, while the soon-to-appear Katherine Parr is called Kate. These last two seem to have historical basis and are also a way of telling the last two Katherines, who were wives five and six, apart - not to mention distinguishing them from wife number one, Katherine of Aragon.
  • The Walking Dead:
    • The Ricktatorship: For the new group dynamic Rick establishes at the end of season 2. After all, it isn't a democracy anymore, he's the only one in control.
    • God-shotgun: The infamous shotgun Hershel wields against walkers, which can fire dozens of rounds without being reloaded. Of course that's because its powered by his faith.
    • 2-Dog or O-Dog for Oscar, as he is the first major black character after T-Dog, and because he becomes a member of Rick's group the same episode T-Dog dies.
    • 3-Dog for Tyreese, as he's introduced in the same episode Oscar dies. Seeing a pattern here.
  • The West Wing:
    • The Frog Prince — Jean-Paul.
    • Mandyville — where Mandy went after she was Put on a Bus with no explanation, and where other characters (Ainsley, Danny, Mallory) sometimes visited her. This one is sometimes applied to other shows, probably thanks to Television Without Pity.
    • The Fab Four: Toby, CJ, Josh and Sam.
    • The Jackal: CJ, after her famous lip-synching of "The Jackal": "I'm the firmest of the firm/And in case you hadn't known/They call me the Jackal."
    • Rosslyn: the assassination attempt in Rosslyn, Virginia that occurred in the Wham Episode "In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen" (I&II). Many West Wing discussions divide the timeline into "Pre-Rosslyn" and "Post-Rosslyn".
  • Xena: Warrior Princess:
    • BGSB - Bilious Green Sports Bra, part of Gabrielle's outfit from season 2 to season 4.
    • The Rift - Xena and Gabrielle's falling out in season 3 over the events surrounding Hope, Solan and Chin.
    • The Shocker - Xena's Chakram attacks.
  • The X-Files:
    • The Organization - the sinister group that the Smoking Man and Strughold work for.
    • Cigarette Smoking Man, a.k.a. Morley Man (after his preferred brand), a.k.a. Cancer Man. "Cancer Man" eventually started being used in the show itself.
      • "Marlborough Man" has also been used, after the source of the expied brand used in the show and the spokes-character introduced to sell it after it was switched from being a "woman"'s brand.
    • Moose and Squirrel - Mulder and Scully (after Bullwinkle Moose and Rocky Squirrel). As a team, they are the Dynamic Duo.
    • Ratboy - Krycek. Also Skippy.
    • The Schwarzenalien, the Mighty Morphin Bounty Hunter - Shapeshifting alien played by Brian Thompson.
    • The Fowl One - Diana Fowley (also reffered to by more colorful names)
    • Plam - the knife with the retractable blade that the show implied was THE ONLY weapon that could kill the aliens. Named from a moment when Mulder's mother was trying to tell him she'd hidden one in her lamp - but she'd had a stroke, so "lamp" came out "plam."
  • X-Play:
    • Adam Sessler = Adam Cesspool, A Damn Cesspool, Adam Sissler.
    • Morgan Webb = Morgan Manjaw. You can thank VG Cats for that one.

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