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Creator: Majel Barrett
Majel Barrett (February 23, 1932 — December 18, 2008), also credited as Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, was an American model turned screen and voice actress. She was married to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, and had been the only person involved in every Star Trek production from the unaired Star Trek: The Original Series pilot "The Cage" to the 2009 reboot Star Trek. For that, she got dubbed "The First Lady of Star Trek'' by fans.

In "The Cage", she played the female first officer known only as "Number One". But one complaint executives had was that they didn't think audiences could accept a female first officer. So in the next pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before", costar Leonard Nimoy's character, Spock, became the first officer and Barrett was recast as Nurse Christine Chapel. In addition to playing Chapel, Barrett provided the voice of the USS Enterprise's computer and other Starfleet computers, as she would throughout the franchise.

On Star Trek: The Next Generation, Barrett had the recurring role of Counselor Troi's overbearing mother Lwaxana Troi, the Betazoid ambassador to the Federation.

In December 2008, Majel Barrett passed away only a week after completing voicework for Star Trek. The film is dedicated to both herself and Gene.
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